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Author: Shawlini Manjunath-Holbrook

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Feel the Good Podcast is a mix of uplifting and/or reflective conversations with some of your favorite tastemakers, influencers, experts, community creators, fellow podcasters, artists and creatives doing good, spreading good or feeling good. Join host, Shawl, an actress, podcaster and mother, on her weekly journey to engage in conversations that promote positivity, education, wellness, spirituality, and personal empowerment. Leave every conversation feeling the good.
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Episode 26: Gia Peppers

Episode 26: Gia Peppers


What a perfect way to end out FTG season 2 with this conversation with Gia Peppers.  Gia is an entertainment journalist/on-air talent (you may have seen her on NBC's The Today Show, Essence, BET, VH1, etc)  and fellow podcaster on Black Girl Podcast and More Than That with Gia Peppers.  Gia and I dive into Gia's path to being a journalist, Black women in media, how Gia  stays motivated and how she battles negative self-talk by what she calls "watering herself".   Gia also shares her vision for social justice, the power of her faith  and why community is vital to professional and personal success. Leave this Feel the Good conversation feeling motivated to follow your passion, feeling ready to follow the signs and feeling inspired to believe in yourself......#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: Gia Peppers  Instagram/Twitter: @giapeppersInstagram:@morethanthatshow*Spread the Good- Gia's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:*Black Girls Rock:*Black Girl Freedom Fund:*Boys & Girls Club of America:
Stay curious. Build empathy. Raise hell.  That's the motto behind co-founders, Cristen Conger's and Caroline Ervin's, Unladylike Media.  It was really exciting diving into chatting about feminism, intersectional feminism and the important women's issues and conversations that Cristen and Caroline tackle on their podcast and through their digital media.  Plus, as fellow professional podcasters and University of Georgia grads,  we chat about the podcasting space, how we see it needs to change and how our time in college influenced our career paths now. Leave this Feel the Good conversation feeling inspired to be open to new perspectives,  feeling ready to ask questions/ be curious and realizing the importance of being seen.  .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: Unladylike Media Instagram/Twitter: @unlaydlikemedia Conger Instagram/Twitter: @cristencongerCaroline Ervin Instagram/Twitter: @thecarolineerv *Spread the Good- Unladylike's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:*Fair Fight -*Lost N Found Youth Atlanta -
I absolutely loved diving into chatting friendship and relational dynamics with friendship coach from Friend Forward, Danielle Bayard Jackson. Want to figure out how to deepen your friendship bonds, understand when to "opt in and opt out" of a friendship and when to check in with yourself when it's time for a friendship to end? Then, this FTG conversation is for you.  Listen as we discuss ways in which communication is key, how conflict resolution is sometimes the answer and what are the three essentials for a friendship to thrive. Leave this conversation feeling hopeful about friendship, feeling inspired to create deeper bonds and feeling motivated to make new friends.   .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: Danielle Bayard Jackson Instagram: @daniellebayardjacksonInstagram:@friendforward Friend Forward: Forward Podcast:*Spread the Good- Danielle's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:Support children's literacy organizations however you can.  
Relationship and Friendship Expert, Dr. Melanie Mills aka Dr. Mel gives me some insight into what makes a strong bond, why bonding and friendship is so important and what makes for healthy relationships.  We also explore how to make new friends and how to socialize post pandemic.  Plus, she does her really fun foundational word exercise with me that was very illuminating. Don't know what I mean, you'll have to listen to find out.  Leave this FTG conversation feeling ready to strengthen the bonds you already have, be intentional about your connections and feel confident in what you bring to any type of relationship. .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: Dr. Melanie Mills Instagram: @drmelaniermillsInstagram: @lifebonds_*Spread the Good- Dr. Mel's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:*New Friends New Life -*The Human Trafficking Institute -
I am such a fan of RomCom Pods that I'm thrilled to chat with the creators, Becca Freeman and Rachael King.  We chat about how they got started, feelings of imposter syndrome, their female partnership and of course, all things rom-coms.  Plus, as longtime professional podcasters, they give some advice on how to start a successful  podcast. Leave this conversation feeling brave, feeling creative and feeling inspired to make courageous choices.  .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: RomCom Pods Instagram/Twitter: @romcompods Becca Freeman: Instagram/Twitter: @beccamfreemanFollow Rachael King: Instagram/Twitter: @rachaelgkingFollow Pod People Instagram/Twitter: @podppl, @pod_ppl *Spread the Good to your local animal shelter and support teacher wishlists. 
Dating as an act of self care.  It sounds strange doesn't it? I don't think I would ever think of dating in that way, but meet Lily Womble, former top matchmaker and dating coach who firmly believes that not only should we start thinking of it like that, but in fact, dating should feel good.  In this conversation, we chat strategies and ways in which single women can build successful, fulfilling and joyful dating lives on their own terms and ways in which we can all give ourselves the permission to be the leaders in our own lives. Get ready to start asking courageous questions, getting comfortable with what you want and pursuing joy in your relationships.  Leave this Feel the Good conversation feeling empowered, feeling confident and feeling liberated......#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: Lily Womble Instagram: @datebrazen Brazen Podcast: the Good to Lily's Charity Mentioned in this Episode: The Loveland Foundation
I am so happy that I got a chance to chat with celebrity makeup artist and friend, Rachel Pagan.  Rachel has spent 15 years in the beauty industry and is the Founder, CEO and inspiration behind the The CoLab Beauty Group.  With a background in both makeup and skincare, Rachel has worked on a variety of television and film productions, fashion and editorial shoots, and has built a considerable roster of celebrity clients. The CoLab Beauty Group is a testament to Rachel’s passion, where she has created a dedicated team that lives and breathes beauty, professionalism and collaboration.In this conversation, we dive into what beauty/makeup represents, Rachel's path as an artist and female business owner and the importance of self-care rituals.  She also shares some beauty tips and skincare essentials.   Leave our chat feeling focused on how you can be a connector and what human connections you rely on, inspired to rise to a challenge and empowered to slowdown and ask yourself "what do I need?" .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: Rachel Pagan Instagram: @rachelnicolepagan The Colab Beauty Group: Instagram: @thecolabbeautygroup
Sara Cunningham is an author, activist and founder of the non-profit organization Free Mom Hugs.  Free Mom Hugs' mission is empowering the world to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community through visibility, education and conversation.  In this episode,  Sara shares how Free Mom Hugs got started, the personal and deeply moving story of how she as a mother reacted when she found out she had a gay son and her journey from "the church to the Pride parade. " Sara shares her passion to make the world a kinder, safer place for the LGBTQUIA+ community.  We chat about all the ways Free Mom Hugs is helping the community and the  partnership with Jamie Lee Curtis who will release a movie based on Sara's book, How We Sleep at Night. We discuss allyship, what being a stand-in Mom means and why going beyond the hug is so important.  This conversation will show you the power of change, the impact of love and education and how you can show up for LGBTQUIA+ individuals, youth and their families that  need your support.  .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: Free Mom Hugs Instagram/Twitter: @freemomhugsSara's MemoirHow We Sleep at Night. A mothers memoir  *Spread the Good: Go to find your state chapter, resources, FMH merch and donate
Debbie Matenopoulos is a two-time Emmy nominee, talk show host, journalist,  lifestyle expert and one of the most recognized and well-respected TV personalities.  In this Feel the Good conversation, we dive into how Debbie got started in journalism, her audition to be co-host of "The View", her relationship with Barbara Walters and saying farewell to Hallmark Channels' "Home & Family".  We also chat about Debbie's upbringing in a Greek immigrant household, how motherhood has changed her life and her new skincare line, Ikaria Beauty. This conversation will inspire you to set intentions and pursue your dreams.  It will remind you to listen to your instincts, to be kind and gentle with everyone you meet and to know that you are magic.  .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: Debbie MatenopoulosInstagram/Twitter: @iamdebbiem*Spread the Good- Debbie's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:*The ALS Association -*Adopt A Classroom -*No Kid Hungry -*Feeding America -
Episode 17: Laura Osnes

Episode 17: Laura Osnes


It was so lovely to welcome accomplished musical theater actress, Laura Osnes to the podcast.  Laura and I chat her incredible career from the beginning on the Grease reality show You're the One That I Want to all her various roles on Broadway including the one role that meant so much to her.   She shares how she deals with disappointments, how she stays so positive and uplifted, how she keeps her 13 year marriage strong and her advice to her younger self.  Plus, since it's almost Christmas and my last FTG conversation of 2020, Laura and I chat all about her Christmas plans and her new Hallmark Channel Christmas movie One Royal Holiday. Leave this conversation feeling inspired, hopeful and feeling all the light and all the good.  .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmhWebsite: Available: Laura Osnes Instagram/Twitter: @lauraosnesBroadway Princess Party:*Spread the Good- Laura's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:*Courageous Love:* Actor's Fund:*Costume Industry Coalition:
Podcaster, author and pop culture/film critic,  Kristen Meinzer is a female trailblazer in podcasting and someone I admire very much. I was thrilled to be able to chat with her about all her various podcasts  and creative endeavors including her popular half reality show/half self-help podcast, By the Book, her movie podcast Movie Therapy with Rafer and Kristen and her two books How to Be Fine and So You want to Start A Podcast.  Kristen also lets me dive into pop culture with her specifically what's going on with Meghan and Harry and what her go to self care is during the pandemic. We also discuss her passion for podcasting/storytelling, how to rise from trauma, the power of honesty and vulnerability, the importance of kindness and how to choose happy.  Plus, Kristen shares the number one self help lesson she's learned and the number one thing all self help books need.  Leave this conversation feeling empowered to be open, passionate and feeling all the good.  .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Kristen MeinzerCo-host, By The Book / Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen / Innovation Uncovered / When Meghan Met Harry / We Love You & So Can You Author, So You Want to Start a Podcast and co-author, How to Be FineTwitter: @kristenmeinzer Instagram: @k10meinzerWebsite: *Spread the Good- Kristen's Charitable Organization Mentioned in this Episode:*Environmental Defense Fund:
Larissa Wohl is a pet rescue expert, on-camera host for Hallmark Channel's "Home and Family" and a hardworking animal advocate.  We dive into what Larissa's inspiration was for getting involved in rescuing animals, what it means to her and why animal adoption and fostering can be a gift. She also shares some wonderful ways in which our kids can spread the good and how we can all spread the good to rescue/shelter workers.   Plus, if you are interested in getting a pet, Larissa gives you a checklist and some great advice to go by to make sure it's the right time to bring a furry family member into your forever home. And she shares her Saved by the L bookclub that you can join to form a community with fellow animal lovers and book lovers.  Leave this conversation hopefully feeling activated to want to be a voice for the voiceless, rescue an animal or support rescue.  Feel all the good for animals. .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Larissa Wohl and Join Saved By The L Bookclub Bookclub:*Spread the Good- Larissa's Charitable Organization Mentioned in this Episode:*Diety Animal Rescue and Foundation:
Get ready to be activated! This Feel the Good Conversation with Branden Harvey, CEO and creator of Good, Good, Good is a game changer.  Branden describes himself as a storyteller focused on the good. We find out exactly what that means, how you can find "the helpers" and be one yourself and what makes up optimism and hope. Branden will inspire you to join his army of hopefuls to make a difference and make the world a better place.  We discuss tangible ways in which you can join that mission and how passion Is at the center of it all.  Leave this conversation feeling all the good. .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Good Good Good &  Branden*Spread the Good- Braden's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:*Kids Boost:
Hello Happee is a very  fitting name for Laura Jones' positive online blog and store.  I started following Laura's Instagram account Laura Jane Illustrations and it became a game changer for my spirit and perspective.  Laura's pops of positivity aka her artwork coupled with reflective or inspiring quotes always makes me smile.  I find her beautiful artwork uplifting and total feel good so I had to have her on the podcast. We dive into Laura's artistic process, her teaching career,  the mission of Hello Happee,  childhood passions and dreams, Laura's struggle with social anxiety and why she feels mental health advocacy is so important especially for our youth.  This FTG conversation is full of light, hope, advice and wisdom.  It will motivate you to reach out and make a connection not only with yourself, but with others.  It will leave you feeling ALL the good.  .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Laura Jones: Instagram: https://hellohappee.comShop:*Spread the Good- Laura's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:*AFSP:*YoungMinds UK: *Bookblock positive post fundraiser: 
Eliza and I have known each other for a while and I've always admired her dedication and passion.  I was so thrilled when we could make time to connect on Eliza's run for Manhattan District Attorney and our criminal justice system.  We dive deep into why the system is  not in fact broken, but operating exactly as it was designed and what steps Eliza feels we need to take to have criminal justice reform.  We discuss the inequities of the cash bail system and how the system treats juveniles and youth particularly Black boys and girls.  Eliza also chats with me about her upbringing, her family, why she became a public defender and what we can do to get involved in our communities.  Plus, she shares a heartwarming story of how justice actually was served in an equitable and compassionate way. This Feel the Good conversation will educate you, it will inspire you and motivate you to be a helper and get out there and understand how our criminal justice system works and how you can make sure your community Is operating from a place of true kindness, compassion and justice. .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Eliza Orlins: Twitter: [@elizaorlins}Instagram: [@eorlins]Facebook: video: www.elizaorlins.comContribution Link:*Spread the Good- Eliza's Charitable Organization Mentioned in this Episode:*Human NYC:
I am so pumped to share this Feel the Good conversation with all of you! I'm a big fan of Gottman Therapy and have used it In my own marriage so I was thrilled when certified Gottman Therapist, Laura Heck agreed to chat with me.   We dive deep into the Gottman's Seven Principles of Making a Marriage Work, how important respect and adoration is, the Four Horseman,  signs that your relationship might need help and perspective, perspective, perspective.  Laura gives concrete tips and ways to manage situations in any type of relationship. Yes, we chat romantic partnerships but so much of this conversation applies to any type of relationship such as friends, coworkers, family members, etc.  The knowledge in this episode Is guaranteed to make you feel the good In your relationships and inspire you to show up for yourself and others. .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Laura Heck  www.laurahecktherapy.comwww.marriagetherapyradio.comSpread the Good- Laura's  Charitable Organization Mentioned in this Episode:*Cascade School of Music:
This conversation with author, Erin Carlson of I'll Have What She's Having: How Nora Ephron's Three Iconic Films Saved the Romantic Comedy  made me so unbelievably happy! Erin and I discuss one of our favorite Nora Ephron films, You've Got Mail.  Erin shares anecdotes from the set based on sources she spoke to, stories of Nora and the famous dialogue she created and tidbits from her interviews with the cast including Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. As we go through our thoughts on this iconic and beloved romantic comedy,  Erin and I contemplate the themes of dreams, forgiveness, your purpose in life and what it means to find the person that is right for you.  As You've Got Mail is a love letter to words so is this conversation a love letter to creator Nora Ephron and this magical movie.  If you are a fan of You've Got Mail, you'll love this conversation and leave feeling all the good. .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Erin Carlson Website: @erinleighcarlsonTwitter: @erinlcarlsonPurchase Her Book: the Good- Erin's Charitable Organization Mentioned in this Episode:*National Association of Black Journalists:
Episode 9: Deepti Sharma

Episode 9: Deepti Sharma


I was so grateful to be able to chat with CEO and Founder of FoodtoEat, Deepti Sharma.  Deepti shares what it was like to start her company FoodtoEat, what being food insecure means, how important food is in terms of connection, inspiring stories of restaurant owners she's helped and partnered with and tips on how we can be of service in our communities when it comes to helping those that need it. This conversation is all about spreading the good and will get you motivated to get out there and serve and if you are a budding entrepreneur, she's dishing some great wisdom in this episode for you.  .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Deepti Sharma Website: https://www.foodtoeat.comInstagram: @deeptinycTwitter: @deeptisharma1Spread the Good- Deepti's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:*FoodtoEat:*World Central Kitchen:*Black Chef Movement:
This episode discussing children's literature and diverse books was so special.  Archaa Shrivastav, content director over at  Little Feminist gave me her time to chat about their mission, how it got started, the importance of diverse children's books, intersectional feminism, the Own Voices movement and changes in the publishing industry.  This conversation will help educate you, it will also inspire you to take an active look at what your reading and if you are a parent, give you tangible ways in which to diversify your child's bookshelf, amplify marginalized voices and have conversations with your children that will make an impact. This is a conversation that is essential and one that you don't want to miss.  For a limited time, for first time subscribers only, you can use code: FEELTHEGOOD to get 15% off any Little Feminist subscription boxes at .....#feelthegoodpodcastFollow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Little Feminist:Website: littlefeminist.comOur books: @littlefeministbookclubFacebook: the Good- Archaa's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:*We Need Diverse Books:
I have admired Myka Meier for quite some time now so I was thrilled when she said she would be on Feel the Good.  Myka is the founder and director of Beaumont Etiquette.  She is an etiquette consultant that has a fresh and modern take on the industry making it accessible to everyone.  We discuss how etiquette is about social intelligence and connecting people.  Myka shares why she believes etiquette is more than proper table manners, it's about kindness and respect. She also shares some of her life story and through it we chat about the importance of confidence, what makes someone charming and charismatic, authenticity and how to transform negativity into positivity.  This conversation is jam packed with empowering ways to build up your self worth and have more respect and empathy. You will leave this conversation feeling the good. .....#feelthegoodpodcast Follow Shawl on Instagram/Twitter: @shawlinivmh.comWebsite: Available: Myka Meier: Instagram/Twitter: @mykameierFacebook: Beaumont Etiquette LLC: Meier You Tube: Etiquette Website: the Good- Myka's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode: *Kechies Project:*National Charity League:*Dress for Success:
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