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Small Business owners with a military background discuss the challenges of business ownership, transitions from active duty and taking your experience and training from the military into the civilian business world. Join your hosts Craig Leysen with Vets Growth and Tim Proctor with GRP Studios as they discuss and talk with other small business owners on a variety of topics.
75 Episodes
Bob Berry with Cruise Planners dropped by the GRP Studios for Episode 74 of the Check Your Six Podcast. Bob is another Seminole County Chamber member and the creator of your dream land or sea excursions. Bob talked about the personal love he and his wife have for cruising and how that led him to Cruise Planners after serving full time as a minister!! We did ask him if he ever used the "trust me, I'm a minister" line in talking with some of the people that he has helped plan trips for and he did admit he thought about it. Bob also shared about the experience of creating the franchise with Cruise Planners and why they chose that opportunity. He was also very upfront about what it takes to develop and build his business and what he sees their future for the business
Episode 73 of the Check Your Six - CY6 Podcast had Quanisha "Tina" Nugent stop by the GRP Studios and talk about her business S.I. Events & Programs. Quanisha is a Central Florida native and has worked with several non-profits and social impact groups in raising social awareness throughout the Central Florida area. We talked a lot about how her use of the social impact concept for businesses, helps them connect locally with those in the community that are making that impact. We also discussed the different between Social Cause Planning and Cause Marketing for businesses and how businesses can use each of those tools to help create change for their and their employees.
Retired Marine Major Barron Mills stopped by the GRP Studios for Episode 72 of the Check Your Six Podcast. Barron is the current Director of the Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses which is just one of the ways he helps give back to both veterans and small business. His involvement with local developmental councils and other non-profits along with his training and experience as an officer in the USMC has given him great tools and insight into leadership that is needed for organizations. We also talked about some of the ways to best help recently exited service members better adjust to being in the civilian world, something that continue to be a challenge for our military members.
Episode 71 of the Check Your Six Podcast brought Sean Esler from The Esler Edge and Jerald Huff from My WebSite Spot back into the GRP Studios to talk about a variety of subjects. Both of us trust these two gentlemen and have been the recipient of their services so it was great to have both of them come back in and talk about some of the things that they specialize in for their respective businesses. From website development to security to email protocol and how to best create an email that someone will want to open. As usual, there is never enough time to deep dive into each of the topics without getting too far into the technical weeds, but we cannot recommend both of these guys enough for what they do and how they approach their clients.
Nathalia Bailey dropped by GRP Studios for the 70th episode of the Check Your Six Podcast. Nathalia has created Nathalia Bailey Consulting and perhaps is somewhat different than other consultants that are in the business. The approach she takes to get to know her clients is a little bit unique in the time she takes with each one before she puts her plans into action. Lots of the typical questions about the client, their business, their hopes for the future of the business along with some questions that you may not expect, gives Nathalia a peek into all sides and aspects of her client. Some interesting conversation and questions from us about why she has chosen this approach for her business and how we can get some of that energy she has!!
Episode 69 of the Check Your Six - CY6 brought Army veteran Matt Wood into the GRP Studios to talk about his company EmpowerEmploy. Matt shared information about his military service, his transition out of the service and his decision to start EmpowerEmploy. Many of the businesses that hire veterans do not always understand some of the benefits as well as some of the challenges in helping them adapt to the civilian work force. Matt helps employers look for those specific skill sets needed for their business and how those skill sets can be found in veterans. He also talked about some of the Government programs that are out there to help assist businesses hire veterans, some at no cost to the business...almost like test driving a veteran!!
Episode 68 of the Check Your Six - CY6 podcast brought Army veteran Dottie Adams into the GRP Studios to talk about the way that she helps veterans prepare for their visits to the VA. Dottie had been a VSO(Veterans Service Officer) but decided to take the the experience that she learned working with the DAV(Disabled American Veterans) to help better equip veterans gather the information they need for their visits. We also talked about the number of  people or companies the "help" veterans by charging them to do the same thing that Dottie can do to help veterans prepare for VA visits. If you are a veteran and need help or have questions, call Dottie and she can help you out....and will not charge you a penny!! If someone wants to charge you to help you with your VA benefits, they are stealing, DO NOT use their service.
It was great having Neeld Wilson in the GRP Studios for Episode 67 of the Check Your Six podcast. Neeld is a Navy Veteran, FAVOB member and owner of Gator Engineering & Aquifer Restoration or G.E.A.R Engineer. We talked a lot about Neeld's time in the Navy aboard several of the aircraft carriers he served on and what his job was during his course of service...sometimes not as glamorous as it looks in the movies. Also talked about his current profession as a professional geologist, how he built his prior companies and has developed his current company in creating a business that was honored by the Orlando Business Journal in 2014. Some stories about his Navy times as well as his perspective on what it takes to build, develop and grow a small business
Today is a bit unusual for the Check Your Six Podcast, we decided to come into the studio and record a short session and release it the same day, to honor the service members that were killed this week in Kabul. Both of us are Air Force Veterans, both of us were cops, Craig retired after 20 years, I got out after 4 and today is just a reminder that there are men and women all over the globe standing in harms way to protect us and keep us free. Regardless of what side of the political fence you stand on, all of us owe a debt of gratitude to those that have sacrificed their lives in serving their country and its citizens, even if some of those citizens are idiots. Do not take these freedoms for granted, they are not guaranteed by political parties or government agencies, they are there because men and women at some point decided to  write a blank check with their lives, payable at any point in providing that freedom. We are not able to do much as just a couple of guys talking about business, but this is just our way to say thank you.
Episode 66 of the Check Your Six podcast brought Jamie Miller into the GRP Studios to talk about the Art Of Conscious Communication. There was so much stuff to cover that Jamie teaches to groups and individuals that we feel like we barely scratched the surface. Just looking at asking different questions, in a different way to get a specific response was just a very small part of what he was trying to teach us. As small or emerging business owners, maybe it is time the we look at the ways we do things and see if there might be a better way to do them. Jamie really talks about changing the way that you communicate with potential clients and just about anyone we communicate with on a daily basis!!
Episode 65 of the Check Your Six - CY6 podcast from the GRP Studios had Tony Boni, yes, that Tony Boni, drop by to talk about Tradebank of Orlando. Tradebank Orlando is part of one of the oldest know forms of commerce we commonly call the barter system. Perhaps not as much in play as it was back in the Mesopotamia tribes period in early 6000bc when it was reportedly introduced, barter is still part of the American landscape. Colonial times and even during the Great Depression saw an increase of the barter system and today while it might be the same in concept, it is at a whole new level. Thanks to Tony, who is another member of the Seminole Chamber, for stopping by and giving us an insight to the modern world of barter!! 
Sgt. Major Tommie Maldonado stopped by for another session about helping veterans work through their benefits programs. Episode 64 of the Check Your Six-CY6 podcast was not only that, but also about potential spouse and dependent benefits as well. It is always great having the Sgt. Major in the GRP Studios to talk about everything that he continues to do for our military here in Central Florida! If you are a veteran or know a veteran, have them reach out to the office here in Orlando and they can help you get on the right track. 
We finally grounded USAF Captain Anna Tanzilla with the Camaraderie Foundation, for Episode 63 of the Check Your Six podcast. Anna flew in to the GRP Studios from Lakeland, actually she drove so I can't use the very old "and boy were her arms tired" pun, to be on the show and talk about the work they are doing at the Foundation. This in not just for veterans but for anyone that is married to a vet, has a veteran in their family, works with vets, teaches children of vets, anyone that might be in the support role in any way shape of form. There are a multitude of resources available as well as the ability to mentor veterans and other programs that filled up our time very quickly. We really appreciated Anna taking the time to come in and chat with us, it always seems to be better when there are 3 Air Force veterans in the house, not sure why??
Episode 62 of the Check Your Six podcast brought Jennifer Rucco into the GRP Studios with the CG Moneta LLC group. Jennifer talked about helping businesses potentially reduce costs with things like tax incentive studies, corporate expense reductions, telecommunication, cloud and IT Service just to name a few. So many of us small, or emerging business owners, often just look at the cost of the products or services that we use without looking at the overall picture of those expenditures. There are other groups that do things similar to CG Moneta but they do take somewhat of a unique approach that comes with the experience of people with a business and financial background. As usual, there does not seem to be enough time to cover everything but we absolutely loved having Jennifer in the studio!!
Jennifer Englert from The Orlando Low Group stopped by GRP Studios again and talked about non-profits on the 61st Episode of the Check Your Six podcast. Always enjoy meeting with Jennifer and today was no exception as she walked through some of the topics surrounding the non-profit world. Jennifer and The Orlando Law Group have done so much for local charities both in support, instruction, development and helping them grow or at least provide the contacts that are needed to make that happen. She really is a tremendous resource for those that are looking to start a non-profit or need people that can help them grow. Today was just another example that her earlier episodes in season one, Episode 4 and 5, we just the beginning of what they can do.
We could see clearly after Dr. Farhana Yunus and Jerry Muscadin dropped by the GRP Studios for Episode 60 of the Check Your Six podcast. Dr. Yunus owns My Eye Care in Casselberry and is another of the Seminole Chamber members that we enjoyed having on the podcast. Learning what led Dr. Yunus into the field of optometry, her plan, along with Jerry, to slow grow the business and how they funded the start of My Eye Care were just some of the topics that we covered. It truly was a pleasure having both Farhana and Jerry in the studio and listen to the passion they have for their customers and the community. 
Episode 59 brought another Seminole Chamber member into the GRP Studios for the latest segment for the Check Your Six - CY6 Podcast. Andre Kratt came in and talked about the need for property adjusters when dealing with insurance companies and the claims process. When you need to call them, why you should call them, what to expect from them and the results that you could get using them as opposed to doin it yourself. Besides doing appraisals on damage, they can also look at both homeowners and businesses insurance policies for gaps in coverage or for things that you might assume are covered but are not. A lot of great information from Andre about protecting yourself and getting what you should after any kind of emergency!
Ken Countess of the Countess Group dropped by GRP Studios for his session on the Check Your Six - CY5 Podcast. Ken  shared some great information with Craig and Tim about all the services they provide at the Countess Group for emerging businesses. Besides being a trainer and a top performer for Constant Contact, he also talked about email marketing, targeting your ideal client, finding your niche, standing out in a crowded business environment and a myriad of other things about helping to grow your business. If you are wondering where you should start in growing or developing your business, give Ken a call and let him walk you through the process!!
Episode 57 brought Jeff and Pam Brown into the GRP Studios for their session of the Check Your Six - CY6 podcast. Besides being a Deputy Sheriff here in Central Florida, both Jeff and Pam are impacting the lives of our first responders through the Hometown Heroes Alliance based right here in Central Florida. While they are based here locally, they are able to impact the lives of first responder and their families all over the country. We learned a lot about the lives of those that serve our community on a daily basis and what often happens when they are injured in the line of duty. Obviously with Jeff being a police officer for more than 40 years, he has seen a lot of things happen that are just incredibly sad when it comes to those that are serving the community. We really enjoyed having both of them on and hope to work with them in the months to come on some of their projects. #checkyoursix # CY6 #firstresponders #police #firefighters #community #grpstudios
Episode 56 of the Check Your Six - CY6 podcast brought Tom Keen into the GRP Studios for his podcast. Tom is the current Treasurer of the Lake Nona Veterans Club and also works with The Fisher House at Lake Nona Veterans Hospital, the Lake Nona Veterans Hospital itself and the Central Florida Veterans Memorial Park on the ground of the LNVH. Tom has been working for a lot of years in the veteran community and gave us and the audience some great information on the LNVC, the Hospital, The Fisher House and the Gary Sinise Foundation - Snowball Express program. Fantastic programs that do a lot of great work and need our support as well as the support of the businesses and the community here in Central Florida.
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