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A talk show that brings on designers to talk about their Forged in the Dark games and hacks, and discusses designing in that space more generally. Associated with the official Blades in the Dark discord, but not with Blades in the Dark, Evil Hat, or One Seven Design.
13 Episodes
Today, Justin is joined by a new cohost, Drake, to discuss Vergence with the author David. We talk about the vast, even infinite scope of the interdimensional setting of Vergence, and how he keeps the story rooted and human. We also discuss how to consider what mechanics to keep and what to toss from the core Forged in the Dark rules in order to match a dramatically different setting from Doskvol.This episode was recorded while our actual play series of Vergence was still running. You can watch the series, starring David and Drake here: can get Vergence at smallcoolgames.itch.ioYou can find the cast on twitter:Justin @MothLandsDrake @DrakeandDiceDavid @SmallCoolGames1
Today, Justin and Ray are joined by Dan and Kali of Gem Room Games (@GemRoomGames) to talk about Subway Runners and online generated content. We talk about designing a one-shot version of FitD, and how they used the customizable online random generator, Perchance, to make their game fresh and easy. We also discuss embracing the chaos, and we generate some characters and adventures live!You can find Subway Runners and Gem Room Games' other games at, or if you caught the Bundle for Racial Equality.If you make any character generators of your own, let us know!
Following the highly successful Unusual Suspects Playbook Jam on, Justin and Jacob attempted something new: a live, call-in episode of the podcast with you the fans as the guests, talking about your own and your favorite playbooks! After some delay, to give your wallets a rest after all the Kickstarters lately, we're uploading the edited audio of that stream!Since this was done live, it's a bit rougher than our usual episodes, but also more casual and friendly.You can read all the playbooks we discuss on the Jam page here: can find the video archive of our stream on our youtube page: episode was streamed on our twitch page. Follow and stay tuned for future chats, hangouts, and gameplay: Justin @Mothlands on twitter and Jacob @Jacobalso.
Today, Mikey joins Justin and Mark to talk about his game Slugblaster, kickstarting now! We explore themes of popularity and teenage rebellion, and how to branch away from the typical grim and gritty tones of Blades in the Dark. We also talk about some more ideas for light-hearted games for you to make!You can check out the Slugblaster kickstarter here: twitter:Mikey @mikeymaybeJustin @MothLandsMark @Savemejebu5You can catch Mark on our current actual play series, Fistful of Darkness on our Youtube page:
Today, Justin is joined by Felix to talk about The Wildsea, a fantasy game set on a world with overflowing vegetation. We talk about the games, media, and actual play series that made him want to write a game, and what it's like having an indie publisher publish your first game.The Wildsea kickstarter is ending soon! Check it out here: more info on The Wildsea, check out their website: @isaacs_felixJustin @MothlandsListen to an actual play series going on now of The Wildsea here:
In this special episode, Justin and Mark are joined by Nychelle aka She Who Ships in Darkness aka Mistletoe_Kiss, one of the mods on the BitD discord, to talk about the impact of Lore in a game, both explicitly from the book and determined by the table and community. We also talk about the discord and community that brought this podcast together! Check out Justin at @mothlands and Mark at @savemejebu5 on twitter.Join our discord to say high to Nychelle and all of us here: our twitter @Hackedinthedark for updates and new episodes!
Today, Justin (@mothlands) interviews Jason Pitre (@Genesisoflegend) about his new game, Sig, City of Blades, Kickstarting now! He talks about the urban setting of Sig, and what makes for interesting urban adventures. He also talks about the faction game that inspired him to merge his setting into Forged in the Dark mechanics.The Kickstarter for Sig, City of Blades is ending soon, so check it out now: to join our community? Join us on the official Blades discord: also had our first live podcast episode on twitch, so follow us there for more, and our actual plays as well:
Today, Erik (@ErikTheBearik) joins us to talk about Brinkwood, a castlepunk game of rebellion. We talk about his take on playbooks - masks - and more generally how playbooks affect players' perceptions of their characters. Erik also talks about the vampires of Brinkwood, and what it means to be a rebel.Brinkwood is being Kickstarted right now and ending soon! You can check it out here: can also check out our hosts, Justin and Ian at @Mothlands and @Antifinity.Want to join our community? Join us on the official Blades discord:
A Pair of Drakes (@DrakeandDice, @NaviMusing) join Justin and Mark (@Mothlands and @Savemejebu5) to talk about their game Court of Blades. We also dive into factions and the Faction Turn and Social Season mechanics of Court of Blades, and how they evoke intrigue.You can find the Drakes' games here, with more to come soon: can also watch the Drakes (along with me, your editor @Jacobalso) play Vergence live on Wednesdays at 6:30 EST at, and you can catch past episodes at to join our community? Join us on the official Blades discord:
Today, Mark (@savemejebu5) and Justin (@mothlands) interview Austin Ramsay (@notaninn) about Beam Saber and the Cut Loose replacement for reducing stress. We also answer questions asked on twitter (@hackedinthedark) from listeners! What is the best Gundam?You can find Beam Saber here: to join our community? Join us on the official Blades discord:
In this episode, Justin (@MothLands) and Ian (@Antifinity) talk with Stras (@strasa), co-author of Scum and Villainy and Band of Blades, announcing his upcoming new game, Spell and Blade. We discuss how far you can take a hack and keep it Forged in the Dark, and some general design tips (spoiler: coauthors help a ton). We also dip into how Stras plans to handle magic and spellcasters in Spell and Blade.If you're interested in joining the Forged in the Dark community, check out the official Blades discord here and say hi:
This week, Justin (@MothLands) and Ray (@mythopoeians) interview Ian Hart (@antifinity) about his game Deathwish, currently running on the Hacked in the Dark actual-play stream! We get into Position and Effect, what how they shape Ian's approach to Deathwish, and how they might be implemented in your game! You can check out Deathwish, or talk to our cast and community on the official Blades Discord:
Our first episode, where we interview Justin Ford about his Blades playbook, The Sleuth, and discuss building playbooks to use with Blades in the Dark. The Sleuth is available to download here: join the Blades and Forged in the Dark community discord and chat with us! And check out our twitter for updates and information on our streamed games!
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