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Dr Mary Hemphill is an educator, a leader and an innovator. Her book 'The One Minute Meeting' is all about actionable ways to increase voice and agency in education in a real (not tokenistic) way. We discuss how she has built self trust, the value of being different as well as how she is constantly upgrading her own knowledge and viewpoint. I love this chat - so many take away ideas that will encourage deep thought. Make sure you listen to her previous chat on the podcast here. --- Send in a voice message:
I have Mel from Little Flies Hypnobirthing with me today to discuss all things birth and how to remove the fear for a more empowered birthing experience. Mel is a nurse, midwife and hypnobirthing practitioner and trainer. We discuss the perception of birth in mainstream society and how understanding your options can shift everything. To learn more about her courses go here: Website Literature recommended by Mel: Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley The Positive Birth Book by Milli HIll Birth with Confidence by Rhea Dempsey Reclaiming Childbirth as a right of Passage (NEW) by Rachel Reed Why Induction Matters by Rachel Reed The postnatal depletion cure by Oscar Serralach Why breastfeeding matters- Charlotte Young The First Forty Days: The essential art of nourishing the new mother by Heng Ou --- Send in a voice message:
A fantastic chat around social justice curriculum that can be embedded into our Math classrooms to contextualise the world for our students. Jenna has just finished her Masters in Inclusive education and is deeply passionate about informing her students. If you want to know more about Jenna, head to her Instagram: Math4Change We discuss Our roles as educators The importance of discomfort in learning Where we feel the most empowered and so much more. This is the podcast I reference in our chat: My sister's secret. *Trigger it deals with child and adult sexual abuse --- Send in a voice message:
Sing with Emma Boult

Sing with Emma Boult


Emma and I met in 2013 when we taught at a school together. Emma was working part time as a Drama/English teacher while teaching singing outside of the traditional classroom. I have continued to follow along with her journey on socials and was thrilled to see she opened up her own vocal studios in 2021. We discuss the shift of the music industry since the introduction of streaming services. Why she is happier in a coaching role rather than pursuing her own stardom. The importance of following what makes you happy, even if others are concerned for you and so much more. If you want to know more about Emma check out her instagram here --- Send in a voice message:
Have you ever met someone that you have felt so completely aligns with your beliefs that the conversation is effortless? That is what I feel while I have this conversation. Kirsten Cobabe is literally a teen whisperer.  She works with families to support their teen in being heard, held, supported and truly understood. We discuss how she came up with the idea of shifting the paradigm regarding educating and raising our children. What she believes is a deeply empowering space for her. What education could look like as well as so much more. Also - we recorded a live together discussing how to be the 'spark' in the system. Click here to listen. This feels idealistic and hopeful - but we are primed for change post pandemic. Let's dream big! If you would like to get into contact with me, head to my instagram page: @educatinglaura Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome back to Season 3. I have Josh Reid Jones on the podcast who is the founde of the JUST BE NICE Project. If you haven't heard of it, this is their why:  Unique to the JBNProject is our mission to improve equality of opportunity. We believe that the best starting point is to ensure that everyone is housed, employed and has good mental health. We believe everyone deserves access to help, regardless of how they come to need it. Regardless if you are 15 or 50 you are unable to make the most of opportunities without being housed, employed and having good mental health. Josh is the perfect guest to kick off this season as I focus on educators that are working outside the conventional classroom to enact change and teach vital skills in this post pandemic landscape. If you would like to get into contact with me, head to my instagram page: @educatinglaura Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
From student to colleague

From student to colleague


This is my conversation with Ebonie - once my student, now my colleague. We talk about our time together as teacher and student. The reason she wanted to become a teacher and how that journey looked. Big life lessons. Support for graduate teachers. The students that have made a big impact on her and much more. This will be the last episode for 2021, Season 2. Thank you for every listen, download and share. It means the world to me. Also - here is the link to my chat with Ellen on the Teacher Wellbeing podcast --- Send in a voice message:
Another great episode with Dan Jackson discussing his new book:  Work Less, Teach More: How to be an effective teacher and live a life you love. We discuss his 'why' and what he is hoping readers get out of reading his strategies behind being more effective as a teacher. Dan is relatable and has had first hand experience of feeling genuine burn out and doesn't want this to continue being almost an expectation in education. Dan's website: Dan's previous episode on After the Bell: --- Send in a voice message:
The world feels like it is in good hands. Jin and Sabina are two recently graduated high school students from New South Wales who wanted to see change. As students of colour that felt comfortable in the activist space, they wanted to do more. For them, it's not okay to not be racist, we need to be anti racist and making changes both individually and societally to overcome this insidious issue. We talk about how they got into this space, how they hope their kit will be used and their ultimate why as young people of colour. This episode is a must listen. Important links: ARK Website ARK Instagram Pedagogy of the oppressed The social dilemma Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
This is my discussion with Clare Mackie We originally connected through her podcast: Teachers Talk Texts; an incredible show to support VCE English students. She is now on After the Bell to discuss: Teaching English and Literature Favourite texts Evolution of pedagogy Leadership Tutoring The wish for more flexibility in this job The hustle of teachers outside of the 8-4, including side/passion projects This really feels like a natural conversation you may overhear in the staffroom. I must admit, the best part of this podcast as an educator is to expand my staffroom into this virtual space.  Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
George Couros is an inspiring educator and leader from Edmonton, Canada. He is a father to young children as well as a writer, publisher and speaker. He challenges us as educators, as the system, to make the difference we want to make without feeling like a victim to the things we cannot change. I highly recommend that you check out his website and sign up to his newsletter. He is thought provoking and also very solution based if we are willing to take the leap and shift our perception of what things have always looked like. I know that you will love this episode.  Enjoy the interruptions from my children :) Also - this is my episode with Dr Mary Hemphill - must listen. Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
This is my conversation with Suzanne, an AP with many years in charge of HR at a secondary school in Melbourne. We discuss - What a good CV and cover letter look like How to answer the dreaded Key Selection Criteria The importance of a referee and who you should ask Interview suggestions What you should expect from your interview panel and much more I hope this is a big warm hug of support for all educators in the job search right now. Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
A slow burn (out)

A slow burn (out)


This is my discussion with Kristie; I Drama/English teacher passionate about inclusive education. Kristie has also experienced burn out which manifested in physical ailments and required her to leave the profession for a period of time to heal. We discuss that journey as well as many other big questions about education and life long learning. Kristie references an episode of the podcast, to listen click on the link: We need to have the talk. Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
This is the most chaotic episode I have ever recorded. We have children interrupting the recording (mine) and power outages (not mine) and we perservered. I made the conscious decision to leave most of the chaos in because it is a true reflection of what my teaching life (and I am sure many others) has been like this year. I interview a colleague of mine, Brendan and a student, Michaela, who I not only teach but is president of the Eco Team at our school. We discuss big topics like:  The impact of algorithms and social media on our youth The role of educators in student run groups Investing in who we vote for Small changes for maximum impact for our environment  What is REALLY is like teaching and learning remotely for over 200 days in Victorial And much more. To find out more about hte 2040 documentary Michaela mentions go to this website. Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
This episode I get to chat to Hunter Hansen, the man behind The Life Autistic. Hunter is incredibly accessible and supports both neurodiverse and neurotypical in breaking down some stereotypes and offering up solutions. He discusses how autism fits in his life, the strategies he has found that have supported him over the years and why he 'busted the top off' his diagnosis and how his YouTube channel and blog have supported him in no longer comparmentalising his life.  He is a family man, a dad to three daughters and has a successful job with a love of writing. His metaphors are my favourite part of this episode - wait for the one about empathy and climbing the summit. Brilliant. Feel free to support me and my work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
Self care for teachers

Self care for teachers


If you do not follow Ellen on Instagram - you must! We discuss this crazy job that we all love. The fluctuation of pressure and stress on educators throughout the term. How to prioritise ourselves and be consistent with our self care. Ellen speaks about her own health challenges and how she has come to be such an active advocate for teacher wellbeing. If you would like to hear more from Ellen, she has her own podcast. Alternatively have a look at her website to work with her as a wellbeing coach. Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
Just like an English class, my colleagues Jen and John (JR) use the important Indigenous play 'The 7 Stages of Grieving' by Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman as a spring board for discussion. Not only do we discuss the play that we are currently teaching alongside ‘The Longest Memory’ by Fred D'Aguiar, but we also discuss our own Australian identities. Jen in particular discusses the trauma around not fully having her own identity (potentially Indigenous) really clarified for her and her family.  John discusses the importance of history in our curriculum and how he became such a strong ally and advocate for oppressed voices, including Aboriginal and Torrest Strait Islanders. We also talk about the teaching of empathy through the English curriculum our favourite texts to teach and why the importance of storytelling the controversy surrounding Bruce Pascoe's 'Dark Emu'  The conversation is not just for educators and students in VCE English, but also a wider audience because the themes are truly universal. Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
Queering the curriculum

Queering the curriculum


Queering the curriculum with Naomi – a secondary high school teacher currently completing her SECOND Masters degree is gifted education.  Naomi has worked in government, private and catholic sectors.  She has been instrumental in raising awareness for LGBTQIA+ students in her schools and creating safe spaces within education.  She is passionate about representation, queer and otherwise.  We discuss the multi facets of our identity. The classics over more modern literature in teaching.  Our big hopes for education as well as big life lessons.  If you are not following Naomi @queeringthecurriculum – go and do that now…. like, right now!  Resources mentioned: VATE The Monkeys Mask Head On - film Parrotfish Marilyn Hacker In Cold Blood by Truman Capote Some exceptional books to read for queer texts include the following. Should be in every library: Growing Up Queer in Australia The Kindred Series Anthology (editor by the amazing Michael Earp) – currently working on a resource for this one, once this madness settles down The Miseducation of Cameron Post – it is considered to be the queer version of To Kill a Mockingbird Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe The Geography Club Simon and the Homosapien Agenda Annie on my Mind The love and lies of rukhsana ali Underdog: #LoveOzYA Short Stories #AusQueerYA Tumblr – has heaps on there! Film/TV: Freehold Gayby Baby Miseducation of Cameron Post Simon vs The World My So Called Life Faking It South of Nowhere Teaching resources: Queer Inclusion in Teacher Education Queer Literacies Queer Voices from the Classroom Queering Classrooms (book) Schools Out Big Gay Adventures in Education Teaching What You’re Not We Make it Better: The LGBT Community and their Positive Contributions to Society The Book of Pride Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
This is my conversation wtih Dan Jackson from Teachers PD. From classroom teacher to Deputy Principal, Dan now has a thriving business supporting teachers improve their teaching and learning strategies. He runs online courses, custom PDs as well as a free podcast called the Effective teaching podcast. His podcast is a fantastic opportunity to learn from educational experts that share best practice. The episode are short and sharp and perfect for people who want to know more without having the time to read all of the educational research out there.  I was even privileged enough to contribute (less as an expert and more as someone on the ground level), listen here: How to leverage learning styles with Laura.  We talk about: the importance of networking with teachers how to improve best practice the systematic issues within education the decision to homeschool how to measure a good school (and my article in the Wine with Teacher magazine) intellectual property laws for Australian educators and so much more. Dan's top educational reads: Understanding by Design by Grant wiggins and Jay McTighe  Teach like a Pirate by Dave Burgess Embeded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam The Learning Power Approach by Guy Claxton, Transforming Schools by Miranda Jefferson and Michael Anderson Additonal: Deep Work by Cal Newport Trevor Mackenzie - all books Sir Ken Robinson  I also reference this post from Beck (@continuousclassroom) in my intro. Please look after yourself, put in healthy boundaries and ask for help if you need it. This time of year can be a very stressful and overwhelming time for many of us. Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee. --- Send in a voice message:
My chat with my wonderful friend and forever learner, Leslie Allin. We met as young university students on exchange in England. Leslie from Canada and me from Australia. Leslie has gone on to complete her PhD in Victorian Literature, published an analytical text, taught at the university level and now teaches womens self defence. This is a very open and honest conversations amongst two life long friends who are forever each other's touchstones as we enter new phases of our lives. Not only did Leslie publish her first book: 'Penetrating Critiques: Emasculated Empire and Victorian Identity in Africa', but she also became a mum this year.  So proud of my friend. Shout at to EJ from @kafoopleclassroom on Insta for inspiring me to advocate for my health. Feel free to support me an dmy work by buying me a virtual coffee --- Send in a voice message:
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