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Conversations with Annie & Kate

Author: Kate Carruthers

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Annie Parker and Kate Carruthers in conversation with interesting women
12 Episodes
This time on Conversations with Annie & Kate our guest is Isabelle Kingsley. She is passionate about science communication and education. Isabelle started out as a high school science teacher but later switched gears and worked as a science communicator and educator.
This time on Conversations with Annie & Kate our guest is Dr Desirée Kozlowski. She has done some fascinating research on the importance of emotional intelligence in clinical settings, and on gender roles, and she also teaches undergraduate psychology in Southern Cross University.We had a wide ranging discussion that included how to find your happy place, and the importance of understanding what grounds you. With added nerdy t-shirts!
Michelle Duval is the founder and CEO of Fingerprint for Success - a startup that has done research into "statistically significant differences between the attitudes of successful entrepreneurs and business owners, and the rest of the working population". Michelle wanted to use these insights  to help entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed.We had a fascinating discussion that included how one can stretch and build new capabilities to achieve interesting things.
Annie Parker and Kate Carruthers chatting with interesting women over a drink. This time our guest is Joan Westenberg – award winning Australian PR director, contemporary writer, and creative. Joan is also a staunch advocate for trans inclusion and runs a site called Transgender Inclusion that provides an open source tech focused transgender inclusion policy. We had a great discussion about evolving into an integrated human and overcoming life's challenges to become who you were truly meant to become.More info:
Annie Parker and Kate Carruthers chatting with interesting women over a drink. This time our guest is Dr Gemma Carey. She is a researcher, academic, and author. We had a fascinating discussion with Gemma about how lives are messy and complex, and how to find a way through.More info new book info is here:
This time on Conversations with Annie & Kate our guest is Anna Spargo Ryan. Anna is a  working writer,  editor, and a prize-winning published author. She was also a digital marketer who worked on iconic Aussie TV show Neighbours and for the Formula One. We had a fascinating chat with Anna - in particular about her journey to calling herself a writer.
In this epsiode Annie & Kate talk to Pip Marlow - CEO, mother of warrior daughters, advocate for equity & inclusion for all, and making her dad proud every day.
Our guest for this episode is Dr Devora Lieberman, fertility expert & menopause myth buster. She is passionate about women’s health, is an acknowledged fertility specialist, and often writes and speaks about fertility-related issues to professional as well as consumer audiences. We have a frank discussion about menopause.More info at are some of the sites Devora mentioned in the podcast:  Jean Hailes offers advice and support for many conditions, including PCOS.
This time our guest is Annalie Killian - once a catalyst for magic at a large financial services organisation she is an active innovator, connector of interesting people, and change-maker. Annalie has also worked out how to network using Zoom!
For this episode of the Conversations with Annie & Kate we had another fascinating chat, this time with Damana Madden. Apart from having the coolest headphones, Damana has diverse experience working across many industries as a software engineer, and has some strongly held opinions.Damana Madden is a Software Development Manager at Amazon and an all 'round kickass Geek Diva.Damana is in her twenty-third year working as a software engineer. She resides in Seattle, Washington and works for Amazon in the Amazon Publishing organisation. She manages software engineering teams who build high availability large scalable systems.Damana has worked in many verticals from finance, media, biometrics, government to books books books now. She founded Girl Geek Dinners in Australia and NZ, and describes herself as: "Ex-Thoughtworks. Ex-Microsoft. Ex-compliant."
Our next podcast guest is Dr Emma Beckett, food expert, science communicator, and wearer of excellent dresses with pockets - Annie & I had a fascinating chat with her.Dr Emma Beckett is a food and nutrition scientist and lecturer at the University of Newcastle Central Coast. She researches why we all respond differently to foods. Emma is also a passionate science communicator, focusing on empowering the public to interpret nutrition research. She appears regularly in print, online, on radio and television. She aims to empower people to make more informed choices about food, without fear or judgement. She collects food themed dresses and earrings, and loves football, cats, and Agatha Christie.She is @synapse101 on Twitter and more about her is here:
This is the first episode of new a podcast – hosted by Annie Parker and Kate Carruthers. The podcast is called Conversations with Annie & Kate. We were warned not to do this during a pandemic, but thought what the heck.So the premise of the show is simple, we find an interesting women and talk to her over a drink. We try not to ask the usual questions. And we try to have an interesting chat.Here is episode 1 – Carol Duncan she is a long time friend, Novacastrian and former radio personality. Enjoy 🙂
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