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Handle with CARE: Cancer & Beyond

Author: The CARE Project, Inc.

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Handle with CARE: Cancer & Beyond is a podcast that gives both women AND men a place to come and keep it REAL about their Cancer experience.  Stage III Breast Cancer Survivor and Co-Founder of the CARE Project, Inc., Carrie Madrid, will be hosting this one of a kind show along with Chris Donovan from This Is Funner, to help you connect with others who have been there, done that and may offer you a fresh perspective.
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Carrie is joined by Hospice Nurse Julie to discuss all things death and dying. Both Carrie and Julie are passionate about normalizing the conversation around death and when they met through Tik Tok, Carrie knew she had to have Julie on the show. Find out the difference between Palliative and Hospice care, what the "death rattle" is and so much more! You can follow Julie on Instagram and Tik Tok under @hospicenursejulie #hwcarepodcast #thecareprojectinc #hospice #palliativecare #death #terminaldiagnosis
Carrie is joined by Hospice Nurse Julie to discuss all things death and dying. Both Carrie and Julie are passionate about normalizing the conversation around death and when they met through Tik Tok, Carrie knew she had to have Julie on the show. Find out the difference between Palliative and Hospice care, what the "death rattle" is and so much more! You can follow Julie on Instagram and Tik Tok under @hospicenursejulie #hwcarepodcast #thecareprojectinc #hospice #palliativecare #death #terminaldiagnosis
Nurse Adina is passionate about helping people with cancer become less overwhelmed and more empowered by creating calm in the chaos that comes with a cancer diagnosis. She provides clarity of the treatment plan, medical organization, fatigue management and so much more. Visit for more information and to schedule a free 30-minute discovery call.#hwcarepodcast #cancersupport #oncologynurse #nursenavigator #cancerresource
Chris and Carrie chat with Ruben Ayala and Carl Dameron about how best to reach out to men about their health. Carl is a PR/Marketing expert as well as a Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer Survivor. Ruben is a small business owner, husband and father. Both of these guys believe in keeping it real, giving back to the community and are the epitome of "manly men." Who better to have this conversation with? This episode is for the guys and people who love them. This episode is sponsored by Raincross Barber Shop located in Riverside, California. #hwcarepodcast #menshealth #breastnotchest #marketing #healthandwellness #cancer
Chris and Carrie are joined by Mindfulness Coach, Author and Breast Cancer Survivor, Sharon Brock. We chatted about Sharon's new book, The LOVEE Method: 5 Mindfulness Practices for the Journey of Breast Cancer. Part memoir, part mindfulness teaching, this book is a heart-felt practical guide for anyone with breast cancer and their loved ones. Combining Eastern yoga and meditation philosophies with Western neuroscience and biopsychology research, Sharon teaches from the intersection of science and spirituality. Visit for more information and to purchase her book.#hwcarepodcast #mindfulness #anxiety #breastcancersupport
This special episode was recorded during the Male Breast Cancer Coalition's 2021 Road Trip! Carrie was joined by Cheri Ambrose, Co-founder of MBCC, Pat Washburn, Global Ambassador of MBCC and Tammy Porter, special co-host who lost her husband Mike to Male Breast Cancer. (See previous episode with Tammy.) Cheri and Pat stopped through Carrie's city to tour The CARE Project, Inc., do a Meet and Greet at Raincross Barbershop and stay at the historic Mission Inn Hotel. They share their personal reasons for working so hard to not only raise awareness but also support for male patients and their families. For more information, visit This episode sponsored by Raincross Barber Shop #malebreastcancer #breastcancerawareness #2021MBCCTour #breastcancer #breastnotchest #thecareprojectinc
Chris and Carrie are joined by Psychic Medium, Bill Philipps, who recently recorded a new guided meditation in our studio at The CARE Project, Inc. We discussed the importance of meditation, his journey of losing his mother at age 14 and discovering his ability to channel spirit after his mother appeared to him just days after her death. We hope you'll listen to this conversation with an open heart and mind, even if you don't believe anyone has the ability to connect with spirits who have passed away. For more information on Bill and to get a copy of his books or guided meditations, please visit #thecareprojectinc #psychicmedium #billphilips #guidedmeditation #channelingspirit
In this episode, Carrie speaks with Patty Ramirez, Certified Breast Patient Navigator - Advocate. They discuss the role of a caregiver, the importance of self care, boundaries and emotional support. #hwcarepodcast #thecareprojectinc #caregiver #advocate #patientnavigator #breastcancer
Chris and Carrie chat with Andrea Paquette, President and Co-Founder of the Stigma Free Society. Andrea is known as the Bipolar Babe in the mental health community. Her mission is to STOMP OUT THE STIGMA! She shares her experience of being diagnosed as bipolar, a suicide attempt and her work to end the stigma around mental health issues. This is an incredibly candid conversation and such an important topic as so many are affected by anxiety, depression, PTSD and the like. Check out some of her story on YouTube at #hwcarepodcast #thecareprojectinc #mentalhealth #suicide #bipolarbabe #depression #psychosis #mentalhealthmatters
Can you believe it's been 1 year since we started the Handle With CARE podcast? Listen in on this conversation with co-hosts, Carrie Madrid and Chris Donovan, as they discuss highlights from the past 52 episodes, the reviews received and so much more! We thank each and every one of our past guests and look forward to continuing to share information and inspiring stories surrounding cancer and other obstacles in life. Wonder what the most downloaded episode was? Listen and find out! #hwcarepodcast #thecareprojectinc #anniversaryshow #cancerpodcast #thisisfunner #funnerfamily
Katherine has been a Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer patient since 2004! Can you imagine being metastatic for 16 years and still going strong? Just 6 months after her original diagnosis, Katherine was devastated to receive the news that cancer had returned! She shares her personal experience, including how this has affected her marriage and perspective on life. The bonus is her words of wisdom for others newly diagnosed metastatic. What an incredible story of strength, hope, inspiration, love and so much more! Check out this video featuring Katherine and her hubby, Ray. #thecareprojectinc #metastaticbreastcancer #stageivneedsmore #breastcancer
In this episode, Chris and Carrie introduce Metastatic Thrivers, Lavetta Ross and Bob Devito. Lavetta has been living with Metastatic Breast Cancer for three years and Bob recently received his Metastatic diagnosis. Hear how both of them handled their initial diagnosis and how they're managing the Metastatic diagnosis current day. Lavetta gives Bob some great nuggets of wisdom. Of note, Bob, Lavetta and Carrie were all diagnosed with the exact same diagnosis initially. Breast Cancer doesn't discriminate! #hwcarepodcast #thecareprojectinc #stageivneedsmore #metastaticbreastcancer #menhavebreaststoo #breastnotchest #cancerpodcast
In this special episode, Carrie discusses Breast Reconstruction with "Dr. C" of PRMA Plastic Surgery- Center for Advanced Breast Reconstruction and one of his satisfied patients, Terri Coutee. Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo is the President of PRMA Plastic Surgery in San Antonio, Texas and is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Breast Reconstruction Surgeon and Microsurgeon. Dr. C is also the Founder of the Breast Cancer Advocate App which is all about shared decision-making between the patient and their surgical team. Terri is the Founder|Director of DiepC Foundation where her mission is all about empowering patients with education and options for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. For more information on the app, Dr. C of PRMA and the DiepC Foundation, visit the links below. #hwcarepodcast #breastreconstruction #diepflap #mastectomy #plasticsurgery #breastcancer https://diepcfoundation.org
Carrie chats with Paul and Roxann, a married couple who were diagnosed with different forms of cancer within 8 days of each other. Roxann had a very rare Phyllodes Tumor of the breast and Paul was diagnosed with Stage III Rectal Cancer. Hear how they handled the news, took care of one another and have come out stronger on the other side of cancer! For more information on Phyllodes tumors, visit and type Phyllodes into the search bar.#hwcarepodcast #rectalcancer #breastcancer #phyllodestumor #cancercouple #thecareprojectinc
Carrie chats with the Founders of Living Hope Cancer Foundation, Chuck and Hannah Keels. Chuck shares his miraculous healing of Stage IV Prostate Cancer and Hannah shares about her Stage IV Breast Cancer experience. Their books, Hi, I'm Chuck and Faith Like Skin are what cause these two to meet initially. They fell in love, married and then started their foundation. Visit to purchase their books and learn all about their foundation. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel (Living Hope Cancer Foundation,) to take advantage of their Cancer Roadmap Project which consists of 35 free videos for anyone who has just heard the words, "You have cancer." #hwcarepodcast #stageIVneedsmore #hospice #prostatecancer #breastcancer #metastaticbreastcancer
Carrie is joined by her late father’s three sisters; Auntie Edna the Boss, Auntie Helen the Nutcracker Hoarder and Auntie Meanie (Susan,) the spoiled brat. First diagnosed was Auntie Helen 15 years ago, then Carrie in 2012, followed by Auntie Susan in 2020, during the pandemic. The four Madrid women discuss their experience watching each other go through treatment using laughter and love as their coping skills. This episode is dedicated to Grandpa and Grandma Madrid. #hwcarepodcast #hwcarebook #breastcancersurvivors #breastcancer #thecareprojectinc
Chris and Carrie chat with the Founder of Mind Balance Neuro and Co-Owner of Bay Area Brain Spa. She has been working with neurofeedback for almost a decade. Her wellness journey as a young cancer survivor inspired her passion for helping others. Angela knows all too well about the reality of "Chemo Brain." She has worked with the cancer community, individuals and professional athletes with neurofeedback and peak performance coaching. We learn exactly what neurofeedback is and how it helps restore focus, creativity and so much more! To learn about the 5 week Restore Wellness After Cancer Program and all services offered, visit and #hwcarepodcast #thecareprojectinc #neurofeedback #chemobrain #menopausebrain #brainfog
Carrie and Chris chat with Laurie Sullivan who is passionate about raising MALE BREAST CANCER awareness. Why? Because she lost her Father AND Grandfather to MALE breast cancer. Laurie's entire family, on her Dad's side, has had breast cancer or is BRCA positive. Can you imagine multiple people in your family being affected by breast cancer? Hear a little of Laurie's story and her frustration with the media about only highlighting females affected by breast cancer. For more information on Male Breast Cancer, visit or #malebreastcancer #breastnotchest #breastcancer #malebreastcancersurvivor #thecareprojectinc
In this episode, Carrie speaks with the Author of Meditation With Intention; Quick & Easy Ways To Create Lasting Peace. Anusha is the Wellness Consultant for Hoag Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in the USA. She is one of the first people to create a meditation program to be used in clinical research at Hoag Hospital. Anusha is also a sought after motivational speaker, around the world! Hear how reading Meditation With Intention resonated with Carrie and helped her begin her daily practice. For more information on Anusha and to get a copy of her book, please visit Follow Anusha on Instagram @shantiwithin#meditation #wellness #hwcarepodcast #hoaghospital #meditationwithintention #thecareprojectinc #mindfulness#meditation #wellness #hwcarepodcast #hoaghospital #meditationwithintention #thecareprojectinc #mindfulnessFor more information visit, #hwcarepodcast #breastcancerawareness #globalimpact #breastcancerhub #breakthecancertaboo #malebreastcancer #knowyourbody #togetherwesavelives
Carrie and Chris are joined by special co-host, Evelyn Erives and male breast cancer survivors, Bill Harris, Michael Singer and Bob Devito. As in previous episodes of Whining With CARE, we are chatting about the annoying things people say to these male breast cancer patients and so much more! You think people say stupid things to female patients, you ought to hear what these guys have had to deal with. For more information on male breast cancer, visit #breastnotchest #hwcarepodcast #malebreastcancer #stageivneedsmore #metastaticbreastcancer #malebreastcancersurvivor #breastcancer #hwcarebook
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