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The Historical Fencer Podcast

Author: Anders Linnard

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The Historical Fencer Podcast is about all things HEMA and fencing. We talk about training, teaching, culture, history and all the fun and interesting things which relates to Historical European Martial Arts. Go to to learn more.

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8 Episodes
Ep 8 – Sparring

Ep 8 – Sparring


We dispel a common myth in historical fencing about sparring. We also compare how other sports view training and drilling.
Should you call yourself a fencing master? What's the history of ranking in fencing? In this episode we talk about master titles, ranking and the progression of guild systems. Want to know about how we rank? Go to
Ep 6 – Fitness

Ep 6 – Fitness


Ep 6 – Fitness. Axel Pettersson and Anders Linnard talk about fitness and why it's important in historical fencing. Anders also has the poor taste to sing a song. If you can make it through that, you can make it through anything.
Casper Ellestad-Andersen joined us for a conversation about fencing, archery and HEMA in the USA and Denmark.Axel's dagger shenanigans from back in the day, can be seen here:
In this episode we talk to Jean Chandler from New Orleans about the richness and nuance of medieval culture, violence then and now and why you should read the classics to get a better grip on fencing.
EP 3 – Competitions

EP 3 – Competitions


Are competitions really necessary? And how can they help you develop as a person? In this episode we share personal stories and talk about why we started competing and promoting competing in historical fencing.
EP2 – Teaching Fencing

EP2 – Teaching Fencing


In this episode we discuss teaching, teaching methods and what makes a good instructor. Axel also tells us that he's added to his levitation
In this episode Axel Pettersson and Anders Linnard discuss warrior culture and its role in history and today. Can we benefit from it as martial artists and how? Maybe it can even help us levitate.
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