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Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How do you create Ease and Flow for your life and business, without the stress and overwhelm?Find out right here.In this episode, Devora walks you through her 4 Steps to Ease and Flow so you can create a life you love. Connect with me:Website: https://www.easeandflowsoul.comFacebook: In:
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How do you make transitions during the pandemic while staying connected to yourself? Find out right here. Sapha Arias is an intuitive life coach, holistic health and wellness professional and yoga instructor. She helps women to awaken the divine feminine within, so they feel free to heal their core wounds, embody their true worth, and nourish every aspect of their body, mind & soul fully. You can reach her at  and connect on Instagram: @nourishing_pathsIn this episode, you will learn: What following her intuition allowed Sapha to do for her business What the challenge of COVID-19 and yoga have in commonHow to connect deeply to the divine feminine withinWhy it’s the perfect time to tune into the core values of your businessA practical step to help you transition your business [32:10] Devora leads Sapha to a quick breakthrough for her business  CASE STUDY:Sapha is looking for a simple way as an introvert to meet people and connect about her work. It's the biggest question she is working on with her business coach. In a short time in our meditative coaching session, she discovers exactly what she needs to do. Sapha has Conscious Awareness of a feeling of sadness this issue brings up for her.  She feels it in the chest, throat and shoulders. As we bring in the element of Compassion she visualizes her feet on grass in a feeling of expansion. In Curiosity about this connection she observes something energetic, writing with a pen.  When asked about it, she giggles, because she knows she has been called to write a book. In Creativity mode, we explore how to do that in a way that feels right for her. She opens up to Transparency and vulnerability Her Committed action is to go further into her shadow work and create a step-by-step structure to write this book. By the end of our brief session, she feels open and free, her heart feels sparkly, and the tension from the shoulders and throat completely goneConnect with Devora:Website: https://www.easeandflowsoul.comFacebook: In:
www.easeandflowsoul.comHow do you manifest what you want in your life and business with divine guidance? Find out right here.In this episode, Devora talks about manifestation secrets from the classic "The Game of Life"* by Florence Scovel Shinn and helps you to start co-creating results with divine guidance . In less than 30 minutes you will learn: Why manifestation principles work How to access divine guidance A simple process to transform your life in the areas of health, money, business/career, love/relationships and self-expressionHow to stop a bad thing from happening with one simple sentenceA guided meditation to help you focus on what you want and start making it a reality[15:35] Meditation to help you manifest better health, money, relationships and self-expression.  Connect with me:Website: https://www.easeandflowsoul.comFacebook: In:
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. HOW DO YOU SUPPORT YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT? FIND OUT RIGHT HERE:Azriela 'Dr. Azi' Jankovic, is a spiritual teacher and transformation facilitator, sharing foundational tools for mind, body, emotion, and Spirit. She hosts of the 'Within Us' Podcast, facilitates masterminds, and has created books and journals to support her community. She is passionate about supporting women in becoming the best version of themselves in all areas of life. Her doctoral research on beliefs and relationships combined with her effective coaching methods make her uniquely qualified to guide and support lasting life transformations. Find out more at drazi.coIn this episode, you will learn:How Dr. Azi transformed mental health challenges into joySimple ways to accelerate your healing processThe connection between nature and mental health Why self-care isn’t a luxuryHow Dr. Azi helps women entrepreneurs break through their limitations[29:03] Devora leads Dr. Azi to a quick breakthrough CASE STUDY:Finding Work Life Balance Since her first child was born 16 years ago, Azriela has felt that there’s a piece of her that’s always with her kids. She knows her work is powerful and has so much potential to grow and yet she doesn’t want to be held back by a sense of fear and obligation to her family. She wants to strike a balance but doesn’t know what that would look like. In her session, Azriela feels a deep trust arising from her gut, as she realizes that all she needs to do is let her business be what it needs to be. Her intuitive guidance tells her to just take care of herself and everything else will be fine. She commits to acknowledging that she has the ability to make decisions that will be good for everybody.  Connect with Devora: Website: https://www.easeandflowsoul.comFacebook: In:
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. HOW DO YOU ACCESS YOUR INTUITION? FIND OUT RIGHT HEREVictoria Shaw is a licensed counselor, intuitive coach and healer. She holds a Masters of Counseling, a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, and achieved a postdoctoral training in Educational and Developmental Psychology at Columbia University Teachers College. In this episode you will discover how to:access your intuition and avoid shutting it downsupport your children to develop their intuition tap into the wonder and magic of your soulsee these crazy times as amazing timesrecognize if you possibly share a past life with someoneenjoy life more  Learn more and connect with Victoria here:Website: Victoria Shaw IntuitivePodcast: Intuitive Connection with Victoria ShawInstagram: @victoriashawintuitiveFB Group: Intuitive Connection Community ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with Devora here:Website: https://www.easeandflowsoul.comFacebook: In:
Connect with me:Website: https://www.easeandflowsoul.comFacebook: In: devoragila@gmail.comIs COVID making you crazy?Does lockdown make you feel lousy?How can your lower your stress levels and have better relationships during the pandemic?Find out right here.[10:10] DIvine energy-infused meditation to help you improve your relationships and general well-being while being connected to your Divine Source. 
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. Are you ready to show up in these uncertain times feeling peaceful and relaxed, stop working so hard and enjoy your life?  Click here for a free no-obligation consultation.or send an email to hello@easeandflowsoul.com________________________________________________________________HOW DO YOU QUIET YOUR INNER CRITIC? FIND OUT RIGHT HERE:Ursa Swensen is a wayfinder and mentor. She is passionate about self-care, healing, and personal growth. Contact her about her 5-day experience of Positive Intelligence at In this episode, we discuss how the system of Positive Intelligence quickly helps you get into a positive mindset. [24:45] Devora leads Ursa to a breakthrough using The 5 C's of Transformation:CASE STUDY:Ursa has an amazing background of knowledge and wants to help people. She had been a single mom, and had done a lot of personal growth work over the years. She is launching her first business project and wasn’t sure who her ideal audience could be. She sought my help because she was approaching her deadline and still hadn’t decided. In our work together, I guided her to a relaxed state where she could access her intuitive guidance. Along the way, she was also able to  make peace with parts of her part that she had let go of, but still needed closure. She got that closure in the form of loving embrace. As she invited her elder wiser selves to guide her, she knew right away that she wanted to work with people like herself: Moms who had accomplished things in the past, and had spent years dedicated to their children, who now wanted something more, had a bigger purpose, and wanted to further inspire their children. She dove into other details that described her ideal client as well. As a result of the session she is excited to move forward launching her program to the right people. The 5 C's of Transformation: STEP 1: Conscious awareness: Fear of not knowing who her ideal clients are. STEP 2: Compassion. Holding space for physical sensations that arise from fear with unconditional love.STEP 3: Curiosity. Intuitive Coaching - Who would be the clients that would inspire her to get up in the morning with excitement? STEP 4: Create a New Mindset: Giving a name to her ideal client. STEP 5: Committed Action. Offering a 5-day experience as a way for people to get a taste of her Positive Intelligence program. Tailoring the marketing to her ideal clients, now that she understands who they are! Contact Ursa about her 5-day experience of Positive Intelligence at with me:Website: https://www.easeandflowsoul.comFacebook: In:
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. HOW DO YOU FIND YOUR FLOW? FIND OUT RIGHT HERE: Brenda Loukes-Johnson is an artist, Kahuna Bodywork professional and the creator of FlowPainting Experience. /In this episode, we discuss:how fear of not being good enough leads to burnouthow to get back into the flow through physical movement and massage bodyworkhow the schooling system trains us away from being connected from ourselveswhy creativity is so liberatingtrusting your intuition as a key to finding flowusing curiosity to open up to possibility how painting helps to get in touch with your creative power[25:45] Devora quickly leads Brenda to a breakthrough using The 5 C's of Transformation:CASE STUDY:Brenda teaches others what she has come here to learn. This is what makes her a great coach. She came to the session afraid of burning out again from not enough self-care. A multipassionate person, she wanted to simultaneously focus on her art, help people and also function in her daily life, What stopped her from moving forward was overwhelm -- all the things she wanted to do.In her session, she realized that if she could have a sense of humor and not take life so seriously, she would be able to go with the flow. Her solution: taking naps. She knew that the deeper your rest, the more dynamic your activity - taking naps would help her become more productivity and energized. The 5 C's of Transformation: STEP 1: Conscious awareness:: Fear of burning out. STEP 2: Compassion. Holding space for physical sensations that arise from fear with unconditional love. STEP 3: Curiosity. Intuitive Coaching - How to move forward with more flow?STEP 4: Create a New Mindset: Humor. Don't take life so seriously and just go with the flow!STEP 5: Committed Action. Taking naps with a reminder on a giant post-it note by the computer. Takeaway: The practical step of creating a big naptime post-it note. Devora's suggestion to paint a flow painting after her nap to remind her of the benefits, which would motivate her to follow through with her intentions. Accountability to Devora with a single email. Connect with me: Website: Facebook: In:
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How do you show up for your business as your true, authentic self? Find out right here. [0:36] Devora talks about authenticity as an entrepreneur, what gets in the wayand what to do about it.[08:15] 10-minute meditation to help you tap into your authentic self while being connected to your Divine Source. 
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How do you take your coaching to the next level? Find out right here. In this episode, we discuss how to:be 100% present in your coaching sessions use feelings as a toolhold space for your clientsnot feel that you have to "rescue" your clientsnot be hijacked by your feelings during a coaching sessionnot get stuck in the client's (or your) storyallow the Divine to flow through you ask questions to create change reach the "real goal" of the sessionYou can connect with Vicky here:Website: Linked In: Email:[19:25] Devora leads Vicky through a breakthrough session CASE STUDY: Vicky has been self employed fr twenty years and have never had to sell her services. In the beginning she got clients from contacts and they referred others to her. Now that she is transitioning into a new audience, she knows she has to start a new marketing approach. She has experienced intense fear around this and has tried to be coached on this before. She knows intellectually what she needs to do and freezes when she has to do it.We observe a transformation from a energy of a heavy, cold hard black ball in her stomach, to a weightless bubby sensation of golden light.  STEP 1: Awareness of the challenge: Fear of selling. "I freeze up"STEP 2: Presence. Identifying physical sensations that arise from fear. STEP 3: Create a New Mindset:  Exploration and Discovery.   STEP 4: Action. Commitment to update Linked In profile and reach out to ten people. Devora offers accountability "so I can cheer you on." Takeaway: "Deep relaxation."  Exploring and discovering what I can do to make a difference. Add a TranscriptGet episode better indexed by search engines.Add Chapter MarkersListeners can tap through & see what’s coming up.Promote this EpisodeVideo Soundbite AvailableSquare Soundbite - 0:30Great for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Download SoundbiteDelete this Soundbite and create a new one.
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How do you create better boundaries for your life and business? Find out right here. [0:36] Devora talks about why it's it hard to keep boundaries in place, why it's importantand what to do about it.[07:30] 10-minute meditation to help you create better boundaries while being connected to your Divine Source. 
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How does an entrepreneur turn a challenge into an opportunity? Find out right here. Presenting my dear friend and colleague, Sharon Svenson. I call her “The Joy Lady.” Sharon Svenson of Svenson Hypnosis has guided thousands of clients into deeply relaxed states,So they can find their joy, be theirtrue authentic selves, and livea prosperous, healthy, engaging life.Her clients have claimed freedom or relief from insomnia, health issues, depressions, anxieties, fears,  bad habits, addictions, poverty mentality, scarcity beliefs, and much more.In addition to helping her clients write the book they always wanted to, see their business take off, do more activities they love, enjoy learning new things, create healthier relationships and lose weight they have been struggling to let go of,  Sharon has written and performed original children’s stories as is a fire performer.[3:16] Sharon's inspiring message: "The path to everything we want Going to that place of Love. Because Love is free of that judgment. We don’t have to figure anything out. We can open ourselves up to that divine energy and receive everything that we want. Why do we want anything? We want to feel good. We want life to go well for us. We want a comfortable healthy body.  We want to do engaging, joyful things. And from taking this path to continually refocusing to the love, letting go of the judgments, my life is changed. I released depression, different money issues cleared up. Migraine headaches, allergies and rashes, improved relationships. I want that for others. It’s just fun work. It’s fun to have others go to that beautiful, empowered place and get the tools they need to change their life."You can follow Sharon here: Website: www.svensonhypnosis.comFacebook: Tube: SvensonHypnosis[16:55] Breakthrough Healing session with Sharon.  Sharon's challenge/question:   Her question: "How can I embody more of the knowing, centered and peaceful energy... [feeling] that it's all beautiful?Filling out tedious government paperwork regarding COVID-19. She has already worked on being in a positive place, now she wants to deepen that energy.Devora healing session supports Sharon to transform her challenge into relaxation, acceptance and love to help her move forward in alignment and joy. 
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How do you go from putting yourself last to putting yourself first? Find out right here. [0:42] Devora explains why we put ourselves last, why it's a problem and what to do about it.[5:45] 12-minute meditation to help you take better care of yourself while being connected to your Divine Source. 
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How does a highly sensitive empath get clarity about how to reach the people that need to hear his message? Find out right here... Today our featured guest is Tyhson Banighen, Founder of the Wellness Academy. His mission is for empaths and highly sensitive people to fulfill their life’s purpose.Tyhson's vision is for you to live a vibrantly healthy and prosperous life while getting out of your own way, to deliver your unique divine gifts to the world.He is a certified Spiritual Coach, an Intuitive, Reiki Master, Heart Resonance Advanced Practitioner, Master Dowser and Energy Detective. You can reach Tyhson Banighen at [1:21] Tyhson speaks about his early years not fitting in socially or in school. "It was a confusing world for me. It wasn't until later on that I realized that I must be doing it all wrong... [as if] somebody dropped me off on the wrong planet. and maybe they should come and pick me up because I don't understand how it all works." Tyhson assures that "You don't need to fit in. You are unique and divinely guided, and the planet needs people like to to make it a more benevolent place. And that's why I have a passion to help like-minded empathic highly-senstive people... " [9:43] How he opened up his God-connection. "Getting clear of all that illusion / delusion of fitting in. You can commune directly with God, and that conduit is my empathic connection. That's what I'm here to do, is to allow that to come through me and to allow other people to listen to that still voice inside of them which will guide them and put them on the right path." [11:17] On The Wellness Academy: "If you know what your unique gifts are as an empath, and you know how to apply it as a business, we can help bring about greater change and transformation on the planet." [14.25] Tyhson's expertise is "to help people discover how to get out of your own way, stand in your own truth, what are your unique divine gifts, how are you blocking them and how can I help you remove those blocks. And then what are those superpowers that you have that are totally you and unique, and what is your passion, what are you here to deliver to the planet. Once we get that clear, what is your mission, vision statement, then we can help you learn the business skills from an empathic point of view." [19:10] Breakthrough Healing session withTyhson His question: How can I reach more people exactly at the level in the way that they need in the moment?Devora facilitates healing to remove hidden programming from Tyhson's DNA so he can be free to move forward.[26:06] Devora leads him in a meditation to amplify the healing. Tyhson senses a dissipation of constrictions of falsehoods and misunderstandings from the past. He describes divine energy flowing up through the center of the fountain from the root chakra.[28:49] Tyhson receives an intuitive message of clarity and support for his business: "Relax, we have your back, and we will bring whoever needs to work 
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How do you go from just living in uncertain times to thriving in them?Find out right here... [:38] Devora talks about the current feelings of fear and anxiety in the world because of our uncertain times and what you can do about it. [6:44] Short case study of what happened to Devora during the outbreak of the COVID-19 scare and how she used this experience to propel herself forward in life and business.  [10:27] 10-minute meditation for getting out of fear and anxiety and into calm, relaxation and connection to your Divine Source.  If something resonated with you, be sure to reach out and let me know!There’s a gift for you to download at my website as well. If you're ready to make your best impact in your life and business with calm, clarity and confidence (rather than stress and overwhelm), schedule a time to chat with me here. 
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How do you go from the pressure of pushing yourself to ease and relaxation?And how do you go from feeling the stress of "go, go, go" to connection to your Divine Source? Find out right here...[0:42] Devora gives a spiritual explanation of why we overwork ourselves and what you can do about it.[3:55] Short, calming exercise to the sounds of waves on a beach.[6:44] Devora tells her personal story of how being an overachieving Harvard graduate  and "perfect mpm" led her to hospitalization with a rare disease. She shares her insights into how getting chronically ill saved her life and what she did to being about a miraculous healing.[17:15] Short case study of what can be possible when you learn how to stop pushing yourself. A stress-out high achieving career mom becomes a relaxed and happy woman.[20:06) 10-minute meditation for getting out of overdrive and into calm, relaxation and connection to your Divine Source. If something resonated with you, be sure to reach out and let me know!There’s a gift for you to download at my website as well. If you're ready to make your best impact in your life and business with calm, clarity and confidence (rather than stress and overwhelm), schedule a time to chat with me here. 
Download my free gift, "4 Steps to Ease and Flow" here. How does a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur shift quickly from frustration and overwhelm to calm, clarity and confidence to move forward in business? Find out right here...After the sudden passing of his fifteen-year-old daughter Shayna in 2015, Brian Smith needed to heal himself for the sake of his family. This self-empowerment inspired him to launch the Grief2Growth podcast. He is a member of the Board for Helping Parents Heal, He has worked with hundreds of parents who have lost children.[3:04 Brian Smith, host of the Grief2Growth podcast]"Grief2Growth intervews everyone from those who had near-death experiences to... psychologists, healers, people who can help people heal from the tragedies that happened to us."Grief can come from any loss, not just of a person but also including loss of a job, a relationship, health, the loss of certainty...What we're gowing through right now with the coronavirus and with the protests that are going on around the world, those things are causing people a different type of grief. So the podcast is around healing."I believe that these challenges are put in our lives so we can grow. And when we look at it like this, and we say, 'What can I learn from this? How can I take this and transform it into something else?' then we can make sense of the tragedies that come about.""There is hope in every situation," says Brian.[8:17] Healing session with Brian. His challenges: feel like he's going in four different directions: online hair products business , grief guide, small business consulting, life coachreally wants to do the grief workHis question: How do I transition out of the other things I'm doing and into my business as a Grief Guide? Devora faciliates "ultra uber healing" from the Divine, to remove hidden programming from Brian's DNA, a revolutionary energy healing technology. so he can be free to move forward.[25:20] Brian feels more calm and confident, knowing he just needs to keep up what he's doing.and let things to continue to unfold.[27:40] Brian's BREAKTHROUGH comes when  realizes he has been focusing on what he is lacking rather than focusing on what's going well. "I'm focusing on the one thing that I've been lacking... I've had a lot of successes - speaking engagements, the book, the podcast, I've been asked to wrtie some guest blogs, my videos are taking off. All these really good things are happening, and what I'm doing is focusing on the one area that's not happening."THANKS FOR LISTENING!If something resonated with you, be sure to reach out and let me know!There’s a gift for you to download at my website as well. If you're ready to make your best impact in your life and business with calm, clarity and confidence (rather than stress and overwhelm), 
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