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Just Bullshit with Rooster and Butch

Author: Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam

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West Texas experts on common sense, Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam, search for common ground with all walks of life.
12 Episodes
Robet Duval and his wife Luciana visit with Rooster and Butch about Mr. Cox's (aka Mr. Duval's) favorite past time... Eating.  Learn which type of tomato is best for Hamburgers from Luciana.   WHEN DO WE EAT!?Music by:  Gil Prather
Rooster and Butch welcome the man who was the agent, manager, and trainer of the Bear that was known in the industry as the Marlon Brando of Bears.  That's right, The Bear Man himself, Mr. Doug Seus.  
Rooster and Butch visit with James Akins, who has a theory on the 4th Dimension.  
The Odessa doctor with the answer for Covid 19 visits the barn for a sit down with Rooster and Butch.  This is the one stop for how to handle the corona virus.  
Rooster and Butch welcome Rep. Adam Salyer of district 118 in San Antonio to talk politics, guns, and Mexicans.   Adam can be found at -
Motivational speaker Termite Watkins recounts spending 30 days in the hospital and 3 near death experiences due to covid complications.  At 16, Termite was the youngest golden glove champion in the nation, and eventually went on to build the first Iraqi olympic boxing team in the middle of a war. Termite is also a chronic hugger.  Termite can be found at - https://www.termitewatkinsconsulting.comMusic by Gil Prather
According to Facebook, Jack Akins is the number one fan of Rooster and Butch.  
Rooster and Butch welcome the first guest from their Facebook community to the show.  They visit about all things Elon Musk.  



Who's on The Shit List today?
Rooster and Butch call Influencer Marketing Expert Ashley Felts to get advise on the podcast and which route they should take creatively.  Currently, Ashley is writing the first ever text book for influencer marketinging - where she explores whether Mark is The ultimate Influencer.  This is the last phase of development for the podcast as Ashley walks the guys through what to think about when creating a podcast.  Music by Gil Prather  
Rooster and Butch welcome friend and social media expert - Jen Friel... a former guest on their TV show West Texas Investors Club.    They pick her brain for ideas for the new podcast.  Jen can be found at talk nerdy to me lover dot com.  Thank you Jen.  
Rooster McConaughey and Butch Gilliam include the audience in their podcast development process as they begin their podcast journey.
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