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Are you in a lot of book groups on Facebook? Yeah, me too. Let's talk about the books people are actually reading. I'm Riley, and I read.
15 Episodes
Banned books turned into movies? Um, yes please.
Banned books getting judged again!
What You Did by Claire McGowan was amazing! Come listen to what I have to say about it.
People share their favorite books and scary stories with me. 
Which is better? A scary movie? Or a scary book?
Come check out some spooky covers with me and add some books to your To Be Read list!
Let's dive into Fatemarked by David Estes.
Christina Davis shares some insights into how her new book, Born At Dawn, came to be. Releasing November 15th.
Listeners share their thoughts on Science Fiction and Fantasy books.
Which is better? The movie or the book? Let's find out.
Come judge those Sci-Fi and Fantasy books by their covers with me.
Let's dive into the Book of the Month and see what we think.
This week we're going to see how the screen adaptations hold up to the original paperbacks.
Welcome to the first episode. Struggle along with me as I do something you should NEVER do - judge a book by its cover.
Intro Episode

Intro Episode


Not sure what's going on here? Give this a listen.
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