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Is there a gay mafia in hip hop? Langston and David discuss with Ian Lara (HBO Max's Ian Lara: Romantic Comedy) the influential power in the music industry - Black, gay, or straight. Plus, how weird the "Peaches and Cream" video truly is. In the end, someone will be getting Music video to Peaches and Cream: Send your conspiracy theories, music drops, and any problematic talks to mymommapod@gmail.comSee for privacy information.
Is there a difference between regular and premium gasoline? Furthermore, do our cars need luxury gas to make them run better? Langston and David drive thru a passionate and tumultuous discussion of this conspiracy theory. Think of it as another installment of The Fast & Furious franchise.See for privacy information.
Is the United States a racist country? Langston and David talk with comedian Byron Bowers (Hulu's Spiritual N*gga) about the socio-economic factors and problems that cultivate discriminiation amongst ourselves. This episode is a mushroom trip and there's one thing for sure: the devil wants you to eat the bootyhole. See for privacy information.
Was country singer Patsy Cline white passing? Langston and David hang out with Shalewa Sharpe (The War Report Podcast) to discuss the reasoning behind "flying under" the racial identity radar and what celebrities are doing today to embrace their biracial identity. Honestly, it's not that much. This episode is NOT brought to you by Afro dot com.See for privacy information.
Do Black men have big dicks? Langston and David discuss with Brandon Kyle Goodman (Netflix's Big Mouth) about the greatest and most talked about rumor across all races. We get to the bottom of whether size matters or whether it's the motion of the ocean. Also, we talk about David's encounter with the Folsom Street Fair.See for privacy information.
Did a girl die when she did the "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It" too hard and snapped her neck? Langston and David break it down with Atlanta comedian Mandal (Don't Tell Comedy) about this 2007 dance craze. They talk about high school dance battles and making sure we all know who Fabo is...even if you're from the Midwest. See for privacy information.
Is the government kidnapping Black kids for experiments? Langston and David talk with comedian Stephen Agyei (Bojack Horseman) to discuss the purpose of these abductions and brainwashing the youths. How do you think we got Corn Kid and Russell Wilson?See for privacy information.
Do animals know when you are pregnant? Langston and David chat with comedian Yamaneika Saunders (Life & Beth) about animal survival instincts and knowing the changes in their human counterparts' behavior. Also, they talk about white women breastfeeding lambs... no animals were harmed during the making of this record session.See for privacy information.
Hey MMTM Listeners! Langston and David will be back recording new episodes soon. In the meantime rate and review the podcast or send your conspiracy theories/thoughts over to -- Are light skinned people good at R&B? Langston and David hit the studio with guest Kevin Avery (The Great North) and get to the bottom of this farfetched and colorful conspiracy theory.See for privacy information.
Did rapper Chingy get exiled from the music industry because he knew the truth about ISIS? Langston and David hang with Will Miles (SouthSide) to talk about the days of Chingy and where exactly Chingy is now. This episode goes all over the place and we're not sorry for it!See for privacy information.
Were the original descendants of Israel Black? Langston and David take on this controversial conspiracy theory and want to remind everyone that they are NOT Nick Cannon. See for privacy information.
Do people come back as insects or animals after they die? Langston and David examine this spiritual conspiracy theory with comedian Jackie Fabulous (Menoplause on Amazon) as they explore reincarnation and what animals they would be in their next life. We find out Langston is more sadistic than we thought.See for privacy information.
Are white people purposely making milk and dairy products more dangerous for people of color? Langston and David shoot the cheese breeze with Curtis Cook (Hulu's This Fool) to explore the startling truths about dairy and dairy farming. We all get sad for the cows and the children.See for privacy information.
Is all secular music a sin? Langston and David dive deep into this listener-submitted conspiracy theory that explores homemade documentaries on Facebook about the group Earth, Wind, and Fire, talks about Eddie Murphy meeting infamous satanist Sammy Davis Jr., and warning listeners not to do the "King Ding A Ling" in front of a mirror. Show Notes: Satan's Musical Prophets, Chapter 2: Earth Wind & Fire: Eddie Murphy Talking About Sammy Davis Jr (0:59): Travis Scott Playing Basketball: Brian Pumper King Ding A Ling: for privacy information.
Is the Ark of the Covenant buried underneath a church in Ethiopia? Langston and David start their adventure with Biniam Bizuneh (FX Dave) to uncover the truths behind this ancient and sacred box. See for privacy information.
Langston and David have reached the 100th episode of the podcast. They walk through unreleased and past Black conspiracy theories and they try to work to prove that these are still hilarious and devastating ideas. See for privacy information.
Check out an old episode of My Momma Told Me with friend of the pod Janelle James (Abbott Elementary)! Rate and review on Apple Podcasts or send your Black conspiracy theories to --- Do Black men with bad haircuts get more opportunities in white America? Langston and his guest Janelle James (Black Monday on Showtime) cut through the bullshit to find out why so many rich Black men look like they're allergic to a barbershop.See for privacy information.
My Momma Told Me goes LIVE for the first time at Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival. Join Langston and his guests Alonzo Bodden (Stupid Don't Get Tired on YouTube), Hoodo Hersi (Late Night with Seth Meyers), and Jay Jurden (The Problem with Jon Stewart) as they chime in on a variety of devastating and funny Black conspiracy theories. Take away: you better know pink lotion. See for privacy information.
Are there alligators living in the city sewer system? Langston and David go underground on this conspiracy theory where there are some truth to the matter and how exactly alligators are getting into these sewers. See for privacy information.
Is Kanye West's feud with Taylor Swift fake? Langston and David along with Nimesh Patel (Thank You China on YouTube) present a bevy of award theories and insider knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes in order to figure out if these two really have beef.See for privacy information.
Comments (16)

Vicki Mayfield Camacho

I was so happy when the funny arrived😊

Apr 20th

Vicki Mayfield Camacho

So is a man taught so shall he think, paraphrasing Carter Woodson.

Apr 1st

Vicki Mayfield Camacho

Enslavement! A person can be a slave to fashion, fancy or fetish but when a person is enslaved they have no right, liberties or freedoms. And, Africans came to South and North Americas look at the pyramids, totem poles, etc. I'ma mother and this is what I told and tell my daughter .

Mar 25th

Vicki Mayfield Camacho


Mar 14th

Vicki Camacho

😂😂😂😂😂 Smgdmfh ridiculous 😂😂😂😂 the blue stuff.

Jul 30th

T.S. Rajen

..this guy!! so funny, so relatable, so nerdy at the same time..I wish all the creators were this much into their research, always prepared and informed, always intelligent, even when ridiculously hilarious.. Langston is a star!

Jul 21st

Lady Butterfly

I couldn't wait for this. You too should really host together. Perfect Combo.

Jul 17th

Vicki Camacho

Did you swear off the word y'all? You keep trying not to use it. I'm just asking.

Jun 26th

Vicki Camacho


Jun 4th


I think voodoo might have a say in this. since it is a religion that includes zombies, which was feared as it meant you were also enslaved even in death. voodoo wouldn't be around without the transatlantic slave trade.

May 4th

Tristen Greene

I will never forgive this podcast for ruining Take5 bars for me.

Dec 28th

Andrea Tillman

lmao..I was taught this as a way to keep my bag and money close in hand and eye. I'd you sit it on the floor anyone can put there hands in and take what's yours. know many people who have been robbed cause their bag was under them on the ground

Sep 16th


when in doubt blame white people

Sep 13th

Yasmin Johnson

this episode made me remember this $.50 punch drink and the rumour was people were putting needles in the drink. kids were just told to turn the bottle upside down and look to make sure there wasn't a needle. no one I know had ever found a bottle with a needle

Aug 25th

David Mullane

Bro, shouldn't group Bill Gates and Epstein together.

Aug 21st

Aaron Lathrop

my God, the little sister stuff had me rolling!

Aug 18th
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