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Author: KaL MichaeL

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Every Saturday around 3pm PDT I declare ‘Drink o’clock’ on Instagram Live @kalmichael. Join me and new guests every week for a virtual toast! Watch us catch up on life and current events in the last week. Hear the audio here!
30 Episodes
Ma Riah and I go way back. We met at a Nirvana concert in 1993 and connected right away. She is a strong compassionate human. We talk about her story with being an educator and mother during the pandemic as we catch up.
Natacha Jaramillo ‘Tacha’ and I catch up with talks about covid testing. Giving blood during the pandemic. Tacha and I reminisced about school in the 90s. Excited by all the pop culture news with WB and Disney plus a great wrap to this 2020.
So blessed to be connected to such amazing humans for most of my life. Jason is the real deal. He has stayed true to his passion and life and pop culture for the entire 30ish years we have known each other. We talk life and pop culture while we catch up. Look forward to the next time! Check out
Met the love of my life a little over a year ago. We experienced a long distance relationship and then covid-19 hit. We decided to part and 6 months later found each other. I am blessed and very happy to say that Marta and I are engaged to be married. On this weeks ‘SNIPPET’ episode I recap my trip to Mexico/Oaxaca and getting engaged.
Joe Biden is on his way to be the 46th president of America. Ivan Black and I pull this apart and discuss what this means to us and what the next steps could be.
Pardon the audio challenges, last minute challenges. Hopefully most of it will be fixed in ‘post’. Ambah Rhys Christie and I discuss Election 2020/Halloween on a Saturday during a pandemic… what could go wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Week a half from the election and I am getting antsy. Strategic with these last 2 before Nov. 3rd. Ursa Gil and I catch up for the first time in 20 years. We talk 90s culture and life as a creative. Make sure to check her out on She shows us how to make wearable art!
Race is a completely distorted term and concept. We look different depending on science/nature. No reason to group other than to oppress and control. I go all over the place in this episode, but this is the net: Vote and please Vote American. We have strayed so far from what was inked by our forefathers. I hope we can finally have a real chance to practice the words of equally for a consistent period.
Andrea recovered from covid and has a great story to tell. Plus we get nostalgic with being teenagers in the 90s. 
Heather is an ally in the BLM movement and very smart about what it takes to travel during this pandemic. 
Ambah is a proper example of selfishness in her real life and presence on social media. We discussed some of the humanitarian challenges that are polluted by a perceived political agenda.
AJ is an illustrator and sells his work through his company, Cotton Crustacean in Pacifica, CA. His passion for Marine life and all its beauty is infectious. He would love it is anyone that who stumbles onto his illustrations would learn at least a small bit on how we can contribute to the conservation of our planet. So much so that he now has a series on Youtube called “What lives down there?” which dives (literally) into waters as he narrates his finds.
My best friends other half and I reconnect and discuss our first real vulnerable conversation. Living in this pandemic while being a parent and more. Maayan Laufer is an actress and YouTuber. Check out her channel at
Register to vote! The weekly gatherings with Chris helped inspire the creation of ‘Drink o’clock’ during this pandemic. Great to catch up with him and discuss the RNC, Covid testing, support to shop small and equality in the country.
One week closer to the 2020 election Natalie and I catch up and discuss the DNC and the diverse representation in modern TV and Film.
Chogrin is an Ecuadorian illustrator and cartoonist. We discuss my week of ‘silencio’ and his contribution to our beloved modern pop culture.
Cimcie Nichols and I catch up and discuss our decades of friendship and the impact to mental health during the Corona Pandemic. Plus - Happy Birthday Ashley!
Heather Robert and I have been friends on social networks for a little while, but never chatted via audio or video. As Drink o’clock evolves this new segment is born: Meeting live! We discuss the weeks past and pay tribute to the late John Lewis.
011: We all turn 40!

011: We all turn 40!


Happy birthday to all in my class! Woohoo 40 in ‘Shelter in Place’ . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This year is not a wash and may be the most important year for all of us. Plus - Happy Birthday 
Natacha Jaramillo joins again and this time it was planned to discussion about balance within ourselves and vulnerability with others.
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