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Start your free online store today in just a few clicks using EcwidGet in touch to feature your product or service on The Marketing podcast or to hire us as an agency to help you scale your business - Hello@savadigital.ioAgency : Savadigital.ioThank you for being part of the Podcast !
Start your free online store with Ecwid & manage your store across different platforms incl. Amazon, Facebook, Instagram e.t.c. in just a few clicks. In this episode I go through some of the main reasons why a majority of dropshippers failed at dropshipping with their online stores and some of the things you should consider if you contemplate on setting up an online store.Agency : Savadigital.ioEmail :
Start your Online store in just a few steps with Ecwid using this special link , the best part it's free to try out !In this episode I talk about why it's a bad idea to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to marketing your online store. I take you through some of the incidences we have seen in the past where businesses faced problems for being over reliant on one marketing channel. I also give you tips on how to avoid the same mistakes and future-proof your online store. Make sure to leave a review or rating on this episode.Agency : Savadigital.ioEmail :
* Start your free Online store today in just a few clicks with Ecwid *In this episode , I explain how you can perform Conversion Rate Optimization for your eCommerce campaign, inherently increasing your conversions whilst lowering your Ad costs incl. minimizing wasted Ad spend. Agency : Savadigital.ioEmail : Hello@savadigital.ioClick here to start your free trial on Ecwid *
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Inbound Marketing leverages the use of owned Marketing assets to provide your users/ audiences/ customers with the right information at the right time. This requires a very good understanding of your buyer's persona, profile and how they interact with the problems that your Business intends to solve for them.Understanding this concept will guide you through your Keyword Research and Analysis process, since you will have a good understanding of what your target audience are searching for at the different stages of their buyer's journey.Agency : Savadigital.ioStart your Website today with Dreamhost at a discounted priceEmail :
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Agency : Savadigital.ioEmail : hello@savadigital.ioThank you for supporting the podcast in 2021.
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