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Mentoring with Geraldine

Author: Geraldine Headley

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Mentoring with Geraldine is a bite-sized online practitioner podcast for naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists and practitioners. With over 27 years in the healthcare industry, Geraldine has unique insights to support you, the practitioner. This podcast responds to the needs of the practicing natural therapist, with interviews, herbal monographs, business support and clinical education discussions each month, you’ll get the variety you need to stay motivated in practice.
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Join Geraldine as she chats with Moira Bradfield about her PhD studies into the vaginal microbiome and about the courses she has on offer. Moira provides regular professionally recognised Intimate Ecology training on the vaginal and genitourinary microbiomes Moira also mentors individual practitioners on complex cases and facilitates an educational social media group of over 2.5k members which provides relevant, recent and research based information to holistic and integrative practitioners. Moira is a PhD candidate at Griffith University, Gold Coast Australia, focussing on clinical interventions for Recurrent Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (RVVC)/Recurrent thrush and their effect on the vaginal microbiome
Join Geraldine as she gives a few tips and tricks when working with kids in practice. Simple techniques to check the child in practice, not absolutely accurate as they would be at the Child Youth Health Clinic with the community nurse, but they’ll give you a great spot check on numbers.Pictures of Otitis Media - things skin - Aloe Vera - Friday Deal 50% off - expires 30th November 2021
Join Geraldine as she talks about finding the gap in your market and how that will support you in finding your ideal clients. When we look for the gap we find the clients, we find those who are unsure about who to go to for help. In this mini episode we have a crash course chat on all things gap related!
Join Geraldine as she chats with Christine Dashper, naturopath, aromatherapist, reiki practitioner and mediation facilitator. Christine delivered a meditation during the Academy Virtual Retreat in October and received amazing feedback from the group. Christine also has a course based around self care that she talks about in this episode, you can find it here:
How do you start the day? The week ahead? How do you help and support your clients? Today Geraldine talks about how we put ourselves out there and how we’re perceived? How do you put yourself in others' shoes in a physical sense? What do people see when they see you? Have you walked through and sat in your office as though you’re a client? What does the ‘forward facing you’ project? 
Join Geraldine as she gives you ideas on how to create content for your clients. What do you repeat? What do you enjoy doing? What do you already have? Once you’ve sat down and worked it out, how can you develop that into a program or package? Although it’s not mentioned, you might just need the support of the Academy to get things underway!
Join Geraldine as she discusses getting back out into the community. What is open, who is opening and where to find your people! Libraries, community centres, markets (market organisers), local council and business groups. Put your thinking cap on - look at maps, go for walks, check out the local community to share yourself! Black Friday Deal 50% off - expires 30th November 2021
With all the offers you see, what do you think you should offer? Should you offer a discount on your services? Join Geraldine as she talks about how she supports her clients without giving discounts and instead uses systems that support her in business.
We had the best weekend! Today Geraldine talks about the yearly Virtual Retreat in the Academy and what a blast they had this year! Meditations, visualisations, smudging sessions along with goal setting and future structure. Check out the Academy here: Smudge Sticks from Louise Kerwin classes from Christine Dashper with Vivienne Derwent
Join Geraldine as she talks about the future, what have you planned going forward? What simple things are shouting out to be organised? What are you projecting, feeling and thinking about 2022? You’ll find the easy to follow worksheet link at the bottom of the front page of the site! 
Meet Tracee Blythe who’s been in practice for 17 years, first working in health food stores, before moving into practitioner education with a supplement company, and now in private practice. Tracee and Geraldine discuss co-prescribing complementary medicines with medications, how she researches what she delivers on her monthly webinars and how she wants to bring both the pharmacist and the naturopath and nutritionist together in understanding of the complications with prescribing. Find Tracee Blythe;
Join Geraldine as she answers the question “Do I need more education, do I need to learn more skills” - how many modalities do we need? How can we incorporate new skills into our business? Today we have a think about how our practice will look if we add new modalities or skills. 
On today's episode Geraldine answers the question she was sent “what mindset should I have when a client has not improved or when a client has unpleasant reactions after treatment”, let’s think - blocks to change, feelings of failure, unreasonable expectations and much more!
How do we get the idea from our heads into the world? Join Geraldine as she describes how she breaks down and works out that process! Masterminding with others is amazing, but often we’ll start the process alone. How do we get from the idea, to the process, to the outcome? 
Join Geraldine as she talks about Facebook groups: Should you or shouldn’t you have a Facebook group? How can you decide if you should have one? Would you enjoy running a group? Would you be able to spend time dedicated to the group? Geraldine’s group Strictly Education & Support is all about you, the new graduate and the small business owner. 
Join Geraldine as chats with guest Emma Park (BHSc) an accredited Functional Nutritionist based on the Mornington Peninsula. Through her role in private practice, community health education & as Clinical Educator for Puremedic (Qiara Probiotics), Emma is an industry leader in the field of Gut Health and the Microbiome and has like many of us has multiple hats in business both as a nutritionist consulting 1-2-1 as well as working in other areas of the industry.
Join Geraldine as she looks at goal setting and creation for the next few months and why it’s so important to set goals both short and long term as well as financially, socially and emotionally. Why is it important to change, seek feedback and look to the future.
Join Geraldine and Michael as they discuss Eleutherococcus and discussion around it’s name. Then Hypericum and some misunderstandings that need to be addressed.  Michael is a naturopath and herbalist based in Hobart and the author of the Phytotherapy Desk reference you can get your copy at:
Announcing our next 9 Day Challenge!The last challenge was really popular! With almost 200 people in the last challenge group, it’s time for another one! This one will be based around mindset, motivation and our inner thought processes, like last time there’ll be a competition tracker and 5 winners of 1-2-1 time with me! Pop over and join up 
Join Geraldine and she chats with Karly about working in her niche of gut health, how she’s dealt with the challenges of working in group practice and now being at her home office and enjoying life with her husband and son. How working in groups with programs and a membership has changed your focus with her business and how much joy she now experiences going to work each day.
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