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NPR News: 12-03-2021 6PM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 5PM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 4PM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 3PM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 2PM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 1PM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 12PM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 11AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 10AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 9AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 8AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 7AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 6AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 5AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 4AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 3AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 2AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 1AM ET
NPR News: 12-03-2021 12AM ET
NPR News: 12-02-2021 11PM ET
Commentsย (248)

Enea Koxhioni

2:24. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿคฃ ๐Ÿ˜† House select committee has issued 'penis'. I know what was meant to be said but gotta have a little levity in your day

Nov 9th

John Reed

Powell is remembered for being a war criminal responsible for lying us into a war you corporate dusch bags.

Nov 5th

John Reed

Lol you corporate pos didn't even mention that they have taken most of the expansion of Medicare off the table including dental. I am ditching npr as soon as I can replace.

Oct 28th
Reply (1)

John Reed

Corporate news lol giving a war criminal props.

Oct 18th

Nuage Laboratoire


Sep 29th

Walter Tobin

so stupid mounted police when crowd controlling are used that way regardless of race, you folks that consider what happened with the illegal immigrants as racist are part of the problem along with the fake news that's in place to "divide and conquer " to our demise.

Sep 24th


You will get dumber as you listen to these people try to use their reasoning skills. Brainwashed talking to the brainwashed. Get your blue pills here.

Sep 23rd



Jul 17th

Janet Hernandez

Is it anti-Semitism? Or apartheid criticism?

Jun 15th

John Reed

Fucking idiots nobody gives a fuck what the Pope is saying.

Jun 6th



May 8th

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May 3rd


this podcast puts out half truths false narratives an more often than naught lies. An the damn format is dumb too. Small segments every hour, with no descriptions what so ever. I am not against progressive ideas. but this whole network is a joke. actually be journalists an not editorialize. The public deserves it.

Apr 25th


Stop giving Trump oxygen!

Apr 13th

John Reed

Nobody gives a fuck what the pope thinks.

Apr 4th
Reply (2)

Tyler Strong

wwe3zwsxsj szm een

Jan 19th

N Me

Fuck you too Nancy Pelosi! If you are so worried about the nutrition levels of the people whose backs you stand on, food packages should have been delivered to every household that needs help. Maybe you're worse than trump, we look at him and know exactly what we're getting, you on the other hand wrap yourself in "righteousness " while ensuring your donors are well kept and we the people sick & homeless.

Dec 21st
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Dec 13th
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Dec 12th
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Dec 11th
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