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Michael Arceneaux, author of I Don't Want to Die Poor, speaks with Hanna and Cari about surviving student loan debt.  He puts his own unique humor into the subject ( he almost became a male escort), but he also keeps it real.  Listen in to hear Michael's struggles as a gay, black man paying down his student loans in today's America.Support the show
It's time to rethink how we diet, according to Chef Dr. Michael Fenster.  He's an expert in culinary medicine, and he spoke with Hanna and Cari about how our western diet is harming us.  The processed foods we eat are not only harming our physical health, but our mental health.  Our food in today's America is also not beneficial to the environment, as it is shipped from overseas or nationwide.  Chef Dr. Mike is not here to judge our habits or our tastes; he's here to help us learn about our food and how it impacts our health.Support the show
 Many of us juggle multiple tasks throughout our day, but almost none like guest Amiiya  Smalls.  She is a law student,  experience digital marketing coordinator, a JD candidate, and she works in the sports and e-commerce industry.  She works for Nike as an influencer marketing coordinator, and she certainly shows us that having a full plate will not hold her back.  She lives and breathes the saying "Attitude is everything."Support the show
Scarlett Lewis, mother of Jesse who was killed at the Sandy Hook shooting, talks with Hanna and Cari about her movement Choose Love, and how choosing love can prevent bullying and tragedy in our schools.  Scarlett is the founder of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation.Support the show
Kris Holmes, author of the book Ignite Your Career, speaks with Hanna and Cari on how to land your dream job.  She gives advice on how to decide which career fits you so you will be happy and find success.   Listen in to ignite your career!Support the show
Jon Gordon, author of Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else, shares with Hanna and Cari about success, hard work, and excellence.  He says it's not about comparing yourself to others, because someone will always be better than you at one point or another.  It's about being your best self, and striving to be better each and every day.  Listen in to learn how to be a better you.Support the show
Support the show
Giovanna Salas, owner of the Heart of Hollywood, has a big heart.  She realizes that succeeding in Hollywood, especially if you aren't from LA, can be really hard.  Her company helps young aspiring actors and actresses succeed in pursuing their dreams in a hard industry.  She is also supporting the arts and designers in the age of COVID.  Her company is hosting a red carpet event to raise funds and awareness of the struggles the arts is experiencing during the pandemic.  Listen in to hear about this good cause.Support the show
American Ninja Warrior is a TV series where top athletes tackle America's most challenging obstacle courses.  On this episode, American Ninja Warrior Colleen McCormack talks with Hanna and Cari about her experience getting accepted onto the show, her training, and her relationship with the other competitors.  Colleen says that American Ninja Warrior is also a metaphor for life.Support the show
Halloween is just around the corner.   Stuart Vyse, a former Professor of Psychology at Connecticut College and prolific author, talks with Hanna and Cari about his book Superstition: A Very Short Introduction.  Hanna, Cari, and Stuart talk about the number 13, walking under ladders, Scandinavian folklore, witches at midnight, and all things Halloween.  Listen in to hear all things superstition!Support the show
Most everyone, in one way or another, play at least one sport in their life, whether it's in high school or college.   They learn the valuable lessons of teamwork, good sportsmanship, how to be a leader, and that it's okay to make mistakes, among other lessons.  But for coaches, how do you know if you're being a good coach?  To address this issue, John O'Sullivan, author of the book Every Moment Matters: How the World's Best Coaches Build Championship Teams, spoke with Hanna and Cari about what a good coach does for their teams.Support the show
Everyone has heard of The Little Engine That Could where a little blue train engine knew she could eventually get over the mountain if she believed in herself enough. But what about the capability of a small camera to capture images of faraway places and new, unknown plants? Step in Dr. Elliott Horch, an astrophysicist and professor at Southern Connecticut State University. Dr. Elliott talks with Hanna and Cari about the amazing capabilities his little camera has in capturing images in space.This interview is brought to you by, a textbook buyback website where you can sell back your Physics textbooks for fast cash.Support the show
Not everyone follows the linear path of going to college right out of high school. Tony Russo talked with Hanna and Cari about going to college in his 30’s while also being a parent, how he helps his daughters now that they are attending college, and his unique career path to being a journalist, podcast host, and writer.   He encouraged his daughters to go to college the way he had, which was to try different subjects to see what they liked. When they graduated, they weren’t stuck in a career they didn’t enjoy or want to be in.  Tony has degrees in both philosophy and history, and he discusses how he uses his education to be a better journalist, writer, and producer.This episode is sponsored by, a textbook buyback service where you can sell back your college books for fast cash.Support the show
With health professionals and scientists being at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are more in the spotlight today than ever, you may wonder what the state of science is today.  Is what we are being told on the news true from a scientific perspective, and how much spin is being put on the articles on social media?  To confront this issue, and to talk about his book, The State of Science, Marc Zimmer talked on the College Talks & More podcast with Hanna and Cari about what is going on in science today.This episode is sponsored by, a textbook buyback service where you can sell back your chemistry textbooks for fast cash.Support the show
Kelly Kennedy, Associate Director of Student Development and Outreach Career Development, Instructor, and Coach at UConn, talks with Hanna and Cari about how she helps develop a student's career path, and how she assists them in finding a job.  She talks about how important a resume is, what a college student should put on their resume, and how to tell their story during their job interview.  Listen in to hear Kelly give invaluable advice on the job search process.This episode is sponsored by, a textbook buyback service where you can sell back your business textbooks for fast cash.Support the show
John Torres, founder and executive director of Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders (BCYL), talks with Hanna and Cari about how his organization is changing the lives of youth in Bridgeport, CT.  Bridgeport is Connecticut's largest city.  Six out of ten kids that BCYL serves live in a single family household. There's a huge gap in wealth when you compare Bridgeport to the rest of Fairfield County.  BCYL didn't want to make an excuse as to why their kids could not have the same opportunity as any kid in an affluent area of the United States or even this world. Their goal is to level the playing field by providing their kids access and exposure to sports and education.This episode is sponsored by, a textbook buyback service where you can sell back your books for fast cash.Support the show
The freshman year of college can be a make it or break it moment for many.  To give advice and insights on how to survive that tricky first year of college, Bill McGarvey, co-author of the book The Freshman Survival Guide, talked with College Talks & More hosts Hanna and Cari about doing just that.  He co-authored the book with Nora Bradbury-Hale, and it helps freshmen get through the first critical year of college.  Incoming college students will face the biggest challenge of their life when transitioning from high school to college.This episode is sponsored by, a textbook buyback service where you can sell back your college books for fast cash.Support the show
Prepare yourself for the real world by successfully transitioning from college into real life.  Pete Hardesty, coauthor of the book Adulting 101, gives timeless advice on finding new friends, working at a new job, budgeting your money, and setting your priorities.  Life speeds up after graduation, make sure you don't get overwhelmed.  It's OK to make mistakes, learn from them.  Listen in to hear Pete's guidance on how to adult successfully.This episode is sponsored by, a textbook buyback service where you can sell back your college books for fast cash.Support the show
Some college students play in a band, participate in theater, or do stand up comedy.  But few go on to make performing their full time career.  Juggling performer Greg Frisbee talks with hosts Hanna and Cari about what it takes to succeed in the entertainment industry.  Greg has travelled extensively, experienced different cultures, all while putting smiles on people's faces and making them laugh.  Listen in to hear his unique life experiences, his daredevil tactics, and the struggles and successes of being a performer.  Greg is the owner and performer of The Frisbee Show.Support the show
The cost of attending college is a big worry for families when their child is looking at applying to various schools. To address this concern, Jeannie Burlowski spoke with College Talks & More hosts Hanna and Cari about various strategies parents can utilize to decrease the cost of college. Jeannie is a full time academic strategist and speaker. Her writing provides parents a clear step by step checklist so they can set their kids up to succeed brilliantly in college and graduate debt free and go on to a career they excel at and love. She is the author of Launch: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt-Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterwards.Support the show
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