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Cabin Pressure is a radio sitcom written and created by John Finnemore and directed and produced by David Tyler. It follows the exploits of the eccentric crew of the single aeroplane owned by "MJN Air" as they are chartered to take all manner of items, people or animals across the world.

Carolyn Knapp-Shappey ..... Stephanie Cole
1st Officer Douglas Richardson ..... Roger Allam
Capt. Martin Crieff ..... Benedict Cumberbatch
Arthur Shappey ..... John Finnemore
Dave ..... Paul Putner
George ..... Roger Morlidge
27 Episodes
The crew try to work out why Gordon is so desperate to get G-ERTI back, while Carolyn makes a big decision about Herc.Guest Cast: Anthony Head as Herc Shipwright, Dan Tetsell as Karl, Timothy West as Gordon Shappey, Matilda Ziegler as Princess Theresa, and Gordon Kennedy as Bruce Fraser.
Martin decides whether to take the job with Swiss Air, and Arthur is considering a new career himself.Guest Cast: Anthony Head as Herc Shipwright, Dan Tetsell as Karl, Timothy West as Gordon Shappey, Matilda Ziegler as Princess Theresa, and Jonathan Kydd as the auctioneer.
Martin goes to an interview with Swiss Airways, and must fight for a place as a professional pilot. Herc and Douglas battle for metaphorical control of the plane, and Arthur discovers he is allergic to dragon fruit.Guest Cast: Anthony Head as Herc Shipwright, Nicholas Woodeson as Oskar Bider, Kate Duchêne as Captain Deroche
The crew must spend the night on Gerti but are distracted by uncomplicated word games, which Arthur cannot understand, and a constant alarm requiring trips out into the snow. Martin reveals his developing relationship with a princess, and Carolyn must make a decision about Herc.Guest Cast: Lobo Chan as the Chinese ATC
Martin learns his mother has fallen ill, and so tries to juggle flying, his secret delivery job, and competing with his sister to care for his mother, eventually enlisting Arthur to help, but when his dominating brother Simon turns up, Martin is determined to prove himself. Meanwhile, Carolyn and Douglas challenge each other to speak in words of only one syllable.Guest Cast: Prunella Scales as Wendy Crieff, Rosie Cavaliero as Caitlin Crieff, Justin Edwards as Simon Crieff, Dan Tetsell as Dr White
An incredulous crew escort the young King of Liechtenstein and Princess Theresa to England, the latter becoming fond of Martin, but encounter a misunderstanding with fuel. Meanwhile, Herc is eager to enjoy his holiday, but Carolyn refuses to return his affections.Guest Cast: Anthony Head as Herc Shipwright, Matilda Ziegler as Princess Theresa, Kieran Hodgson as King Maximilian, Dan Tetsell as Otto/Karl
The crew are in Ireland, where Carolyn is purchasing a birthday present for Herc, assisted by Martin. However, difficulties with heavy rain, stubborn taxi drivers, poor phone reception, angry bees and jewellery-eating geese ensue. Meanwhile, Douglas and Arthur enjoy the luxuries of an empty airport with an over-enthusiastic manager.Guest Cast: Marian McLoughlin as Breeda, Robert Wilfort as Gerry, John O'Mahony as Farmer Fisher
MJN are looking forward to their day off when Mr Birling turns up demanding to be flown to Timbuktu to watch the Rugby World Cup on television so he can prove a point to his "awful wife". Martin discovers a slight problem with the planned destination, Arthur is reading a potentially problematic book and could this be the year that Carolyn steals the whisky from Douglas?Guest Cast: Geoffrey Whitehead as Mr Birling, Steve Brody as Giancarlo
A bird strike takes out an engine, which could lead to the end of MJN Air, so Carolyn is forced to call in her ex-husband. Douglas and Martin entertain themselves with a game of "rhyming journeys" while Arthur is sure Douglas will sort the situation out.Guest Cast: Timothy West as Gordon Shappey, Paul Shearer as Tommo
MJN are filming welcome and safety demonstration videos to make the airline look more professional. When no one on the crew is able or willing to deliver the lines, Carolyn appoints an actor called Martin, making the original Martin deeply jealous and paranoid. But a little competition from Herc might convince Douglas to do the video after all.Guest Cast: Anthony Head as Herc Shipwright, Gus Brown as Martin Davenport
When Martin sprains his ankle and can't complete a piano delivery for his second job, Douglas and Arthur agree to help, but forgotten addresses, missing van keys, and Arthur's game of Yellow Car make the trip much more complicated than expected. Back in Fitton, Herc and Carolyn go out for lunch and an eventful dog-walk.Guest Cast: Anthony Head as Herc Shipwright, Flip Webster as Mrs Laurel, Ewan Bailey as Mr Hardy
Martin has a soft spot for a Scottish first officer who is travelling with MJN for the day. However, Martin gets in a muddle and it all becomes a bit awkward. Carolyn meets a captain called Herc and everyone immerses themselves in exciting games whilst Martin applies a navigation-tail light onto the back of the plane. (Note: Martin is played by Tom Goodman-Hill.)Guest Cast: Anthony Head as Herc Shipwright, Mark Williams as Eddie, Anna Crilly as Linda Fairburn
It's Birling Day again and Carolyn has put Martin in charge of ensuring Douglas doesn't steal the expensive whisky meant for their client. But when the whisky does disappear and the evidence seems to point to everyone except Douglas, Martin must become the Miss Marple of MJN Air and discover the real culprit.Guest Cast: Geoffrey Whitehead as Mr Birling, Flip Webster as Mrs Birling, Ewan Bailey as Phil
A Canadian passenger informs Douglas that he is not professional but Martin is, which infuriates Douglas and causes him to humiliate Martin. Arthur teaches the passengers all about bears and Douglas chases them. Carolyn and Douglas also play a game of "the travelling lemon" which ends badly when Martin has a go.Guest Cast: Melanie Hudson as Nancy Dean Liebhart, Kosha Engler as Mrs Cook, Ewan Bailey as Mr Peary
It's Christmas aboard Gerti and Arthur is singing merrily. Carolyn is treating a yacht salesman, Mr Alyakin, on the trip to Molokaʻi, but he begins to doubt the airline's competence, while Martin and Douglas go to extravagant lengths in an attempt to make it Arthur's best Christmas ever, within seven minutes.Guest Cast: Ben Willbond as Mr Alyakhin
MJN are flying an insufferably long flight to Limerick with the comforts of an unpleasant-filled box, Arthur's spot-check method of learning the phonetic alphabet, Douglas and Martin's game of evil-sounding names and some creative limericks.
Martin discovers a secret, illegal airfield pub frequented by Douglas and other airfield staff and can't decide whether to report it, as duty requires, or to turn a blind eye, as surprisingly everyone at the pub seems to like him. Meanwhile, Carolyn tries to improve Arthur's stewarding skills.Guest Cast: Paul Putner as Dave, Roger Morlidge as George
After an unsuccessful birthday treat for Douglas' daughter, Carolyn makes a bet with her pilots. However, a dodgy warning light means that Martin and Arthur must fetch the engineer in a baggage truck. Douglas scrapes €20 by washing the airfield manager's car, Carolyn relaxes on a deckchair and Arthur uses the engine exhausts to make boiling water which ends badly.Guest Cast: Michael Fenton Stevens as Señor Quintanilla, Javier Marzan as Diego
Carolyn, Douglas, Martin and Arthur are sent on a Safety and Emergency Procedures course. Arthur struggles with his stupidity, Douglas struggles with his impatience with Mr Sargent and Martin struggles with a health issue, so Carolyn is forced to work hard to keep her crew from losing their jobs.Guest Cast: Philip Davis as Mr Sargent, Alex MacQueen as Dr. Duncan
MJN is flying an orchestra to Poland. Carolyn is left to deal with a highly suspicious passenger who requests explanations for fractionally elevated arm-rests, broken glass-salt, 'Goofy,' and poisoned cheesecake. Douglas and Martin place bets over the cheese tray including a passenger derby commentated by Arthur, and Martin reveals a shocking secret to Douglas.Guest Cast: Britta Gartner as Madame Szyszko Bohusz, Simon Greenall as the Conductor
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Grey Six

This show is so good! I cant count the times I heard it. They dont make em like this anymore.

Feb 7th

Don Duncan

Greatest radio sitcom of the last 30 years. Unbelievable cast.

Feb 7th

Alexander Zabolotsky


Jan 5th
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