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The Path to Freedom with Daniel Roquéo

Author: Daniel Roquéo

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This weekly and practical podcast is about spirituality and the principles of Life. It's intention is to inspire, empower, and uplift us to develop a healing consciousness, that we may forever allow for greater and grander expressions of who and what we are to emerge with ease and grace. That we may be increasingly open and available for Spirit to flow in, as, and through us - in ways beyond our
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Would you agree that Life is fundamentally good? When I say that, I am not in any way denying that things come into experience that on the surface appear to be bad or negative. Nor am denying that there is pain, suffering, or discord on our planet.But, what I am saying is that underneath the appearance, underneath our experiences, Life is good. Because what we experience and perceive has nothing to do with Life itself. The nature of Spirit is Love and what God wants is for all of Life to forever come into greater and grander versions and expressions of itself. And so Spirit is always for each of us, never against any of us. Now, Spirit and Life are synonymous, they are one and the same. In other words, Life is always for us, never against any of us. Exploring this is what this week’s episode is all about. I invite you to join me.
I invite you to join Rev. Cynthia Ambriz and me for a wonderful conversation about how to develop a healing consciousness. A healing consciousness is a consciousness that allows for the releasing and letting go of all of that which hinders, blocks, and obscures Spirit from expressing itself fully and freely in, as, and through us.Healing not only pertains to physical pain and disease, but healing involves any and all areas of our lives where God's wholeness and harmony do not flow fully and freely.In this week's conversation, Rev. Cynthia shares her own healing experiences as well as some key ingredients for developing such a healing consciousness.If you wish to connect with Rev. Cynthia you may find her here:Instagram @cynthiaambriz444Facebook
This week I invite you to join me for a conversation about the year 2021. A conversation, not about what the next year will bring to us, but what we will bring to the next year.Living a life of freedom is not living, hoping that the world will give us anything, but it is living with the intention to continuously bring more to the world. To forever allow for greater and grander expressions of who and what we are to emerge.We did not come here to get or to acquire. In fact, if we seek inner peace and harmony, the world has nothing for us. But that peace and harmony are inherently within us, and by activating our giving nature, moving into being more about giving than about getting, that peace and harmony are given permission to begin to flow through us in ever-expanding ways.And so, activating this giving nature is what this year’s last episode is all about. That we, in co-creation with Spirit may create the year 2021 our most magnificent year ever.
Intentions are a powerful tool for anyone who seeks to co-create their life with Spirit.I invite you to join me and Rev. Kim Stanwood Terranova for a wonderful conversation about the power and technology of intentions. Rev. Kim is a master when it comes to intentions. She is the author of the book: The technology of intention - activating the power of the universe within you. She is an acclaimed teacher and speaker, teaching and speaking about intentions all over the world.In this conversation Rev. Kim shares what intentions are and what she calls the three pillars of intentions, allowing us to set laser clear intentions for ourselves and our lives.
I invite you to join me and Rev. Carlton Teabout for a deep and inspiring conversation about Affirmative Prayer or the Six step Mental Mind Treatment as it is also called. Rev. Carlton is the lead instructor for the Practitioners Studies Program at the University of Agape Spiritual Center. He has also created and taught ”Prayer and the Power of Your Spoken Word”, an advanced prayer class at Agape University.Affirmative Prayer is a spiritual technique where we train ourselves to see, feel, and know that which is true and real, rather than the stories and perceptions based upon circumstances and conditions.By coming back to that which is true and real on a regular basis, we lift and sustain our vibration and the Universe will rise up to meet us at that new and higher vibration, demonstrating experiences that match this new and higher vibration.Hence, Affirmative Prayer is a powerful spiritual practice. 
21. Thy will be done

21. Thy will be done


Thy will be done, are perhaps some of the most powerful words we can lean into along the spiritual path. Getting our little selves out of the way and giving Spirit permission to lead, and guide, and move us is a powerful way of life.It will continuously move us out of our current expression and into a greater and grander version of who and what we are, in ways that far exceed anything we can imagine. I have come to love these words, and I have come to love my willingness to live by them. This, I want to share with you.
In each and every moment we have the ability to choose; what to think and how to respond to that moment. And so whenever we find ourselves facing challenges, we have the choice of playing to part of the victim placing blame, complaining, and bemoaning our fate - or we can use that challenge to propel and lift us into a higher vibration, a higher level of consciousness - into a higher version and expression of who and what we are.If we desire the latter - these powerful questions will serve us very well. 
Our days are filled with moments in between. Moments when we are not doing something that requires much of our full attention. These moments present a wonderful possibility for us to go to work raising our vibration to ever higher and higher levels. All it takes is our honest intention to expand and unfold.
A crucial part of the path to freedom is to learn to release and let go of our expectations as to what should and should not be. Many of us carry such expectations with regards to other individuals and the choices that they make. We expect them to be in a certain way, we expect them to know certain things, and we expect them to make certain choices. And so oftentimes, when these expectations are not met, we experience disappointment, betrayal, and resentment. In other words, oftentimes these expectations give rise to pain and suffering on our part.And so, as we grow and unfold we gradually learn to release and let go of our expectations, allowing each and every being (including ourselves) to be who and what they are in any given moment.
The still small voice is perhaps the greatest companion we will ever have. It is that still small nudging within us, whispering words of wisdom and guidance, guiding and leading us to when we are to move, where we are to move, what action to take, when to stop, when to speed up, when to turn left, when to turn right.Being connected to the Source, it knows all it needs to know that we may move forever forward and upward along the path of freedom.Learning to hear it, listen to it, trust it, and follow it is one of the best choices we can ever make.This is what this episode is about.
Affirmations are a fundamental spiritual practice that serves as tuning forks, vibrationally aligning us with the good that we desire to see manifested.Obviously, there are many ways of affirming, but in this episode, I am sharing my favorite technique to affirm. A technique that does not limit the manifestation to whatever we are able to imagine, but that takes the lid off of the jar of limitation, tapping into the infinite.
As we set out to allow for something to manifest in our life, it is essential that we reach and sustain a level of vibrational alignment with it.We need to make it alive and active within us.Which means that we need to Dream the Life to Live the Dream. Now dreaming, in this case, is not passive, but it is backed by the intention to see it manifested, which means that we need to be willing to do what is necessary to allow for it to emerge in and through us while knowing that in the mind of God it has already happened.This is vibrational alignment.
Along the spiritual path, we inevitably move into spaces of darkness where we are not feeling too good. We may feel lost or confused.We always need to remember, though, that everything is working for our good even when we can't see it, even when we can't feel it.These spaces of confusion are truly spiritual blessings as they are periods of rebirth. Confusion arises in the space between the old dying and the new emerging. Being aware of this helps us navigate through the darkness until we, once again, emerge into the Light - only now, there is a new version of who we are that has emerged.
Surrender does not mean waving a white flag, giving up, or acquiescing to an external deity. Surrender simply means embracing and allowing the next great and grand version of who and what we are to emerge in and through us.It means releasing and letting go of control, resistance to change, and of the end result. In much the same way, we would surrender the journey to the cab-driver or surrender to our bodies when breathing, digesting, and the beating of our heats is concerned.
Heaven is not a place outside of ourselves, but it is a state of consciousness. We may be said to be in Heaven whenever we have broken free from our opinions, perceptions, and points of view.When we are standing fully in the nowness of this moment, with our minds clear - that is when we are in Heaven.In other words, being in Heaven or not is a choice we get to make in each and every moment.#heaven #stillness #nownessofthismoment #peacethatpasseshumanunderstanding #stateofconsciousness #openandexpand #embraceandallow #releaseandletgo
Gratitude may be described as the realization and acknowledgment of the good that is present in our lives, in the visible and in the invisible. It is a high vibration that makes us open, available, and receptive for even more good to flow into our lives. This is the reason we always want to begin in Gratitude. As the law states, the more grateful we are, the more we will be given to be grateful for.#gratitude #spiritualpractice #highvibration #vibrationalalignment #givingthanks #alwaysbeginingratitude #openandexpand
As we move through life, we are wise and well, not to only have a dream or a vision for our lives, but to have an impossible dream for our lives (and the planet). A dream that promises to pull us way outside of our present paradigm and comfort zone.Life (God) knows no logic nor reason. Life only knows about infinite possibilities. And so, why should we limit ourselves to what we think is possible and reasonable?The answer to that question, of course, is that there is no reason for that at all, other than giving the ego the power to run us.In this episode, we are talking about going for that which appears to be impossible.
What does forgiveness have to do with freedom you may ask?Forgiveness is an act of self-love - it has nothing to do with the other individual but everything to do with us. Forgiveness is all about releasing and letting go of any negativity, resentment, and animosity that we hold in our hearts towards another. It is all about releasing and letting go of our ego’s notion of what should and should not be.That we may allow for love, peace, freedom, compassion, Divine and perfect health, and harmony to reign supreme within us.
We are all living in a feeling universe that is forever corresponding to our predominant vibration (thoughts and feelings).Resisting that which is, is a low vibration calling forth low vibration experiences. Gratitude is a high vibration, calling forth high level experiences. Two different vibrations, two completely different levels of experience. This is what the enlightened knows, which is why the enlightened gives thanks for everything, even that which most people take for granted.
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