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Author: The UBRI Podcast from Ripple

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Ripple's University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) is accelerating education, adoption and innovation in partnership with global universities. We can better understand this emerging tech by hearing from scholars who are developing real use-case that solve for today's challenges.
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Why do we want digital assets to represent real world property? Tokenization of securities is still an area that is early in development and adoption but we can start to learn from enterprise solutions already on the market.Computational finance expert, Simon Sive, identifies practical challenges and discusses the ecosystem players already solving them using the tools available with blockchain. 
How can we individually improve our energy consumption?  We might think about  reducing our carbon footprint, but to improve our behavior, we need to effectively measure our individual usage.Architect Dorit Aviv is doing just that with a distributed energy monitoring and environmental sensing network using blockchain technology, which she is leading together with Professor William Braham at the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design.  Specializing in energy and ecology, they are experimenting in this project with an opt-in data system for performance tracking and reward system. She shares how this not only creates conscious energy usage but incentivizes  good performance. We are getting a peak at the beginning stages of a sustainability resource that can quickly scale.   Further info is described on Dorit Aviv's Thermal Architecture Lab website.
How does blockchain help assets maintain their value?Senior Research Scientist, Vishwas Patil, discusses LandCoin: A Simple Asset Management Protocol. He helps us understand that blockchains provide methods to encapsulate transfer of not only a value but any asset class that can be digitally represented. The use case discussed is an asset-transfer system for land management that the public can query in a simple and expedient manner for land records validated by regulators, registrars and notaries. This is a victory over current systems that are often broken, inefficient, corrupt and inaccurate and will help people across the world dealing with the land they have, and the assets on that land like crops and livestock.
A deep look into how researchers in Brazil can create value out of biodiversity by connecting it to advanced technological innovation. Engineering Professor Marcos Antônio Simplício Júnior, from the Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo, talks us through the concepts with a high level technical perspective of the applied research architecture. At the heart of this project, listeners learn about our opportunity to develop a green economy; how using this modern, smart blockchain technology leads to sustainable economic and social developments. 
Q Have an idea to solve a unique challenge?A Build a demo on blockchain SDKs (Software Development Kits) are open source tools available to developers, students, and anyone who wants to learn to build prototypes for their ideas.  Nathan gives real life advise on how to get plugged into blockchain, describes the cool  use cases that landed him a job in the industry and sheds light on the impact it will have on our futures.
Scott Chamberlain is keen to solve all kinds of challenges using blockchain technology—including digitizing cows to make meat production more efficient and consumers better educated.
We care more and more about clean energy, but challenges still exist with how it is being tracked, bought and sold. How can blockchain help the energy sector? Energy consultant Kate Tomlinson has experience across the energy value chain, including working as a wind turbine engineer in China, advising energy clients at McKinsey and leading multiple pilots with state and national utilities. She shares how technology will positively impact this sector and help us understand the current landscape of energy blockchain use cases. 
How can blockchain help homelessness? What special features of blockchain technology make it better for storing patient data than current systems?Join Director of Data Integration at Dell Medical School’s Department of Population Health, Dr. Anjum Khurshid, discuss overcoming the practical challenges for homelessness with a blockchain-application for identity management. He openly shares learnings from that project and how his team went on to design a patient-centric health identity management system called Medlinker.  This episode gives insight into the very beginning stages of how the healthcare industry is evolving with blockchain technology. 
All About Blockchain is a Ripple-produced podcast featuring University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) partners to highlight what is being built on this innovative technology. Host Lauren Weymouth shares a sneak peek of topics and guests...
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