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Author: Stewart Shurtleff & Kevin Carey

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On the 17Twenty podcast, Stewart Shurtleff and Kevin Carey talk through issues associated with faith, family, and work and explore opportunities for impact and growth in those areas with a series of key guests who can share their stories and help you move mountains.
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The 17Twenty crew sits down this week to tackle a few issues and ideas, including Kevin's marathon training, a few leadership lessons learned from Kevin and Quinn's recent trip to the theatre to watch the new Paw Patrol movie, and some chatter around a few Harvard Business Review articles about burnout and adapting leadership style.While the guys jokingly talk about how the listeners are "stuck" with Kevin and Stewart every once in a while, these episodes have some great things to learn and talk through with your team.  We hope you're enriched.Queue it up.  Write it down.  Hit us up.  // Show Notes // 2021 BMW Dallas Marathon Festival Patrol: The Movie (2021) Managers Can Prevent Their Teams from Burning Out, by Jen Fisher Your Team Gets Bigger, Your Leadership Style Has to Adapt, by Julie Zhuo
This week the one-and-only Brad Brown joins Kevin and Stewart on the podcast.  Brad is the President at Austin Commercial, former President & CEO of TEXO, and instrumental figure to the careers of both Kevin and Stewart.  The guys were honored to sit down with Brad, talk about growing up in Sherman, a employment stint at Sprint, landing at Austin Commercial following a blind employment advertisement, lessons learned in the HR and BD roles at Austin Commercial, the uniqueness of the construction industry, life lessons, guidance, and tons of laughs.  Pen.  Paper.  Principles.  #movemountains// Show Notes // David Tidwellwww.dallasairbrush.comThe Power of Who: You Already Know Everyone You Need to Know, by Bob Beaudine
The guys at 17Twenty were just really and truly blessed by this week's guest, Zac Funderburk.  At the time of the recording, Zac had just graduated with his MBA from Dallas Baptist University (DBU) and was headed off to Alabama to continue moving mountains.  We talk with Zac about lessons learned from years of being mentored at DBU by Dr. Cook and Dr. Wright, quiet time and prayer life, lessons learned from hosting the Next Generation Leaders Podcast, and on, and on.  Zac is just wise beyond his years.Jump in.  Grab a pen.  Be edified.
This week Kevin and Stewart sit down with long time friend of Stewart,  Barry Brooks.  The guys talk about bull riding, finishing 9 Ironmans, keeping great daily habits, the moment of discipline, and a real gut-punch moment related to Barry's favorite book, Musashi, by Eiji Yoshikawa.  And of course, lessons learned along the way, with a ton of other great moments and a little laughter sprinkled in.If you LIKE being lazy ... then, DO NOT listen to this one; it's gonna be hard to keep from getting to work after this.-- Move Mountains --
This week the 17Twenty crew sits down with a very special guest who shares her story of losing her child, Alana, in a tragic car accident and the gift that the follows in the form of a 501(c)3 that donates stuffed animals to first responders in order that they have something to comfort children at the scene of calls.But the story is so much bigger; Denice talks in-depth about grief, the healing process, finding people who can listen/help in the recovery process, and the encouragement that healing can be accomplished.  If you are struggling in grief or recovering from a loss, this episode will speak to you, equip you, and encourage you.  And specifically, Denise offers up her personal contact information.  She'd love to listen, help, and come alongside you to assist in the recovery process.Another resource from today's episode is Watermark's Grief Recovery ministry, which provides a safe place for all ages to process the hurt and loss caused by the death of a family member, friend, or loved one.
Rachel Kennedy joins Kevin and Stewart in the studio this week.  Rachel is the founder of Southern Lighthouse, which helps small & medium businesses grow, promote and elevate through social media & communications.  The conversation this week revolves around lessons learned from traveling abroad, the career journey from The Beck Group, to the Container Store, and now being an entrepreneur, the Great Resignation, "recruitment-marketing," some great nuggets around interviewing, hiring, and onboarding talent, the employee value proposition, and on-and-on-and-on.You're going to be enriched through our conversation; get your journal out and take some notes!
This week the 17Twenty crew sits down and reflects on a year of episodes of the podcast.  With 52 episodes in the bag, they talk about themes they've observed over the last year, impact that the podcast has had on them, and a few really fun things to look forward to in the next year of the podcast.Thanks for listening!  And keep working hard to move mountains!  
In this installment of the 17Twenty podcast, Will Pender joins the guys in the studio.  Will is the new Gulf States President at Adolfson & Peterson Construction, a leading construction management and contracting firms in the U.S founded in 1946.The guys talk about growing up between Florida and Indiana, his eventual move to Texas (as fast as he could), and his recent transition to Adolfson & Peterson.  They talk about the extended interview process for the job, the roundtable Q&A sessions with  each of the various offices, and how the interview process vets out the Adolfson & Peterson culture.  As Will looks at the "first 100 days" we talk through some observations about the company, how conversations with employees are helping to form the future of Adolfson & Peterson, and the power of the "better if" statements.  These "better if" statements help empower people so that they can be the best that they can be.In discussing the rise to the Gulf States President at Adolfson & Peterson Construction, Will talks about the "we want Will" mindset he kept as he worked his way up.  This is a great mindset to make sure you're on the forefront of the mind of your clients, whether internal or external to your organization. As usual, there are great nuggets of wisdom all throughout this episode as you prepare yourself to win the week.
This week 17Twenty hosts Taylor Hale, the President at Muckleroy & Falls, a commercial contractor dedicated to client-centered relationships.  The guys talk about family, a little bit about golf,  and a lot about adventures in leadership, growth, and succession planning at  Muckleroy & Falls.  This includes components and importance of culture at work, starting from the hiring process, constantly reinforcing culture through the core values, and continuing all the way through the completion of a project.  We also talk about celebrating employees, creating two-ways streets in communication and review processes, mentorships,  big wins, and of course books and the one-big-thing.There are a lot of great nuggets throughout Taylor's story, and we hope you guys are students of his story as you write your own.
This week DeWayne Ables, Founder and President of Pioneer iQ, joins the 17 Twenty crew in-studio to talk construction talk.  Pioneer iQ exists to guide the growth of individuals and companies in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries, to uncover, understand and live out their purpose and intentionally impact their market.  And the conversation centers around that, and other impactful ideas related to the industry, as we discuss top issues facing construction businesses, the year of transition and what leaders should be doing right now to take advantage, transitioning talent in to leaders, and industry sectors to focus on for the next 3-5 years.
This week the 17Twenty team sits down with Michael Oswald, the Chief Operating Officer at Hill & Wilkinson, $450 million, full-service construction firm founded in 1968.Leadership school is "in session" today, as the team tackles issues related to self awareness, strategic thinking, transition from building buildings to building people, identifying energy makers and energy takers, living in the moment ... and on, and on, and on.Get your journal ready for a crash course in leadership with 17Twenty and Mike Oswald!
This week our guest is David Penuel, part of the Campus Pastor Team at Watermark Community Church.  We talk about reverse engineering parenting based on things David has picked up over almost two decades of involvement with student ministry at Watermark.  The conversation revolves around four main ideas, briefly summarized as (i) the predictor or spiritually healthy kids, (ii) dangers of screens, (iii) life will wound your kids, and (iv) parenting is more rewarding than work.To be so reductive does the conversation a disservice.  And as much as this presents as a conversation about parenting, there are great life nuggets sprinkled throughout a very thoughtful and insightful conversation about parenting.  100% guarantee you're going to love this week's episode, and pull some great nuggets out.  
As we began preparing for our #17TwentyChallenge this June, David Fultz suggested that we partner with Prison Fellowship.  Meeting Erika and learning about Prison Fellowship has been such a great joy this month, and we are all looking forward to hearing more from Erika at our special happy hour for those competing in the challenge.This week we get a preview of what Prison Fellowship is up to across the country, a rundown of all the things that they are up to, both inside the prison and outside of prison, as they pursue restorative justice through their missional approach.  For more information about Prison Fellowship, please visit them online at  They're up to great things, and could use your support in whatever capacity you can participate.
After a few weeks of big hitter guests, Kevin and Stewart sit down to chat through some of the highlights from these last few episodes and tackle a few new ideas.  Starting with a quick recap of the #17TwentyChallenge, they dive in to challenging yourself around mindset, the working on motivating your team, and varying approaches to to adding people to your team.Hope you enjoy!     
Today Kevin and Stewart sit down with April Shprintz, author, keynote speaker, business accelerator, proud veteran, and creator of The Generosity Culture®.April is a great accelerator, and connected the 17Twenty crew with our last two podcast guests, Megan Reilly and Sarah Nuse.  We talk with April about her book -- Magic Blue Rocks: The Secret to Doing Anything -- and pick up quite a lot of wisdom nuggets through talking about the book, the writing of the book, etc. and linger on an interesting phenomenon called the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon (a frequency and mindset illusion).  We also dive in to a really cool story about a great mentor of April and a great moment.Also, early announcement that April will be giving out the Kindle version of her book for free on her birthday, June 25th.  So if you're looking for a great read, pick it up!  And then a deep dive in to pouring in to your people, your clients, and your communities, with some staggering statistics about the value of doing this.... and much, much, more. Get your journal ready!  
This week Kevin and Stewart sit down with Sarah Nuse, Chief Executive Officer of Tippi Toes Inc., author of Destined for Greatness,  host of the Destined for Greatness Podcast, author, speaker, and business builder.There's no way a few words are going to capture the essence and scope of the conversation.  They talk about the business, the book, the podcast, and a lot about Jesus, with great wisdom nuggets sprinkled ALL OVER.Get your pen and your journal ready this week.  Class is in session!  
Today the 17Twenty crew sits down with Megan Reilly, an owner and chief operating officer of Tippi Toes, Inc., podcast host, speaker, DJ, and entrepreneur.  They talk through a ton of great stories, starting with a small world moment at a TEXO/YCC event back in September of 2019 involving Jesse Itzler.  This night leads Megan to a launch point for her podcast, "Who Is Your Momma?", where she's listening to and learning from the mothers of highly successful individuals, and she shares many of the lessons she's complied from the interviews, including many great parenting nuggets.The conversation also includes a behind-the-scenes look at the experience of Megan and her sister on Season 2, Episode 1 of Shark Tank, where they pitched Tippi Toes and ended up with an on-air deal from Mark Cuban.You'll also hear the moment where Kevin and Stewart decide to roll out this month's #17TwentyChallenge, piggy-backing off of the challenge that Megan was doing with Itzler's BACC, as they talk through the value of bringing your whole-self to things you're doing, and the identification of your whole-self through ever-changing seasons of life.Great episode.  Great stories.  Great inspiration.  
Michael Knapp is a Sr. Project Manager at Skiles Group, located in Richardson, Texas.  But to those of us who know him personally, we know him as a super-star "up and comer" in the construction industry.  And so in today's episode Kevin and Stewart sit down with Michael to talk about his story, how how he got in to the construction industry, a set of awesome fireworks stories, some ideas about putting vision in to action (spoiler alert: back it up with action), adding value to others, leadership through mistakes, growth opportunities, the value proposition of generating a can't-miss workplace culture, and the divine nature of the threads that connect us all together.Enjoy!
This week Kevin and Stewart sit down with Bennet Brown, Partner, Brown & Tucker Agency and talk about construction adventure of down under, the loss of his brother, showing up and genuinely caring for others, the value of TEXO for those in the industry in the DFW area, exercising your leadership muscles, the value of executing a good plan, lessons learned in the leadership of the YCC through COVID, and a few dad jokes to boot!  Again a brief apology ... we've only had 2 technical glitches in 40 episodes.  But it just so happens that two of them have been in the last 3 episodes.  So the audio isn't really up to our usual quality this week due to a glitch.  We're working to understand and fix the problem for future episodes.  
Today we have the great privilege of sitting down with a gentleman who wrote a book we've been talking about for months, Bob Burg!  In our interview with Bob we very naturally talked about the book, of course, and he conversationally outlined the principles from the Go Giver, spend some time unpacking his thoughts on mentorship, and preview opportunities to be involved with his Go Giver Alliance.Today, perhaps more than usual, you're going to get some great wisdom from the mind of the great Bob Burg!And if you're looking for more wisdom nuggets from Bob, visit his website at
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