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Author: John Leygraaf

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John and Diane discuss what motivates people to move . What it is that gets them up in the morning or after work to keep themselves in shape . Plus we will have guests and ask them what it is they do and why they do it .
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In part 2 of Colin's interview we pick up right where we left off and Colin tells us how he trains for hot temperatures . He tells us the distance he loves running the most is 42.2 and he gives some helpful thoughts on how new marathoners could help themselves to succeed . Colin tells us about NMC Nutrition and Natasha McLaughlin-Chaisson and how she helped him with some of his issues ( link below ) . Colin is always helping others and the running community and he has some very helpful thoughts that you really should listen to . So join us and get motivated with Colin , we sure did .
This kitchen sink edition does indeed cover a great deal . We chat with Colin McQuade , the person that came up with the Moncton Resurgo Marathon in Moncton . Colin talks about what goes into making a marathon a Boston Qualifier and what happened the night before that almost canceled the event . Colin also talks about struggling at times with depression and anxiety and how he copes . He also shares a car accident story that happened while he was in training and how he kept moving forward . We also discuss some tips into marathon training and a very important step you should take . Colin loves to train hard and has some huge goals and we here at Motivate to move know he will do his very best all the time . Then tune in next week for the conclusion and part 2 of this episode . you will not want to miss it .
You send the founder and president of the Running Room (John Stanton) and Email asking if he would like to be on your podcast and he says yes in 45 minutes . It's a dream come true and we get to pick the brain of John and ask him how the Running Room got started and what his vision was . We ask about pre race meals , recovery , Ironman's and lots more . John Stanton has written 10 books and has tons of knowledge for anyone out there just getting started and experts alike . Come and join us and listen to the very humble John Stanton tell us about his journey , it's so worth it . Also follow John on Twitter and Facebook .
It's somewhat ironic when your Doctor tells you somewhat jokingly that you wont be a runner with those knees of yours . Listen to Tanya Owens talk about this story and how her Doctor couldn't have been more wrong . Tanya talks to us about how she started running and was exposed to other runners at the Running Room , how she could never do a marathon . Well in a very short order Tanya went from 10 k runs to a running a marathon . Hear Tanya tell us about how she decided to get into Ironman's even though she had to learn how to swim . Never say never because Tanya has done it all and is very determined and motivated . A great listen for anyone and helpful to get oneself into action .
Overweight and depressed Connor Terry decided after a most unfortunate incident that enough was indeed enough . Deciding to take up power lifting and get himself into shape , change his diet and stop doing the harmful things to himself Connor made a complete change . Losing roughly 225 pounds in 2 years Connor stayed on track even though the universe seemed to throw everything at him at once . Hard working and so determined nothing was going to stop Connor from competing . Now with even bigger goals Connor talks about how he felt after taking a huge dose of his antidepressants and how he has controlled his fears and anxieties . Sometimes mental health isn't talked about enough but here Connor tells it like it is , thanks Connor for sharing your very important story with our listeners . A pick of Connors home made squat rack made with help from his Employer Princess Auto - Plus Connor has a Gofundme page raising money to help him remove excess skin from his very impressive weight loss . We hope you check this out plus a recent story of him on Global News .
Talk about a turn around in your life , Eugene Gaudet has absolutely done that . Always wanting to support his family meant working a lot and not always eating healthy . A quick trip to the drive through would fix that . With the smoking and the pop and juice it was an accident waiting to happen . When his Doctor told him he was pre diabetic Eugene argued that still didn't mean he was diabetic . His daughter convinced Eugene to go for a little run with her , it started out with a 1 minute run then a 1 minute walk . That may have saved Eugene's life because after that he quit smoking , cut back on his bad food choices plus quit pop all together . He was able to get off almost all the medications his doctor had him on for his health problems . Now he runs every Sunday at the Running Room and keeps on doing more and more distance . Listen to Eugene tell his story about how his life really changed and how he has big goals that we are sure he will indeed achieve . Inspirational and helpful both , you will not want to miss this episode . Here is a link to A Great Canadian Running Challenge , one of Eugene's favorite runs .
Kim started out by swimming as a teen and she really enjoyed it . Gained a few pounds and decided to take up running . What a wonderful decision because not only did she lose the weight but she started running longer and longer races , has qualified and run Boston multiple times . Now she has done several Ironman competitions . The thing is it took her 20 years to complete the Ironman goal . I like to say don't give up and you can achieve just like Kim but Kim likes to say " I didn't give up , I just put it on the back burner " Now Kim works at the running room and you can hear how she teaches people to run and even how she has helped others learn to swim . Always looking to improve and a wealth of knowledge that you won't want to miss .
Nick Landry started out playing Hockey in the Winter and Soccer in the Summer . He had big dreams and like so many of us maybe lost his way somewhat once he was a little older . As chance would have it Nick inherited a 5 Km race bib and he was off . Listen to Nicks great story about how seeing his dad complete his first marathon that he knew it was time to take up the challenge for himself . Plus Nick talks about Ultras and some other very interesting runs he has planned for the near future . Covid didn't slow Nick either , he took part in some cool virtual running as well . You will love this episode .
Natasha Doyle is very active . At one point she was Captain , coach and player on her roller derby team . Then while travelling to an event in the U.S , she was involved in a very serious car accident . Thanks to her wonderful support system , great friends and family and her own pure grit , she has overcome this and has gone on to many more accomplishments . Listen to Natasha talk about another very happy but unexpected event that happened while she was recovering . A very inspirational story that you will not want to miss .
Larry has been very active for a great many years . All the way from childhood with the help of his family and well into his 60's . Larry has met many phenomenal people over the years and here he tells some really good stories about those people . Also Larry brings much wisdom into the conversation and in these times some wisdom could go a long ways . Larry also explains the John Woods Foundation . A truly inspiring story that you won't want to miss . Link is below .
Larry Wood teamed up with Rob Jackson for tennis doubles for many years and had a great deal of success . Listen to Larry talk about his 30 years of playing Tennis with Rob . How they were both placed in the N.B. tennis Hall of fame . Larry has also met so many great people over his years and he chats with us about those people that went out of their way to help him . Also how much he went out of his way to help others and is still helping others today . Rarely missing a golf day and we find out something pretty incredible about Larry's golf game as well , Larry is easy going and has great wisdom in a time where some wisdom can't hurt one bit . Please check out the John Woods Foundation , Larry's nephew . We talk about this more in part 2 , you may be glad you did ...
You start out as a bouncer but want to be a wrestler in the WWE so what does one do ? Work hard like Robert Maillet did . Getting in shape and training helped get him his shot at the big leagues and he took full advantage . After that Robert took on acting and played in many movies and shows . Then C19 hit and he had to make a decision on what to take on next , Listen to Roberts stories about the WWE and the making of movies plus his (Close encounter) with Robert Downy Jr. Tune in and listen because your going to enjoy this ride . / / / / /
Pole Art is what Christine Johnson does and she does it very well . Imagine the hours of dedication needed to be as good as Christine is , links below . We hear Christine's story about what got her started in Pole Artistry . How hard she had to work and the vision she has . Plus how she teaches Pole Art and Yoga . Her passion is infectious and you can hear that from her every word . We also get to hear a story about the stigma associated with Pole Art and how she overcame this . Along with her singing and songwriting and being in an official video you don't want to miss this interview , it's priceless .
Dan Pak stayed active for many years and like most active people never thought that his heart could be an issue . Follow Dan's story as he tells how he was first diagnosed with AFib ( Atrial fibrillation ). How he wouldn't let this stop him from his goals . Plus Dan tells us about the procedure he needed to help him . As well as how active he became on social media and interviews to help get the word out that Heart health is important . Please do not try any of these activities without first consulting your doctor to make sure its ok for you and your Heart . Some links for you to check out to see the full story of Dan's journey . Your Heart may be glad you did . Twitter@ottpak Instagram@ottpak
So you have a mentor and after 23 years of working hard and staying in shape at the gym you finally get to meet him . What more could one ask for . Plus bodybuilding and the competitive nature and just how tough it is on your body competing under the lights . Listen to Matt tell his story about the work place accident that could have easily ended it all . How he survived and thrived and how it changed him and his workouts . Do not try any of these exercises without your doctor making sure your ready . plus please get expert advice on how to do said exercises .
So you think you can keep up with Nadine Jackson do you ? Well the first thing you would have to do is get up early in the morning , get a normal swimsuit on in the Winter and take a dip in the Bay of Fundy . yes that is almost every day . After that you might have to do some Roller Derby racing or speed skating . Then lift some weights and go for a bike ride and a ton more . This lady is very motivated and doesn't like resting for very long . So join us and listen to Nadine's story and hear what happened to her Canada games medal , you will be glad you did . Check out her site as well , you will be impressed .
Tammy Christopher started running young and with her own passion and some very good Phys Ed teachers , helped her to achieve many goals . Sprinting and Orienteering , Tammy was a busy lady finding her way . She stopped sports for period of time when life got hectic but then she came back with more determination . Follow Tammy's journey from young sprinter to marathon runner and Ultra runner plus a lot more . You can give more than you think and she believes that 110%
Talk about being motivated on all fronts from exercise and running to being a full time Lawyer and N.B. doubles tennis champions for several years . After retiring from tennis he was umpiring and line judge where some pretty interesting stories happened . then add on all the charity work plus records keeper . Wow ! I am tired just thinking about all this . Join Robert Jackson and listen to his passion and drive and how he made his way .
It all started with some water cooler talk and a group of work friends deciding to try something called adventure racing . Quickly morphing into much longer runs , marathons , Ultra marathons , trail running and hiking . We are talking serious elevation challenges , temperature challenges and even reptile challenges . Listen to the adventures of Nathaniel Couture , to his stories and his love for the outdoors . Here is a link to to one of races that Nathaniel has done , the Western States 100 , love the movie !
Andrew was a heavy smoker , drinker , eater , everything bad . Join us in following Andrew through his very own journey of a very low fitness level to extremely high fitness level . His triumphs and his setbacks and a lot more in between . An accident that would harm his running ability was only a slight speedbump , perseverance should be his middle name .
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great talk i am curious to check out the website and learn more. Thank u. my walk in the rain was enjoyable

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