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Author: Darren Oemcke and Simon West

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Darren Oemcke and Simon West talking current events in wine sales and distribution with weekly guests and a regular panel of Australian wine personalities
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Where we get into what is fine wine and what consumers are looking for in fine wine. Most importantly we get into what the European fine wine world means for Aussie wine, because its all about us. A fascinating and sometimes disturbing conversation with the erudite and very cool Pauline Vicard. make sure you sign up the ARENI Global newsletter.Born and raised into a winemaking family in Burgundy, Pauline has been working in the wine sector for the last 15 years both in Europe and Internationa...
Simon and Darren get the low-down on the low and zero alcohol beverage categories from expert Ellie Vince, the Brown Family Wine Group’s Chief Marketing Executive. Simon, Darren and Ellie discuss the growing non-alcoholic drinks scene in Australia, tackling the stigma of bringing low and no alcohol drinks to a party, product innovation and everything in between.
Simon and Darren are joined by UK-based Wine Writer, Matthew Jukes. Matthew publishes a number of comprehensive annual wine reports and also happens to be an Honorary Australian of the Year in the UK. Tune in to hear Matthew’s take on Aussie wines in the UK, the impact of COVID and consumer interest in the environmental performance of producers.
Stuart McCloskey, founder and director of The Vinorium, makes another guest appearance on Aussie Wine Chat. After talking about the UK tax regime, price increases and Brexit, Stuart shares the story of the time he asked The Vinorium clients ‘what do you want?’ as part of a huge Q&A on wine preferences and buying habits. The answer may (or may not) surprise you! Find out more about The Vinorium in E27.
There are brilliant women in wine doing brilliant things. On International Women’s Day, it’s our pleasure to bring you this episode with Amber LeBeau – a woman of remarkable talent. She’s the Manager of, Wine Writer behind and Co-Founder of Elevage Wine Coaching – an online support network for wine students. In this episode, Amber discusses the trends in wine trade events, capturing the excitement of Millennials and the beginnings of Elevage Wine Coaching....
Lawrence Francis is the Programme Director and Podcast Host of Interpreting Wine. He's also the king of helping wine brands market themselves online with clarity, confidence and consistency. Darren and Simon have a good chinwag with Lawrence about his journey and approach to marketing!Discover your Marketing Impact Scorecard here.
Simon and Darren talk to Rob McMillan of the Silicon Valley Bank following the release of the 2022 State of the US Wine Industry report. We talk trends, market changes, generational change and Aussie wine in the US. For anyone interested in the US market or in trends affecting the global wine sector, the 2022 report is a must read and Rob gives us a great highlight (and lowlight) reel.
Daniel Navacchi is Now Global Logistics’ Director and Customer Happiness guy. He’s seen a lot during his career in freight-forwarding, but nothing like the challenges currently disrupting global supply chains. Simon and Darren chat to Daniel about what’s happening, when it’s likely to change and how you can work with it.
In a return to podcasting after a medium-length hiatus, Simon and Darren catch up with Andrew Caillard and Angus Hughson. We talk all things The Wine Journal, which is designed for all Australian wine producers with a focus on telling a story through their wine (so all of our listeners). We also chat about The Australian Ark project - 3 volumes on the history of Australian wine, told through over 200 years of stories. It will be worth the wait!
E32 Vivino

E32 Vivino


Simon and Darren talk to James Fildes, recently out of quarantine in Tanunda, and ready to work with Australian wine producers on building their sales presence and customer targeting on the Vivino platform.
Simon and Darren Catch up with 7 of Australia's leading Ag and Wine Tech businesses covering technology from grape harvesting trough to consumer engagement and everything in between. They were all meant to exhibit at South Australia's AdvanceAg Expo with FOMENT last week, but it was postponed due to COVID - so we got them together for a special SA lock-down episode of Aussie Wine Chat. Please meet:Matt Cooper: D3Ag in-field weather and crop monitoringAbbe Hyde: Winely real-time fermentation a...
David Cumming is the owner of 'Define Wine Marketing' and a boutique wine retail shop 'The Lane Cellars' in Orange, NSW. We chat to David about the boom in regional cellar door visitations and sales, future sales strategies wineries should consider when thinking of a ‘post pandemic’ world and the brand risks associated with substituting wine from other regions amongst their portfolio.
This week, we're joined by Ashley Ratcliff of Ricca Terra to chat about his unique brand, delivering us alternative Mediterranean varieties.
This week, Simon and Darren chat to Queensland wine icon, Mike Hayes. He lets us in on why Queensland is making some of the best wine in the world, and how the industry has been coping with the climate, Covid and China crises.
This week we catch up with Staurt and Magda from the UK's best Australian wine specialist, The Vinorium, about their journey to being an Aussie wine powerhouse, what they have learned along the way and what they can share about selling Australian wine in the US and UK.Vinorium were voted 'Best Australian Specialist' by Decanter in 2018, 2019 and 2020.
We're joined by founder of wine tech start-up, Cellr, Chris Braine, to talk wine authentication, track and trace and direct to consumer marketing.
Stuart Mitchell of Mitchell and Co joins us for a full run down of the past, present and future of the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG). The EMDG is an Australian Federal Government initiative to assist exporters with accessing new markets and grow existing ones. More information on the EMDG available at:
Amber has a RedBull and we get talking about creating brilliant virtual wine events – a deep technical dive into data.Data Insights PDF
Simon and Darren catch up with Amber LeBeau for a Yank’s view of Australian wine in the UK, what US audiences are looking for and what Australia has to offer there and of course the future of virtual wine events.
We're joined by Wine Business Expert and Educator, Paul van der Lee, to discuss some recent findings in the Silicon Valley Bank State of the Wine Industry Report among other resources. It's no secret that there has been a massive shift towards digital. We discuss what this means for Aussie producers as well as some other interesting market trends.