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Better Call Daddy is for people who love stories. Hosted by the talented Reena Friedman Watts, everyone from influential players to phone sex workers are featured on the show. Nothing is censored here. Each episode, Reena will interview a person of interest, and her father will chime in with his advice afterwards.

"My dad has been my guiding force my whole life, there's nothing that he doesn't know and I want to share that with the world."
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The Love Rabbi who prefers to be called the People’s Rabbi is here on Tu B’Av! It’s like Valentine’s Day, a Jewish holiday reflecting on the values love and friendship.  It feels so good to be loved! Isn’t that why were created? “Humans, all of us, were not meant to be alone. Those relationships can take many forms, but at the end of the day, it just is better to be with others.” Love just takes that one level up.  Today we have "the Love Rabbi" from the hit documentary series, Kosher Love.  In the first episode Rabbi Yisroel Bernath talked about why he believes marriage is a lost art!  In this episode he calls my daddy live and gives tips about dating for marriage.  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy! Yisroel Bernath is an American Hassidic rabbi, actor, screenwriter and podcaster active in Canada. Bernath is spiritual director at Chabad of NDG and the Jewish Chaplain at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.      
Today we have "the Love Rabbi" from the hit documentary series, Kosher Love. This episode is cut into part 1 and part 2 so be sure to tune into part 2 next.  Rabbi Yisroel Bernath knew from a very young age he wanted to be a rabbi!  He loves people and believes in marriage.  He’s made many matches and today we are talking about how and why he believes marriage is a lost art!  Does marriage really matter in the 21st century?  What am I going to get out of it? Tune in to find out!  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy! Yisroel Bernath is an American Hassidic rabbi, actor, screenwriter and podcaster active in Canada. Bernath is spiritual director at Chabad of NDG and the Jewish Chaplain at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!            
Did you know that YOU probably struggle with perfectionism? People-pleasing, procrastination, advice-seeking, imposter syndrome, avoiding difficult conversations, needing control, indecision, stress, and anxiety are all symptoms of perfectionism. On this episode of Better Call Daddy, award-winning speaker, and author of Addicted to Perfect: A Journey Out of the Grips of Adderall.  Vitale Buford, is here to talk about something that 97% of people struggle with: perfectionism. What does perfectionism even mean? What phrase changed Vitale’s life and perspective? Tune in to find out.    Connect with Vitale!  Instagram: @vitalebuford  Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!
Do nice guys really finish last? Jason Bradberry was the nice guy, the doormat, the pushover, and now he’s teaching couples the relationship dance!  His ex-wife started cheating on him the day they got married, and continued to do so their entire marriage. The reason? Because he was bad in bed. After their divorce, Jason went through a personal journey in which he explored his sexual identity. Today, Jason works as a spiritual intimacy expert who helps couples that are going through what he went through in his marriage. He talks about masculinity and femininity, the seduction community, how everyday actions translate to the bedroom, and so much more on this episode of Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space for Controversy. Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!  
Going from parties, alcohol, hating school and hanging out with friends to becoming extremely focused, religious and spiritual through a year of combat in the military? This is the story of this week’s guest, Shlomo Jesmer who talks to Reena about his personal development journey and his advice on relationships and happy marriages. This week’s episode of Better Call Daddy is eye opening and very educational! Make sure to tune in!   Connect with Shlomo! Twitter: @jesmershlomo Facebook: Shlomo Jesmer Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!    
Ever wondered what it’s like to be a sex and/or love addict? On this week’s episode of Better Call Daddy, Brianne Davis talks to Reena all about her addiction and how it affects her life and relationship! Another relationship that is very important to her is with her father who drastically changes after serving in the military with his struggles with PTSD. This led to a lifetime of trauma and something she actively works on fixing with her son! Although she has gone through a lot in her life, she has also achieved a lot with writing a book, acting, directing, producing in Hollywood and much more! She made her television debut with small part on the episode of Dawson's Creek in 2001, and in 2005 appeared in film Jarhead as Jake Gyllenhaal's character's girlfriend. In 2008, Davis co-starred in the slasher film Prom Night, and following year played bad girl in comedy film American Virgin. On television, Davis has guest-starred in Nip/Tuck, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Entourage, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Body of Proof, and True Blood, as well as appeared in recurring roles on Hollywood Heights, Murder in the First, True Blood, and If Loving You Is Wrong[2][3] She continued appearing in low-profile horror films, like The Victim, ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2, and The Night Visitor. She also directed horror films The Night Visitor 2: Heather's Story and Psychophonia in 2014.[4] In 2016, Davis was cast as lead alongside Barry Sloane, Walton Goggins and Nadine Velazquez in the History Channel drama series Six created by William Broyles, Jr..[5]     Make sure to tune into this week’s episode of Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space for Controversy!   Connect with Brianne!  Instagram: @thebriannedavis  Book: Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex and Love Addict: The Novel Website: Podcast: Secret Life Podcast   Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!
Forty, broke, single and three kids? Who’s gonna want me?  Deborah Driggs is practicing aging gracefully and she’s here to share her tips! Her Tell-All Memoir is coming out soon,  and she tells Reena what it was like to write a book during a pandemic. She also talks about intentional social media posting, what it was like to shoot for Playboy and meet Hugh Hefner, and what the audition process is like for an actor (turns out, it’s all about who you know!) How did she handle rejection? What celebrities had her star struck? Tune in to find out.  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy.   Connect with Deboah!  Instagram: @deborahdriggs  Website:    Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!
At 26 years old, June Morrow moved to Toronto with a man she had known for one month to become a stripper. While it was a lot of fun at first, she soon realised how lonely her clients were. In fact, while there was the occasional bachelor party, many of her customers were married. Today, June works as a copywriter and business coach. Her journey from stripper to coach is incredibly interesting, and June shares the life lessons she’s learned along the way. How did her attempt to become a motivational speaker result in her stripping? How did she pick her stripper name? How did stripping affect how she viewed herself? Tune in to find out. Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy.   Connect with June!  Instagram: @junemorrowcoach  Website:      Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!
This week's episode of Better Call Daddy features the talented drummer, producer, and podcaster Brynner Agassi that beats to his own drum! Brynner and Reena talk about the power of art and the people who create it, how he owned the word “sensitive,” how social media has affected his world as an artist, what it’s like to grow up with a famous celebrity father, and that’s barely scratching the surface! Tune in for an episode filled with interesting stories and insight into the LA music scene.    Connect with Brynner!  Instagram: @officialbrynneragassi  Podcast: The Mixing Board  Website:  Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!
Sariah Hastings has gone through so much in her life from being human trafficked as a prostitute to being pregnant from her pimp to abandoning her own son and now asking for forgiveness, following Jesus and taking care of human trafficking survivors. She talks to Reena on this week’s episode of Better Call Daddy about how Jesus has taken care of her throughout her entire life, to her views on mental health, same sex relationships and distinguishing between real and fake Christians. This episode is a must listen!  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy.   Connect with Sariah!  Her Website:  Facebook: Sariah Hastings    Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!
Better Call Daddy was born out of a curiosity of people. Everyone around us has interesting stories, Linda is no exception as she makes her podcast debut on this episode of Better Call Daddy Show. From her love of animals and her work rescuing them (she has rehomed 89 animals!) to dating advice, parenting, and meditation to the moment she became a true New Yorker, Linda talks about it all. This episode is for all animal lovers!    Connect with Linda! Instagram: @cowdog.panda    Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!  
Bill O’Herron is stepping into positive energy, sitting in gratitude, and practicing intentionality.  He’s coming up on 9000 hours of meditation and encourages you to try it as well. We are all interconnected!  He says focus on being soul rich! He believes in continual learning and moving the needle.  Invest in experiences and choose to be of service if you want a shift! Bill O’Herron is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been studying, teaching, and counseling for the last 16 years. His work is focused on helping clients better understand the challenges and work involved with being in a mature relationship. Bill believes that working on yourself, which will automatically improve the dynamics of your relationship, is the most important thing in life. He writes, “What we do right now in our relationship echoes down through posterity, changes who our grandchildren’s children become.” Bill has been married to his exceedingly patient wife Linda for 23 years. They have 3 amazing daughters and 2 dogs Smokey and Panda, who made an appearance on the show! Bill’s career spans 30+ years in the financial field as a research sales and capital markets executive, having worked in New York, London, Stamford, CT and now Austin, TX. Back in 1997 while living in London, England, after having spent 11 years in the financial field, Bill took a work hiatus and enrolled in a language immersion program in Merida, Venezuela. His goal was to learn Spanish, and to continue studying and researching the customs, ethnology, and psychology of local communities Using this experience of living and working with locals, Bill began developing a basic model for applying universal and holistic approaches to human development and self-awareness. It was simple; slow down and relax the rational, left part of the brain to gain access to the emotional, right side of the brain. The right, feeling-based limbic side of the body and mind hold all the answers to why we feel and behave the way we do! Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy! Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!        
April Rovero experienced every parent’s worst nightmare: the death of her son. After a dirty doctor prescribed her son opioids, mixing them with alcohol was fatal. He was only 21 years old. Disgustingly, April’s son was not her first patient to die. People overdosed in her bathroom and she didn’t stop. She would get calls from the coroner's office and didn’t stop. While she ultimately went to jail, what came out in trial makes it shocking to believe she was able to run her practice for so many years. How many millions of dollars did she make? How did April find out what the doctor was doing? Which president did April get a response from? What should you do if someone is overdosing? What can you do to not be a part of the problem? Tune in to find out!  April retired from Lucent Technologies as a National Program Management Director in 2001 after a 30-year career in telecommunications. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Masters Certificate in Program Management from Stephen’s Institute of Technology. April founded NCAPDA shortly after her son Joey’s accidental death on December 18, 2009, from an accidental prescription drug overdose while a student at Arizona State University. April leads and oversees all aspects of the organization and is the Chairperson of the Contra Costa County MEDS Coalition, is a Steering Committee member of both the California Opioid Safety Network and the East Bay Safe Prescribing Coalition and is an Executive Steering Committee Member of the Fed Up! Coalition.     Connect with April!  NCAPDA:  Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!    
How can we create a culture where it’s okay to talk about mental health and isolation?!  It takes a community to succeed! Moussa Mikhail lived on a Navy submarine where 150 people had to share 90 beds. Talk about uncomfortable! Right after Moussa left the military, his friend, who struggled to adapt to life on the submarine, killed two people and then himself. This incident and all that lead up to it highlighted how the Navy neglected the mental health struggles that people dealt with. And it was this incident that propelled Moussa to learn about and advocate for mental health support. To find out more, tune in to this episode of Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For For Controversy!   Connect with Moussa!  Podcast: The Conqueror Approach 
Why do we get cool ideas and not act on them?  How do you put gratitude and ease into your day? Find out why your ego might actually be keeping you from succeeding in your life!   Andrew Kap holds one goal above all others through his various projects: Genuine and Sustainable Impact.  He’s the former Marketing intern for WWE, Host of Shatter The Mold Podcast, and his latest offering, “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read” offers readers a never-before-seen understanding of the topic — that no other “LOA” book has ever been able to do — by going the extra mile of finally addressing WHY people who get excited about trying it still can’t manage to get in the habit of using these methods for just five minutes a day. The book has enjoyed continued success, including over 1,000 five-star rave reviews, #1 Best Seller status in multiple categories on Amazon, and a growing YouTube channel devoted to it.   Andrew’s also happy to share how he used his techniques to reclaim his own life (in a very little time) after losing his business and his girlfriend all in the same week. The fast changes he experienced in his finances, his love life, and his health blew him away and made him understand why these simple methods weren’t working in the past.   Book Listing on Amazon: Andrew’s YouTube Channel:   Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!        
Raylene Taskoski is a speaker, comedian, podcaster, and a direct sales consultant. She's also a wife, a mother, a Grammy, a winery enthusiast, and a beekeeper. She had an after-school detention for talking every single day for 3 years.  Over the past decade, she's talked to over 10,000 women about sex & from those conversations created a stage show called “Stand Up Comedy Sex Ed” and a motivational keynote called “Let’s Talk About Sex: The Value of Open, Honest Discussions about Women’s Sexual Health.” If you need someone to talk about sex, seriously or jokingly, hit her up. Or beekeeping. Or grandkids. Or Cruises. She just loves to talk. For Raylene sex toys!
On this week’s episode of Better Call Daddy, Reena talks with a United States active-duty Navy officer and asks all your questions for you! Travis had moved 36 times by age 17, living in 6 states and 5 foster homes. No matter how difficult life got, someone was always there to help. So today, Travis makes sure to give back… when he’s not coordinating events and publishing books that is. How did he go from surviving two murder attempts to being a board member at the S.H.I.N.E. Foundation, having donated over $30,000, having volunteered over 1,500 hours, helping found 6 nonprofits, and having raised more than $500,000? Tune in to find out!  Connect with Travis!   Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!
“Every time I think of my dad it’s gratitude! My dad taught me how to love, he was married 41 years, how to work, and how to serve!  He was the best at customer service!”  Brian Sexton’s daddy was there for him like my daddy is there for me!  There is so much we can learn from our upbringing and honoring our parents!  Today we are upping our wisdom rating!  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy! Brian Sexton is a seasoned veteran Sales, Sales Management, Territory Building and Customer Engagement Specialist of over 25 years across four different industries. In his career, Brian has won numerous and has been nominated for Sales awards for Overall Territory Growth, Gross Profit achievement, Largest Customer gained and has set Sales records in his previous companies still unmatched. Brian has built and managed Sales Territories from $2 to $25 Million in Annual Revenue and is recognized as a People-first leader. In his spare time, Brian is the husband of 24 years to wife, Tonya and is the father of a son, Bryce, a Junior at Marshall University. Brian is a minister, singer, musician, Guest-host and broadcaster for iHeartMedia in Huntington, WV as well the “Voice of the Calvary Baptist Academy Patriots.” In addition, Brian is the host of The Intentional Encourager Podcast, releasing multiple episodes weekly and is the author of the book, “People Buy From People” and “The Intentional Encourager: Become The One Thing That Changes Everything” releasing Summer 2021. Brian and his family reside in Barboursville, West Virginia.   Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!  
Emmanuel Kelly Also referred to as EK was found as an infant in a box on a battlefield on the border of Iraq. At an incredibly tender age, Emmanuel witnessed executions, bombings, and wondered every day if that day would be his last. At age 7, Emmanuel was brought to Australia by humanitarian Moira Kelly for life-changing surgery and learned to walk for the first time. After overcoming tremendous obstacles, and at only 18 years of age, Emmanuel became an Australian X- Factor sensation, garnering over 500M views online. He has toured with Coldplay, opened for Snoop Dog, performed with David Foster and legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold, performed at the United Nations Assembly multiple times and, just this year, released a new song “Never Alone” produced by Paul Oakenfold and Chris Martin. The music video for his song was released in tandem with his campaign to connect with and inspire people, that even in the darkest moments of our lives, there is always a light to be found because you are #NeverAlone. The video features many friends advocating global mental health awareness and encourages people to embrace virtually + authentically connecting during the pandemic. In 2020 Emmanuel was just featured on the Kelly Clarkson Show, BuzzFeed & had his second Billboard feature. Since he began his press tour. On September 9, 2020, Emmanuel appeared, along with Jamie Foxx, Kodi Lee, and Michael Strahan for International Friend Day. Emmanuel Released his much anticipated 2nd single “Red Love” on Feb 12th 2021 for Valentines weekend. EK’s Podcast “Out Of The Box” was released in April, followed by, a Reality show in June along with the release of his 2nd single, & EK’s Album which will release through EK’s One Man Show directed by Tony Award winner Michael Mayer.   Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!
Immigration can be a bumpy path, not only in your career but also in marriage.  Moby Hayat has experienced both!  He worked for Dell for five years to get his green card and now has to wait a year for his new Pakistani bride to join him.  Tune into the Better Call Daddy show to hear my daddy’s thoughts on immigration! Connect with Moby! @notthatmoby Me and My Daddy would love to hear from you!    
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