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Navigating Life as we Know It

Author: Steven Johnson

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Navigating Live as we Know It seeks to build an educational and entertaining way to help the people around those with Special Needs better find the way to live their best, most self-determined life possible, and how to manage the challenges of the systems
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 Today's episode provides some tips on how to effectively reduce stress and improve communications within families living with ASD and other developmental disabilities. This podcast is based upon the Effective Parenting Series "Putting the Pieces Together" workshop presented by BRAINS Potential in Grand Rapids, MI.   LEARN  -  ENJOY  -  SHARE  and subscribe to Navigating Life As We Know ItResources mentioned in this episode are available ON OUR WEBSITE!Reach out to us at Let us know what you want to see in the futureSupport the show (
Few people enjoy walking on a tightrope, but that is what working while depending on SSI for benefits feels, lose your balance and everything falls to the floor.We continue our episode with Hillary Hatch, helping us to understand the work incentives offered through SSI.  Resources mentioned in this episode can be found ON OUR WEBSITE Support the show (
Most government benefit programs are infused with a level of complexity that is inappropriate for the faint of heart.  Social Security is no exception.,  This episode is part 1 of a 2 part interview with Hillary Hatch a specialist in disability benefits with the Social Security Administration.  I thought I knew all about SSI, SSDI and disability work incentives.  I was wrong.  I learned a lot doing this interview.  Enjoy!Support the show (
Today, Navigating Life As We Know It explores how Disability Rights Michigan (DRM) advocates and DRM lawyers advise individuals with disabilities of their rights and responsibilities while they advocate for their human, civil and legal rights within the state of Michigan. DRM has broad access authority to monitor institutions and advocate for people with disabilities who live in them. And they are here for you!Support the show (
Today we're back with our friends at BRAINS to discuss autism between ages 0 and 10 as part of their workshop program.This is the 20th Episode of NLAWKI and the 2nd out of 4 episodes with BRAINS. If you'd like to see us focus on any specific content please reach out to us on Facebook and let us know!Support the show (
Together for Choice

Together for Choice


Join our discussion with Together For Choice national director Amy Kim and board chair Scott Mendel as we delve into the complex choices around housing and the principles of choice for the disability community. Support the show (
Therapeutic Riding can be incredibly helpful for many individuals, but we've always wanted to know more about why horseback riding can be so helpful. Thankfully we have a riding center here in West Michigan that was more than willing to sit down and chat with us.Take a look at our friends at RENEW!Support the show (
Visiting with our friends at BRAINS we dived into the first part of their program by trying to understand the Diagnostic Criteria and Mind-Body Connection related to Autism. Check out OUR WEBSITE and join us on Patreon to support the show! Support the show (
Join us for a discussion about ABLE accounts with Sarah Kirkpatrick.If you're dependent on SSI, at this time you are limited to less than $2,000 in significant assets and savings, but we all know that costs sometimes greatly exceed that relatively low limit, which is where the ABLE Act of 2014 comes in!Learn about these useful tools to help protect your family long into the future!Visit Dan & Sarah's website here - out our Facebook Page and Group for more information!Support the show (
Today NLAWKI Welcomes Micaela Connery, CEO and founder of The Kelsey.  Micaela will share their work in advancing disability-forward housing solutions through development, advocacy, and partnerships that open doorsto more affordable homes and opportunities for everyone.  The Kelsey's unique approach reinvents the wheel of housing strategies by creating inclusive, affordable and accessible housing via a collaborative process that includes stakeholder engagement.  There are many paths to the complex problem of affordable and inclusive housing, and this is one of them. We look forward to presenting more innovative solutions like The Kelsey and encouraging consumer involvement in the creative process.Support the show (
***WARNING***The topics in this episode might not be suitable for everyone. This episode covers the period of time during which one of the twins passes. This is an intense and very raw subject that is addressed directly. Please use your best judgement. Join Steve, Kerry, and Alex as they discuss the events that brought their family into the disability community and eventually led to this very podcast. No matter how your journey with disability began, we all have a story, and we all share certain traumas. We are sharing our story to help others know they're not alone. Our goal is to fight the isolation that seems to soak into the very bones of the disability community. How can our loved ones ever find a community if we cannot build bridges with each other?Support the show (
We take a dive into Michigan Rehabilitation  Services programs and offerings with  Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Cassaundra Wolf.Support the show (
Steve's visit with Attorney Dan Baluw, discussing the various legal aspects of Housing for people with disabilities!Support the show (
Navigating Life with Lliam

Navigating Life with Lliam


Part one of a special miniseries that will be aired on key dates, Navigating Life with Lliam is a walk through of the experiences and circumstances that have defined our own journey and eventually led to Navigating Life as we Know It!Support the show (
Grassroots Activism

Grassroots Activism


Take a few steps towards understanding Grassroots activism with local organizer, lawyer, and candidate for state legislature Lily Chen Schulting.Support the show (
When discussing Ableism, Media, and how they interact, there are few people as qualified Dr. Beth Haller, so of course we went and got ahold of her and from that comes an episode in a slightly different format than our usual styleSupport the show (
Earlier this year we met with Brett Williams and went over several bills currently moving through various legislative circles that will have an impact on several aspects of life for individuals with disabilities and their families. Learn a little about what may be coming and how you can get involved on our first official 'legislative update' episode!Support the show (
Early in our Podcast journey we had the pleasure of touring the Friendship Circle location in West Bloomfield Michigan, seeing the work done at the Soul Studio, and enjoying a nice lunch at the Soul Cafe, and as we left we decided to ask for a chance to meet with the Executive Director of the program - Rabbi Levi Shemtov. For more information about the Friendship Circle - the show (
Nearly every special needs parent or caregiver has heard at some point the acronym HCBS or mention of the venerable Olmstead Act, and Michigan DD Council Legislative Liaison Brett Williams is bringing the goods to help us all understand these crucial points in the modern understanding of the Disability Rights Movement!Support the show (
Steve talks to the Executive Director of the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council Vendella Collins about the Council, what it does, and what that means to you, and for our non-Michigan listeners, there's a council near you, so hopefully our connections here can help you make connections there!"The Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council is an advocacy organization that helps people with developmental disabilities have the opportunities and support to achieve their full potential and life dreams." Support the show (
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