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Lilly and Imogen get a new assignment. And some new jobs. Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4 Big Daddy Browder's Gas & Guns Marine SCV suit Need context? Jump to the start of the series! Music:
Lilly and Imogen make some new friends at a bar. Scene 5Scene 6Scene 7Scene 8 Joey Ray's (interior) Wanted Poster Rory Music:
Some people are cut out for refinery work. Some aren't. Scene 9Scene 10 Goliath Vulture Music:
Quite the clinic. Scene 11Scene 12Scene 13 Medic Firebat Zergling Music:
Lilly makes another friend. Imogen makes phone calls. Scene 14Scene 15Scene 16Scene 17 Larva (plush) Music:
Lilly and Imogen get everything in place so they can walk away from the plot. Scene 18Scene 19 War Pigs logo (unit) Music:
Lilly and Imogen enjoy some sweet tea and get offered yet another job. Scene 20Scene 21 Cerberus logo Cerebrate Hatchery Note: Social combat starts around minute 14. Music:
Once again, Lilly and Imogen are denied health coverage. Scene 22Scene 23Kinetic After Action Report Music:
Lilly and Imogen prepare for their next job, then remember to check in with their actual employer. Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4Scene 5 Donny Vermillion Kate Lockwell Egon Stetmann Need context? Jump to the start of the series! Music:
Lilly and Imogen spend some quality time with the crew of the Smashing Star, which maybe should've been named the Crashing Star. Scene 6Scene 7Scene 8 Music:
Lilly and Imogen repurpose an old mining platform. Scene 9Scene 10 Spine crawler Music:
A couple people get very angry, and it's not Lilly and Imogen. Scene 11Scene 12 Sarah Kerrigan/Queen of Blades Music:
Abandoned in Dead Man's Port, Lilly and Imogen pursue new opportunities. Scene 13Scene 14Scene 15Scene 16 Mira Han Music:
A threat... the Hive Armada wants to... steal/capture the... void crystals which will... start a war/invasion! We refer to a few other systems good for one-shots, Everyone is John from Gamer Nation Studios and One Last Job by Grant Howitt (both of which we have played with a Star Wars flavor). 0:00 - Intro1:35 - Character & Ship Creation13:16 - Adventure Music:
The crew of the Raptor gets help from an inside man as they seek to restore their void crystals, but the galaxy may never be the same again. 0:00 - Intro1:03 - Character Creation3:06 - Adventure Music:
Imogen creates a distraction to get through the Mar Sara spaceport quarantine, and Lilly has to clean up the mess. Scene 1Scene 2Scene 3Scene 4 Need context? Jump to the start of the series! Music:
Lilly and Imogen visit Li June for a Snowball update and some sweet tea. Scene 5Scene 6Scene 7 Music:
Lilly and Imogen contend with the dangers of the Mar Sara countryside. Scene 8Scene 9Scene 10 Music:
Lilly and Imogen explore the Cerberus science vessel. Scene 11Scene 12 Music:
Imogen burns a bridge while Lilly mugs a zerg. Scene 13Scene 14Scene 15 Music:
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