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AASHTO re:source Q & A Podcast
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AASHTO re:source Q & A Podcast

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Join the conversation as we discuss testing, quality management, and continual improvement topics within the construction materials industry. Learn more about AASHTO re:source at
26 Episodes
Laboratory Assessors, Imani Love and Michael Pratt, join us to discuss the different approaches on how laboratories can track and stay up to date with testing standards and specifications.
Maria Knake, Laboratory Assessment Program Manager, joins us to give more details on the new policy on resolving findings during the assessment. 
Kendra Adams from Blue Rock Labs and our own Pete Holter join Brian to talk about ASTM standards development regarding particle size analysis testing for soils with a focus on transitioning from D422 to D6913 and D7928.
 Guest Mike Wagner, Laboratory Assessment Program Assistant Manager, joins us to answer this FAQ.
In this episode, we will learn more about the AASHTO Committee on Materials and Pavements (COMP) and its standards development process with COMP’s Program Manager, Casey Soneira.
Laboratory Assessor, Mary Kaye Sumner, helps us determine who needs to be present during an assessment.
Effective Training

Effective Training


Ben Sade, AASHTO re:source's Training Manager, talks about what makes training effective.
Join us as we discuss the different standard and program requirements for laboratory managers.
Greg Uherek joins us to talk about the direct shear test (AASHTO T 236 / ASTM D3080) and the common issues that arise from the top shear box requirement.
Learn how the AASHTO Accreditation Program addresses falsified records and how labs should handle the situation. 
Trudy (Keefer) Eckstine and Amy Reed from the AASHTO Accreditation Program explore certification requirements in the construction materials testing industry.
We discuss proficiency sample low ratings and how to respond to them. 
Katheryn Malusky joins us to talk about NTPEP, another AASHTO technical service program.
Learn how mobile and temporary laboratories are handled by the AASHTO Accreditation Program.
Stephen Small, from CCRL joins us to discuss curing facility requirements and rationale.   
We shed light on the often confusing "repeatability within lab" ratings.
Management Reviews

Management Reviews


Learn more about management reviews and get a look at our process from re:source's top leadership.
Maria Knake shares how the Laboratory Assessment Program has adapted during the pandemic.
Jesús Sandoval-Gil, with AZDOT, joins us to discuss their response to the pandemic. 
We discuss how laboratories can best use their time following an assessment.
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