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Amrit Vatsa analyzes stuff. Politics. Economics. Culture. Society. Art. Science. The Pandemic.
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Contact Hypothesis was proposed in the 1950s which explains how bringing people together is an effective way to bring down bigotry. Is there anything new that we have learnt today? Yes. Hear me out!
This podcast is not so much my analysis but rather key summary of one of the chapters of a rather insightful book by Abhinav Chandrachud called "Republic of Religion" published in 2020.
It is not just India that China has been messing up with. The list is long and growing – the Philippines, Australia, Europe, the US, and Canada. Many are puzzled and trying to understand the motivation behind this aggressive behaviour. I looked around and found three theories. Have you heard of anything else? Do let me know. I also talk about three books on China (some I've started to read already - others not yet).You can read this in my blog here: (where the youtube / twitter / instagram links will work).
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