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Author: Li Jin and Nathan Baschez

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Work is changing. The old structures that dominated the 20th century are gradually being replaced by platforms and cultures that have grown up on the internet that aim to help people do what they love for a living. Li and Nathan unpack this new passion economy in a weekly conversation with guests at the forefront of this change.
19 Episodes
In this episode, Li & Nathan chat with Courtland Allen, founder of Indie Hackers. Indie Hackers is an online community that focuses on entrepreneurs who build profitable internet businesses. They describe themselves as individuals seeking financial independence, creative freedom, and the ability to work on their own schedule.
In this special Q&A episode, Li and Nathan talk through the week's passion economy news, and take live questions from the MOC community.
Aella is an OnlyFans creator who is in the top 0.08% of all creators on the platform. Founded in 2016, OnlyFans is a platform that is revolutionizing sex work, allowing creators to sell subscriptions for premium content, as well as earn tips from their fans and charge for pay-per-view messages.
Joe Albanese is the cofounder and CEO of Stir, a startup that’s building tools to help creators run their businesses. In the new era in which power and influence are shifting from institutions to individuals, Stir is addressing the needs creators have in running their businesses and optimizing their finances.
Li Jin and Nathan Baschez interview Taylor Lorenz, a technology reporter for the New York Times covering internet culture. Her reporting is consumed avidly by venture capitalists, founders, and anyone curious about how the internet is shaping culture and how humans express themselves.
Li Jin and Nathan Baschez interview Casey Newton, founder and writer of Platformer News. Casey has been a leading voice in Silicon Valley for over a decade, most recently with The Verge. He recently left to start Platformer, a publication at the intersection of social media platforms and democracy (
Li Jin and Nathan Baschez interview Dan Teran, founder and former CEO of Managed by Q. Dan’s original inspiration for Managed by Q was, in part, the “Good Jobs” framework, which argues that any job — including those typically thought of as low-paying, bad jobs — can be designed for individual autonomy and creativity.
Li Jin and Nathan Baschez interview Ankur Nagpal. Ankur is the founder and CEO of Teachable - an online platform that enables anyone to sell courses online.
Li Jin and Nathan Baschez interview Joseph Cohen. Joseph is the founder and CEO of Universe -- a new kind of website creation tool. It’s a mobile-only, no-code website builder that allows anyone to create a website through a grid-like drag-and-drop interface and it powers over 500,000 websites around the globe.
Li Jin and Nathan Baschez chat with Blake Robbins, Partner at Ludlow Ventures. Blake is one of the most trusted voices in eSports, the creator economy, and anything that touches new media.
Polina Marinova offers the perfect upgrade to your reading diet. She writes The Profile: a newsletter of the world’s greatest people and companies in business, entertainment, tech, sports, and more.
Li Jin and Nathan Baschez interview Visakan Veerasamy -- writer, thinker, creator who is using the internet to inspire "friendly ambitious nerds." He uses Twitter as a sort of second brain, organizing his ideas in an ever-expanding corpus of interlinked threads. He’s written several books that he sells directly to his fans on Gumroad, and, this year, he’s focusing on growing his YouTube channel.
Adam Davidson and Li Jin are two thought leaders in the Passion Economy: a new economy where people are able to leverage their passions and creativity in order to make a living. In this session, they answer Q&A about the Passion Economy.
Adam Davidson and Li Jin are two thought leaders in the Passion Economy: a new economy where people are able to leverage their passions and creativity in order to make a living.
Li Jin and Nathan Baschez interview Nathan Barry--creator, author, speaker, designer, and the founder of ConvertKit. He founded ConvertKit in 2013 as an email marketing company for creators, with the goal of helping more people make money online. The company has been bootstrapped to $23.5M in ARR and has over 31K customers.
Li Jin and Nathan Baschez interview Erik Berlin and Leah Culver, the co-founders of Breaker, a social podcasting app. Breaker was founded in 2017 and is the only podcast app on the market built around social discovery. They’ve also expanded to enable podcasters to host and monetize their content.
Lenny Rachitsky is a writer, creator, angel investor, and who recently spent 7 years at Airbnb, where he led supply growth. He now writes a popular business/tech newsletter, covering product, growth, people management, and other business/tech topics. In this video, he discusses when creators should monetize.
Greg is the founder of a new studio/fund called Late Checkout that builds and invests in internet communities. Nathan and Li chat with him about the unbundling of Reddit into vertical communities, how new social apps get traction, and the lessons Greg learned from his startup, Islands.
This episode features Sahil Lavingia, the founder of Gumroad, an online platform that enables creators to sell products directly to customers.
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