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A show about nurturing your spiritual nature through a connection with your higher self with Registered Nurse and Spiritual Coach, Lisbeth Overton.
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Wow, it seems 2020 will always be remembered as the proverbial year of the Pivot and learning how to live in new and creative ways. Personally it was a year of shedding old patterns and ways of being that were worn and outdated. It has been exactly a year since I left my day job as a nurse and it took me all 365 days to decompress from that life.As 2020 came to a close I found myself feeling pretty anxious and uncertain which is not how I normally feel. Just 3 days ago I had a revelation that I spent most of 2020 in a partial hibernation protecting myself and hatching some epic transformational mojo. As a person on the trail of mastering self-discovery and continuing to move forward even when it’s scary, I find myself closing this chapter of my life to create space for what’s next. And that includes this podcast. While I will always be a nurse with a deep connection to source, The Spiritually Savvy Nurse has served her purpose for this round of Earth school.The Universe is calling me to be expressed in a different way and I am excited to see what that looks and feels like. So I will ask you dear listener, what are you being called to leave behind in 2020 to create space for in 2021?I have never been much of a theme person and am quite averse to structure of any kind, however 2021 is showing me a new way to work with this container we call structure!And so, I did something I’ve never done. In addition to my intention for 2021, I created an intuitive map for the year using my Divine Downloads card deck. The reading begins with the theme and is followed by 12 cards, each for the months of the year. Within moments of completing the reading I felt this overwhelming sense of calm and relief to know that I have this strong foundation and structure to guide me on my new path of self-discovery. My intention for 2021 is JOY and the theme is TRUTH. January-ASKFebruary-SIGNSMarch-RESISTANCEApril-ANGELSMay-PERSISTENCEJune-WISDOMJuly-CONNECTIONAugust-ENERGYSeptember-THE HOWOctober-IMAGINATIONNovember-MANIFESTATIONDecember-SURRENDER If you are looking for some support or structure to frame 2021 and guide you with ease you can play around with these 3 concepts:  THEME:What is your overall intention/theme/focus for 2021?In other words, What do you want to cultivate more of in your life?What will you have to let go of in order to honor your intention/theme for the year?FOUNDATION:How can you stay connected to your true north on a daily basis?How can you uphold your boundaries?What will anchor you if you get distracted or things don’t go as planned?How can you honor yourself and offer compassion when you veer off track?MAP:What are the milestones you need to fulfill each month that will keep you on the path to fulfill your desires/goals?What is the visual that will help guide you?Can you draw this out for yourself and place it somewhere that you can see it daily?Wherever this episode finds you, I want to thank you for listening and for witnessing me in following my truth and my true north for what sets my soul on fire. The world can use more permission slips and less shoulds. Stay tuned for my next adventure, cause you know there will be a podcast involved and all kinds of magic in tow. In the meantime, if you would like some support around an intuitive map for your 2021 head over to my website to get an intuitive reading for yourself. I love you,Lisbeth 
This conversation was so high vibe that it created some interference in the audio. I apologize for the audio quality, although I could not not share this episode, it is pure magic. Thank you for your understanding!How is your connection to the Earth? Have you ever had a sacred experience in nature that changed who you be?After today’s episode with Following Hawks, CEO Amy Dempster, you will never think of nature in the same way. It’s profound healing properties are one interaction away. Amy’s awakening journey is so unique and interesting. It all started with a strange interaction with hawks. Advice for people starting on the spiritual path: everyone thinks, I can’t really be receiving this information...Discerning the’s a process of learning to trust yourself...and ultimately it really is all you, giving yourself this guidance and these some have to know that you’re not making things up….and once you start to believe, that’s when the magic happens.The importance of tending the Earth-within our own personal lineage, once you go back, no matter where your ancestors are from, there was a point when we lived in connection with Earth and when we can reconnect with that there is wisdom from that that we can bring into our lives now. Being an Earth Tender is a way to take a step out of modern life on a daily basis to go outside and let your body reconnect with the Earth and let the resonance flow. A bit on resonance. Man made electromagnetic fields are like a sledgehammer to your field. Nature is a much gentler frequency. Our bodies seek to resonate with similar frequencies. When we get into nature, our bodies naturally resonate with the frequency of the Earth. Studies show that the frequency of healers’ energy is the same frequency as the Earth Deanna Minich quote: "Disease is separation and health is wholeness". Are you overwhelmed about what you can do to help the Earth? Or maybe you are receiving information from spirit and it is overwhelming or too much at times? Join Earth Tenders Academy to learn about working with the energy of your own home or neighborhood and about your own personal connection and relationship with nature. The Earth Tenders Academy is about discovery and what comes through for the individual and what you are being drawn to. The Academy is a portal to your own remembering. The Academy teaches you a framework to learn how to work with energy and the spirits of the land (trees, nature spirits, ancestors). You also learn how to work outside of space and time. Amy loves what comes from the attendees of the Earth Tenders Academy. For example, one individual received the message that she should sing reiki to the trees! What Amy wishes she had known to help reduce suffering on her own journey: It really is simpler than we realize. There is inherent magic in being in the Earth and coming back into our natural state and our natural resonance. Make some time everyday to go outside, things will start shifting. To connect with Amy and her Earth Tender magic, check out: Instagram FB Group Earth Tenders Academy The Earth Keepers Podcast I can't wait to hear about the downloads you received from this episode! Big love,LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy Nurse
Episode 20-In Pursuit of Divine Love and Neutrality on The Spiritual Path with Dr. Terry MorseWhat did you learn about spirituality growing up?I didn’t really learn anything, except when I was 8, I had this experience when I was kneeling in prayer after receiving communion, I felt the presence of God descend upon me. I didn’t have that experience again until I was 18 when I decided to go into the Catholic Convent. The call of Soul is so strong when we are teenagers. There is an urge to be something really great. One thing I wish I had been taught as a child, there are some key things about life that make it so much easier to live if you understand them. There are only two forces in life: power and love. When you are reacting to power, it is fear that can lead to submission or it can be resistance and fighting. Being and knowing in Divine love in a neutral state.I heard about how to become neutral and be in divine love when I was 29 while studying at The National College of Naturopathy in Chicago. I met others who studied things like soul travel and learned about thousands of years of spiritual tradition. Where did we miss the mark on treating people as a whole person? The Western medical model is based on the mind, there is no concept of the soul or sovereignty. The body is manipulated through medical means, completely disconnected to nature. In order for the person to be whole, we must be connected to nature. What did you have to give up to leave the Convent? I was gifted with a sense of self-confidence. I understood in my core that I was real, I was true, and I was good. I was going to follow my own inner guidance and that was in conflict with the rules. I was in a contemplative state one evening while looking at the moon and I knew that I was a spiritual being and I can be a spiritual being on my own. I left the convent the next day. Advice for anyone who feels trapped or is looking to pivot in life? You must listen to your own heart. One must spend time in contemplation at a minimum of 20 minutes every day. When we listen to God, it establishes a link between us and Divine Spirit. When we have that link, it gets stronger and stronger. This allows you to make the right decision. The only part of us who can know the truth is our soul. If we are not soft and malleable we can not be a channel. Detachment is being able to be in a neutral state where nothing can move you. For more info on these teachings: Ancient Wisdom For Today  (Free Book)Check out the HU sound experience. H U are the first two letters for the word human. It’s the sound that permeates all life. It comes from your heart. Chanting this for 20 minutes will shift you into another state of consciousness. Check out the HU app. Blue and gold icon HU EckankarConnect with Terry terrymorse@gmail.comTerry’s takeaway: Trusting ourselves. We are DIVINE, no matter what we do. What is your takeaway from this episode? Send me an email to and share your thoughts!Big love,LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
This is my shortest episode to date and was inspired by the angsty week I had and the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that I heard in my meditation this morning.I am usually high vibe and try my best to align with the silver lining of every detour that life offers up on a silver platter, and this week was more edgy than usual, so maybe it was for you too?I want to pause and acknowledge all of the essential workers and our beloved nurses who are STILL on the front lines of Covid. Thank you. I know you didn’t sign up for this. Remember that you can do hard things and as Ralph Waldo Emerson so poetically said:“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”Keep taking steps towards the guidance of your soul, even when you are having a hard time. Feel the suck, allow it to percolate and keep moving towards what your soul desires. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that we are resilient and the capacity of the human spirit is infinite. I hope that this inspires you and gives you permission to be human and keep nurturing your soul along the way. I love you,LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy NursePlease let me know how this lands for you and what is showing up on your silver platter these days. 
Shannon Poppie is the CEO of The Choice is Yours LLC where she coaches and teaches others The Sacred Technology of Transformational Handwriting. Shannon is a seeker and student of:Universal TruthsSacred Symbolism of the Vimala AlphabetConscious Choice MakingMetaphysics“The greatest power we all have been given is choice”.Shannon has learned and experienced that by choosing to inscribe each incredible letter of our roman alphabet in a specific manner you are choosing to align yourself with the very real force that is waiting to support you in unleashing your unlimited potential.Kitchen Floor Moment: It was exactly ten years ago. Summer 2010, Shannon’s daughter was a junior in high school and got really sick and her illness manifested in severe acne. They tried Acutane and this made Claire feel so sick. This caused them to look at alternative options in the Holistic Healing space.Shannon realized that they continued to focus on the problem and one day after Claire left for school, Shannon wept on the kitchen floor and asked for some type of intervention or support. A few moments after she fully surrendered, she describes a feeling that she had been heard. What followed that experience was one serendipitous event after another. Meeting a healer, Regina Reed, at the local co-op, who was a total stranger. The Divine Timing of Joe Petroski’s visit to Minneapolis the weekend of Thanksgiving to help Claire.The connection to a body worker, Pat Palmer and discovering Louise Hay’s book, “Heal Your Body” while Claire was at an appointment.In the YouTube video, “I Can” -Louise Hay shares that she didn’t start her life until age 50, and shared that her life changed through the art of handwriting with Dr. Vimala Rodgers. Shannon researched Dr. Rodger’s work and ordered her handwriting kit. Shannon connected with Dr. Rodgers soon thereafter was able to meet her in person at her Visionary Retreat the year of Shannon’s 50th birthday and the rest is history. Dr. Rodgers anointed Shannon to become a spokesperson for her work. Transformational Handwriting-your handwriting is a graphic representation of your subconscious thinking! When you have a practice, a system like what Dr. Vimala Rodgers created, it’s amazing because it works like graphology in reverse. When you change the way you write, you change the way you think! You can overcome fears and anxieties and open up amazing gifts and talents that you didn’t even know you had. The act of handwriting in cursive (not print), engages both hemispheres of your brain and draws on your creative center. "Printing is like a fence around your heart. It’s a form of protection". Writing uses heart energy. The first letter of our name holds the passion and purpose of our lives. This work has changed everything for Shannon. The letter S is about balance and calm in all situations. The combination of letters is called a ligature. S and H together is a ligature and means being guided by God to your true profession. Working with Shannon: You will write a sample page in cursive.Shannon shares the Vimela letters with you and describes the meaning within your writing. You get to decide if you want to change something specific in your hand writing. The work is practiced over 40 days and it’s a commitment! It’s not a have to, it’s a get to!Every letter A-Z every letter has a soul quality and a declaration of intent.Connect with Shannon on her website and Facebook Group Call her: 612-709-5960Big love, Lisbeth 💙The Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
Today is a short segment on gratitude!Giving is receiving. Giving is getting. Gratitude is such a powerful way to practice now moment awareness and bringing more on your path to be GRATEFUL! What are you grateful for today?I share a story about how my dear friend Anne gifted one of my Divine Downloads card decks to her dear friend Joe and out of that experience we will soon have two more conversations on our podcasts to further explore this idea of connection and spirituality!Connections really are what make the world go round and are more important than ever to support our individual mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. If you feel called to connect with Anne or Joe, see the details below. Connect with Anne on Instagram.  Learn about the power of MusiCure.Connect with Joe on Instagram.  Listen to Good Air podcast.Check out Joe’s poetry. To be entered into the Divine Downloads Card Deck Giveaway: November 20th-26th.Winner announced on Instagram on Black FriYAY November 27th!!Follow Lisbeth on Instagram: to her podcast, The Spiritually Savvy Nurse and leave a review on itunes: her on Instagram to let me know you left a review.Check out the Divine Downloads Card Deck.  Good luck and thanks for playing!!Big love,Lisbeth The Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
Many humans experience things that we don’t understand on our path. Today’s episode is evidence of what’s possible when we surrender to what is and learn to trust what is showing up on our path. Annemarie is originally from the Netherlands and came to the states in her 20's to work at Johns Hopkins. Annemarie worked in Oncology and transplant and was an achiever and then trauma hit when she lost her child, Danielle. That changed her view on how we care for the dying and was the beginning of her spiritual journey. The real transformation came when she stepped into her own trauma. Annemarie’s son, Daniel came home several days after his birth and died in her arms. She felt his spirit and impressions about who he is. That was 18 years ago and to this day, he is there with Annemarie. She had a theory that there is more to this life than what we see right here and now and that experience really brought that home for her. He is a giant persona and feels like an adult son coming home checking in. Part of his mission is to help her see what’s possible. Annemarie's spiritual journey had a spiritual base in God, and she had to release some of the dogma that came with it. Annemarie sometimes didn’t want to acknowledge that Daniel was communicating with her for fear of what would happen to her. Daniel’s message has been an absolute care for her as a person and acknowledgement of her as a spiritual being and a person that matters. This helped Annemarie remember who she is and that what she thinks matters and the reminder that she can’t draw on an empty well. How to navigate these spiritual waters. She found people who spoke her same language when she went to a class to learn energy healing. She surrounded herself with spiritual entrepreneurs who had concrete business knowledge and a spiritual side. This created a bridge for Annemarie to develop a coaching healing practice. It was a gentle way to transition from the traditional medical background to entrepreneurship. Annemarie's  journey came from trusting her mind first but then it went into her heart and gut. This is why she loves talking about the three brains. "I know now when I’m in flow. When you change your brain you change your life and your business as well."Connect with Annemarie:LinkedIN Nurses Outside the Box Podcast WebsiteBrains 2.0 PodcastAdvice for someone wanting to explore the path of spirituality-Be open to connections and to new connections.When you are opening up to a different way of practicing and doing things in your life, the connections are there and there is one answer for you there. Follow those. Open yourself up, I am open to connections and let them come and when you do, they will come.For the nurses, trust your gut and follow it, we have more to do and more to give as nurses. We need some pioneers to come with us! Thank you for listening! Let me know what pearl resonates with you from this episode. Big love,LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy Nurse
Karin’s journey started as a young girl. “I wish I had known when I was a child what I was experiencing sooner”. Animal interactions, The Bat is her spirit animal. Tune in to find out what Frank, Karin’s spirit animal (the bat) represents to her. Karin had intense dreams that she can still recall-they were foretelling in a sense. Then it became more about the signs:Finding the pennies, seeing butterflies, Bald eagles kept coming throughThey would happen around changes in life“Something is coming, I can feel it. It was a vibe that I would get”. “You can feel it in your gut”. Karin’s intuition started kicking in. She didn’t know why or how she was getting the vibes of people, she could just feel something other than what was being spoken.She began getting spiritual visits at night.Then there were the Spirit “line ups”. She was never afraid of what came through to her, rather it was very comforting to her and it can be very validating for people. Advice for parents of a child who has experienced visits from relatives:Do not discount what the child experiences, allow them to share their experience and be curious yourself and ask questions. Do they know who the visitor was or have they had an experience with animals? Don’t be afraid of it. They are there to communicate and let you know you’re ok. Research spiritual meanings of animals. They can relay messages that can give you insight into your child that you may not otherwise have. When animals show up, it is an opportunity to look at the child’s life to see what qualities the animal has that may be showing up for the child.Tune in to hear about Karin's Tipping point that was the foundation for creating Life Cleansing, the process she takes her clients through. Life Cleansing in an eggshellVisualize a bowl of easter eggs-those are humansThe raw egg is you at birth.Sometimes eggs have white substance on the yolk which is representative of karma or a life lesson that needs to be removed.The hard boiled egg is us as adults, we’ve slowly cooked and when we crack the egg open, it peels differently for each person.The Life Cleansing works on the residue that people don’t even know they have. Using psychic and intuitive abilities (sensory listening) helps to understand the layers of energy and the person.The outer shell protects you and it hides you from the possibilities.The yolk is getting back to the higher self and your connectedness and your self care. Karin’s clients usually want to achieve, purge, or organize something. They spend time exploring the residue, it can be emotional, physical, or karmic, and feelings of fear, guilt, regret, shame, doubt that need to be acknowledged and worked through and working on helping people break out of their old patterns and habits. She brings in the spiritual through practical methods (dreams/signs) and energy (chakras). Karin calls GOD=Genesis of the Divine and refers to it as a higher connection, it’s there for you to access. Tips for those looking to explore your spiritual nature:Open your energy and ask to receive. Pay attention to what shows up.To work with Karin. Schedule a Consultation (30-60 minutes) to determine the plan for your specific needs. Karin’s book, The Life Cleanser is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and her website. Connect with her on the socials.Facebook LinkedIN Instagram
If A Connection With Your Higher Self Is So Amazing, Why Aren't More People Using It?Two Reasons:No one ever taught you about it!Due to the multitude of noise, static and distractions in your everyday life, it’s nearly impossible for you to receive the information from Source!Say What?How can you get your mind, body, and spirit into a receptive state, so that you can become the channel that you are so that you can clearly receive the information that will help support you on your path. Mind-When you catch yourself thinking/playing that tape that is self-limiting-literally stop what you are doing and thank your mind for doing what it is designed to do and then release it. Body-Establish bodacious boundaries with your energy and make them NON-NEGOTIABLE starting now. For example…..SleepNutritionRelationshipsSpirit-Come to the day with a beginner’s mind. What would your life be like if you were brand new to planet Earth? How exciting would it become? Start to look for evidence that there is something greater out there that wants to support you on your path. What if you actually expected miracles?I hope this inspires you, gives you food for thought about your beautiful spirit and human vessel. Let me know what your biggest takeaway is! How did this serve your spirit? Shoot me a message on my website.  If you want to come to a sacred table of amazing women to explore your personal relationship with your higher self and learn super simple ways to attract greater abundance in your spirit, your soul, and your life I cordially invite you to my 2nd Spiritually Wealthy Woman Retreat. The magic goes down on November 7th from 10am-3pm CT. Say yes, HERE. I love you, 💙LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
Tammi Morrison, Intuitive Empowerment Diva, owner of Unleashing Your True Self and author of "Walking Away" shares her story of forgiveness and the way she developed a relationship with Spirit of her own understanding.There is no one path to spirituality."Connection feels like LIFE. It’s like WATER. We can’t live our life without water, I can not live a life without a connection to Spirit." Tammi has been a “God girl” her whole life. She honors God and she includes Him in her life. There was a time where she walked away. She was seeking a god of her own understanding. Tammi was raised Pentecostal holiness. This was judgmental and they put spirit in a box. You go to church and you go to church and you go to church. Bible study, convention, and revival.At 18, Tammi said, “I’m done with church”. She felt like it was a one way street. She returned back to the church at a different time and in a different way and she began to see God, church, Source and all that is in a different way.Tammi’s book, “Walking Away” is her story based on her relationship with her ex-husband as a way to heal. He was diagnosed with AIDS while they were married and he was a cheater for their entire relationship. He was abusive. Tammi realized that her intuition was huge during this relationship and that spirit is always there for her. Tammi wants this book to inspire people, regardless of what’s going on in your life, you can still trust spirit. She wrote the book in 30-45 days and it’s the third time Tammi has written this book! First she lost it, when her computer crashed. She wrote it again and printed it and then she moved and couldn’t afford her storage unit and lost it again. She had all kinds of gremlins running around in her head about being able to write it. She had some apprehension about writing it. To the woman who has soul nudges, what advice would you give them to stay on the journey and some tips to support you on your way:Make sure that you take some time out, people want to rush it. People become uncomfortable when they start to receive information. No rushing. No pushing. Get a journal and begin to write some things down.When the demons come out, speak affirmations out loud. Write loving words out to yourself everyday to see and know. Find a person or a tribe that you can know and trust to uplift you. Keep your head up and keep moving. Take that time OUT to go inside. Get Tammi's book, Walking Away.Facebook  YoutubeInstagramLinkedIN  TwitterHave you ever walked away and how did that support your spiritual journey?Let me know in the comments. Big love, LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
Ep. 12- Cast Your Vote Like Your Life Depends On It I knew there was a reason I felt resistance in creating my show for this week. That was because I needed more research. I needed more time. I needed more evidence. This is a show about connecting to your higher power and hopefully providing tools and resources to help you nurture and enrich that connection and relationship so that you may thrive and most importantly feel supported and above all else, feel safe on your journey. Over the last 9 months I have been tight lipped about politics. And now, I must speak. As a human, a mother, a spouse, daughter, a nurse, community member, and business owner I have been blown away by the capacity and resiliency of the human spirit over the last 9 months. The stories and acts of goodwill that have been birthed are nothing short of extraordinary. And the level of complicit manipulation and lack of truth has been gut wrenching. I am a truth seeker and a way shower. I believe transparency is the best policy and I have zero tolerance for untruths, especially when it impacts the vulnerable, the weak, the disadvantaged, the weary, the old, the young, and especially when it impacts women, and children. Women are the change agents of this world and it is about time that this administration be called on the carpet for the fear and untruths that they have spewed into our country and communities. The amount of time and work that it will take to heal the wounds from this time is exorbitant. For the woman who believes the lies that your vote doesn’t count or that it will be too difficult to cast, DO not give your power away and cast your vote. Do it for your children, our environment and to honor all those who came before you. It will take every vote and we will overcome. You have the capacity to change the collective with your actions. You have an opportunity to change history over the next 26 days by voting in the Presidential Election of the United States. The time to hold others accountable for their egregious actions is upon us. The tides have turned, and we need every single one of you to keep the momentum going. Yesterday on Oct 7th, the New England Journal of Medicine broke the nonpartisan position it has held since 1812 with an editorial titled, “Dying in a Leadership Vacuum,” which urged voters to oust Trump over his administration’s failures of their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.This is only the 5th time that all 34 editors of the journal have signed an editorial. The coronavirus, has now killed at least 211,000 Americans.And this quote so poignantly nails it.  “Our leaders have largely claimed immunity for their actions.” “But this election gives us the power to render judgment.”Resources: let me know what this election and casting your vote means to you. Big love, LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy NurseFor more content, head to If you need a fun tool to keep you grounded during these turbulent times, check out my Divine Downloads Card Deck
Today’s show is an absolute honor. I share my interview with one of my creative crushes, Sarah Wilder. Sarah is the visionary behind the Wilder Ones, a social enterprise cause connecting creativity and conservation, two of her biggest passions!Sarah is a gifted creative and has a magical way of blending the elements with art through her oracle decks and jewelry. Sarah’s love of art began early as her parents were artists and creativity was nurtured in the home. Sarah spent her early 20’s in Fashion Design and it was the birth of her son that gave rise to her Spiritual Awakening. Sarah wasn’t raised religious, although her parents were Catholic. Her mom read Tarot and would have oracle decks around the house and they would do readings together. Her mom was channeling art at one time, it was a marriage of commercial art and spirituality. During Sarah’s pregnancy and the first months of her son’s life she studied the elements and nature and the modalities that showed her who she was. She allowed herself to follow those trails of excitement and built a brand based on that. Painting animals was something she did as a treat for herself which would become her oracle deck, Animal Kin.  Speaking of animals, Sarah’s possum, Stevie Nicks makes an appearance on the show. You can see how adorable she is on Sarah’s Instagram feed and meet her newest possum, Marshmello.  We discuss the Classical Elements (Earth/Fire/Water/Air) as fundamental foundations in representing different aspects of the self and how we can work with the elements to alchemize our lives. Tools on the spiritual journey. Talisman-An item of jewelry that is a portal or a key to something that you are seeking outside of yourself. It creates access to that thing or that place. The elements are medicine as they remind you of who you are. Start integrating these tools into your day to day. Sarah’s vision is to be a Wildlife rehabilitator. She wants to have a hub where people can come and connect with the animals and make it an educational space. She had a massive wake up call early this year with the WildFires and the passing of one of her mentors.  Animal Kin is Sarah’s way of marrying spirituality with Earth education. Most of Sarah’s customers are moms and they share these cards with their kids. Live Card Reading revealed the Kookaburra Card-with this timely message to have more fun! Parting wisdom: know who you are and go do that work. Get to know yourself. Know your astrological chart, master it and understand it. The book that changed Sarah’s life: Astrology For the Soul Jan Spiller To tap into Sarah’s practical magic, check out her Website and connect with her on the socials: Instagram and Facebook May this episode cause you to pause and take note of where you are on your spiritual journey. Perhaps an animal kin deck speaks to your soul or a talisman to help connect you to the portal of your next phase of spiritual evolution?Big gratitude, Lisbeth The Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
These 2 Things Are The Gateway to Stimulate DIViNE DOWNLOADS on Your Spiritual Path What the heck is a DIViNE DOWNLOAD and why would you want to receive some?In my experience, you can only receive these spiritual nuggets when you are in a receptive state (mind, body, & spirit). You must be in total alignment. To prepare the mind, body, and spirit for the downloads to arrive, we must carve out time for both Silence and Stillness. In case you didn’t get the memo, these are both trying for humans!When you are distracted or busy, it is nearly impossible to be grounded and this makes it harder to be connected to the subtle information from the DIViNE. The information is very subtle, especially at first, that’s where the silence and stillness become key. Inspiration:“Everything that’s created comes out of silence. Thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Words come out of the void. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness.”  Wayne Dyer"The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest. "  Bruce LeeRecommendations:The Social Experiment MovieResources for Spiritual Exploration:Divine Downloads Card Deck The Spiritually Wealthy Woman Retreat How is your relationship with Silence and Stillness? Are you willing to let a little of these into your life to allow for more connection to your spiritual connection? Let me know in the comments. Big love,LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy Nurse
Did you ever imagine that your career could strengthen your spirituality?When the Divine and Your Dreams Collide with Nurse Entrepreneur, Heather Wilson Heather became a nurse because it was “safe” and then God really called her to step into her Divinity in unexpected ways. It all started at six years of age when a seed was planted by God when Heather witnessed a man eating by himself at Wendy’s. This broke her heart. Fast forward several decades later and Heather identified a problem with seniors needing foot care during the healthcare stay while working in vascular care.Then synchronicity hit when she was getting a manicure three days before her wedding and the spark was ignited. Heather got married in Aruba and the rest is history. Heather and her husband created, Everyday Divinity, Nurse Delivered Foot Care while on their honeymoon! Wisdom that Heather has acquired on her journey:Destiny whispers and once you begin to tap into trusting yourself, the doors begin to open…..You have to be anchored to your spirit. If you can trust yourself, you don’t have to worry about trusting others. We have all brought the seeds that have been planted within us. You have to decide are you going to: carry that seed, incubate it, nurture it, birth it or leave it, it’s up to you. The pandemic has taught her: “If it doesn’t serve me, I don’t need to”. If there is something pulling you, investigate it because it’s there for a reason. Find your path and find your passion. If you come to a point when you are numb in life, you have lost your passion. We all have a divine purpose.Get in tune with who you are. Take time to learn who you are.Learn what led to Heather becoming spiritual at the local hospital. If you are a nurse and want a side or a whole hustle, this is the organization for you: The National Nurses in Business Association. Join in next weekend, September 25-27 for the annual conference of The National Nurses in Business Association and to hear Heather present on How to Start A Foot Care Business To connect with Heather, check out all her socials. FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIN Thank you for your time, energy, and care! If you are picking up what I’m putting down, I would be humbled for you to let me know via message, a review on itunes, or a share with your bestie. Always know, wherever this finds you on your journey, you are always supported.Big love, 💙LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
How do you know it’s time for you to come out of the spiritual closet?By “coming out of the spiritual closet” I am referring to your ability to express yourself in the fullest possible way for what your soul desires in a way that feels liberating and safe. It is a very beautiful and creative dance of deep exploration. It’s like going on a hike of your innermost desires and characteristics of your soul. It’s a decision that is guided by your spirit, rather than what you “should” be doing according to “all the rules” of society. Spirituality is what you say it is for you. It is highly personal and individualized. There is no possible way to do it wrong or screw it up! I had no idea that what I learned about spirituality growing up barely scratched the surface for what my higher self and soul needed to be fully expressed as a spiritual being. It started as a feeling of deep unease. There are way more than three signs that it’s time for you to come out of the spiritual closet, this is just a start based on my own experience.A sense of unease that you can’t shake or discern the source of. You realize that the activities that you participate in and the people that you hang with don’t really do it for you anymore. You are becoming more aware of information that in the past you may have ignored or not even given the time of day and now it seems to be coming more often and with more intensity. You have no idea what to make of this information and you certainly have no one to talk to about it because if you shared it with anyone they would look at you like you have 12 heads.My relationship with spirit has shown me:Your higher self, angels, spidey sense, intuition are always with you, it’s just that the connection has been severed or cut off and you are seeking the answers outside of yourself that already reside within you.You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. You are literally an antennae sending out a signal to the Universe. All energy carries a frequency or vibration. It takes awhile for your physical self to catch up with your non-physical or spiritual self. You have a certain energy about you. You attract like energy to you, this can come in the form of people, ideas, opportunities, and circumstances. When you start on this spiritual journey it creates a change in your frequency. Your spirit is trying to communicate with you every chance it gets. However, unless you know this or have some awareness, it will not register with you. Start your own spiritual journey by getting your mind, body, and spirit into a receptive state with a simple grounding exercise. Place your feet on the earth. Imagine you are a tree and you have roots planted deep into the core of the earth. Offer up gratitude and thanks for Earth and to all of your spiritual beings and supporters.Take a few deep breaths. Release what no longer serves you by imagining all of your troubles flowing down your body and into the earth through your tree roots to be recycled for new supportive healing energy. Imagine the energy of mother Earth rising up through your tree roots to nourish and support you. Ask for guidance from your higher self and spiritual team (God, Source, Universe, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides). Start to notice how you feel throughout your day. Start to look for signs of evidence that you are supported on your journey. Most importantly, have fun and stay curious!Please let me know in the comments if you feel called to come out of the spiritual closet! For more spiritual resources, head over to my website.   Big love,LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
Natalie’s journey with spirituality began at the age of 12 with the onset of physical pain. Her spiritual work has allowed her to understand that all of her injuries came from pressure that was building in her body. In her 20’s she couldn’t get out of bed due to pain. This led to depression in her teen years that she covered up with drugs. About her experience, “I wanted to be the peace maker because I didn’t want all that negative energy around. Through that process I think I lost myself. I was afraid to speak up. I didn’t want to make waves.”Natalie’s chronic injuries from dance influenced her to go into Athletic Training. She worked at Disneyland as a trainer and has many certifications in specialties such as: pilates and yoga. She realized that all the things she was doing didn’t totally eradicate the pain because the source of her pain was emotional trauma.Natalie learned that she could choose to change how she thought and how she reacted to life and that's when things turned around for her. She pursued all kinds of methods on her healing journey: Emotion Code, Journaling, and Reframing Thoughts About Self Worth. Natalie attributes LIfe Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis as the tools that helped her shift her pain the most. Tips to Master The Law of Attraction: Meditation- teaches how to quiet and focus the mind-helps us to open up to the intuitive nudges-when you are able to tap into the spiritual realm-the DivineReprogramming the subconscious thoughts so it’s in alignment with what we do want to create-we can create an environment where our thoughts are more supportive of what we do  want. You are the thinker of your thoughts. You are the observer of your thoughts. The dialogue goes on autopilot. Sit back and become aware of your own patterns. You can consciously choose to create a new pattern. How can I shift this emotion to a more positive point of view. Begin to question. Is this thought really true?Following your intuition-you are following divine guidance with every step of the way. Abraham Hicks-every time you have a desire in this lifetime. Your higher self, starts to resonate at that frequency of that dream, and your body needs to catch up to this. Anytime you feel something that doesn't feel good (often in your emotions) that is a representation of your higher self vibrating at that dream and you are not in alignment with who you really want to be. Tune in to hear Natalie’s Divine Download about MONEY, it’s so GOOD:)Resources: The Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton  Louise Hay Connect with Natalie here: Free Video Series How to Follow Your IntuitionWebsiteYouTubeInstagram Facebook Group FREE Video Series PodcastI trust this episode will resonate with the right humans! Let me know on the socials how this lands for you. If you feel called. I would be honored if you left me a review on iTUNES. Big love,LisbethThe Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
Today I want to share this concept of contrast and invite you to reflect on what wolf you are feeding in your own life and hopefully provide you with a tip or two on how to explore these parts of yourself that you may be unfamiliar with. To me contrast is an opportunity that allows us to see the difference between two things. Esther and Jerry Hicks talk a lot about contrast in their teachings about law of attraction as they share the teachings of Abraham and they discuss contrast as showing you what you’re not wanting. Most of us get fixated on what we don’t have or what’s not right and inadvertently end up attracting what we fear. I believe this idea of contrast is so powerful because we have contrast within ourselves. These selves have been called our light selves and our dark selves or our shadow selves.You can’t have one without the other. They are both beautiful. They both teach us what we need to know for our spiritual evolution.There is a Cherokee parable about two wolves that is metaphor for this part of ourselves.If this is something you would like to explore further, I have a few tips for you to try. The only way to change a behavior is to acknowledge that it exists.To take it another step, having gratitude for what this thing provides us is even more powerful. For example, Debbie ford in her book, The Dark Side of The Light Chasers has a wonderful guided visualization exercise that helps you see and acknowledge all your selves, the light and the dark, they all have something to  teach you and the sooner you can acknowledge them and let them know you’ve got this, that part of yourself will continue to sabotage you. Deciding which wolf you feed makes a huge difference in how fulfilling your life will be. One of the most beneficial things that has helped me manage my shadow self is knowing that she and all her friends are here to teach me things that will help my spiritual evolution and when I started to live from a place of both, and instead of this or that, my life completely transformed. Contrast or the shadow self shows me where I have more healing to do. Have you ever had a situation where you thought you were “done with something” and then it reared its ugly head and caused you to get triggered or poked that wound? It’s not pretty or fun, however, it’s necessary to show us where we have more exploring to do. For example, I have both a dark side and a light side. I can be both scared and still take baby steps towards my goal. I can be disappointed and still show up and give it my all.The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield who said, “Where Attention goes, Energy flows; Where Intention goes, Energy flows.” What you focus on expands. So, in closing...Questions to marinate on:What self are you focusing on? Which wolf are you feeding?The Dark or the Light?Can you invite some gratitude for both sides of yourself?Can you explore what lessons the dark or shadow self wants you to know about yourself?Can you start to explore this idea of living from this place of both, and in your life?Who would you become if you accepted all of yourselves unconditionally?What would you be able to release if you accepted all parts of yourself?I would love to know how this episode lands for you. If you are loving this show, please leave me a review on itunes and thank you for listening. Big love, 💙Lisbeth The Spiritually Savvy Nurse-Let's connect:
Today’s guest, Felicia Baird experienced her Spiritual Awakening in her early 20’s. Several years later she discovered Human Design and it was as if someone had read her soul.Felicia uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Human Design (HD) in her work to help her clients unblock their limiting beliefs and reframe their lives in a way that works for them. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a way to confront your triggers “head on”. It gets into the subconscious to rewire the thoughts that our older selves are carrying around. Felicia believes that HD is our energetic DNA, it’s how we're meant to make decisions, set boundaries & do business. It’s a tool that works with ancient and modern systems that make up your body graph. Felicia feels like her 20’s were all about forcing and forcing and when she experienced Human Design, it “was as if someone read my soul back to me”. “It was permission to step into fully who I am”.Human Design has many layers and involves a chart. To discover your HD go to: and enter your:BirthdateTime of birthLocation of birthThe 5 types of Human Design:ManifestorReflectorProjectorGenerator Manifesting GeneratorYour design is your energy, it’s your vehicle/aura and how you’re supposed to show up. The HD Chart has 9 centers. Felicia uses these centers to quickly identify a person’s blocks and where they are not living in alignment.What following the Spiritual path has provided Felicia:“Everything is happening for me, not to me”.“Trusting that the universe won’t give you anything you can’t handle”.“When I let go of what’s not for me, the Universe will give me what is”. Honoring this path has allowed Felicia to become lighter, “I feel I’m not the same person I was 5 years ago. I set boundaries, I communicate very well. I am more, go with the flow. Learning to let go and so it is. There is no point in forcing things”. “There is a divine path and divine timing. IT is always working in your favor”. It’s ok for people to stay on the logical path. However, If you learn to trust, your life would be so much easier.RESOURCES Tips to Get Unstuck:Look for expanders in your life-we are the top 5 people we hang out with the mostHang out with the people who are doing and being who you want to bePractice the Fab 4 every day4 things you can do everyday to snap you out of your energetic rutTo Connect with Felicia:Website: Group: and Flow Podcast:
The Magic of Detours and Divine Timing on Your Spiritual Path with Lisbeth OvertonDetours and Divine Timing are magical indeed. I trust that this episode will provide you with some serious grounding and transformation in your own life. Today I share these two principles that I know and believe today that have ALLOWED me to make quantum shifts in my life and work. Divine Timing is a way of being. It’s a belief system that means everything that I could possibly need, desire, or wish for will always be provided for me in the perfect timing for my soul’s journey.Believing in Divine Timing =Trusting. Allowing. Knowing. Divine Timing allows me to experience a miracle consciousness. I expect miracles because why wouldn’t I? Your soul is the keeper of your mission. She/he is grooming you to fulfill your mission. This involves rainbows and loads of obstacles and detours too!!Detours are spirit’s way of getting your attention! When something doesn’t go “as planned” it causes angst, anger, and all kinds of energy. We tend to attempt to control, micromanage how things go down. That’s just not how it works. We can co-create with the Universe and it involves asking for what you want, taking inspired action, and allowing that thing to come to you the way it is meant for you in diving timing. When you try to manipulate how it shows up you can guarantee you will have obstacles thrown on your path. The more you let go and allow the universe and your spiritual squad to do the heaving lifting, the easier and faster things occur on your path. A detour usually means you need a little more research or information for your soul’s evolution. When you know and trust this, it makes all the things easier and more fun. How much energy have you spent in your lifetime when things didn’t go “as planned”? I bet it’s a ton!The resources, opportunities, & money will flow to you when you let go of the reins a little more and create a little more space for source to work her magic. P.S.A. There is nothing easy coming to you when you have the death grip and are stressed out. With practice, you can learn how to trust in DIVINE TIMING and understand that DETOURS are little nudges from your angels to align you back to your spiritual path. When you open yourself up to this way of being, it allows so much more ease and grace in your life. Tune in to hear the two stories about how I learned the power of Divine Timing and Detours in my life. You will resonate I am certain and it will crack you up too!! Resources:Check out the Divine Downloads Card Deck to support you on your spiritual journey. you are picking up what I’m putting down, by all means let’s exchange energies and please leave me a review on itunes and specifically share what it is that resonates with you from the show!Big love, 💙Lisbeth The Spiritually Savvy Nurse 
In this solo broadcast, host Lisbeth Overton of The Spiritually Savvy Nurse Podcast riffs on what it felt like to be spiritually bankrupt and how she transitioned into the Spiritually Wealthy Woman she is becoming and tips on how you can too. What does it mean to be spiritually bankrupt?Having all the things and still feeling unfulfilled.Feeling guilty for wanting or desiring more out of life?Feeling lost and disconnected and not being able to put a finger on what it was that I was missing. What is a Spiritually Wealthy Woman?A woman who feels safe and comfortable in exploring her own connection to Source, Spirit, God, All that Is, The universe and being able to express that part of herself freely and without a filter or shame. When a woman becomes aligned in mind, body, and spirit she becomes a magnet for all that she desires. When a woman feels connected to her higher self/source she has direct access to anything that she needs. As long as she is willing to ALLOW for that to flow to her. In my experience, your higher self has the 10k foot view of your life, she can always see the entire staircase and she will always guide you to make your journey easier and more fun. How do you go from Spiritually Bankrupt to Wealthy?Assess your current life. What do you love. What do you loathe? Are you living in alignment with what is deep in your soul? Is how you feel on the inside matching up with your actions on the outside?Start to consider what it is that you truly desire?What would have to happen in your life to make that fantasy a reality? Time/Money/Energy/Giving up something Begin to dismantle the limiting beliefs that keep you stuckStart making yourself and your desires non-negotiable. You making time for yourself is a necessity, not a luxuryThe more fulfilled you are, the more energy and bandwidth you will have to support the amazing humans in your life and you won’t actually kill yourself in the process and you will have far more funBegin to carve out time to connect with your higher self/soul/spirit in a way that appeals to you.JournalMeditateBe in natureArtPhotographyHave fun and simply begin to notice what you notice in your daily experience. How do you feel mind, body, and spirit when you are connecting to your higher self on a regular basis and what are you noticing in your mood, your energy, and your resources/ideas?Do you feel supported and more hopeful? Keep exploring and noticing without trying to judge or analyze things. Resources If you desire some tools, check out my Divine Downloads card deck. are a simple tool to support you and your desires with ease and fun. If you desire connection with like minded souls, join my free Divine Downloads inner circle where I do weekly card readings. look forward to hearing how this episode lands for you and how you will use these tips to connect with your spiritual nature on a deeper level. Until next time, keep taking those baby steps and know that your higher self always has your back. P.S. Are you a spiritual being ready to share your journey with The Spiritually Savvy Nurse Podcast? I would love to connect with you and to hear your story! Send me a message on my website:
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