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Inspired by Luwame

Author: Luwame Tesfaye

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You are here on this earth for a reason and it’s time to get fired up about your dreams. Jam-packed with inspiration, encouragement, life hacks, and easy to implement action steps, the Inspired by Luwamé podcast is the ambitious woman’s best friend.
13 Episodes
13. New You. Now what?

13. New You. Now what?


I can't believe it's the end of season 1 for #inspiredbyluwame. We've talked about so much and you're probably thinking okay I've done the work from all the takeaways and I see the changes. Now What though??? Today's episode answers all that. 
What does friendship mean to you? Do your friends give you life? Do they make you laugh? Are they there for you when you really need it, without you having to ask?Together with my two best friends, we dive into all these questions plus so much more. Our hope is that our episode will inspire you to create and build the girl tribe of your dreams. One that will leave you fulfilled instead of drained.
11. Time Management

11. Time Management


What's the one thing you've always wanted to do? Did you end up doing it? What happened?  Today's episode talks about our dreams and how important it is to consistently work on the things we are most passionate about. Success won't happen overnight, the path won't be easy but it will definitely be worth it in the end. Listen in as my good friend Seble Alemayehu (co-founder of Yanaé Jewelry)  and I talk about our dreams and how we built our businesses from the ground up with time and dedication. Our goal is that this episode will inspire you to work hard and stay consistent!  
9. Marriage Uncut

9. Marriage Uncut


For the very first time since the launch of her “Inspired” podcast series, Luwame brings on husband Ben Tesfaye to share a raw and intimate dialogue about marriage in all its forms.  
You know that feeling you get when you are close to your dreams but something keeps holding you back? You start to question yourself: - Imposter Syndrome starts to kick in - You pull back from your plans  The cause of all this is FEAR. On today's episode I dive into what Fear really is and how we can stop it from affecting our dreams.
Joining me is the one and only Isabella Tesfaye, to talk all about morning routines! Yes, my thirteen year old has her own routine, and guess what? She loves it!!You'll want to listen to #todayspodcast with your tweens, teenagers, and even your adult kids/nieces/nephews. If you take anything from it, I hope that it's the power of leading by example for our children. 
Meet Vega! A fitness guru, health coach, mom of two and an amazing woman who started her fitness journey after the birth of her second child and today teaches women everywhere how to eat balanced meals, enjoy life, and live intentionally. 
The power of visualizing your dreams is crazy. It changes the way you think, the way you see your life and the way you show up for yourself. The more you visualize your dreams, the more it becomes part of your everyday life and over time you will start to notice the new person you are becoming. Today's podcast will get you fired up to start your own Vision Board. 
Keeping it 100% real on not only the importance of building great habits, but how to create a habit and stick to it as well.
We’re living in scary times and knowing how to pivot through the worst moments will keep us mentally, physically and spiritually strong.
Diving into what it means to show up for yourself and all the benefits that come with it. 
 An introduction into the first season of Inspired by Luwame. 
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vega Snyder

I Just finished episode 4 and I'm already inspired. I look forward to hearing from you more.

Aug 20th
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