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Landscape Disruptors is a fun, light hearted, and entertaining platform that showcases top performers in the landscape and snow industry and discusses all things related to business and beyond. This is a platform for sharing advice related to helping landscapers build successful and well-planned out businesses of their own. Viewers can expect a variety of guest experts to talk about all functions related to business, including sales, marketing, making better equipment decisions, and various other topics that will help you build a more efficient and more profitable landscape company.
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Lisa Buyer is an industry disruptor in all things related to marketing, PR, web 3.0, and beyond. The latest episode featuring her and your favorite host Stanley Genadek the Dirt Monkey, was thought-provoking on all levels. She had Stanley's head spinning by the time they finished the recording, leaving us all wanting to learn more. Throughout this episode, Lisa and Stanley get into everything related to business. From finding a better balance as an entrepreneur to achieve health and wellness, what future business trends are emerging in 2022, what the new web 3.0 could potentially look like, and how business functions from sales and marketing will change. She also most recently wrote an article on the future of the Meta Verse and a more decentralized web 3.0 and spoke about all things related to NFTs on Search Engine Journal. If you want to learn more about Lisa Buyer and the future of everything related to marketing, PR, NFTs, and web 3.0, catch her social pr secrets podcast.
Most landscapers look at equipment as tools—a way to get the work done more efficiently and effectively without adding additional labor costs to projects. But the way George Urvari from Oriole Landscaping looks at equipment is a whole new level.George has his numbers so dialed. He can tell you exactly his equipment to sales ratio, how it impacts his bottom line, how it improves productivity, and the list goes on. He is a leader in the art, math, and science; yes, we said the science of buying and selling equipment. But don't take our word for it. Take the time to listen to George Urvari and Stanley Genadek the Dirt Monkey on the latest episode of the Landscape Disruptors podcast. This episode will change the way you acquire landscape equipment completely.
How well do you know and understand your dirt? No, we're not talking about the job site gossip or the dirt on your boots. We're actually talking about soil. The stuff plants are grown in and how they absorb nutrients from the ground. It's exactly what President and co-founder Kris Borgman has built his business on at Soul Solutions Monitoring. Their key message goes something like this: "It's not the total amount of nutrient in your soil, but can your soil release those nutrients in forms and rates to match plant uptake demands at critical growth stages."And throughout this episode of the podcast with none other than Stanley Genadek the Dirt Monkey, they get into soil sampling and how taking a predictive and prescriptive approach can help make you more money and all the other applications that could apply your business. Everything from the upsell, garden enhancements, reducing plant warranty, customer trust, and so much more.
Skilled labor shortage aside, another reoccurring issue plaguing our industry is mostly employee engagement, specifically around the up-and-coming generation of skilled laborers. Generational theory, gen x, gen y, whatever you want to call it, we're not sure it matters. Anyone can work for a paycheque, but the reality is, most people want to work to build a career for themselves and find day-to-day purpose within their professional life. The average person works roughly 90,000 in their lifetime, so for an employee to seek that opportunity to grow professionally and thrive is not an unreasonable ask. And the latest episode of Landscape Disruptors discusses just that. Stanley Genadek, the Dirt Monkey, and green industry business consultant Jackie Hart go into great detail on better engaging the next generation of skilled labor and what most people, not just the next-gen, are seeking within their professional lives.
Solutions to problems, in most cases, don't always stem from the root of the issue. More often than not, they are complex and require a much broader and holistic look at solving the challenge. Step into Brent Giles's world. Former landscape business owner, he worked at and led one of North America's largest snow removal providers. Entrepreneurial at heart, team builder, and now a high-performing leader in the green industry world, he's learned firsthand how to take a holistic approach to solve recruiting and retention problems in the skilled trades.Throughout this episode, Stanley Genadek, the Dirt Monkey, and Brent Giles discuss the current challenges in retaining team members within your landscape company and how to ensure they develop into high performers within your company.
The work ethic parallels between the green industry and those that serve within the armed forces are frequently shared. Discipline, unwavering commitment, relying on a team of people to get the work done, time management and executing on a schedule and plan, and the list goes on. Eric Jones aka the Turf Teacher, served in the USA military for 17 years before transitioning into the green industry and operating his own company, Elite Landscape services. He now educates countless aspiring landscape contractors in horticulture and is more commonly known as a Turf Up Radio show host and advocate for the green industry on social media. In the latest episode of Landscape Disruptors, he and Stanley Genadek, the Dirt Monkey, give thanks to those who formerly and are currently serving in the armed forces and discuss what opportunities exist in the armed forces. This is an episode you want to want to miss.
What do you know about the snow removal business? We're going to guess that you may not know as much as Phill Sexton does from WIT companies, advisors, and Co-Op. We were a little caught off-guard mid podcast when Phill mentioned he was a graduate from Harvard University earning a master's degree in environment and sustainability management. All of that aside, he and Stanley the Dirt Monkey Genadek get into the details of snow removal and what that looks like in the next ten years. Everything from salt sustainability to liability and the other snow and ice melting applications is hitting the market. One would think that there are a plethora of options out there. Still, Phill quickly gives a high-level overview of how environmental sustainability isn't as easy as it may seem, plus he gets into the details of what's being legislated by the government and how salt usage could become strictly regulated. All in all, it is a thought-provoking episode with two great minds in the snow and ice management industry.
After a two-year hiatus, GIE is finally back and better than ever. Throughout this podcast episode, Stanley Genadek the Dirt Monkey reviews the good and bad at GIE, some of the emerging technology that could be an industry game-changer, and the method to his madness when creating content. Most notably, Stanley also shares his Landscape Disruptors dream guests, how he creates his content and what mark he wants to leave on the industry by producing more educational content.
Trade shows are finally back and bigger and better than ever. GIE + Expo has over 40,000 people in attendance over three days during the 2021 trade show in Lousiville, Kentucky. Reportedly up by 8% compared to 2019, it's a sign of the times in the green industry and the continued growth in landscaping.During this week's podcast, LMN CEO Mark Bradley jumps back in as host of the Landscape Disruptors podcast and catches up with The Green Executive husband and wife team from Columbia, Illinois. Industry consultants and passionate landscape business owners Mark Bradley, Adam, and Sahra, chat about business, profit, landscaping trends, and what they see in person and on the ground at GIE + Expo 2021.
Landscapers often believe that the work should speak for itself. Work hard and future work will find you. Oftentimes, that rings true, but building the foundation for your business to self-sustain leads will do more for your business rather than focusing on just the soil beneath you. In this episode of Landscape Disruptors, host, Stan "The Dirt Monkey" Genadek, walks through some essential digital marketing strategies and executions with guest, Jack Jostes. Digital marketing can help build your landscape business through identifying your brand, leveraging your business' unique selling propositions for more sales, and recruiting Google on your side for the "Best X" searches in your area. Let the internet passively do the work for you, so you can focus all of your attention on your customers.
Depending on where you're located, the seasonal changes are inevitable as the leaves shift color, and the temperatures slowly drop. If your business isn't prepared for the weather or upcoming project timelines change, you might get left out in the cold. It happens to the best of business owners as Landscape Disruptors host, Stan "The Dirt Monkey" Genadek, and guest, Brittany Auman, talk about their current struggles heading into the winter blues.In this episode of Landscape Disruptors, Stan and Brittany tackle planned contracts falling through, difficult customers, the labor shortage, keeping employees paid, and the steps they take in their businesses to keep sales flowing and stress levels down. 
 The joy of landscaping is taking the space around you and beautifying it for others to enjoy. While all the energy and focus is physically given to the space, sometimes that creates hurdles to personally impact the community around you.  Throughout this episode of Landscape Disruptors, Jaime Waldron from Industry COLLECTIVE talks with Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek about how she's engaging local landscaping companies and green industry leaders with impacting their communities through mobile social initiatives. Grassroots initiatives like Industry COLLECTIVE show that even a little time devoted to giving back goes a long way to uplifting those around you.
Ever wonder why some companies not only capture more work but the work and customer that they want? In today's digital world, it's no secret that marketing can make or break company revenue goals. Whether you're a global entity doing business in multiple continents or a smaller local service company getting the work done in your local community, marketing can play a significant role in all of the work you capture.Throughout this episode of Landscape Disruptors, Dave Racine from Punch PR talks with Stanley Geandek the Dirt Monkey about basic marketing tactics and strategies for local service companies. Everything from using social media to growing your digital footprint and where your marketing dollars are best spent if you have a small budget and just starting. Win more work using some of these recommended landscape marketing strategies from the Punch PR Team.
Dave Barlow is an entrepreneur at heart, and like most, he went through some highs and lows before landing on a passion and a business that worked out. And like most entrepreneurs that succeeded, his product is a solution to a problem that he and his team designed. Ultra Base Systems is a panel technology for everything and anything and, in most cases, much more efficient than the traditional fill and pack method. He's outfitted everyone from the hardscape industry, football fields, schools, and the list goes on. Throughout this episode, Dave and Stanley Genadek, The Dirt Monkey, get into the journey of what it's like to have a dream and pursue that dream until you finally achieve it. The grit, the grind, and what it takes to claw your way to build a company and a product.
It's no secret that the world of education and training is evolving. Online training and self-directed skillshare courses are becoming ever popular amongst the up and coming generation, so it would only be fitting that this same online training become available to skilled trades workers and the landscape industry. In the latest episode of Landscape Disruptors, Stanley Genadek the Dirt Moneky connects with VP of Sales at Greenius Online Training, Arden Urbano. This episode is a clash of the titans where Stanley and Arden challenge each other with some thought-provoking conversation focused on the skilled labor shortage, online training, and training staff in general. They also discuss LMN Business Management Software recently acquiring Greenius Online Training and what it might mean for the future of the green industry's first end-to-end system for landscape business owners.
In this episode of Landscape Disruptors, Stanley "Dirt Monkey," Genadek answers the internet. Questions submitted by the listeners, Stanley, answeres everything from landscaping business questions on property maintenance vs. hardscape and where to recruit new staff and talent.It's also not uncommon for Stanley to get detailed on the more technical-related questions focused on design and build or construction. Everything from building on sand, constructing retaining walls, and when and how to invest in snow equipment despite climbing insurance races. You won't want to miss this first Answer The Internet Episode with Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek. Please submit your questions to
The latest episode of the Landscape Disruptors podcast is a thought-provoking collision of entrepreneurs featuring Jon Fry, the CEO of LendFlow, and Mark Bradley, the CEO of LMN. During this episode of the podcast, the two of them cover how to grow your landscape business wisely utilizing different methods of capital investment. Everything from strategies of attaining that working capital and how to best use it to grow your landscape business. The truth is, most revenue-generating companies have access to capital; they often don't know how to utilize it or where to look for it. Strategically, there are a few ways to grow your landscape company when you have an injection of cash, and Mark and Jon go into the details on how to make that happen.
Vidosh North is a full-service landscape service provider founded in 2007. The company specializes in landscape design, specimen plantings, hardscape features, lighting, shoreline restoration, and irrigation services.They've built the business on three generations of family landscape, site work, and horticultural knowledge and experience. In the last few years, they've become one of the leading service providers in Michigan, creating beautifully designed softscape and hardscape projects for various customers in the greater Michigan area. Throughout this episode of the podcast, Donn and Stanley Genadek go into where it all started for the company and where they want to go. Donn talks about bottlenecks and a few people problems, but rather than complaining. He quickly notes a few solutions to overcome and be better. They've also grown their business throughout the covid pandemic, and like most in the skilled trades, have big aspirations to take their business to the next level in 2022.
Next time you're feeling the pressure, take a step back, breathe, laugh, smile, and remember who you are and what you are working towards in your landscape company. The stress of running a business in the startup phase can be enormous for an owner-operator to manage. Everything from hiring people, managing people, cash flow problems, material and supply order screw-ups, equipment breakdowns, and the list goes on. Spencer Lawn Care has been in business for ten years, and despite the ups and downs, he finds the sense of accomplishment from doing the work and being hands-on in the skilled trades far outweighs the low moments. In this episode of the Landscape Disruptors podcast with Stanley Genadek the Dirt Monkey, Shawn gets down into the details describing the trials and tribulations of operating a landscape company, including the landscape failures. Everything from retaining people, hiring people, equipment and cash flow problems, and the different phases of business. He also talks about how he plans to grow the company in 2022 and become more profitable.
In today's world of trends, there is only so much room for being traditional or doing what's traditionally done. Richard Wynia has built his dream business with his partner Christine Wynia. The two of them have combined their skills and build a company that not only stands out amongst the crowd but fills a significant gap in the space of landscaping.They are the true one-stop shop in landscaping and create and build projects that fulfill their customer's wildest dreams. Of course, this all comes at a cost, but they've found their niche and regular focus on design and build work that starts at 100K and goes as high as 850K. The only they don't specialize in is landscape property maintenance. Still, their connectivity amongst their industry within the Niagara Region can see them general contract nearly any project and at any scale for a motivated residential customer. Out latest landscape disruptors podcast with Stanley Genadek goes into the details on how Rich and Christine built the business of their dreams and the strategies and systems they implemented along the way to make it happen.
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