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The After Hours Entrepreneur Social Media, Podcasting, and YouTube Marketing Show
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The After Hours Entrepreneur Social Media, Podcasting, and YouTube Marketing Show

Author: Mark Savant

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After Hours Entrepreneurs put in the extra effort to achieve their dreams. Learn industry secrets to podcasting, social media, Clubhouse, and YouTube from Mark Savant and industry experts. These free masterclasses will give you the fuel to create better content, in less time, so you can get back to what you love. PS: Group sessions are a GREAT way to level up. Email for details.
184 Episodes
#183: Web design got you down? It doesn't have to. Josh Hall has built a 6 figure business helping people build great sites, and today, he's joining the show to help us save ours.We start the conversation discussing entrepreneurship and business building, but quickly get into the nuts and bolts of creating a great website. These factoids are certainly going to help you improve yours.Here are some questions that we will be tackling in this episode!- How to get through hard times as an entrepreneur!- How to start and why you should start a podcast?- When and how much you can charge your clients?- How to build a Digital Present?- How to improve your Website?Get more Josh here: Coupon: AHE10Watch Video here:
#181: I love YouTube. While I don't consider myself a YouTuber, I do find YouTube to be a great platform to reach new audiences and leverage search.So, speaking of search and getting found on YouTube, I brought in an expert. Nick Nimmin is a full time YouTuber with over 800,000 subscribers. His knowledge of YouTube growth is unparalleled, and this episode doesn't disappoint.Here are some questions that we will be answering:- How to get monetized?- How to target your audience?- How to create the best quality videos?- How to get views and grow your channel?- Free audio solutionsGet more support from Nick here:https://nicknimmin.com
#180: Podcasting is one the main ways we communicate, but what will podcasting look like in the future?In this Clubhouse recap, Cliff Ravenscraft and other experts make bold predictions on the future of podcasting, and...The future is bright!Topics covered:Just think of the artist you wantLensesVirtual Reality MeetingsVirtual Reality EventsMedia RoomsGlassesYouTube > RSS ProductionRobot PodcastersSpecial shot out to our guests!Cliff:
#179: Adam Adams runs a successful podcast production agency. He's an expert in podcast launches, management, and systems.I've known Adam about a year, and I've been very impressed with the rate he's grown his agency to know 30 team members. He's a wealth of knowledge, and today's episode doesn't disappoint.We discuss podcasting at length. How to set it up your show correctly, how to grow, and monetization strategies.
#178: Clubhouse this week was LIT! So many great creators joined the stage to discuss how to improve your podcast quality.This episode is a new concept. Let me know what you think! email me contact@marksavantmedia.comDimple Dang - Cohen -  Pat Hazell - Himmelblau - Ken Walls - Chiasson - www.letsgetrealestatepodcast.comJulie Hood - to events to network, try new equipmentPodfestPodcast movementLevel up equipmentMicrophone ATR 2100RodecasterWebcam - 1080pMic placementKnow your micApprox 6 inches from mouthDon’t move headClipping - Watch decibel levelRiverside for remote recordingFree trial:Code: fansofmarkBetter GuestsBetter Show prepBrief notes during episodeOutsource tasksCreate checklistsImprove your systemsDon’t miss stuffListen to your audience
#177: When I look back at my first podcast episode... WOW. I'm amazed at how much I've grown. Have you done this recently? It can be a huge eye opener.Quality is starting to become more and more important to me. Sometimes, small changes can have huge impact. Today, you're going to hear a summary of last week's Clubhouse Room.Listen to the whole room here: concepts:Go to eventsLevel up equipmentMic placementClipping - Watch decibel levelRiverside for remote recordingFree trial: fansofmarkBetter GuestsBetter Show prepBrief notes during episodeOutsource tasksCreate checklistsListen to your audience
WARNING) You will not think of podcasts the same way after listening to this episode.#176: Cliff Ravenscraft has been podcasting 15 years, has 41 active podcasts, and helped over 40,000 people launch their podcast.Many people refer to Cliff as the Podcast Answer Man.Today, Cliff breaks down his Podcast Mini Series strategy to grow your network of shows.  This expert strategy has really intrigued me, and has me convinced podcasters are the new authors.We also discuss the power of masterminds, which I think you'll find compelling. the episode? Leave a review, and shoot me an email!
Can you Relate?

Can you Relate?


#175: The life of an entrepreneur is very unique. Over the last several years, I've developed an immense respect for the challenges that entrepreneurship bring.On Halloween while my kids and friends zipped around Trick or Treating, I had an epiphany. Can you relate? Email me:
#174: Tim Montague is the host of Clean Power Hour, a show on a mission for the energy transition. Tim is a student and client of mine, and I've been incredibly impressed with his commitment to taking action.Tim's podcast, the Clean Power Hour is opening many doors for Tim. He's leveraging digital media to land clients and produce change in an burgeoning industry.In this episode, Mark Savant and Tim Montague will be discussing strategies to reach more people through podcasting.
#173: Listen, the negative thoughts... the doubts... that's normal. Every single day I have doubts. Sometimes the doubts and the negative voice are deafening. So what keeps us going? Why do we persevere? How can we get through the hard times?The reality is you need tools. You need tactics. You need mindset. These 23 strategies are making the difference for me and my colleagues, and I'm honored to share them with you today. If this episode resonates with you, share it with a fellow grinder!
#172: We are entering the era of the solopreneur. Part of the toolkit is building know, like, and trust with the power of the internet.Today we're joined by a student and action taker Nick Lamagna. He's leveraging his show, the A-Game podcast to build his real estate agency.In this episode, Nick is actually asking me the questions. We discuss the nuance of building your own in-house media team to build a personal, professional brand. do you want to hear more of? Email me!
#171: Want to land a sponsorship for your show? You're in the right place.Heather Osgood is the founder of True Native Media. She helps podcasters get their show sponsored. In fact, she's placed over 50,000 ads on podcasts.She knows the language.Today, she's going to help us position our show, speak to advertisers and get paid.
#170: Building an online brand is easy right? Wrong, but if you use the right strategies and ask the right questions, it's a lot easier!I heard today's guest on a podcast with Chris Do on the Futur. I loved what he had to say, and had to get him on the show!Fabian Geyrhalter has been running his brand consultation agency for 20 years. He's developed systems to nail your brand positioning in the marketplace.Want to get clear on your why? This episode is for you!
#169: You've heard it 1000 times. Consistency is the key to growth. It probably won't surprise you... I agree.But there's more to consistency that just posting weekly.Today, we're discussing the 5 types of consistency and how they impact your digital presence.1. Frequency2. Messaging3. Quality4. Offering5. Processes
#168: Video Content is an absolute must when it comes to growing one's business.After 1 year and over 150 episodes, I want to highlight 6 moments from video experts that joined the show.We're highlighting:Benji Travis - What you do as a businessJustin Brown - 3 steps to start on YouTubeTravis Chambers - Components of a viral video adOwen Video - 4 Principles of a video marketing campaignMarissa Romero - How to set up your video sales funnelEvan Carmichael - Don’t be afraid to suckHeard something that really helped you? Share this episode and tag @marksavantmedia!
#167: Creating better content in less time starts with clarity. If you want to create content that achieves your goal, you need a clear vision about your brand.You need a brand identity guide. I also refer to this document as a brand bible.This is a document you keep for just yourself, employees, subcontractors. This document bring intense clarity and provides you with the vision to deliver a message that moves people.Today, I'm walking you through how to create your own brand bible.If you need the worksheet, shoot me an email and I'll hook you up!
#166: After over 150 episodes, and some of the greatest modern business minds, I've learned a lot. WE'VE learned a lot!As I reflect back on the past year of episodes, there are a few moments that really stand out to me. Today, I'm highlighting greatest podcasting advice I've gotten from the greats! Like what you hear? Listen to the full episodes here:John Lee DumasJasmine StarHala TahaShawn AnthonyZachary BabcockPat Flynn
#165: Are you looking for a new podcast to listen to?Today, I'm breaking down 8 business podcasts, that you need to listen to.I really think a lot about the content I put in my head. Junk in junk out. I find that if I'm putting positive, productive thoughts into my brain, I'm more productive. Who would've thought!There are podcasts for you to check out!Underdog Empowerment - Zachary BabcockThe Futur - Chris DoSmart Passive Income - Pat FlynnBuild for Tomorrow - Jason FeiferPatrick Bet David PodcastKwik Brain - Jim KwikMy First Million - The Hustle and Shaan PuriBreakfast with Champions
#164: What is up After Hours Entrepreneur. Today's episode is short and sweet!We're doing a bit of a reset here at Mark Savant Media. Tons of new projects are underway. We're working hard in the lab to bring you the best resources to help you create better content in less time, and turn that attention into income.More value filled episodes are coming your way!Also, don't miss out on Donald Miller's book Building a Storybrand. It's a gamechanger!
#163: Ever ask yourself, why aren't people buying your offer? Ever wonder why people aren't listening to your show?It all starts with clarity. Before you even make a phone call, produce an episode, post on Instagram, you MUST start by answering these 5 questions.Who am I speaking to?What keeps them up at night?Why me?How can you help?What does failure look like to my audience? What does success look like?Share this episode and your answers on social media. Tag @marksavantmedia. Let us support you!Jasmine Star Episode:
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