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Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church
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Crisis: Clergy Abuse in the Catholic Church

Author: The Catholic Project

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A series about the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church: its origins, characters, causes, and reforms. Host Karna Lozoya interviews bishops, survivors, reporters, lawyers, social workers, and many more, to help navigate a systemic problem that has plagued the modern church for at least 70 years.

4 Episodes
How did the Catholic Church become a place that abusers could hide in? Were men who were prone to abuse drawn to the priesthood? In 2002, the Catholic bishops commissioned a report on clergy sexual abuse from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Karna talks with Margaret Smith, who worked on that report, as well as Msgr. Steven Rossetti, who helped to draft the Dallas Charter, Fr. Paul Scalia, George Weigel, and others.
Sexual abuse by clergy of the Catholic Church is not a new problem. Crisis looks at the early signs in the 1950’s and walks us through time to the Dallas Charter of 2002 and the meeting in Rome in February 2019. Features Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington, DC; reporters Jason Berry and Greg Erlandson; Kim Daniels of Georgetown's Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, and others.
Ep 01: 2018

Ep 01: 2018


A whirlwind summer: What happened? Revelations about Cardinal McCarrick, the Pennsylvania grand jury report, accusations from a Vatican diplomat, and perceived tensions between the Holy See and the American episcopacy. Host Karna Lozoya walks us through the timeline of 2018 with the help of many voices, including James Grein, the abuse survivor whose story was in The New York Times, whistleblower Fr. Boniface Ramsey, and Cardinal DiNardo. Warning: This episode- and many in the series- includes descriptions of abuse.
Introducing Crisis

Introducing Crisis


A 10-episode series about the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church: its origins, characters, causes, and reforms. This show debuts on September 9th, with a new episode every Wednesday.
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not scared, or ashamed. praise God

Sep 20th

Marisela Barajas

All those priests need to be removed from the churches permanently & prosecuted by law & put in jail. Pedophilia isn't curable.

Sep 17th
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