DiscoverOn Good Authority: Publishing the Book that Will Build Your Business
On Good Authority: Publishing the Book that Will Build Your Business

On Good Authority: Publishing the Book that Will Build Your Business

Author: Anna David

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There are people who launch books and end up just having a nice thing to put on their shelves. Then there are people who launch books that transform their careers—and lives. As a former member of the first group, Legacy Launch Pad publisher and New York Times bestselling author Anna David strongly urges you to be part of the second.

In this show, she talks to entrepreneurs and authors about how to intentionally launch the book that will serve as the best business card and marketing tool you’ve ever had—and then how to use that to build your business even more.

Named one of the best publishing podcasts by LA Weekly, Feedspot, Podchaser and Kindlepreneur, On Good Authority features solo episodes as well as interviews with best-selling authors, entrepreneurs and publishing insiders. It has had over a million downloads, regularly appears on the top 100 career podcast list and manages to make discussions about publishing funny. Popular episodes include interviews with Chris Voss, Robert Greene and Lori Gottlieb.
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Cameron Herold is the Founder of the COO Alliance & Second In Command Podcast as well as the author of five books and an international public speaker. By the age of 35, he’d help build his first TWO $100 MILLION DOLLAR companies and by 42, he engineered 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s spectacular growth from $2 million to $106 million in revenue.So you get it. The guy's a machine. And he's a machine well worth talking to about what a book (let alone five) can do for a career, seeing as his have added millions of dollars to his bottom line. He also knows how to engineer a fantastic book launch, since he's an expert on generating PR (exhibit A: his 2019 book, Free PR). Exhibit B: his tactics have landed him everywhere from The New York Times to Oprah.In this episode, we talked about how to get the media to care about you (hint: it involves picking up the phone), why to put an 800 number on your book cover and how paying for 1000 copies of your own book to give away may be the smartest business decision you can make.FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE PODCAST AND OTHER STUFF, GO TO WWW.ONGOODAUTHORITYPOD.COM
When someone says they're in a writing group, that can mean many things. They may be doing a "write your book in a weekend" class or sitting down with fellow writers once a month.For Tim Gager, it means showing up five days a week, online, for the past three years.That's because Tim runs the writing group I started when the pandemic hit. In those three years, at least 10 of its members have launched books and numerous movie projects, in-person readings and lifelong friendships have come to be.Yet, in all that time, I've somehow never talked about the writing group on the podcast. Well, that all changed with this episode, where we dove into how a writing group transformed Tim's life and career. I should mention that when he joined the group, he was already a critically acclaimed author of 16 books!For more information about the writing group, click here. For more information about Tim Gager, click here.
Nicolas Cole is an author and the #1 personal development writer on the internet with more than 75,000,000 views on his work.Cole rose to internet stardom in 2015 when he became the #1 most-read writer on Quora, accumulating tens of millions of views on his viral articles, and his work being republished in Time, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, CNBC, The Chicago Tribune, and more. In 2016, Cole became one of Inc Magazine's Top 10 contributing writers, accumulating millions of views on his business & creativity column, and in 2017 he founded a ghostwriting and thought leadership agency called Digital Press, for Fortune 500 executives, Silicon Valley founders, venture capitalists, Grammy-winning musicians, Olympians, NYT best-selling authors, international public speakers, and more.Cole has written two books, Confessions of a Teenage Gamer, a memoir about his high school years as one of the highest-ranked World of Warcraft players in North America (while simultaneously undiagnosed with Celiac Disease), and Slow Down, Wake Up: 150 Short Meditations For A More Present Life.He is also someone who forever changed my business, with an offhand remark he made to me when we had coffee a year or so ago. I know of no one better at merging writing passion with entrepreneurial success and in this episode, we get into why caring about book sales is silly, what journalism professors get wrong and why having no launch strategy is the best strategy of all.FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE PODCAST AND OTHER STUFF, GO TO WWW.ONGOODAUTHORITYPOD.COM!
Carlyn Montes De Oca is a passionate animal advocate, international speaker and multi-award winning author of Dog as My Doctor, Cat as my Nurse who has also been featured on ABC and CBS and in Woman's Day magazine.But it was what she did for her most recent book, Junkyard Girl: A Memoir of Ancestry, Family Secrets, and Second Chances, that we focused on. Rather than trying to tackle the whole wide world, she focused on her local area: Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a result, she got in with the local bookstores, pitched the local TV shows and set up local events. Now she's become a bit of a local celebrity.Steal her techniques and dominate your hometown! From there, take on the world.Want my authority-building secrets every week? Grab 'em at
Ian Altman is one of the world's top expert on sales, with his Same Side Academy rated as one of the top 5 Sales Development programs globally.But instead of focusing on sales, we talked about how he has used the book he co-authored, Same Side Selling, to attract clients to his business.We also touched on having a podcast and everything else with the same name as the book, producing an accompanying book workbook, updating a book five years after its release and so much more.Only listen to this if you want to make money from your book!Want my authority-building secrets every week? Grab 'em at
Joel Weldon is not just a Hall of Fame speaker who's been speaking for over four decades but he is also a true legend in the speaking industry—having been paid to speak at over 3,000 events and personally coached over 10,000 speakers. In this episode, we talked about how to nail your pitch letter if you want to get into corporate speaking (he actually recites, off the top of his head, a letter that you'd be crazy not to type up and send). He also gave us the 22 words that will get you speaking gigs, why you need to replace every "I" in your speech with "you," how to make your audience want to read your book and so much more.This one is gem after gem after gem! I highly recommend getting out the pen and taking some notes. And if you already know you want to work with Joel, you can go ahead and book a free slot here.
This week, I usher a new baby into the world...My book, On Good Authority: 7 Steps to Prepare, Promote and Profit From a How-to Book That Makes You the Go-to Expert, is now out and this week's episode is an excerpt from the audiobook.It's the book's introduction, which is all about how we're in the Golden Age of authority building from a book and how you can take advantage of that.Only listen if you want to build authority with your book. GRAB THE BOOK BY GOING TO WWW.ONGOODAMAZON.COM!
Do the words "networking for your book launch" make you want to curl up in a small ball and rock back and forth?This week's guest will assuage your anxieties...or at least get you to uncurl.Ryan Paugh isn't just a thought leader, but also a community-building, relationship-forging, entrepreneur-enabling force to be reckoned with. And he's a self-proclaimed introvert!The co-author of the book Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships That Matter, Ryan shares in this episode how any author, introvert or extrovert, can use basic skills for connection in order to have a successful book launch.Want my authority-building secrets every week? Grab 'em at
Traditional publishers lie.They tell you that you have to sell 10,000 copies of your book for it to be successful.Or 5000.Or 1000.They're wrong. I'd rather sell 100 copies of my book to the right reader than 10,000 copies to readers who won't really care.In this episode, I explain why.This is another of the episodes based on the book I'm writing. Speaking of, if you want exclusive stories, resources and info about this book as I write it, you can sign up for that on
Good news: going on podcasts is the best way to promote your book. Podcast listeners are eager to learn and read books.Even more good news: Podcast hosts love to book authors.So there has to be a catch, right?Well, here it is: most of us are pitched daily, in the worst ways.Listen to this episode to find out the absolute best way to pitch yourself to the podcasts you want to be on...and then how to slay once you're on there.This is another of the episodes based on the book I'm writing. Speaking of, if you want exclusive stories, resources and info about this book as I write it, you can sign up for that on
Nicole Kalil is someone who practices what she preaches.A fugitive of the C-suite at a Fortune 100 company, she has coached hundreds of women in business and speaks around the world.When she was gearing up to her launch her book, Validation is for Parking, she heavily invested in social media (to the tune of $9,000 a month!) She also set out to write a book debunking some of the advice doled out by male entrepreneurs. But she realized two things: one, social media didn't make her feel good. And two: she didn't want to write the book she had already started working on.In this conversation, she talked about how she switched courses for her book topic, why she left social media when she was "at the top," how she handles the "head trash" that creeps up when you're writing and launching a book and how her book has impacted her speaking career, among many other topics.WANT TO ENHANCE YOUR AUTHORITY? GO TO WWW.OGAUTHORITYPOD.COM
Matt McWilliams is the go-to affiliate guy, which means he's very good at helping people—including Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington and Lewis Howes—get their networks on board to help them sell their products.Now he's launched his first book, and he employed those same strategies to drive pre-sales. While his efforts didn't land him on any bestseller lists, they did help him add numerous people to his newsletter list and sell a bunch of other products.He has numerous tips for those who want to find the right people to help them launch books, including studying how marketing-savvy authors do book launches, using Amazon for all its worth and remembering that no response just means reach out again.
Tamar Hermes is a real estate investor with more than 20 years' experience and the CEO of Wealth Building Concierge. Carla Moreno is a serial entrepreneur, realtor and real estate investor who has more than a decade of experience buying and selling family and luxury real estate.The two have something in common in addition to real estate: they were both published by Legacy Launch Pad. Also, Tamar is Carla's coach! In this episode, we talked about what Tamar's book has done for her business a year later (including how she signed the baker who created the launch day cake we sent her as a client) and how Carla is going to use her just-launched book as her platform for the rest of her career.Listen in for their best tips on making the most of a book and what they say are the must-do's for the launch.
Jay Jay is tired of people thinking they just deserve media attention.A former magician who now helps personal brands become seen as the number one in their industry, he's also tired of publicists overpromising and underdelivering.And he has good reason to be tired of it: Jay is excellent at guaranteeing people media attention—in publications like Forbes, LA Weekly and Ocean Drive, and even Maxim, WWD and Us Weekly.In this episode, he broke down why media attention matters, how it should be used and how authors seeking PR need to stop focusing on the wrong things.
Rachel Luna kinda defies explanations and bios.But if you're going to make me put her into one of these boxes, FINE! Here goes: she's an international speaker, podcast host, former U.S. Marine and cancer thriver. In addition to all that, she's a coach who hosts retreats.As if that wasn't enough, she's now also a bestselling author: her new book, Permission to Offend, has not only been creating waves with its unapologetic, brazen and yet hilarious voice but has also landed Luna on the Today show.In this episode, she walks us through the exact steps she took to make that Today show appearance happen—as well as who's been sliding into her DMs since that appearance, how to make self-help material fresh, methods for speaking up around your book launch and so much more.
Journals are awesome. Been using 'em since I was six. I've even published a few myself.But the difference between the journals I've published and the books I've written is that the journals are not meant to be read by anyone once I've filled them with words.The books are.But Field of Dreams was wrong! Just because you write it does not mean that they will come.You have to determine your audience, find them and write a book specifically for them. This episode breaks down how.It's based on the book I'm writing. Speaking of, if you want exclusive stories, resources and info about this book as I write it, you can sign up for that on
Social media sucks.It's also wonderful.And it's my opinion that you need it if you're going to build your authority around a book.This episode breaks down why I think it's important and how you can do it without going fact, how you can use material in your book for your posts, and build your entire online authority in just few hours a week.This is another episode based on the book I'm writing. Speaking of, if you want exclusive stories, resources and info about this book as I write it, you can sign up for that on
If someone asks you why you're writing your book and your answer is "To help people," go volunteer.It's much easier, less time consuming and less costly than writing a book!Or you can just listen to this episode. It's another one based on the book I'm writing. Speaking of, if you want exclusive stories, resources and info about this book as I write it, you can sign up for that on YOU A NON-FICTION AUTHOR? IF SO, YOU NEED AN ELEVATOR PITCH. GET YOUR BOOK ELEVATOR PITCH TEMPLATE AT WWW.BOOKELEVATORPITCH.COM
You're not a delusional person.At least not usually.But you may be one when it comes to publishing.And that's why I made this episode.It's based on the book I'm currently writing and it's about the delusions I see first-time authors suffer from. Seriously, publishing seems to inspire more delusions than Hugh Grant movies!So here's your wake-up call. Don't hit snooze! And if you want exclusive stories, resources and info about this book as I write it, you can sign up for that on
Amber Vilhauer is a leading digital strategist but she's so much more.The founder of NGNG (No Guts No Glory) has come up with a system more ingenious than any I've ever seen when it comes to helping authors corral their network to support their book launches. Longtime listeners know that I'm a pretty jaded person who's tough to impress so you know how much it means when I say that when Amber shared her system and copy and videos with me, I was as blown away as I've been by any strategy I've seen during my decades in publishing.In this episode, she breaks that strategy down by explaining how authors should approach the people they know, what to say when they do and how to make sure that getting support for a book launch is just as much about giving as it is receiving.WANT TO BUILD YOUR AUTHORITY? GO TO
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Reija Jean

the guest talks SO FAST she's giving me anxiety.

Sep 24th

Reija Jean

Lauren's voice really annoys me. it creates this manic energy.

Jul 16th

Sorrel Wallace

This is the most helpful recovery episode I've ever heard. Thanks so much for interviewing Brandon, I took so many notes!

Aug 8th
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