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Steve Brown is our latest awesome guest on the Farmer Bryce Podcast!!!With an enviable history as a chef in some world famous restaurants around the globe, Steve has the experience of fine food to match his passion for sustainable food!Also part of Edinburgh Food Social, he is now spreading his ‘good food’ knowledge to young people across Edinburgh and beyond to train the next generation of awesome chefs across Scotland.That’s not all!!!  During Covid lockdown, Steve rallied friends and businesses to supply 65,000 hand prepared meals to vulnerable people across the city in their time of need!!Tune in to hear all about it
The human force behind Taste of Arran, Arran Ice Cream and more collaborations than you could even dream of - Alastair’s passion for making the island of Arran awesome runs deeper than the sea surrounding it.Born on the island, Alastair left at age 16 to 'see the world' before retuning home to join forces with other islanders; making Arran produce famous around the world through collaboration, fairness and a vision of everyone involved having a 'piece of the cake'
Marie Macklin of 'HALO’ has a passion to regenerate urban areas and work with local communities to empower local people and boost small businesses.When the Johnny Walker factory closed in Kilmarnock 10 years ago, it threw thousands of people out of sustainable employment and was a MASSIVE blow to the local economy. Instead of just standing by watching, Marie agreed to buy the factory and put together a £65 MILLION package of funding to create a thriving local, community driven economy once again.Then, even with the responsibility of keeping £65M of spending on track, Marie also stepped in during Covid19 lockdown - donating £100,000 to local food businesses, ensuring the most vulnerable people in our community were able to eat nutritious food when the food banks just could not keep upIt’s a story of amazing work, passion and not being afraid to stand up and be heard.  Listen now to hear Marie's story.  
HIS WEEKS podcast is with the Scottish Coffee LEGEND that is Lisa of Dear Green Coffee Roasters!!!!.Lisa played a MASSIVE part in bringing the speciality coffee scene to Scotland, whilst ensuring fairness from farm to cup and making sure YOU have an incredible coffee experience on every sip!! In her spare time Lisa also kicked off the Glasgow Coffee Festival AND brought the Coffee Guide to Scotland, just so people like us could find awesome coffee made by passionate peeps in a town nearby!!
Robby Gass is a South African organic consultant with a serious passion for nature and organicsI met Robby a few years ago as I struggled to grow the grass and herbs I needed to feed my cattle organically, after our family farm had used chemicals and fertilisers for decades.Through common sense thinking, Robby helped me turn my farm around and I always found the chats we had along the way about our wider food system and environment fascinating... so I invited him to episode one to share these chats with you, and to tell the story of some issues in our modern food system. 
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