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Vincent Hiscox from the “Over Forty Wellness Podcast” reveals the strategies for you to take control of your Health and Wellness into your 40s and beyond. Each episode, Vincent discusses a variety of topics with experts in the Health and Wellness Community. Discover how you can stay physically and mentally fit and healthy, into your 40s and beyond. Taking care of yourself shouldn't be complicated. Listen to conversations with health and wellness professionals. We extract their tips, tools and routines that you can use, if you so wish, to improve your health. The guests will inspire you to attain your potential in the different realms of health. Learn at least one new thing every episode to help you improve your health. Take care of yourself using practical advice using tried and tested techniques so you can Look Better and Feel Better. 🙂
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My guest on the podcast this week is Bernard Kwan. Bernard hails from Malaysia and attended school and university in the UK before returning to Asia. He currently lives in Hong Kong. Bernard teaches Mind and Body principles that help realign the body and awaken the power of insight. We go into detail in the podcast. He offers classes in Qigong, Tai Chi, Baguazhang and  gives regular talks on various topics including but not exclusively, Chinese Culture, Philiosophy, Martial arts and Eastern approaches to Health and Cultivation. Bernard takes eastern teachings and re-interprets them for a modern audience, helping his students to strengthen their bodies and spirit. Bernard goes into detail in the podcast. Timings3:17 I'm actually Malaysian... I went to study for boarding school and university in the UK...4:00 I did my undergrad at Oxford in Politics, Philosophy and Economics... I've been passionate about Philosophy, Western Philosophy and Eastern Philosophy...5:24 My time in Taiwan... instrumental in bring me into contact with the more Chinese traditions...6:53 I was also an avid martial arts enthusiast...there is something that's not explicable by science...8:18 There are different conceptions of what "The Good Life Is"...9:35 I really try and bring some of the things I've learned to spread it to the wider community9:50 Qi Gong, martial arts... but also like tea... meditation, calligraphy, flower arranging ...10:40 Working with many students with health problems...keep their bodies young and spry...11:47 As we get older the body takes some punishment...stress...14:00 What I teach is how to move energy around the body through breath and movement...gentle circular movements...16:49 I do a series of different practices...Tai Chi can take care of a lot of basic things with the body...19:25[Meditation] I have teachers in several lineages... I practice Taoist Alchemy...21:44 Chinese Arts is a little bit like a spiral...23:10 One becomes more sensitive and are of ones surroundings...24:40 The Chinese over many centuries have refined the concept of "The Good Life"27:18 People should be a little bit open new things...more traditional a little bit patient...29:20 When I was young I was searching for the big"Meaning of Life"...30:42 A student story...34:40 The western approach is very silo like...the Chinese approach ...a holistic approach...36:44 Recently I have taken up flower arranging... Incense, tea and flower arranging ...I'm a custodian...38:34 I practice at least three hours a the the evening...40:43 The morning energy is very powerful ...the yang energy...the evening energy is more meditative...42:04 The whole concept of flow is very takes self discipline...43:50 My current passionate the Chinese Arts...45:09 Books: see below.46:47 Some of the setbacks I've had have been some major injuries...they gave me the opportunity to pause...Favourite Quote: This too shall passBooks Tao De Jing Yi JingDream of the Red MansionsContact Bernardhttps://www.chi.academyIG: chi.academybernard@chi.academyContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
My guest on the podcast this week is Jonathan Midgley. Jonathan is a criminal defense lawyer and senior partner at Haldanes who specialize in criminal law. He has been consistently rated as one of Hong Kong’s premier defense lawyers. He is noted in Hong Kong for being one of the “go to” lawyers with a deep understanding of the Hong Kong legal system.Jonathan is approaching his 70th birthday and continues to be active and fully engaged. In the podcast we discuss widely and deeply how Jonathan keeps himself fit and healthy whilst working in a demanding and at times a stressful work environment. Jonathan shares his routines, his practices and his tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Timings 2:48 How I came to Hong Kong in 1978...4:40 Kai Tak was adrenaline rush...6:20 It was before even the fax machine had been invented...8:23 It was a different world then...9:19 I'm a criminal defense lawyer... my job is to fearlessly defend them...11:33 I am chosen...I take private instruction...13:23 Four years ago there was a cartel in Hong Kong that was sending drugs... via Paris...16:18 I ended up defending the gang... a fellow called Soha...18:07 We are both around seventy years are still fully engaged...19:20 The job of being a defense solicitor is stressful...19:50 I played lots of different sports...20:19 A pal of mine said you should get your arteries tested... you have arteries that are 85% blocked... I had an angioplasty and a stent ...21:25 I cut out refined sugar ...I have a ridiculously high amount of calcium in my arteries ...I needed to up the game, in terms of health...22:30 I involve myself with floor exercise pilates...2521 We all think we are going to live forever...27:30 one of the thing in the world that have made life expectancy soar are vaccinations...28:12 I get up anywhere between 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning...I go for a walk...29:10 fruit...avocado...olive oil...oolong tea...I like breakfast...31:08 Even in the office I'm moving come home and do some pilates... I enjoy clean food...33:17 I do move around ...I don't sit down and take calls...I live with stress...36:13 Being able to express yourself without concern about what others think...40:03 The one thing we are short of is time...42:19 Fabulous at delegating... I've got a great team...surround yourself with people you can trust and are talented...43:44 Very important in my life is music...44:42 I formed a little company call Audio Evidence - a bit like a crusade...46:15 I love reading ...but I don't sit still... It goes through spells47:59 Live life to the full...we only get one shot at it...thank you for life...Books The Passion - Jeanette Winterson Any Human Heart - William BoydQuotation : Live Life to the FullContact Jonathanhttps://www.haldanes.comhttps://www.audioevidence.comContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Gemma is a Certified Infant and Adult Sleep Consultant based in Hong Kong. She believes firmly in a holistic and science-based approach to help adults and children to sleep better. As an Infant and Adult Sleep Consultant, Gemma has helped hundreds of families to get their precious sleep back. Gemma a mother of two young children and a wife of an airline pilot knows everything about disturbed sleep for babies, children and adults. We go into detail in the podcast and Gemma shares some stories highlighting how she helps her clients. We also discuss the need for routines and regularity and how understanding your sleep chronotype enables you to optimise your sleeping patterns. Stress strongly affects our ability to sleep and Gemma shares some actionable tips on reducing stress. Timings3:30 We are British expats... I move here[Hong Kong] when I was four months pregnant.5:53 When Lila hit four months ...she hit what's called the 4 month sleep regression... 6:42 Sleep depravation... it affects you physically, mentally, emotionally ...a dark place ...I decided to study...9:05 I am now an Infant and Adult Sleep Coach...10:46 Having a cool, dark, quiet environment... is absolutely key... helping them to wind down before their sleep... cuddle, read a book together...11:23 Routine and schedule...14:58 A regular wake up time and a regular bed time...16:24The time you go to bed and the time you get up is dependant on your chronotype... there is an online questionnaire the Munich Chronotype Questionnaire (MCTQ)21:03 Putting different chronotypes to different animals .... (use at your own discretion)22:10 With my studies is purely behavioural...I am not a doctor... I cannot prescribe medicine...23:07 I can help to identify sleep disorders...24:41 Stress is key... working long hours...time zone differences... Hong Kong is rated number 1 for sleep depravation...25:47 The rubber band theory of stress... breathing...meditation...walking...29:20 A story of a child with a sleep problem...31:29 Twins are a tricky one ...33:07 It's hard to think logically [when you are sleep derived]...34:10 There is a pattern ...4 months is a big one...8 months...when there is change...36:00 We start with an assessment form... a consultation of 60-90 minutes... for infant sleep clients I usually come to the home...a sleep environment assessment... a sleep plan ... 39:00 [Biggest challenge] I recently identified myself as a highly sensitive person... sometimes I take a step back...40:52 The adult side of my business is relatively new...41:42 Meeting other people is key... listening to podcasts ....I do refer out...43:26 Because I have felt the depth od sleep depravation...45:34 Weekend Jet Lag...47:15 Our REM sleep is overnight therapy...(Rapid Eye Movement) It's like a brain cleanse...Quote - Sleep is like overnight therapy REM sleep can help heal emotional wounds, strengthen fear responses and separate the emotions from the memories so when we wake up in the morning we feel better... free therapy Books:Matthew Walker - Why We Sleep.MTR Quote: If you don't like something change it Take Aways 51:11Contact GemmaLinkedIn: VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
My guest on the podcast this week is Pascal Dricot. Pascal is a Global Strategy and Leadership Coach. He assists senior managers to achieve high performance. Using Mindfulness and Heartfulness programs he assists his clients to discover their highest potential in both their work environment and their private life. We go into detail in the podcast. Pascal previously held senior management positions in Europe and Asia before joining The Golden Space, a Total Wellness Organisation providing transformative experiences in Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health and we go into the detail in the Podcast.Timings3:15 I lived, grown up in a small town only 30,000 inhabitants... 5:05 The home is where I am at the particular moment...5:55 We set our own limits... at the end we are unlimited...6:34 As a child every experience that you have.... will form your belief systems...9:12 I learned to deprogram this program...and create my own program...10:18 It's about finding out what you really want to do in life...12:25 The breakthrough... The Seven Days Awaken The divine changed my life...14:40 What we offer ...on one hand meditation...I'm a Business coach, life coach and energy worker... Life Coaching...15:50 The most important is you keep doing it...18:49 It's an individual basis and an individual topic...20:50 It doesn't matter what kind of situation you had, you are in charge and there is a possibility to change this...22:27 Because I was bullied... I always took care about other employees...25:32 The first meeting I have is to try and find out what are their topics...25:57 We have a program the ABC's of meditation...29:19 You have the three pillars - Body, Mind, Soul... it should be balanced...35:52 I was a stressed workaholic... I know what it means to have this pressure...37:30 The fastest way is the Seven Day program...38:18 It's amazing how fast you can change yourself...41:40 Being self-employed my daily routine is not a routine anymore... I value time...43:29 We meditate in the morning...we meditate in the evening...very flexible...45:39 My Passion is I saw how different I can become...45:20 There is not much left from what I did 5 years ago...much less judgement...I respect much more...I am much more in the moment...51:07 You have each day a mini step...55:51 [Meditation] If they are open for it yes its a key step...Try it out .... for a couple of months... see how suddenly you can change...59:26 It's finding out what you want to do...Quote: You are in control of every situation.Takeaways1.     We set our own limits – we have the potential to make a much bigger influence on what we can achieve.2.     Our belief systems that have been built up over a lifetime can be reprogrammed to achieve our full potential.3.     We need to work on the three pillars of Mind, Body and Spirit. They all need to develop all three and we need to keep them in balance.4.     Everyday we can take mini steps and change is a step by step process.5.     If you want to change – just try it for a couple of months – see how suddenly you can change.6.     You have your own development in your hands – You are in control of every situation…. - 7 day Free Trial – no ObligationContact Pascal  https://www.thegoldenspace.com VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Alison was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2016,  a mother of three children who were then aged 3,6 and 9 respectively. She tells her story of how she transformed her life.  Alison was eating a healthy diet and as she explains she began changing her lifestyle immediately. Following her lumpectomy Alison prioritised her health and she explains this in the podcast. She believes that integrating Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meditation, yoga and other Ayurvedic practices into her daily routine had a huge impact on the way her body responded to the cancer treatment.  Subsequently Alison has continued to study widely and deeply in the field of Health and Wellness gaining multiple certifications in Nutrition, Meditation, Yoga, EFT and parenting. Alison believes that we need to make time to take care of ourselves physically and mentally and our emotional health has a direct impact on our physical health as she explains in the podcast.Timings 3:38 February 2016 I discovered a lump in my left breast....4:31 I learned meditation...practiced yoga...before starting the treatment...5:54 I attended a workshop at I-Detox in Hong Kong with Anita Cheung...she taught me Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)...8:34 I was a lawyer for 10-15y... I like taking copious notes...9:15 I had to be super strong for them [The children]11:09 The law was never really my passion12:44 I was always pushing myself ...go go go... probably drinking too much alcohol...13:40 I'm committed to share other women don't have to go through such a terrifying ordeal...15:26 I was a natural worrier...finances...children...doing a  parenting course...19:00 I needed to stop drinking so much...Hong Kong is such a party place...19:55 I developed a strong [sleep} routine...I quit alcohol...22:37 My primary practice is with EFT...25:30 The beauty of EFT is I can teach my clients and they can do it on their own.... you can teach children...28:00 A tool you can use when you feel anxious or easy to learn process...29:45You need to let go of the fear...32:29 We need to clear the stuff in our subconscious... EFT is a super fast way to do that...33:27 EFT Tapping {explained]...34:15 I actually lead my clients towards Optimal EFT... latest advancement in EFT brought by Gary Craig... more spiritual... The Unseen Therapist...37:00 A big argument in Whistler....38:49 It's not what we say it's how we feel...39:30 It's best to learn from a Practicioner... I've given free sessions across the world...40:43 There's a FaceBook group called EFT Tapping Buddies For Everyone...offering free sessions...43:21 Please find a way to relieve your stress and anxiety...slow down and realise what is important...stress causes disease...44:55 Daily routines - one hour...optimal EFT47:49 The cancer woke me up to what's important... I need to take of myself...BooksCrazy Sexy Cancer Tips- Kris CarrGetting the Love You Want - Harville Hendrix,  Aha Parenting - Dr Laura MarkhamA New Earth-  Eckhart TolleBook of Joy - Dalai Lama & ArchBishop Desmond TutuLight is the New Black - Rebecca CampbellReturn to Love Marianne WilliamsonPeaceful Parents Happy Kids Workbook Dr Laura MarkhamMTR QuoteYesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the worldToday I am wise so I am changing myself - Rumi51:37  We have the power to choose our thoughts....Contact Free EFT consultation availableContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Nate is Managing Director Of Elite Personal Training(EPT) Hong Kong. A private and exclusive Personal Training Studio on the Southside of Hong Kong. Nate has been a CHEKKIE for over 15 years and been a qualified Personal Trainer since 1998. He loves what he does-helping families get healthy. We discuss what being a CHEK Practitioner is in the podcast. He helps families move better and become fitter and stronger practicing his 6 pillars of health learnt from his time at the CHEK Institute. Again, we discuss the 6 pillars of health in the podcast.  As a CHEK Practitioner (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) he loves diving deep into the physiology, the emotions and mental state of the human being to create long lasting change. His clients are all in the ages of 40-75 years old and he has a Family PT Studio (Elite PT Studio) that guides and coaches adolescents from 10-16 in an age-specific strength and conditioning program. He enjoys his work, enjoys the fun. “It is fun to build them faster for sport, stronger for life and confident in themselves”.  Nate, 49 years old and a married father of 2 young children, he knows the impacts of life and he is packed full of applicable knowledge that he empowers himself, his family and his community each day to make those small changes to continue to evolve, progress transform. Timings4:21 I'm a Holistic Personal Trainer...I work on the 6 pillars of Health -   Mindset, Breathing, Hydration,Food, Exercise and Sleep... I started as a Personal trainer in 1998...6:17 I started studying a program called the CHEK Institute...Corrective, Holistic, Exercise, Kineseology... I work with people referred by medical professionals... 7:51I now have a family Personal trainingStudio... we deal with families...9:06 Getting them balanced or stronger...12:30 We always start with a postural assessment....17:56 Sleep how we repair ourselves... 18:24 Between the age of 25 and 40 we start to degrade... we need to make sure ....20:21 Where are you in that continuum right now... then we can add 5-10%....21:25 Firstly I need to get you clear on your goal, on your dream...22:26 How many people join the gym on Jan 1st and by Feb 1st......22:58 One of the things I've been doing recently ... recently its been seven years - I've been doing's called "The Miracle Morning"... Hal Elrod... changes Mindset24:16 SAVERS - Silence, Affirmation, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading, Scribing(Journaling)31:38 Being Self-Compassionate... give yourselves a break... 31:49 Mission Control - scheduling program... Be aware of your work habits... Give yourself some forgiveness...35:23 We give ourselves an out...then we feel guilty Self compassion - just say it out loud...say it in words...37:07 E-mail example ... I have a little tool...moving forward...39:45 Some people are very independant...other people I see every 2-3 /w... it depends...Its flexible... generally 6 months to 2 quick fix... I prefer clients stay for 6 months or more...BooksHow to eat move and be healthy - Paul CHEKSleep Smarter(21 Habits...)- Shawn StevensonYour Bodies Many Cries for Water- Dr. BatmanghelidjA Mind atHhome with Itself  - Byron KatiePosture in the Diagnosis of Disease - Reginald Hall SayreMTR Quote: We got you - You got thisContact Nate Info@eliteptstudio.comIG: eliteptstudioFB: eliteptstudio YouTube: Elite Personal Training Studio Hong KongContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Dr Adrian Cheong is a Cardiologist at the “The Matilda International Hospital” in Hong Kong. He graduated from the University of Oxford and spent time working in the UK and France before returning to Hong Kong. He is focused on looking after all heart-related conditions. His main areas of interest include minimally invasive surgery on arteries, viens and valves. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have been the leading course of death globally over the years with an estimated 17.9 million in 2019(WHO). It is important to detect CVD as early as possible and we discuss this in the podcast. We also discuss the classical signs of a heart attack and what are some actionable behaviours to limit the risks.Timings3:36 I had no idea I would become a cardiologist...4:56 You can see the patient from beginning to end ... that's the most satisfying thing about being a cardiologist...6:40 The most fundamental part of being a doctor... helping people to understand what their bodies are doing...8:50 Cardiovascular diseases have been the number 1 killers in the developed world... for many many years now...10:18 The heart which beats 100,000 times a day... there will be some water and tear...11:00 The most obvious cases would be heart attack...12:34 Sometimes these operations take 30 mins, 1 hour... a patient can be walking out of hospital 2 days later...13:50 Classical signs of heart attack ...16:12 An annual "Health Check" ... will highlight risk factors... especially when you hit your late 30s... early 40s18:03 Stress puts pressure on the heart...19:03 Preventative medicine is very difficult... to be disciplined...23:37 Help the patients help themselves ...24:27 "Things you should be doing" ...30:37 I love my job ... I haven't had a holiday for one and a half years...35:00 The biggest motivation is success in treatment...36:43 I saw a lot of interesting cases... rare cases...different symptoms...38:00 With digital technology, modern medication, I am betterable to manage patients...42:33 A checkup at least once a year ... especially after the watershed age of 40...44:26 It's the setbacks that make us stronger...45:06 My medical training was long, it was tough... constantly situations that we had to diffuse... I need to look at these things from a dissociated point of view... not be affected...MTR Quotation"Take a day offDo something you enjoyIt'll make you Healthier"Takeaways from the podcast.1.     A regular health check is a must and will highlight risk factors. These tests become important in your late 30’s and early 40’s. Age of 40 is a milestone.2. Things you should be doing- Being happy, relaxed and reducing stress - Look at your Diet – what you eat. - Reduce the frequency of eating out.- Incorporate exercise into your daily routine.- Get adequate sleep. - A coach can help you to build good habits.3.     The classical signs of a heart attack to be aware of include, severe chest pain, crushing tightness in the chest, sometimes goes up into the neck, sometimes arm feels throbbing, especially the left arm, stomach pain, palpitations, shortness of breath. If you have any of these signs take-action quickly.4.     Improvements in technology and techniques means that the likelihood of surviving a Cardio Vascular Disease has improved dramatically. Operations may take 1/2hr and a patient can be walking out of hospital just 2 days later. Contact Dr Adrian Cheong LinkedIn: VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
My guest on the podcast is Mina Weight. Mina is a Professional Homeopath and has been a practicing homeopathy since 1993. For Mina, well-being means feeling healthy, energetic, optimistic and content. Homeopathy is a safe and effective treatment for all ages, from infants to the elderly and it works by gently and effectively stimulating the body’s self-healing potential Mina treats a wide variety of issues and even uses homeopathy to treat pets and plants. We discuss this in the podcast. Mina is also a yoga teacher and believes that regular practice at any age enables you to improve your physical strength, suppleness and energy. We go into detail in the podcast.  You will find in the show notes  below information relating to our discussions in the podcastTimings3:39  I arrived in Hong Kong the first time in 1984... I had travelled on the Trans-Siberian....5:03 I was friends with a couple whose wife had been a homeopathic nurse... In NW Pakistan we bumped into a women who was practicing Homeopathy ... that's when the seed started...6:09 We returned to Hong Kong in 2008 with two teenage girls... From 2010 until now I have been practicing homeopathy...10:22 I help people to get better... an individual treatment...12:01 Most people come to homeopathy through Arnica ... as a creme... Arnica in pill form is much more powerful...14:39 Homeo meaning similar and pathy- to disease (similar to disease)... 18:55 Dr Samuel Hahnemann(1755-1843) developed the principles and methodology of Homeopathy... succussion (vigorous shaking) with dilution...24:15 The right remedy is the powerful healing trigger...25:08 I like my patients ... to have a first aid kit at home ... with instructions...26:10 It's important to remember we are not replacing standard medicine...28:20 I do all sorts of kits... I do import them from Helios Pharmacy UK... I also individualise kits...29:49 There is an awful lot of self-help before you get sick that you can do ...30:30 I need my patients to become very record their symptoms ...34:02 Awareness and being present, being connected, your mind to your body ...mindfullness which we also learn in yoga ...mind body connection ...35:52 When I turned sixty I decided... I wanted to know I embarked on teacher training ... the purpose of yoga is to still your mind... make a friend of your mind...40:31 You can use homeopathy on your pets... you can use it in your garden...44:01 I love learning...45:47 There are over 44 thousand Homeopathic Doctors in Calcutta(Kolkata) alone...47:17 I will never stop learning ...48:50 I love reading about the deeper aspects of life...49:00 Dr Samuel Hahnemann came up with phrase :The Life Force.... Homeopathic medians affect the Life Force ...50:00 I am a member of the Spiritual Literacy GroupMina offers a free 15m consultation to new clients: To discuss whether Homeopathy would be the most effective treatment for them.Books :Homeopathic Remedies - Așa HershoffA New Earth - Eckhart Tolle Into the Magic Shop - Dr James DotyThe Book Of Joy - Dalai Lama and Desmond TutuMTR Quote: Your heart knows the way, run in that direction - RumiFirst Aid Box : Aconite, Arnica, Arsenicum album,Belladonna ,Bryonia, Chamomilla, Carbo Veg, China, Ferrum phos, Gelsemium, Hepar sulph, Natrum mur, Nux Vomica, Merc Viv, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox, Ruta, Sepia, Sulphur (Helios Pharmacy - UK) - can do special kits.Contact : 6908 3234Contact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
My guest on the podcast this week is Iva Milereau. Iva spent part of her childhood in Croatia and aged eleven she and her family moved to Toronto. In her 20s Iva moved to Europe and has been living in various locations around the world since then.  (Europe, Asia, USA).  She is currently living in Hong Kong with her husband and two children.  A truly international life. Iva is one of the co-founders of Re.Vityl. It was co-founded by Iva and Rashia Bell. Re.Vityl offers a wide range of their own all-natural and healthy sleep aids, infused with calming crystals by Biocrystal. Products dedicated to enhancing routines and a deep natural sleep itself.  Iva believes that sleep is the key to a happy life and good sleep comes by building sleep routines and we discuss these and other topics in the podcast. Timings 2:42 It's been really long journey from Croatia to Hong Kong...4:27 I'm the co-founder of a sleep wellness brand called Re.Vityl ... I was in fashion, Luxury and sporting goods...5:56 I was really sleep deprived, both my husband and myself...7:57 Your body really needs the time to recover and rest...8:40 I help people by allowing them to thrive... we help people to create a sleep routine ...9:57 Creating a sleep routine around the products...12:11 To have a sleep routine you have to create a habit...15:30 Our "HERO" product is a sleep mask infused with 16 different crystals... (crystals manufactured by BioCrystal...17:15 Some people enjoy essential oils... both salt for a night time bath...19:01 Anyone with mild sleep issues... get used to sleeping with a face mask...22:14 It always come down to committing to yourself...25:25 We've been in business for 16 months...28:49 Dust of your tears and move on ...29:42 I've joined a Female Founders Club...31:14 Practices/Routines ...34:00 It's really interesting I've got into Sleep/Wellness... to help people out...34:00 An apparent setback...38:33 I wanna help people...I need to open the door myself...40:06 Unusual Habits: I call my parents everyday... they live in Toronto... 42:05 Learning how to respect my time and my space...MTR Quote: You never know what someone is going through: Be kind always.Books :The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: Haemin SunimContact Iva ( code: thank you to receive 20% offIG: Re.VitylIG:ivamillereauContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Lilyan Li was born in Hebei and grew up in Beijing. She did her undergraduate studies in Beijing and moved to Hong Kong in 2010 to study for her Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Lilyan has settled in Hong Kong where she currently works.   Lilyan started her self-healing journey in 2019 after a year-long bout of depression. We discuss her self-healing journey in detail in the podcast.  Recently she has been following her passion and started her herbal tea business - Gatim. We go into the detail of her “Chakra Tea” in the podcast. Timings3:04 I was born in Hubei Province, very close to family moved to Beijing... I got the chance to come to Hong Kong... I came here for my masters degree...4:03 I had surgeries to remove something out from my body ... A few years ago I was in some level of depression... the other side my ovary also got something... I always believe in self-healing and natural healing...5:12 in June the doctor informed me the thing has disappeared... I healed myself...6;12 The cyst was 10cm big... It was removed... The scientific approach did not make me happy... the physical illness came from emotional unhappiness...9:17 I decided to go for more energy healing, more spiritual healing...10:06 I was in depression four years ago for one year, I did not tell my mum... the darkest period of time in my life...12:05 I met my yoga teacher 4 or 5 years ago ... then 2 years ago I met he again in her dance class... I feel the healing energy... I decided to enrol her yoga class... the beginning of my healing journey...16:00 Spiritual healing we all have it .... 18:00 The yoga training planted a seed...19:21 This year I had the feeling of reborning ... the year in 2021...20:35 Key step is ...  to open up... I could have shut the door and hide inside the room.... It takes effort...22:00 I'm so lucky , once I open the door... I met my yoga teacher ... my beautiful classmates...23:45 I learned surrender...I didn't know how to to follow the flow...26:46 The most important thing doing my tea .. its the people I meet....28:06 I learned the Chakra System...I started exploring herbal teas...combining  tea and the Chakra system... It grounded me... make the idea into reality... I started healing my root Chakra...31:32 The Chakra comes from the Indian Vedas ...there are seven major Chakras...35:58 The Chakra Tea matches each Chakra has it's own colour ... 37:19 Gatim - comes from The Bhagavad Gita... Gatim means destination...38:15 My morning routine ... my gratitude to the parents ....meditate... affirmations...39:55 My passion is to learn and plus to share...I love to learn 41:21 All the setbacks come to life to lead to success... story of my boss...46:38 I would talk to myself ...It helps so much ...49:39 Take Aways ...MTR QUOTE: You are your Own SaviourBooks: Louise Hay:  You Can Heal your LifeLouise Hay:  Heal your HeartContact LilyanIG: gatimherbaltea@gmail.comContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Dee left a highly successful career in investment banking to build a career in Holistic Health and Wellness. Dee discusses this in the podcast. "Dee Dream Life" makes fitness and fun accessible to all. Focussing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Offering high quality coaching to adults and children. Dee leads a team of caring coaches who inspire her clientele to reach their maximum life potential offering a very wide variety of modalities. Embracing movement, dance, mental health, yoga, meditation, motivational coaching, mentorship, relationships, parenting and much more.Timings3:10 It's been about seven years since I moved to Hong Kong...I was working in investment banking...6:08 It wasn't really something that resonated with me ...6:44 I'm a coach building my dreams...I do what I love...It wasn't an instaneous change...8:10 Career coaching and Life coaching was my first calling...driven by my own need for it...10:40 You take a step back and think about it...well what now...13:05 My best friend told me her father was diagnosed with stage...14:31 Then to reflect about all the times when she called me and I was giving my time to work...That was a turning point...17:47 I run a coaching business...quite a lot of different,  dance ...18:20 It really depends on who comes to see me and what they need... my clients build a rapport that may take 1 hour,1 day, 3 years...20:40 Yes habits are important... underlying theme is mindset...Mindset drives initiatives...22:15 My mum used to tell me that how you do one thing tells me how you do everything...24:16 It's not easy for people to put themselves a vulnerable state and reach out for becomes more and more evident very quickly what the person need help with...26:29 It becomes a lot easier to talk to talk about things...27:50 With children it happens involuntarily... adults are just an older version of children...28:29 There is a term in Yoga Brahmacharya controlling and directing your energy on what you want to grow...29:46 To not take ourselves too seriously...31:00 You do most for yourself when you you more for others...harnessing the power of that revolves around supporting one another...34:25 Things have grown in a piecemeal way...Be open to whatever comes along...I try not to make too many plans...I'm ready for evolution...39:32 People motivate me...what would help someone else...40:53 There is a need for fulfillment...fulfillment can be defined in so many man is an island...41:28 Oprah story about Beyonce ...people are always looking for approval...43:38 I always do a Yoga Nidra changed my life... every morning...45:18 I reset every thing back to where it's supposed to be...It's important to reset every day...47:07 I would love to be a book person... I love reading...47:56 App with 7 page book summary: https://www.blinkist.com48:56 Work - Life Balance Book - Story of the Fisherman and the Corporates - selling the dream already being lived.MTR QUOTE: Be Kind.Contact DeeWebsite: https://www.deedreamlife.comWhatsApp +852 63344266FB: @DeedreamlifeContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
My Guest on the podcast this week is Krystal Diaz. Krystal comes from a family of musicians and singers as you will hear in the podcast. She has been working as a vocal coach since 2008 and has coached many celebrated voices. Krystal also works with non singers, actors, public speakers, executives, fitness coaches and yoga teachers. Professions where vocal skills are important. In January of 2020 Krystal co-founded the "Online Vocal Academy" and Krystal goes into detail in the podcast, how this works and her aspirations for building an international community of singers.Krystal has performed at many of Hong Kong's to venues and released her debut album "Reflections" in 2019.  We go into detail in the podcast of Krystal's musical background, her coaching, her passions and her aspirations.Timings3:00 My parents, both of them are professional musicians in Hong Kong...both sets of grandparents are also in music...Music has played a huge part in my life....6:31 As a teenager I started to compare myself with the people around me... 7:33 You have to learn how to sing9:18 I hadn't realised it was a skill that needed to be honed... 12:18 It's not just the repetition it's the quality of the repetition...13:58 I help people to go from feeling insecure... to believing in themselves...16:40 We think of singing as one category and speaking as one category... the instrument is the same...19:16 Seek the right guidance and become more self aware...21:00 Health benefits of singing....24:31 An inspirational story...31:04 As a coach we want our clients to experience progress...31:50 What keeps me motivated ... 1. Passion, 2. Greater Purpose, 3. Growing...33:00 I started coaching in 2008... To expand I started the "Online Vocal Academy"...35:00 I would love to build a community of people who love music...39:33 You can learn so much by watching other people being coached...43:24 My parents told me - Be the best at what you are doing ...43:51 Quote: "The purpose of life is to express the best parts that's within you"BOOKSAtomic Habits - James ClearArt of Impossible - Steven KotlerMany books - Dr Joe DispenzaMTR Quote"The Universe has your Back"   (Book by Gabrielle Bernstein)Contact KrystalIG: KrystalvocalsYoutube: "Online Vocal Academy"Free Guide :Your Guide to Rocking your First Solo Song - rockyoursolo.comContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Introduction Chris is a long time expat in Asia, a lawyer, a businessman He is a father, a husband,  a son, a natural health proponent, a life coach,  a meditator, a yogi, a “spiritual” seeker and a partial finder.  Alcohol free for 2.5 years . As a certified coach with “The Naked Mind Institute” Chris helps folks evaluate and change their relationship to alcohol with Wise Rebel Coaching. We go into detail in the podcast of his ongoing journey. What led to his decision to stop drinking alcohol and how he now coaches others who want to take control of alcohol.Timings3:04 I come from a small town in Michigan 4:50 Hong Kong is home...6:03 Well its  a mixed blessing isn't it... the pandemic has been a disaster8:10 Our company is more joined up than it ever has been...9:15 For my day job I am a lawyer and MD of an insurance company subsidiary...9:50 The side gig I have is called Wise Rebel Coaching10:40 I was a fairly enthusiastic drinker...12:25 Sometime in my mid forties my body didn't handle alcohol in the same way...maybe I'm drinking too much... 13:46 I'm very interested in meditation...talking to someone who is enlightened. He introduced the three Gunas... a message personalised to me .... that started my journey of moderation...(Book quotes below)18:50 With drinking if you want to change you have to have a strong WHY...19:30 The watch stories...within the space of a week I lost 2 nice watches... "I'm losing time"21:46 There was a tipping point... I had an accident - a wake up call...27:14 We all come to it in different ways... Cognitive dissonance - you want to make changes but you aren't able to ...29:37 There is a concept that drinking is the big domino , push it over ....31:53 The process of disentangling... so much of ones life is entangled with alcohol... You control your own reality...33:58 Listening with the ear of an active listener... there is always common ground... be gentle with yourself... Alcohol is an addictive substance... It's no your fault but it's your responsibility...36:02 A big part of the process is looking at our sub-conscious beliefs... some measures have alcohol as the absolute most destructive drug on the planet...38:28 Does this belief serve me ... maybe it doesn't serve me anymore...40:55 Most of us will say to ourselves things that we would never ever think to say to others...43:38 Used to sating thirst with a cold beer ...drink two glasses of water...44:31 Meditation and mindfulness these are powerful things ... Surfing the urge ...46:50 The whole thing is non judgemental... I was that have empathy...49:40 We all want to be better than we are... there's fear and it's completely understandable... If I can do it you can do it...52:01 I very much like morning routines... I recommend ... Super easy ... Forgiveness....Gratitude....Intentions... very powerful...keep it simple...MTR Quote - 1Be Grateful, Forgive yourself and others, You are good enough, Be clear with your intentions.MTR Quote - 2: From "The Summer Day" - Mary OliverDoesn't everything die at last and too soonTell me what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious lifeBooksMichael Damian - The Art of freedomRupert Spira - Presence Annie Grace - This Naked MindContact Chris https://www.wise-rebel.comContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Denise Tam is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, two-time cancer survivor and a self-professed health chef. Her life changing battle with stage 4 cancer has inspired her to share her new-found appreciation for life by teaching and motivating others towards a more natural way of living and healing. Denise shares her journey in the podcast. She believes in achieving complete wellness through the healing of the body, mind and spirit. Denise is the co-founder of Food for Life with Health Stores around Hong Kong offering a range of Whole Food products. Denise is a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners and a contributing author to Saved by Nutrition, an anthology of nutrition success stories. Her philosophy in life is: Love First, Eat Well, and Laugh Lots as you will hear in the podcast.Timings3:26 Born and raised in Canada...When I got here[Hong Kong] I really fell in love with Asia.5:10 It's the convenience...beach...mountain top...6:40 I'm a holistic nutritionist... a stage four cancer diagnosis that brought me to studying nutrition...8:06  I might as well get a routine body check...simple blood work... I didn't have time for cancer.9:29 Cancer of the lymph nodes...tumours everywhere...10:57 I was one to push myself...13:00 It was definitely a hard time. Not just the cancer diagnosis...14:25 I am a Christian... God really sent angels... a community of strangers...17:22 Maybe I'm not good enough...all of these thoughts circulating...a broken record in your head...18:42 I believe every emotion is there for a reason...22:25 I am always thankful for chemotherapy... I turned down a bone marrow transplant...24:00 Where my body just started shutting down...25:59 That's when I told my oncologist "I'm done"28:03 I was doing so many things...I cannot pinpoint one was definitely gradual... that 2.5 years I worked a lot on myself...29:50 Now I can confidently say that was an I do have that health...that really is a priority...32:15 A marathon rather than a sprint...33:33 Its in the stillness, I feel, we can hear things more accurately....34:08 Sleep is a big one for me... I have this Oura ring... my sleep, my Heart Rate Variability...35:40 Don't be afraid to get tests done...ignorance is not bliss...knowledge is empowerment...38:43 It's definitely worth investing...41:40 Our passion becomes our mission...also wanting to spread that message of "A life of Abundance"...42:57 Health is for us to define , not doctors...not...43:59 What is that picture of health, if you didn't have any limitations... 44:55 Our passion is to bring awareness of what health is... it's fun it tastes good...46:38 Cooking your own meals... 47:57 I am a huge believer of sleep...53:05 This health passion ...It's the people that really drive me ... to live a life of abundance... I am  passionate about connecting people...Contact DenisePersonal Website Email: denise@foodforlifehk.comWebsite:https://foodforlifehk.comBook: Saved By Nutrition : An Anthology of Triumph Using Holistic NutritionContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPodcast: https://overfortywellness.buzzsprout.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Vince is the Founder and CEO at Press Start Academy, an edtech startup reimagining Learning Through Play and Games, and Co-founder and Managing Partner at Press Start Hong Kong, a leading games consultancy. He is also Principal Consultant at Epiphany Labs, a boutique innovation consultancy with a social conscience. He is an expert in gamification and learning experience design, overseeing all curriculum strategy at Press Start Academy and consulting organizations on developing blended learning strategies. We get into the detail in the podcast. His experience is extensive and diverse, leading innovation summits and design thinking workshops working with organisations in different industries and sectors. With companies including but not exclusively IBM, EY and Hang Seng Bank.Timings3:48 I was born in the States but I grew up in Hong Kong ...5:31 A fun first experience...6:21 How do you make it fun? That is something I kinds lose sleep about... That's the central obsession behind my work...7:50 They [the students] feel invested in the game...8:50 I grew up on shows like Captain Planet...10:18 All of our instructors ... are story tellers... all the students are characters in the show...12:20 What is actually means to deliver an educational experience..... what does actually learning mean...14:50 We are on the way to delivering a platform agnostic delivery method...15:50 We are not bound or restricted by a particular delivery method...19:20 We are always constantly trying to figure out what we can add...21:35 Different preferences for different students... 22:33 Learning at your own pace...24:06 We have a program called "Food Heroes" ages 4-6 ... Different emphasis depending on age...29:00 How do you develop story telling skill... building creative confidence ... we do not fixate on spelling.. spelling stuff can be fixed...31:24 We try to remove those barriers... we should be having fun...33:50 You can set fun games and challenges... develop confidence...36:30 Teaching kids it should be and can be a reciprocal process...38:47 I grew up playing Sim City...I know so many urban planners and architects... they grew up playing Sim City...40:05 I recently found there is a deep corner of YouTube... focus on long form writers rooms work... add levels to a game ...I recently started watching No Clip....44:49 Basically everything we do I am passionate about...MTR Quote : Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun - Albert Einstein46:35 It encapsulates what we do ....Contact VinceEmail: : VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPodcast: https://overfortywellness.buzzsprout.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Pia Prana is a Women’s Personal Mastery and Leadership Coach, a Holistic Counsellor and Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release Practitioner. She draws on a rich background of therapeutic trainings and experience in spiritual studies, awareness training, and meditation.  Pia is also a Learning Love teacher, work which brings awareness and acceptance to the wounds carried from childhood, that affect our adult lives and relationshipsShe offers individual work, as well as groups as a Coach and Counsellor and we’ll discuss this in more detail in the podcast.  Pia has worked as a Coach since 2002, coaching 1000s of people, from more than 15 different countries. Pia has worked with many large multi-national companies and as a senior mentor in the training programs of Tony Robbins. Timings3:09 When I was eleven years old my parents said "We're going to move".....It really opened up a wander lust in me.5:03 For me I call Hong Kong home.. our little house on Lamma Island is there....7:58 I really miss it [Hong kKong]....13:08 I decided to go as an exchange student [US]... Omeha Nebraska ...not an easy time...15:15 I went to the UK to study...Manchester...then Edinburgh ...I understood the culture of my mother...18:06 I wear a lot of hats from a professional capacity...supporting people learn...grow...20:01 Holding the space for large groups... that led me to move into the training space... Under the umbrella of leadership...I trained as a holistic counsellor...a broad range of tools...21:31 I work with women who go under the category of "Good Girl Syndrome"...the disease to please...23:44 I call myself a recovering "good Girl"...28:34 Why Good Girls? Because I lived it for so long...30:48 In Hong Kong I know so many women who have been single for so many years...31:27 It's generally not a quick fix...What's really being your need to please...that's where the work begins...32.12 I take the coaching and then I marry it with the counselling...33:59 There is a big belief system...34:52 I shouldn't have unpack that disintegrate that...takes some time...37:17 "Good Girls" we use the outside world for cues...part of the journey is to bring them back...One of the first things I get clients doing is Meditation...40:55 Meditation is about just becoming present to what is here and now...42:23 one of the things I work a lot with clients are Boundries... notice your response...45:14 Boundries are about giving yourself permission say yes when you mean it and no when you mean it...48:38 I am a book reader... I'm going to stay on topic...49:27 Three best sellers - Glennon Doyle... Lat book Untamed... I could not recommend more... Books: Glennon Doyle Last  books Untamed,  Warrior and Carry On (Just started a podcast)Krishnananda Trobe: Face to Face with FearJohn BradshawMTR Quote: Just be Yourself - Everyone Else is TakenContact Pia:LinkedIn: Facebook : The Evolving Women's Collective Linktree: VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPodcast: https://overfortywellness.buzzsprout.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Andrea is a "Certified Consultant Trichologist" and a member of the International Association of Trichologists. Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp. Andrea started her career as a Hair Stylist is Melbourne more than thirty years ago. In the podcast Andrea discusses her journey to becoming one of Hong Kong's foremost Trichologists working both independently and also with prestigious salons in Hong Kong.We go into detail of trichology and Andrea shares her wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of hair and scalp care. Andrea explains the underlying reasons for scalp and hair issues and the effective ways to address them. Timings3:14 I was born and bred in Melbourne....I arrived in HK in 2007...5:18 I went on to study Trichology...7:07 Straight out of school and straight into the basin...8:20 I am very young spirited...Travel is in my bones...9:49 When it comes to hair it is a big part of our self esteem...11:02 Gut health, sleep...12:29 The word trichologist...15:00 We don't stand alone, I could never work just on my own...15:36 People like to be listened to...17:09 The hair only grows 1/2in per month...18:21 Hair follicles... 19:42 The thing with the life cycle [of the hair follicle] can be shortened...21:03 Hair is like your barometer...22:40 There are many different changes in life that can be disruptive23:55 I won't quote anything if I don't have facts...25:35 When I was in my forties I started to really bloat up ... I had leaky gut syndrome...27:45 The simple things I can suggest .... A protein rich breakfast... Sleep is important...not just for your hair...29:23 I will suggest blood testing...32:18 I would give them some alternatives... to generic products...33:22 Things like Laser Light Therapy... Also PRP Platelet Rich Plasma...34:04 They are wanting that fast fix...35:20 When it happens again and it likely will...38:09 [I give my clients] A self check list...39:26 Results will start to show but probably not until four months...41:33 They want to pull their hair... that's called Trichotillomania... they are safe with me...43:20 If I feel I can't support them... I have people like hypnotherapists... 45:01 [Morning Routine] I seem to naturally wake up as the sun comes up...I never not make my bed...46:34 My's the favourite meal of my day...I allow plenty of time to get ready...MTR Quote: "Don't Wake up Today and Wish You'd Started A Year Ago"48:34 That covers a big part of my stop procrastinating.Correction - Takeaways : A healthy follicle may grow a hair for 3 , 5 , 7 years or up to 9 with Asian hair. After the hair falls, the follicle then produces  another hair- depending on hair health. So typically a hair follicle will produce hair for a lot of us all our life.Andrea's top 3 choices of hair care and health products are 1. Davines natural tech range for scalp and hair health 2. Philip Kingsley Products 3. Hairfact cyclical hair supplementsContact Andreahttps://www.andreaclarktrichology.com andreaclark.trichologist@gmail.comContact VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPodcast: https://overfortywellness.buzzsprout.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: V
Kanch Porta-Panjabi is a raw plant based chef who thrives in hustle of Hong Kong life. Kanch grew up in Hong Kong has two young children. She has travelled widely living and studying in New York, London and Barcelona.. Kanch's dream is to make an impact on the way the world eats. She believes in the power of food to heal. At La Taula [Catalan for The Table] her mission is to provide delicious plant based cheeses and sweet options, making raw plant based food hassle free, fun and HEALTHY.Timings2:34 I moved here when I was five...A great place to grow up ...4:50 I went to University in upstate New York Syracuse...lived in London...lived in Barcelona6:20 I have a company called LaTaula ...(The Table in Catalan)...We make vegan cheese...7:09 I started to have burnout...that's how my wellness journey started...8:40 I was very into a raw diet...11;00 Its a lifestyle, it looks very glamorous...very fast paced...adreneline then crash...12:44 I was vegetarian...bad eating habits...14:46 A vegan much processed food...16:24 If you are vegetarian...learn from a blood test...18:00 A range of vegan cheeses...Asian flavours...I do a seasonal range of products...20:18 I like to support people...understand your body...know yourself...21:35 I think "Plant Based" is the future...the perception of vegan food has changed...23:11 Lots of vegetables, for sure...portion size...26:15 People are going to do it...If they can go home and try it...27:20 You have to think about how to get creative...28:00 Many interesting stories when I used to do private diners...28:53 I think I just love learning...I love growth...29:58 I have a morning routine...31:20 I started meditating, I want to say, six years ago now...doing it,  seeing it, feeling a difference...33:40 I started noticing my self talk...We are hard on ourselves...35:30 I have a rituals...36:28 I love cooking...38:12 I've changed careers...39:23 I would like to grow the vegan cheese business...40:00 Books : see below...42:06 The biggest change of beliefs ...43:41 [COVID] - It was a bit of a rollercoaster...Live in the moment...MTR Quotes : 1. EAT WELL.  LIVE WELL. THINK WELL2. BE YOU,  DO YOU, LIVE FEARLESSLY BOOKSHit Refresh: Satya NadellaThe Book of Joy: Dalai Lama, DesmondTutu and Douglas Carlton AbramsBecoming: Michele ObamaThe Tools of Titans: Tim FerrissStillness is the Key: Ryan HolidayContact Kanch VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPodcast: https://overfortywellness.buzzsprout.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Britt Joynson a Hong Kong based, mother of three, an ultra-runner & endurance cyclist, Britt is a qualified health coach, raw food chef, lover of plant-based, whole-foods and we discuss this in some detail. After an incident in China, Britt was left her with chronic health issues. Britt describes what happened and the consequences in the podcast. Conventional medicine offered no solution and after three years of debilitating symptoms, she turned to a 100% raw food, vegan diet. Subsequently Britt  has travelled widely, studying raw food, whole food & holistic eating practices from leaders in their respective field's. Britt is on a mission to understand and share what we can do to positively impact our health. Where raw food plays an integral role.  Timings3:20 I am a bit of a wanderer...4:26 I had to open a map to see where Hong Kong was...4:54 I decided I would go to Beijing and study Mandarin...Beijing was an adventure...6:45 I'm a bit of a mad person...7:54 I like being on my own...I like long distance sports9:10 I just started getting sick...I got bitten by a cat ...I had a terrible reaction from the treatment...10:46 I was continually getting unwell... I never got back on my feet...12:43 Three years of pretty chronic bad health... vision problems...balance problems...terrible tremor in my hand...13:31 It began to look like it could be multiple sclerosis ...14:56 Until you've been to the bottom... I didn't know who I was for three years...17:21 Thank goodness that Hong Kong has home help...without home help I would have packed up and left for the UK...17:52 I started researching what happiness was ...I started to change how I thought...19:33 Please give me ten years... Matt Goodman had reversed his multiple sclerosis.....20:43 Feeling was unfair... feeling it didn't have a right to happen to me... I changed how I thought...23:27 I went raw overnight fast so profound ...It did take 6 months for the tremors to ease...25:10 It was mind blowing...mental state...belief in my made me feel so well...26:48 I started writing a blog....27:52 I decided to go and see Dr Gabriel Cousens.... Tree of Life in Arizona...28:50 I needed to find more balance...After two years my symptoms came back.... tremors came back... I went to IMI clinic in Central... A parasite Gut test...which came back I had four lovely little friends....32:27 Your immune system is practically made in the gut....33:53 I wanted to give back ... I studied under the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York...34:42 I have a website Raw-Galore... Facebook...Instagram... I work out of Sai Kung...35:51 A lot of ladies are coming with hormone problems...Book :The China Study -Thomas Campbell39:20 Clean Food is the way to go...40:15 I have the strangest television likes....I read...I watch documentaries...Book: How to Survive a Pandemic, Dr. Michael Greger42:04 I ground myself... I meditate every day ...ever since I was nineteen...45:59 Sprouting and fermenting... I'm back into racing... Everesting 8848m ...cycling 49:20 100km bike ride... 5k run three times a week...another cycle ride...MTR Billboard: Food is medicine ... You are what you Eat...Contact Britt IG: VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPodcast: https://overfortywellness.buzzsprout.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
Harrison is the CoFounder and CEO of WeDerm, a health coaching social enterprise established in Hong Kong dedicated to treating one million eczema patients by 2026. Diagnosed with eczema at the age of six, Harrison has tried conventional medicine, Chinese medicine and numerous skincare products without success. In 2013, he discovered the power of integrated care and has since embarked on a lifelong mission to advocate lifestyle medicine around the world.  Harrison leads "The Eczema Eradication Project.Timings3:38 One of the core things that people remember about me is Eczema...5:49 Definitely it felt hopeless...7:08 It got worse and worse....9:09 I came upon a blog... a raw food diet... 9:47 Nutrition is a common pattern... In 2013 I started a nutrition approach...11:32 I stopped eating those unhealthy breakfasts...12:34 Nutrition is a very diverse field... Clean food is whole, unprocessed...14:22 In the beginning of 2013 .... I was making a conscious change... gradual change... I then embarked on a strict diet...15:55 There is a category of foods called nightshades ..... I removed them... tomatoes, chilli...16:47 But by the end of the three months it was completely gone ...17:48 Gradually withdraw from steroid usage...19:26 When we sweat we would scratch.... one time in the gym I didn't scratch...20:42 A cure - everyone has a different definition... it's lifestyle dependant...22:00 I was tressed, going for exams...peer pressure...drinking coffee... my eczema did return up to 20%....mild eczema...24:06 Now my eczema is at max 10%... very season - fluctuating...25:56 To see your habits have a direct relationship to your eczema....27:00 in control and out of control is a good topic ...28:48 Knowledge above application is not impactfull... I started blogging  "Cure Eczema Slowly" view reached 1 million... What do these numbers mean?  ...Probably 1 in a 100 take action...31:00 Following through with Coaching... putting action ... creating a plan...31 :21 I put everything into a book "The Eczema Manual"... I started putting on nutrition workshops...32:58 A group called "The Eczema Eradication Project Group"... A mastermind group35:18 The work I do has to be meaningful...36:09 We joined a competition in Hong Kong ... Hong Kong Social enterprise challenge... WeDerm... we just start with Eczema...39:39 Question: How do you deal with people who do not want to change... "When the student is ready the teacher will come"...41:25 Social enterprise is from years of experimentation... Health Coaching and just it...A network of Coaches... Integrated Care Framework..43:09 SEEDS+ Stress, Environmental Factors, Exercise, Diet and Sleep +Social Health43:32 Story of Keisha... eczema is not always about nutrition ...46:23 We have a very standard process... Discovery questionnaire...Initial Coaching session...48:18 It's a very equal relationship.... a coaching relationship51:03 Lifestyle medicine... like diabetes, obesity... NCDs they have modifiable risk factors...Promoting healthy habits..MTR Quote: You are in Control Books Michael Pollan : Food RulesHarrison Li: The Eczema ManualContact HarrisonWebsite: https://www.wederm.hkFB: VincentNewsletter: https://vincent1cd.substack.comPodcast: https://overfortywellness.buzzsprout.comPro Coach: vincent.hiscox@outlook.comLinkedIn: Vincent Hiscox
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