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Hi everyone! After a six month hiatus, the Long Distance Lovers Podcast is back!!!! And just in time for Valentine's Day! After a much needed break, we are back and better than ever. Due to a lot of upcoming, exciting events, Kristen is taking a step back and Charlie has stepped in as our co-host!! On today's episode, we celebrate the day of love, give you all updates on what's been going on, and share some BIG news! 
SURPRISE!! We said we were going to take this week off because Kristen has exams, but we just couldn't stay away. This week, we have a very special guest joining us to answer some fun questions about being in a long-distance relationship. 
Episode 4: Boundaries

Episode 4: Boundaries


This week we're focusing on boundaries! Boundaries are important in any type of relationship or friendship, but with long-distance, they can look a little different. On this episode, we talk about physical and emotional/mental boundaries that you and your partner can place to create a healthy relationship, not only with each other, but with yourself as well.
Woohoo episode 3!!! This week, we're talking about intimacy and how navigating through different love languages look in a long-distance relationship. Being away from each other makes intimacy and fulfilling love languages difficult, but that doesn't mean it's impossible!  
We're back for Episode 2! We apologize for the audio quality of this episode, we're still learning. This episode highlights how to navigate either starting a long-distance relationship or transitioning into one. We offered up some tips and tricks that work best for us as far as scheduling and finding things for you two to do together while being away from one another!
Hi friends! We finally decided to make a podcast!!! We're Maria and Kristen and we wanted to create a platform for us to share our experiences in being in a long distance relationship. For the first episode, we just wanted to introduce ourselves, our relationships, and what we plan to do with this podcast!! This is our first podcast ever, so we're trying to navigate technical things, but we hope to get better and we hope you all enjoy! 
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