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Author: Mary Schier

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Learn how to grow vegetables, fruit, flowers and more in a cold-climate. Long-time garden writer and blogger Mary Schier of interviews expert northern gardeners on growing techniques, how-to and garden design.
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Steven Biggs, horticulturist and author of Grow Lemons Where You Think You Can't and several other books on vegetable and fruit growing, joins Mary to talk about growing lemons indoors and out in the North. In this episode, you'll learn the best varieties to grow in northern climates, how to keep your lemons healthy in the winter, and how to use all your homegrown lemons in cooking. To Learn More: Steven's websiteThe Food Garden Life podcastGrow Lemons Where You Think You Can'tGrowing Figs in Cold ClimatesMary's adventures in lemon growingHow to hand-pollinate a lemon treeMary's bookMary's blog
Today's episode is about Everything Elderberry, which is also the title of Susannah Shmurak's new book on elderberries—a superfood you can grow in your northern garden! Susannah describes the health benefits of elderberries and elderflowers, how to use them to get the most benefit, great cultivars to grow in home gardens, and even foods you can make with elderberries and elderflowers. (Did you know Prince Harry and Megan Markle's wedding cake was an elderflower cake?) Check out this episode to learn everything elderberry!Useful and Fun LinksSusannah's book talk for the Minnesota State Horticultural SocietyThe University of Missouri Elderberry Research CenterA few good choices for home gardeners: Ranch, Bob Gordon, MargeAn at-home version of Harry and Megan's elderflower cakeMore about SWD flies Buy Susannah's BookFrom an independent bookshopFrom Barnes and NobleFrom AmazonMary's blogMary's book
Why start a vegetable garden? Why do some vegetable gardens succeed and others struggle? Melissa Wilsford of Rustic Hills Garden Co., a company that helps new and experienced gardeners incorporate edibles into their landscapes, is my guest on this podcast. Melissa talks about why she decided to start a firm focused on edible garden design in 2018, some books and places that inspired her, the three most common reasons vegetable gardeners struggle, and what to grow if you want a sure win in the garden. It's all about vegetable gardens and inspiring new gardeners. Useful and Fun LinksMelissa's firm: Rustic Hills Garden Co.Follow Rustic Hills on InstagramMelissa's Seed Starting and Transplanting GuideInspiring Books and Places:  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara KingsolverEdible Landscaping by Rosalind CreasySeed Savers ExchangeFor More InformationThe Lasagna MethodAnother Lasagna MethodThree Books for Beginning Vegetable GardenersMary's BlogMary's InstagramNorthern Gardener magazine
Native plants are the original ornamentals of the Midwest! Alan Branhagen is the author of the new book, Midwest Native Plant Primer (Timber Press, 2020), and director of operations at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. In this episode, Alan explains how to incorporate more native plants in your landscape, why natives are so important, and some of his favorite plants for northern gardens. To Learn MoreMidwest Native Plant PrimerAbout AlanMary's review of the book on the Northern Gardener blogThe tree collection at the Minnesota Landscape ArboretumHow to sign up to visit the arboretumBlog Post: Three Native Evergreens for Northern GardensSign up for Mary's occasional newsletterThe Northern Gardener: From Apples to ZinniasNorthern Gardener magazineFollow Grow it, Minnesota on Instagram 
Dawn Lamm is the founder of Como Community Seed Library, one of several community seed saving and sharing organizations in Minnesota. In this episode, we talk with Dawn about why seed saving and seed stories are important, how to save seeds from beans, peas and tomatoes and how you can connect with a local seed library. Useful Links Como Community Seed LibraryComo Community Seed Library Facebook pageMinnesota SEED Project, includes ways to sign up to join the project, resources for seed savers, and a seed saving kit. How to Start a Seed Library in Your NeighborhoodMinnesota Seed LibrariesA visit to Seed Savers ExchangeSeed Savers ExchangeChart on saving seeds -- very useful!Follow Grow it, Minnesota on InstagramFollow Mary on InstagramCheck out Mary's blog
Your garden harvest is abundant. It's time to preserve it for the winter by canning and fermenting. In this episode, author Stephanie Thurow talks about how easy and fun it is to preserve the harvest. Her new book, Weck Home Preserving (Skyhorse Press, 2020), offers dozens of recipes for making your own relishes, pickles, jams and more, along with canning and fermenting instructions for beginners and pros. To learn more: Follow Stephanie on InstagramFollow Grow it, MinnesotaStephanie's book: Weck Home Preserving: Made-from-Scratch Recipes for Water-Bath Canning, Fermenting, Pickling and More. Basic Food Safety for Home Canning Classic Bread and Butter Pickles (canned version)The Northern Gardener: From Apples to ZinniasMary's blogNorthern Gardener magazine
Welcome to Grow it, Minnesota. On this episode, horticulture researcher Steve Poppe talks about the work of the West Central Research and Outreach Center at the University of Minnesota Morris. The center tests new annuals and perennials, does research on how plants perform and has a beautiful trial garden to visit. To learn more: West Central Research and Outreach CenterOne of Steve's favorite annuals for pollinators: Melampodium 'ShowStar'All-America Selections: Top performing annuals and vegetables tested by trial gardens.'Wicked Witch' coleusFollow the show on Instagram Northern Gardener magazine Mary's book, The Northern Gardener
Welcome to the first episode of Grow it, Minnesota. On this episode, author Rhonda Fleming Hayes talks about growing a kitchen garden—what to plant, design advice and how a kitchen garden is different from a vegetable garden. To learn more: Rhonda's favorite Ruby Gem lettuce Corten steel raised bedsRhonda's potting shed, article includes some photos of her kitchen gardenRhonda's book, Pollinator Friendly GardeningMary's Yellow Tomato JamNorthern Gardener magazine (Mary is editor; Rhonda is a regular columnist)Mary's book, The Northern Gardener
Welcome to Grow it, Minnesota, a podcast for beginning and experienced gardeners in the North. Host Mary Schier interviews expert gardeners about their interests and techniques in growing food and more in a cold climate. This trailer explains what the show is about. 
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