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Author: Sophie Zollmann

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Welcome to Building Your Empire with SophieZo! In this podcast, you will learn how to build an effective team, increase your productivity, and far more to help you scale your business while keeping your sanity. Your host, Sophie Zollmann, is an experienced Online Business Manager who has helped many different businesses scale and grow effectively by equipping business owners to focus on their most profitable areas. Now, she’s sharing her best tips and strategies with you! Listen in each week as Sophie shares ways to help you grow your business while living your best life. To find out how SophieZo can help your business - and you - contact her at
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Ep139: Get Social!

Ep139: Get Social!


I’ve talked many times about the importance of using social media as a part of your marketing strategy, but do you know the real reason that social media is so vital to your success? It’s not the boost in visibility - although that’s a great perk. It’s not the advertising options that social media offers either. The number one benefit of having a strong social media presence is that it allows you to BE SOCIAL!Businesses are built on relationships, and social media is the strongest relationship-building tool in your success toolkit, so I’m sharing my proven strategies for getting out there, getting social, and putting those platforms to work for you! In this episode I’m going to teach you how to:Use the Cocktail Party Strategy to build relationshipsAvoid pushy sales tactics that push followers awayKeep the conversation flowingGo beyond likes and emojis to REALLY build relationshipsShow up on social media as your best, most authentic self (even if you hate social media!)Listen now, and if you're ready to get social, if you're ready to expand your online marketing, and really get yourself out there for visibility, credibility, becoming an authority and an expert in your field, or becoming a thought leader, let’s talk! You can learn more about SophieZo at:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:   
Setting goals for your business is really important, but without an action plan backing them up, you’re unlikely to reach the milestones you set. The road to your ultimate goals has many steps along the way, and each one needs to be precisely mapped. You start by creating the strategies that lead you to your goals, and then it’s time to put them to work!It’s a process, but going from idea to implementation doesn’t have to be hard! The SophieZo team excels at implementation, and in this episode, I’m going to teach you:How to break down a broad strategy into actionable stepsWhat to delegate and what to keepHow to devise a budget that includes tools, tech, overhead, and human powerHow to organize your action plan and make it accessible to your entire teamThe metrics and KPIs that help you monitor your progress and keep your strategy on trackOnce you’ve had a chance to listen, I’d love to talk to you about your goals for your business and show you how the all-in-one implementation team at SophieZo can get you there!You can learn more about SophieZo at:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call: 
Your business is only as good as your people. Whether you hire an all-in-one team or assemble your employees one by one, you want the end result to be AMAZING!So, let’s talk about a few things you can do as your team’s leader to create an awesome company culture that allows everyone to grow, challenge themselves, and produce outstanding results!In this episode you’ll learn:How to give clear, precise instructions that set your team up to succeedThe tools that keep your projects and your team organized and on trackWhy setting clear expectations from the beginning is so importantHow to avoid micromanaging and trust your teamThe top attributes of great leadersListen now for great leadership tips, and if you want to skip it all and get a spectacular team that you never have to manage, let’s talk because I’ve got just what you’re looking for! You can learn more about Sophie here:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call: 
Self-care has become kind of a buzzword lately. We hear a lot about how important it is, but we don’t always know the science behind self-care… I’m here to help! I have regular self-care rituals in place, and I cherish that time. I’ve found that when I’m diligent about taking care of myself, everything else gets better. I’m better at my job, I show up in better ways for my family and friends, and I can feel a remarkable improvement in my mental and physical health.I truly believe in the power of self-care, so I’m going to show you all the wonderful things that happen when you take the time to take care of yourself! In this episode you’ll learn: How to face inevitable stress with a cool headThe connection between self-care and sleepHow to clear your mind and banish brain fogHow self-care improves your memory and your concentrationListen now to learn how self-care makes you better at, well, EVERYTHING, then book a call so I can show you how working with the all-in-one team at SophieZo can be your ultimate self-care solution! You can learn more about Sophie here:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call: 
The bigger your business gets, the more time and attention it demands.As your revenue increases, so does the marketing, the sales, the day-to-day management, and a million other tasks that threaten to eat up every hour of your day.So, how do you avoid the overwhelm that comes when your business begins taking over your life? You know the answer to that, right? You get a great team! But let’s be honest- that’s not always as simple as it sounds.In this episode, we’re doing a deep dive into the advantages of hiring an all-all-in-one team! You’ll discover:How to avoid the time-consuming task of building a team one by oneWhy plug-and-play teams save moneyThe easiest way to cover ALL the vital areas of your businessHow to take back your time while still growing your businessWhy you should save your genius for the things you do best Listen now, then book a call today to learn more about the plug-and-play team that takes on the backend of your business and gives you back your freedom. I’d love to talk to you about taking back your time AND taking your business further!You can Learn More about SophieZo at:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:  
By this point, you’ve definitely learned a few things about life, and one thing we can all agree on with absolute certainty is that life can be VERY unpredictable. You get sick, you need surgery, you have to step away from your life to help a loved one in need- and a million other possibilities we might not have even considered!I learned that lesson all too well when I had to step away from my business (and my beloved podcast!) to battle a nasty bout of bronchitis. Now I’m back and ready to share the strategies that keep you covered when unexpected emergencies arise! In this episode you’ll learn:5 smart things you can do to avoid a shitshow if you have to be AWOL for a few days, weeks, or even monthsHow policies and procedures keep your business afloat when the captain of the ship is out of commissionThe tech that keeps your team on track when you take time offHow to reschedule without ruining your reputationWhy YOU should be your #1 priorityListen now for great tips on keeping your business running like a well-oiled machine even when your life takes an unexpected turn, then let’s talk about how the all-in-one team at SophieZo can keep your business on top even when you’re under the weather! Visit to book a call! You can learn more about SophieZo at: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call: 
Setting specific and attainable goals is the first rung on the ladder to next-level success, but before you set your next goal for your business, let’s talk about how to do it the SMART way. There’s a 5-step strategy behind setting goals for your business, and I’m breaking it down letter by letter! In this episode you’ll learn: How to use the SMART strategy to set realistic, attainable goals for your businessHow to measure your progress to ensure you’re firmly on the path to meet your goalsHow to set goals that benefit you, your business, AND your teamHow to dream big without going overboard!How to realize your vision for your business with time, space, ease, and graceListen now for SMART goal-setting strategies, then let’s talk about your goals for your business, and how the plug-and-play team at SophieZo makes it happen! Book a call today to start climbing that ladder to next level success! You can also connect with Sophie at:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call: 
The mullet is officially back…The “business in the front, party in the back” hairstyle might not look great on, well, anyone - but it can do wonders for your social media strategy!In this episode, I’m breaking down the mullet strategy and teaching you how to make a memorable impression that sets you apart from the crowd.You’ll learn:How to prove your expertise without ignoring your fun side.Why it’s good to be weird!Why you should show off your inner party animal every now and then.How to use the most authentic, unique parts of your personality to stand out from your competition.We’re having fun with this one, and you might just be tempted to dig out that old Billy Ray Cyrus CD and throw on some mirrored sunglasses!Listen now to get great ideas on applying the mullet strategy to your social media, then visit to learn more about the all-in-one-team that would never leave you with an Achy Breaky Heart!You can also connect with Sophie at:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
What do you do when shit hits the fan?It’s going to happen. No matter how focused and prepared you are, no matter how well you’ve planned and mapped out your day, week, or month, there are going to be times when it ALL goes wrong.Running a successful business means being adaptable, flexible, and able to change directions midstream without breaking a sweat. That’s a skill that doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but like most skills, practice makes perfect! So, today we’re talking about the tips and strategies that help you go with the flow.In this episode you’ll learn:To stay calm and focused when it feels like everything is falling apartHow to document your processes and keep your team in the loop so they can cover for you in a pinchTo give yourself the grace to make mistakes and recover from themHow to get back on track without causing additional stressListen now, then visit to learn more about the all-in-one plug-and-play team that keeps your business on track and running smoothly through any storm!You can also connect with Sophie at:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: Instagram: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
If you’re going to reach the next level of success, you’re going to need a killer team backing you up!Your team can truly make or break your business, so this week, we’re talking about what it takes to assemble a spectacular, next-level team.In this episode, you’re going to discover:The 5 key players you want on your dream teamHow to turn your vision into a planWho keeps everyone in the loop, keeps everyone on track, and keeps your business running smoothlyWho’s in charge of tracking your stats and keeping on the path to your goalsWhy you need a team of workhorses to take your business to the topHow to assemble a dream team with a single phone callListen now, and when you’re done, I know you’re going to want to learn more about my pre-assembled, plug-and-play team of experts, so check out to see what they can do for your business!You can also connect with Sophie at:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook:   Twitter: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
“New year, new you!!!!”“This can be YOUR year!!”You’ve heard all the platitudes, you’ve seen the trends that come and go, and it’s really easy to get sucked into doing things just because everyone else is doing them - but I’ve got a better idea…This year, instead of jumping on whatever bandwagon happens to be passing by, I’ve got a better idea; Do what’s right for YOU.In this episode, we’ll be talking tips on setting goals and intentions that work for your business and your lifestyle. You’ll learn how to:Determine what keeps you motivated, focused, and inspiredSet long and short-term goals for maximum successDefine your intentions for the yearKeep yourself motivated and on the path to meet your goals all year longListen now (and don’t forget to subscribe!), then join me on LinkedIn every Wednesday at 9am CT for a live session filled with fantastic tips and strategies for next level success!Learn more about SophieZo at:Website: Facebook: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
Out with old and in with new!A new year often inspires people to do some serious house cleaning, and who can blame them? There’s nothing better than starting the year fresh, organized, and ready to take on anything, so in honor of 2023 we’re talking about cleaning house!I don’t have any tips for making dusting or mopping more fun (well I do - hire a housekeeper!), but I do have some awesome advice for doing a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual cleanup.In this episode you’ll get tips on:Decluttering your mind and letting go of the negative thoughts that drag you downPrioritizing good health and self-care for peak performanceCleaning out the junk that’s stand in the way of your productivity and progressWeeding out negative relationships and cutting ties with those that don’t support you or respect your boundariesListen now, and when you’re ready to clean house in your business, the plug-and-play team at SophieZo is here to help! We’ll clean house in your business so you can start the new year systemized, organized, and ready to take on anything! Visit to learn more!You can connect with Sophie at:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
Setting boundaries is hard for a lot of business owners.We get this idea that if we’re not available around the clock, working 24-7, and saying “YES!” to every offer or project that comes our way we won’t be able to keep our businesses growing and thriving.Well, friends, I’m here to tell you, that’s a bunch of B.S.In this episode, we’re looking at how to set better boundaries, protect your time fiercely, and grow your business without burnout.You’re going to learn smart strategies for:Prioritizing your personal timeFocusing on what matters now and what can wait until tomorrowAvoiding the “fireman perspective”Setting business hours (and actually sticking to them…)Making the choices that help you thrive while avoiding burnoutListen now and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the awesome tips for building a better business!You can learn more about SophieZo at: Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: Instagram: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
Your success depends on 3 key factors:GoalsPlanningImplementationYou can’t lead your business to the next level of success until you have these 3 steps firmly in place, so we’re breaking it down one by one.In this episode you’ll learn:How to define what success means to YOUHow to set goals that support your business AND your lifeHow to create a step-by-step action plan to your goalsHow to set the KPIs and metrics that keep you firmly on the path to meet every goal you setListen now, then let’s connect to talk about YOUR big, hairy goal! I’d love to show you how my plug-and-play team of business wizards can guide you every step of the way on your journey to next level success!You can learn more about SophieZo at:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: LinkedIn: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
Your team supports your vision for your business, and they’re the ones that put in the work to make it happen. You’re depending on your team to make your business bigger and better with every year, and that means it’s up to you to keep them happy, motivated, and working together like a well-oiled machine.It doesn’t matter whether you have a small team, or a bigger, fully assembled, plug-and-play team, there are 3 things you should be doing on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis all year long!In this episode, you’ll discover:Why you should practice regular collaborative brainstormingThe perks of collaborative work appsWhy respecting working hours matters so muchHow to inspire a team culture of trust and respectFollowing these 3 simple team-building tips puts your business on the road to next-level success and keeps everyone motivated as you work towards your next milestone goal.Listen now and don’t forget to subscribe!Connect with SophieZo at:Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Clubhouse: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call: 
We’re kicking off season 3 of Building Your Empire with SophieZo and bringing you a new approach to next level success!We’re eschewing the hustle and grind culture and giving ourselves ease and grace and time and space to reach our magnificent goals. The end results are the same- you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. But when you give yourself ease, grace, time, and space you accomplish it without exhaustion, overwhelm, and burnout.I’m dedicating 2023 to setting big, hairy goals and achieving them in a way that feels authentic, sustainable, and fulfilling, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride!In this episode you’ll learn:How to set a 12-month roadmap to successHow to “chunk” your short-term goals to achieve long-term resultsHow to reach your big, hairy goals for your business without exhaustion, overwhelm, or burnoutCheck out the first episode and let me know what you think. If you haven’t subscribed yet, now is the time to do it so you don’t miss a single episode.I’m so excited to begin this adventure with you! You can learn more about Sophie here:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
My friend, Toye Penny, is a Luxury Well-Being Strategist who works with high-profile celebrity and CEO moms to help them learn how to care for themselves FIRST.As the creator and author of The Love You More method, Toye has seen countless moms so consumed by their mental load and drive to care for others that they neglect their own health and well-being in the process.Toye sat down with me to share some of her best advice for high-achieving moms. In this episode you’ll learn:Why you need to put on your own oxygen mask FIRSTWhy you need to GET as much support as you GIVEHow to pour into yourself so you can be there for the next generationThe strategies that create a legacy of strength, support, and leadership that lasts for generationsListen now, then visit to schedule your private CEO Mom Intervention call.You can also connect with Toye Penny at:LinkedIn: can learn more about Sophie at:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
Your people are your greatest asset!They’re the ones you rely on to take care of business and produce stellar results time after time. With that much riding on your team, keeping them happy is a top priority.My friend, Gail Kraft, is a motivational speaker, author, and thought leader coach and she joined me on the podcast to share some of her best advice for building the team culture that takes your business to the next level.In this episode, Gail shows you how to:Be clear on your expectations and the “why” behind your processAvoid micromanaging by devising solutions before problems happenReward your team, relieve stress, and strengthen their connection at the same timeShow your team that you care about them both on the job and off the clockInspire trust, loyalty, and a shared goal to take your business to the next levelTune in now, then check out Gail’s amazing offer for listeners!She’s giving you a FREE 30-minute discovery session so you can learn more about her coaching program and how she approaches problems, leadership, and resolutions!  Visit to book your complimentary session today.You can learn more about Gail Kraft at:Facebook:  Twitter: can learn more about Sophie here:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
You’re all about taking care of business, but Ryan Dunphy knows that the real secret to success is taking care of YOURSELF!As a talent scout for Rising Tide Connections, Ryan is dedicated to amplifying those who have a mission or message to make the world a happier, healthier, more productive place, and he believes that the better you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of your business.He’s sharing some of his best advice for managing your stress, your health, and your time. In this episode you’ll learn:How to prioritize your time and create a success sequence for every weekHow to bring the right energy to the right activitiesHow to reduce chaos and protect your time so you can stay in your expert zoneWhy you should manage your energy instead of your timeHow to identify the priorities that REALLY matter in your business and your lifeListen now, then check out Ryan’s FREE course that teaches you how to get more done in less time!You can also connect with Ryan at:LinkedIn: can learn more about Sophie here:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
Sara Phillips KNOWS how to sell.She’s had a highly successful sales career stretching over 40 years, and now she relies on her years of experience to deliver sales training that empowers her clients to sell confidently and comfortably to create a consistent income at whatever level they desire.She bases her training on one core belief - sales start with people.She stopped by the podcast to share her strategies for improving sales by learning about people and personalities and learning how to connect and communicate on a higher level. In this episode, you’ll get tips on:Understanding who your clients are and what they needTaking yourself out of the sales process by focusing on delivering real solutionsBuilding trust, accountability, and a flawless reputationSpeaking your client’s language with every sales conversationListen now, then visit Sara at to book a FREE discovery planning session. Sara is also throwing in a FREE profile review that will help you increase your visibility and boost your success!You can connect with Sara Phillips at:Website: can learn more about Sophie here:Website: https://sophiezo.comFacebook: @sophiezoFree Discovery Call:
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