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Iceland Travel Tips, Great Stories, and Little-Known Mysteries from an Icelander and a German Expat. Thank you to all our Listeners! We are taking a break. You can find more information and sources on our website: Follow Steffi's Waste Free Journey on her new podcast:
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Honest Iceland is taking a break. Will it be forever? We don't know yet. But we are proud to say that this episode took the least editing work ever; hopefully, you enjoy it. Thank you for your support! Alli & Steffi TQwieFckqwZ4NqrquKMi
Strolling through the streets of Reykjavík while seeing a few important landmarks is a great way of exploring the capital either at the beginning or at the end of your Iceland visit. Read the full blog post here!
We look beyond the plate and tell you what Icelanders really love to eat, which dishes are offered mainly for tourists, and where you should go to jump on a culinary journey through Icelandic Foods. Disclaimer: We apologize for any disturbing sounds throughout the episode. We had a few issues with our microphones. As promised: A Link with more info about the history of forests in Iceland and Deforestation. Read our blog post. There you can find all the links and sources for this episode, as well as pictures and videos. As always, if you like our podcast, you can support us by leaving a review: Love The Podcast - Honest Iceland
Playing with the thought of moving to Iceland? Many visitors fall in love with Iceland and consider living here either for a while or even long term. In this episode, I will tell you some facts and numbers, how to get a job, average salary, and much more. Even if you don't consider moving to Iceland, I invite you to listen to the episode and discover a few unknown facts. Read our blog post for more info. Moving to Iceland - Offical Website of the Icelandic Register Iceland votes for Gay Marriage  Gay Pride Festival in Iceland Foreigners in Iceland: Statistics  Crime Rate in Iceland Costs of Living in Iceland Calculate net salary for Iceland Not getting paid for marrying an Icelandic woman
Planning a Trip to Iceland in 2021? While Iceland is rather expensive when it comes to traveling around the country, it doesn´t have to burn a hole in your wallet. If you plan ahead, use discounts, avoid overpriced grocery stores, and spend money at the right places, your trip will be enjoyable while not as costly. Read our blog post for more info and details about the apps and savings we mention in the episode. As always, if you like our podcast, you can support us by leaving a review: Love The Podcast - Honest Iceland
All of us been there: Scrolling through Tripadvisor reviews to find out if a place is really worth visiting. In this episode, we read some of the most fun, scary, and ridiculous reviews for you and tell you what people get right and what some of them get wrong. We take off the rose-colored glasses and help you adjust expectations for your future Iceland Trip. As always, if you like our podcast, you can support us by leaving a review: Love The Podcast - Honest Iceland
If you are looking for a place to spend New Year's Eve, you will find Reykjavík on many top lists. With its bonfires, wild parties, and incredible fireworks display, Iceland's capital is not far behind New York or London. In this episode, you will learn: Where to go for New Year's Eve How to schedule the evening like an Icelander What is behind our famous sketch show "Áramótaskaup" We also give you an update on the Covid situation, and we tell you about the disaster that struck Seyðisfjörður. You can help with your donation under these links: The Red Cross The Search and Rescue Squad  Watch Áramótaskaup 2018 2019 Give our podcast some love and leave a review:
Liebe Island Freunde, um euch das Weihnachtsfest 2020 ein wenig zu verschönern, veröffentlichen wir heute eine Episode in Deutscher Sprache! Hier könnt ihr noch einmal alles über isländische Weihnachtstraditionen und die isländischen Weihnachtsmänner erfahren. Natürlich kommt die Weihnachtskatze nicht zu kurz. Erfahrt wie Isländer die dunklen Tage erhellen, und welche Weihnachtsgerichte typisch um Weihnachten gegessen werden. Buchquelle: Íslensku Jólasveinarnir mit deutschem Text zu finden auf Hier könnt ihr unser Podcast bewerten: Folgt uns auf Instagram für mehr Infos. Internetquelle: From the Icelandic National Museum
Meet the other even creepier Yule Lads. This episode is probably one of the most fun and distracting as Alli and Steffi discuss the weird character of the Yule pranksters and go deeper into unexpected topics like the Icelandic Skyr and why we have farms in which you can watch the cows while eating beef. Iceland stays weird and never gets boring! Last but not least: Thank you all for taking part in our Giveaway. Handmade Christmas cards are on the way to you. You guys are awesome! Don't forget to check our book recommendations for your Jólabókafloð (Christmas Book Flood) at your home. If you want to give us some love: Follow us on Instagram to meet all the Yule Lads. Sources for this episode: Book: Íslensku Jólasveinarnir by Online: From the Icelandic National Museum
No, Iceland does not have a Santa Clause. Iceland has 13 Santa Clauses. But instead of bringing gifts, the Yule Lads play tricks with the children, steal their presents, and behave mischievously during their stay in town. Meet the Santa Clauses and learn more about their characteristics in this episode. Please support our show by leaving an honest review. This time, we randomly select five winners who will receive a personalized postcard from us. Submit until the next episode airs on December 17th and send us your name via mail to You can also use this link to review the podcast: Thanks to all our listeners and for your lovely messages. We are always happy to hear from you! Follow us on Instagram to meet the first Yule Lad arriving December 12th. Sources for this episode: Book: Íslensku Jólasveinarnir by Online: From the Icelandic National Museum
Christmas time is finally here! Have you ever wondered about Icelandic traditions and how Icelanders celebrate during the darkest time of the year? We invite you to join Icelandic Christmas this year! Find the blog post HERE. Almost everyone knows about the Christmas Cat who eats children that did not receive new clothes before Christmas Eve. But what about the 13 gifts, Ice Skating, Remembering your loved ones, and finding the almond in the cake? Join us through this episode and learn about everything, even the weird stuff, that Icelanders do during Christmas time. Resources for this episode: The Christmas Cat Statue Controversary The Christmas Forest from the Icelandic Forest Association Ice Skating at Ingolfstorg Square  Þorláksmessa Our Sound & Music for this episode comes from Envato Elements. Songs: Light Happy Christmas by Sun Channel Music That Christmas by LFAudio Jazzy Christmas by Nuclearmetal Christmas Elf by WildKittyTunes The Christmas by ViktorSE
One of the most popular routes in Iceland: Easy to drive all year round; A day trip from Reykjavík. Bonus in this episode: How to complete your Golden Circle trip in the most enjoyable and relaxing way: We offer three options, tried and tested, for you to choose from. Read more HERE. Don't forget to subscribe to get our FREE planning Guide. If you like our podcast and would like to support us please leave a review.
Most people will tell you that summertime is the best time to visit Iceland. But what about Northern Lights, Ice Caves, and special prices that are only available in the wintertime? Read our latest blog post: If you like our show, please give us a review!  Apple Podcast: Podchaser:
Some people miss traveling internationally and the pure feeling of sitting in an airplane, looking out the window. But in 2020, it is almost impossible to travel abroad.  To see my German family again, Alli and I took several challenges and obstacles to reach our destination. In the end, we almost did not make it back to Iceland. Listen to our experience with health centers, testings, misinformation from authorities, and how we spend 14 hours at multiple airports to get back to Iceland. Big Thanks to Icelandair for bringing us back, safe and sound.
Can't wait to travel again in 2021? Packing smart for your Iceland trip is essential if you want to have an amazing time. But there is no need to buy heavy and expensive equipment. Save time planning and space in your luggage with our tips in this episode. For more info, check out Packing Guide with PRINTABLES: Also, check 11 Things you need to pack for your Iceland Trip: Let us know if you have any questions and contact us: See you next week!
What happens to Helga's mother after the elves visit her? Hear the rest of the story now. Listen to two more creepy ghosts stories from Iceland and find out how those tales still connect to Icelands society today. Books: Elves, Trolls and Elemental Beings by Alan Boucher 25 Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales by Jón R. Hjálmarsson We look forward to reading your feedback. You can rate the episodes here or on Apple Podcasts
In the old days, most Icelanders believed in ghosts, and some do until today. Iceland has a great variety of folk tales, giving you a distinct picture of the life and beliefs of past generations. In this episode, we bring you three stories: Redhead from the book 25 Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales by Jón R. Hjálmarsson The Monster of Látrabjarg from the book 25 Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales by Jón R. Hjálmarsson Helga the Farmers Daughter and the Elves from the book Elves, Trolls and Elemental Beings by Alan Boucher We look forward to reading your feedback. You can rate the episodes here or on Apple Podcasts
Iceland is situated right between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, and its geology is nothing short of extraordinary and fascinating. The inhabitants live with the constant threat of a sudden volcanic blow with a volcanic eruption on average every three to five years. In this episode, we tell you how past volcanos threatened the nation's survival and what we can learn from them for future eruptions. We also explore which volcanos show signs of erupting soon and take you on a short geological excursion about Iceland's formation. We recommend the book: Exploring Iceland's Geology by Snæbjörn Guðmundsson. Movie recommendation: BBC - Volcano Live, Iceland Erupts: A Volcano Live Special on YouTube Find out more about Grímsvötn in our latest blog post:
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For Iceland lovers and explorers - every Thursday, we share with you great stories, little known mysteries, and how to explore Iceland like a pro! Visit our website: Steffi from Germany and Aðalbjörn from Iceland deliver you more Iceland wisdom every week! From geological history, mystical stories, funny tourist faux pas, personal experience to packing advice and travel tips, we got you covered! If you have suggestions for a future episode, fill out the short survey on and leave a review to help us create new material:
I was very overwhelmed figuring out which places I should visit in Iceland when I came here for the first time. Alli and I chose our favorite places that every Iceland visitor should see. One with a creepy ghost, story, two unique islands, a very remote cliff, and the biggest glacier in Iceland. Check out our website where be publish a blog post about this episode soon. While you are there, fill out the short survey on our podcast page, so we can find out what you guys want to hear in the future. Stay healthy & stay safe.
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