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Author: Veeta D.

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Join me as I go into all things fitness & nutrition. We will dive into the fitness myths, lies influencers tell, tear apart the fad diets, pick to pieces the lies about detoxes, and SSOO much more! Oh, yea I am uncensored and hold no punches. :)
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If you hate the idea of "dieting," it is understandable. When you hear that word, you think, "off-limit foods." Most diets feel more like deprivation than self-improvement.How many times have you heard anything containing sugar, processed foods, fruit, dairy, etc., must go if you are trying to lose weight/fat? Just throw all that shit in the dumpster. What if I told you that you could dramatically change your body by eating foods you like. EVERYday… ALLL 7 days out of the week? What if you could permanently break free of the constraints and stresses most people link with dieting and learn to love it instead?Too good to be true? I know. 
Don't let Google Land make you think you need to eat 5 smalls meals a day to lose fat because you don't.
We all are busy, but our health is ONE thing we HAVE to find time for.
In this episode, I go over the ONLY way to lose belly fat talk about the 2 layers of belly fat.
Heyyy! Thanks for watching this episode of the Let Me Tell Ya' Podcast!I am so excited to finally share this podcast with you! 
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