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Author: Emily Winchurch & Liz Mahoney

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Serial killers, cold cases, missing persons and conspiracy theories... there's no topic these two women won't cover. Hosts Emily and Liz discuss a new true crime case every week, diving into gruesome details, while managing to keep the mood light.
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Cher Hughes visited the island of Bocas del Toro, an island off Panama, and quickly decided to make the island her new home. She was peacefully living there for years when her neighbors noticed she was missing. While some thought she simply was on vacation, others began noticing a pattern.... Every few months an island resident would simply "go on vacation" never to be seen again, leaving behind all their possessions. Then we cover the story of Tanya Kach, a 13-year-old girl who was groomed by her middle school security guard. She voluntarily decided to move to his home at first, but after wanting to leave she was forced to stay against her will.Sources:Dateline Season 19 Episode 8 “Stealing Paradise” Support the show (
December 2009 in Wyoming - Sarah Kastovny finds an odd Craigslist add. The caption read: 'Need an aggressive man with no concern or regard for women. If interested, contact Sarah,'" providing her address and a picture of her. The ad gets removed after a few days but unfortunately it's too late and Sarah is attacked. Then we cover the case of Asha Degree. On Valentine's day in 2000 the 10-year-old girl sneaks out of her apartment in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. While authorities look for her, suspecting another person might have had a hand in her disappearance, her family struggles to get media attention to help find their daughter.Sources: Junkie episode from Jan 2019: “MISSING: Asha Degree” the show (
Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias started dating in February 2007. The two had an instant connection, but Travis couldn't see himself marrying Jodi since she wasn't Mormon. While they didn't break up, the two had a tumultuous relationship. One day Travis missed an important work trip. When his dead body was discovered, friends believe Jodi had something to do with it. Then we dive into the Du Pont family scandals. Lisa Dean Du Pont was an heiress and from the outside looking in, her life seemed perfect. But when her youngest son falls in love with a drug addict, the Du Pont family puts a hit on the young woman. Sources:Dateline Season 21 Episode 36 “Along Came Jodi” Support the show (
James Fountain was living alone in Buffalo, NY when he discovered the dismembered body of a woman in his garage. The victim was a 29-year-old mother of two, Cynthia Epps. The case quickly goes cold until Detective Charles Aronica, who specialized in cold cases, picked up the case 18 years later. Then we cover the home invasion and kidnapping of Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn. One night the couple is awoken in the middle of the night to men breaking in. Denise is taken hostage while Aaron must follow the kidnappers' instructions. Just when Aaron thought the situation couldn't get any worse... he brings in the police... who believe Aaron has more to do with Denise's disappearance than he's letting on.Sources: 20/20 Season Episode “Taken”“Criminal” podcast 2-part Episode the show (
 In 1977, Candy and Pat Montgomery moved to their dream home in a suburb of Dallas. Pat had a good job and Candy was a stay at home mom. On the outside, everything looked perfect... But in truth, Candy was bored with her life and wanted an affair to spice things up. The affair, which started out innocent enough, lead Candy down a dangerous path of deception and... murder. Then we dive into the story of NYC's cannibal cop Gilberto Valle. He was a married man with a child, but soon enough his wife (Kathleen Mangan) noticed his detachment and lack of a sex drive. She did some cyber snooping to save her marriage, but soon found that her husband was... a cannibal.Support the show (
Suzanne Gloria Lyall lived in Saratoga Springs and graduated from high school with honors. She had a love for computers and enrolled in SUNY Albany to further her studies. One day, after work, when walking from the campus bus stop to her dorm she suddenly vanished. In just 2 weeks the police are out of suspects and the case goes cold. To this day the question remains, how could a 19 year old girl vanish from a campus without a trace? Then we cover the case of Paige Birgfeld, a 34 year old mother with a loving boyfriend and jealous ex husband. When she didn't return home one night, immediately her family knew something was wrong. Foul play was suspected after her belongings were found on the side of the highway. But who would harm her? Her loyal boyfriend? The crazy ex husband? Or was is someone from Paige's secret second life....NOTE: If you have any information concerning Suzanne Lyall, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate - or Submit an anonymous Tip online Sources: 48 Hours Season 27 Episode 62 “The Secret Life of Paige Birgfeld” the show (
In 1978, Dorothy Stratten was a teenager working at a Dairy Queen. Seemingly overnight she became a star - first appearing in Playboy, then becoming Hollywood's up-and-coming actress. While some were thrilled with her fame, including friend Hugh Hefner, others (like Dorothy's husband Paul Snider) couldn't stand to see her successful. Then we cover the Rachel Barber murder that shook Melbourne, Australia in 1999. Rachel Barber was a beautiful 15 year old girl, with her life and dancing career ahead of her. Little did she know her former babysitter (Caroline Reed Robertson) was an obsessive stalker, willing to do anything to take Rachel's place.Sources: Support the show (
On June 10, 1991, Eleven-year-old Jaycee Dugard, wearing her favorite all-pink outfit, was walking to her school bus stop. When she was halfway there, a gray car approached her. She figured the car was pulling over to ask her for directions. The man driving the car, Phillip Greg Garrido, rolled down the window, and tased Jaycee unconscious … and abducted her. Then we dive into the infamous Duke Lacrosse Scandal. In 2006, the school's lacrosse team threw a party where they invited exotic dancers to perform. After a verbal altercation the women left. But here's where the stories differ. The women claim they were raped but the boys say nothing happened... when police finally dig into what happened that night - it becomes clear this was a frame job rather than a rape.Sources: ESPN 30 for 30 Season 3 Episode 6 “Fantastic Lies” the show (
Phoebe Handsjuk was 24 years-old from Melbourne, Australia. She was known as a beautiful and charming girl, but struggled with alcohol and sleeping pills - and was in a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend, Antony Hampel. Her family was worried when she went missing, only to be discovered hours later at the bottom of a trash chute - dead. But the question remains, did she go down this chute on her own? Or did someone throw her down? Then we cover the insanely bizarre case of Zephany Nurse. She was stolen from a hospital in Cape Town, South Africa at birth. After missing 17 years, a nearly identical girl appears in town. While some welcome her arrival, other's lives are turned upside down.Sources – 60 Minutes Australia Support the show (
 In 1912, Percy and Lessie Dunbar took their sons on a camping trip, only to find that their son, four-year-old Bobby Dunbar, wandered away from the family’s tent and disappeared. After months of searching, the boy was found across the country with another man. While the family and town celebrated the boy's safe return, many people wondered.... was this actually Bobby Dunbar? The we dive into the Long Island Serial Killer (AKA Gilgo Beach Murderer AKA Craigslist Killer). In 2010, 23-year-old Shannan Gilbert mysteriously disappeared from a gated community on the south shore of Long Island. While searching for Shannan, the police discovered 4 bodies... none of which were Shannan. While this case remains unsolved, we re-examine the top suspects.Sources:,chief%20who%20torpedoed%20the%20investigation the show (
Bryce Laspisa has been missing since 2013. He was enjoying his sophomore year in college when suddenly he began acting strange. He left his college campus and the next day his Toyota Highlander was found crashed in Castaic, CA with all his personal belongings... but no Bryce. Then we cover the story of Sandra Bland, a black woman who was wrongfully pulled over and attacked by a police officer. After being in jail for three days, her body was found hanging in her cell. Liz and Emily discuss if this was murder or suicide, and if suicide... could it have been prevented?Sources: Support the show (
You might think you know everything about Ed Kemper, but we promise you... you don't (like his best friend being a cop!). Tune in to hear the shocking life and crimes of Edmund Kemper aka the “The Co-Ed Killer,” who targeted young female college students in the Santa Cruz area. Then we tell the story of the  Cheshire Family Murders, a home invasion gone deadly that occurred on July 23, 2007, when Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes invaded the residence of the Petit family in Cheshire, Connecticut. Sources:,_Connecticut,_home_invasion_murdersSupport the show (
Lauren Giddings was a 27-year old Law School Grad student in Macon, Georgia. She felt someone was stalking her, even noticing things in her home being moved around... Without much proof, she went on with life. Then in June 2011, her dismembered torso was discovered in a trash cart outside her apartment. Then we dive into the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier. The local police find a suspect very quickly, yet the evidence doesn't line up. So we have to ask ourselves, who committed this crime? And why are the police looking in the wrong direction?Sources: Episode “The Watcher” Support the show (
Joan Risch was a 31 year old mother and wife that disappeared under mysterious circumstances on October 24 1961. We might never know what happened, but to this day people are still astonished to how eerily similar this case is to the popular book and movie, Gone Girl.  Then we dive into the death of Yancy Noll, a popular wine steward who was shot and killed as he sat in his car at a stoplight in Seattle, Washington. Was this road rage? Or MURDER?Sources the show (
Coincidentally, Liz and Emily both chose POISON stories! 28-year-old Brigida Uto was near death in an emergency room, with only a few hours left to live. With the medical staff baffled, the FBI and local law enforcement were brought in to solve her medical mystery. Then we cover the story of Lana Sue Clayton, who used her charm and some households items to slowly poison her own husband. But was it for his money? Or was she an abused wife looking for a way out?Sources:Dateline “The Prussian Blue Mystery” episode Support the show (
The Covina massacre occurred on Christmas Eve in Covina, a city in the suburbs of LA. Bruce Pardo, dressed as Santa Clause then killed nine people, including his ex-wife. Then we cover  the disappearance of Kristin Smart. She is presumed to have been abducted, raped and killed at the end of her freshman year of college in 1996. The case went cold, but with new info released just this week... it might be time to shut this cold case for good.Sources: Hours Season Season 33 Episode 16 – Nov 28th, 2020Support the show (
Niqui McCown disappeared just weeks before her wedding, leaving behind a daughter and a fiance, Robert "Bobby" Webster.  Days after McCown's disappearance, he canceled the wedding and tried to return his wedding band - leading him to be the main suspect. But after years dead ends, the case hits a major break. Then we cover the love triangle of  "Talhotblond," "MarineSniper" and "Beefcake." What starts out as innocent flirting turns into cat fishing and murder.Sources:“Disappeared” Season 2, Episode 3 “Vanishing Bride” Support the show (
36-year-old Joshua Lee Webb was living at his parents house, until his mental health deteriorated and he fell into a state of psychosis. He then decapitated his mother, bringing her severed head into a grocery store. We then cover the story of Greg Fleniken. He was found dead alone in his hotel room, seemingly from a heart attack. It wasn't until the coroner's report that his family had questions. If Greg died of natural causes, why did the autopsy suspect he was crushed by a heavy object?Sources: Support the show (
Richard Rogers (The Last Call Killer) is an American serial killer and nurse who targeted gay men in NYC, dismembering his victims and discarding their body parts around New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. Then we dive into the murder of  Emma Walker. She was safe asleep in her bed - until two bullets were shot from outside her house, killing her instantly. Who would want this young girl dead? And was this a tragic accident or a cold blooded murder?Sources:Dateline Episode: Noises in the Night,2112 Support the show (
PART 2 of our two part episode on David Russell Williams. He was a “shining star” in the Canadian Military, a model officer with 23 years of service...unfortunately Williams had a vile secret which would end up ruining the lives of everyone he met. Then we cover the murder of Sherri Rasmussen, who was shot three times in her own home. The case was initially labeled as a botched burglary – it went cold for years before a group of LAPD detectives took interest in it and solved the case in a matter of months.Sources: The Canadian Podcast the show (
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Andrea Polando

this is such an interesting case. ive heard on different tv abd and podcasts but everything is a lil different or have new info.

Aug 10th

Andrea Polando

ummm im a maintenance worker and maintenance workers aren't telling the truth that someone had to let her in/up the roof, also, soo many shady people at the hotel, abd alarms dont always work, so im gunna go with a hotel employee with a key led her up there for whatever reason.

Aug 10th
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