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Want to have 3somes, learn BDSM, and build an elite sex life? Hell yeah! Join Andy & Imogen on a 365-day-challenge to help you build the best life you possibly can and bring out your inner winner, from someone who was suicidal, obese, and turned it all around. You'll learn killer self-improvement advice, how to get dates, improve your sex life, build strong relationships, start your own business & get into content creation, improve your mental health and explore a little philosophy along the way. If I can do it, you sure as hell can too.​
103 Episodes
Should you have a 1 hour date, or a 5 hour date? Should you bounce a girl between multiple venues? What about the 2nd and 3rd date?SHOWNOTESTake MASSIVE Action: Guide:
Do you need to "kino" and "escalate" on a girl in public, or can you wait until you're back at your place?SHOWNOTES:What to Do on Dates (How to Escalate Towards Sex):
Andy answers a patron's questions about his insecurity around getting it up in the bedroom.Want to ask me your own questions and have me answer them on the show? Join my Patreon:'s Guide to Beating Performance Anxiety: to Overcome Porn Addiction: Pinnacle of Man on NoFap, Porn Addiction: Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought:
Andy answers a female listener's questions about insecurity and nervousness around sex, how to be better in the bedroom, whether you should hold onto baggage and bad experiences from the past.SHOWNOTES:Previous episode from a female listener: Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought: to Write a Sexual Bucketlist: Wand Vibrator: You Feel Hopeless and Helpless: Being a Cunt to Yourself:
Do you need to be a cool, social, outgoing, extroverted guy in order to get laid?Wanna ask me questions and have me answer them on podcasts? Come join my Patreon:
A question for the ages.Want to support the show?
This question comes up all the damn time. Don't stress; Andy's got you covered.SHOWNOTES:The Solution to All Your Problems: Go Talk to More Girls:
Andy talks about a typical day/week in his life, as well as what life was like for him just 3 years ago.Wanna ask me questions just like Ed did here? Come join my Patreon:
Andy discusses some of the "cheats" he's used to build a kickass sex life.Wanna ask me questions just like Ed did here? Come join my Patreon: and Willpower Don't Fucking Matter: Slight Edge: to Fix Your Sleep: Wand Vibrator:
Andy discusses a couple of the issues he has with some of Good Looking Loser's advice.Wanna ask me questions just like Ed did here? Come join my Patreon: to Handle "What Are We?": is all just a big experiment: guide:
Andy and Imogen have some fun with a very small, very adorable Asian girl. Audio quality was a bit echoey towards the last half of this episode; next time we won't record in such a small room.SHOWNOTES:Magic Wand Vibrator I recommend:
Andy continues part 3 of the epic saga of answering all of Ed's questions.Want to ask me your own questions and have me answer them in a podcast? Join my Patreon:
Carrying on from yesterday's podcast, Andy talks about his biggest challenges with getting laid in the beginning.Sign up to my Patreon to ask me questions just like Ed did here. to Write a Sexual Bucketlist: All-in with Getting Laid, and the Bang in a Public Toilet [Storytime with Andy] Keep an Open Mind:'re Not Obligated to Have Sex with Someone:
Andy answers a bunch of questions about his biggest struggles and lowest points in his getting laid journey.Sign up for my Patreon to ask me questions like Ed did and have me answer them: Accountability Checkins: Anxiety Program: Am Always Full of Doubt: Slight Edge:
Andy and Imogen discuss how you can get your girlfriend (or friends-with-benefits) to set up her Tinder profile and find girls for you two to play with together, as well as mistakes guys usually make when finding 3somes...Join my Patreon for exclusive content, BONUS shit you only get on Patreon, as well as coaching calls with me once a month! 3somes Guide:
A completely unscripted episode about my self-improvement journey and how I got into coaching (and how I started my blog + this podcast).
The horror story of my first time trying pot, and ending up in the fucking hospital.Patreon, for kickass extra goodies, early access to episodes and ask me questions and I'll coach you:
Tristan Nigro's back for a second round, to discuss his getting laid journey, life with his girlfriend, and going all-in with your goals.Join my Patreon to listen to these episodes weeks in advance before everybody else, exclusive content, ask me questions and even a free monthly Zoom coaching call!'s YouTube channel: podcast episode with Tristan: Looking Loser Approach Anxiety Program:
Want to date younger women, but have no idea where to start? Andy's got you covered.17 Reasons to Date Younger Women: the Magic Wand vibrator to "cheat" and be a sex god: your age to 25 on Tinder: Losing Fat Matters Above All Else for Getting Laid:
Part 2 of how to be happier in your 20's. (Part 1 was here).Patreon, for kickass extra goodies, early access to episodes and ask me questions and I'll coach you: Happier Man (Hans' Website): Looking Loser Going Out Alone Program:
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