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Author: Sarah Stephenson-Hunter

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An open, honest and on occasions humourous exploration of the lived realities of disabled and LGBT+ people. In each episode I will talk to someone who is both disabled and LGBT+ and discuss the challenges they face and how they seek to live their best life.
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Daniel Lol  - Parapride

Daniel Lol - Parapride


Welcome to the final episode of this first series.  Yes that's right the sad news is that this is the last episode in the current series...the great news is that I have a fantastic guest to finish the series with!!Join me as I speak to Daniel Lol, , one of the founding members of ParaPride, an organisation that very much embodies what this podcast is about, exploring the intersection of disability and LGBTQ+ issues.  I met Daniel a few months ago when we worked on a couple of projects together and I've been keen to get him onto the podcast since!!Daniel is a double-leg amputee and a gay man and he shares openly some of the challenges he's had to face adjusting to being a disabled person and re-entering the LGBTQ+ community.  he explains how these experiences led him to form ParPride and we also discuss issues around self-care and both physical and cultural disablism within the LGBTQ+ community and society more generally.You can find out more about the work of ParaPride via their website and I'd really encourage you to check out the work they do and support them if you can.As ever thanks to you all for listening and for your fantastic feedback on the episodes thus far.  This may be the last episode for a while but don't worry I'll be back soon enough with some more great guests sharing their lived experiences of being both disabled and LGBTQ+.    
Welcome to part 2 of my focus on what it means to be neurodiverse and LGBT.  Join me as I speak with Sam Hope, a non binary trans person with a combination of impairments.I've known Sam pretty much from the early days of my own gender journey and I continue to be challenged and inspired by what they have to say on what it means to be LGBT and disabled.  Sam talks about their own experiences of being trans, non-binary and being diagnosed as being autistic and having ADHD.  They discuss the many ways in which the various different aspects of their identity have impacted on their life and led them to working as a counsellor, trainer and equality advocate.You can find out more about the work Sam does via their website and I would encourage you to do so. 
As I've spoken to more and more people who are both disabled and LGBT+ there is a theme that's arisen i.e. that of the prevalence of those who are neurodivergent  and LGBT+.  I've already touched on this in a few previous episodes but for the next two I thought I'd take a more detailed look at the issues around this.In this first of two episodes focusing on this I speak to Jorik Mol, an autistic gay man who speaks very openly and honestly about his experiences of being both queer and neurodivergent  both in his home country of Holland and more recently living and working in the UKWe touch on a range of issues and as you might imagine Jorik has plenty to say which I'm sure will resonate with those of you who are also neurodiverse and LGBT or simply want to learn more about this topic.  I must also advise you that there is duiscussion of issues around mental ill-health, suicide and homophobic abuse .You can get in touch with Jorik and find out more about this work via his website  
Join me as I talk with a fellow podcaster, fantasy writer, cat lover and all round fabulous person Aym Madement.  I met Aym through my work at the University of Oxford and thought they would be a perfect person to have on the podcast.  I talk with them about their experiences of having a range of invisible disabilities, being non-binary and how this has impacted them in everyday life and the world of work.  As you'll hear we discuss a range of issues including spoon theory, experiences of coming out at work and even touch on a subject I'm still learning about...cats!! You can get in touch with Aym on twitter via @aymtellsstories and do chekcout their podcasts, "The Campaign Trail" and "Reversing Polarity". 
Greetings and welcome to the first episode of 2021!!  The past few months have been incredibly challenging for us all within the disabled and LGBT+ community and I've had my own share of personal loss which I explain here.The main focus of this  episode is an interview with the fabulous Vikki Walton-Cole, a social worker and LGBT and disability campaigner from Surrey who I met through a shared intrest in another passion of mine, music!!!!Join  me as I talk to Vikki about her own experiences of disability and coming out as pansexual.  She shares with us the highs and lows of this journey and talks about her experience of being brought up in a Christian family and how this has led her to be involved in the Greenbelt festival.  She also talks about how she got involved in organising her local Pride and and how there's still a need for a wider understanding of disability access within the Pride community.Happy listening!!
In this latest episode it is my great pleasure to speak to Robin Edwards, a good friend of mine from Nottingham.  Robin talks openly and honestly about his experiences of being diagnosed as autistic and how he feels this did / didn't impact on his life, love and transition.  We also talk about the apparent prevalence of people who are both LGBT+ and neurodiverse and why this might be along with comments on the specific challenges of being a trans man in the current social and political context.  I first met Robin through my involvement in the Notts Trans hub and it was really great to be able to have this opportunity to talk to him in more detail.
One of the great things about doing this podcast is that I get to meet other disabled & LGBT+ people.  One such person is the lovely Aletea Sellers, a blind woman originally from North Wales who got in touch after listening to a recent episode.  It soon became clear that Aletea had a story to tell and so here she is  on her very own episode!!!  Join me as I talk to Aletea about growing up in Wales as a young blind woman, coming out as gay at university and her life and loves since.  It really was a pleasure talking to her and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording!!!
No Nonsense Natalyia!

No Nonsense Natalyia!


In this latest episode I talk to Natalyia Dell. I first met Natalyia in 2009 when working at the University of Birmingham and I’m lucky to have her as a friend.  She talks candidly about her own experiences of being sensory, physically and neurologically impaired and the impact this has had on her education, career and everyday life.  She has much to say on a range of issues including her experiences of disablism in the LGBT community when she first came out as well as the prevalence of biphobia within the LGBT community.  She discusses what has driven her to be such a passionate and committed disability and LGBT activist and encourages us all to play our part no matter how large or small in the ongoing fight for true equality and justice for disabled and LGBT people.  It was a true pleasure talking to her and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did talking to her!.Please see below for links to some useful resources mentioned in the discussion:Reasonable Access a charitable Deaf and Disabled People's organisation which seeks to educate and empower disabled people to assert and enforce our rights BiCon Care Work – Dreaming Disability Justice by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha 
Welcome to another episode of The Simply Equality Podcast, the podcast that seeks to foreground the lived experience of both LGBT+ and disabled people.  In this episode we talk to Emily Brothers, a blind trans woman who is probably best known for being the first openly trans person to stand for parliament from one of the major parties.Emily talks openly and honestly about her early childhood in working class Liverpool, losing the majority of her sight aged 10 and the challenges of navigating the world of education as a blind person.  She explains how a donation from a group of striking factory workers sparked her political awakening .  Emily speaks about her earliest memories of struggle with her gender identity and the events that led to her undergoing gender transition and coming out publically during her parliamentary campaign.  She shares her thoughts on the reaction of her political peers and the press then and how things have changed for the worse today.  It really is a great listen and regardless of your political persuasion (or lack of) you can't fail but be challenged and inspired to action by what Emily says.
In this episode I speak to the irrepressible Morgan Martins who is a non-binary deaf person originally from Portugal but living in London.  They talk to us about coming out as non-binary, how this was handled at work, waking up one morning and having lost their hearing and the subsequent difficult issue of having to give up surfing and riding their motorbike!!!  They talk frankly about their top surgery and dealing with prejudice at work.  They also talk about being part of the swimming community and their positive experiences of attending their local swimming club.  Morgan most definitely embodies the maxim to seize the day and they talk about being a DJ and how they appreciate music now they’ve lost their hearing.  It was a real delight talking to Morgan and I hope you find it a great listen! 
 In this latest episode I talk to the real Mrs. Stephenson-Hunter...yes that's right my wonderful wife Clare!!Clare is one of my most fervent supporters, allies and overall strength behind a lot of the work I do.  I'm often the one who gets the public recognition but it's no lie to say that without her support I wouldn't be anything like the woman I am now and am yet to become.Join me as Clare tells of her own struggles with her sexuality and gender and her lived experience of fluctuating "invisible" disabilities that have had a major impact on her over the years.  She talks openly and with her trademark humour about being diagnosed as dyslexic late in life, traning and now working as a social worker, difficulties with anxiety particularly during lockdown and how a burnt fish finger sandwich played a big part in her early family life!!
Gears for Queers

Gears for Queers


In this first full length episode we talk to Abigail and Lilith who are better known as 'Gears for Queers'. They talk about their new book, detailing their first ever long distance cycle tour and more generally about their gender identity, sexuality, mental ill health and neurodiversity.There's even some discussion about toilets, but not in the way you may think!!Its a really honest and open discussion and I hope you enjoy.You can find out more about'Gears for Queers' and how to buy their book from : 
Hi and welcome to this brand new podcast focusing on the lived experiences of disabled and LGBT+ people.  Listen as the host, Sarah Stephenson-Hunter, talks about the reason why it’s called “Simply Equality” and shares a little of her own story of being blind and trans.  You can find out more about Sarah and the work she does as a disability and LGBT+ speaker, activist and trainer at  and contact her via - sit back, listen and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes!  
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Jenny Gladstone

Currently my favourite podcast. Calm, light, and humorous, Sarah and her guests explore LGBTI+ and disability issues sensitively, using the guest's personal experience to highlight the effects of inequity on people. I love it!

Aug 14th
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