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Author: Carla Youngblood

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On the Edge of The Truth Podcast is an evening podcast broadcasted every Thursday via Facebook Live. The show focuses on personal finances and entrepreneurs with a humorous twist. Carla is a Certified Public Accountant, Comedienne, and Author. The audience can call-in, share their honest opinion as we cut, slice and dice to get to the heart of the matter. New shows uploaded every Saturday.
39 Episodes
In this episode, I am discussing the book The Gift of Shift  written by Tracey MacDonald and Ann Papayoti.  Ann guides us through ways to discover keys within to unlock your Best Life.  Starting with "Betrayal" leading to understanding how  "Forgiveness" works, to knowing "Who You Are" and everything in between.  You can reach Ann Papayoti on Facebook :Ann Ensey Papayoti, on IG: @annpapayoti and her website is: 
In this episode, LaShanna discusses her many talents and skills that led to her entrepreneur destination which continues to grow. She connects purpose and passion.  She also gives financial insight to for entrepreneurs to keep good financial records.
In this episode, Antonio shares his unique entrepreneur journey. From Alabama State University to A. Bowell Media. He gives many nuggets to guide new entrepreneurs to success.  We close the show with questions from the Joe Locket Show, Messy Monday where he is the co-host. Contact Antonio at
In this episode, a recap on some of the previous guest's definitions of an entrepreneur is provided along with my definition before today's guest, Shayla arrives.  Shayla discusses her multiple businesses to include her cosmetic lip line and her multi-media services. She closes with excellent financial advice for entrepreneurs and how she promotes other female entrepreneurs on her podcast Shero Convo.Shayla can be reached at and
In this episode, Mandy provides tips for entrepreneurs about finances, starting as a side hustle and adding an asshole tax when necessary.  Also, she gives detailed information about starting a freelance writing career and becoming a published author. 
In this episode, Belinda gives her everlasting definition of an entrepreneur. She discusses the importance of having a good foundation when you start a business that begins with an HR set-up to which she is an expert. Also, she shares valuable information about how entrepreneurs should work together because there is enough money to go around along with an example of how she works with other businesses on the Event Management side of Hopson Enterprises. She closes with a financial nugget: "pay yourself". 
In this episode, Jarvis gives his definition of an entrepreneur and breaks down every aspect of his entrepreneurial journey starting with text blast to email blast to podcasting. He discusses some of his favorite interviews and he gives the audience financial  advice about income. All entrepreneurs need short and long income.  Listen for all the details. You can contact Jarvis Escott at
In this episode, Taylor shares how the love of her baby led to her design business. She began making shirts for the baby and herself. When others saw the shirts, the business was birthed. Also, she shared financial tips for entrepreneurs. Email her at
In this episode, Rochelle explains her connection to Dr. A. G. Gaston and his entrepreneurial spirit. She gives her definition of what an entrepreneur is and she leaves you with six financial tips that can be used by all.  She empowers your life with positive actions to take in difficult, life-altering situations.Her website
In this episode, I discuss the entrepreneurial spirit within me. I discuss how being a CPA helped me launch my business. I started with stand-up comedy. Then I was derailed with a breast cancer diagnosis which led to my becoming an author, which lead to my becoming a motivational speaker. Then the pandemic hit and lead me to become a podcaster and the writing of my 2nd book: Bama Tales with a Twist. 
In this episode, I review the past 11 shows from the finance series. I include all the high of personal finance to include eliminating debt, building and emergency fund and investing for retirement.  Some key highlights include knowing you money psychology, having an accountability partner, knowing when you need help and understanding the Three Legged Stool for retirement. 
In this episode Atty. Harris shares detailed information about who can file bankruptcy when they can file, and exactly how to file. She also explains the difference between and Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 filing.  It is another tool to be used in the time of distress. Call her for your needs with Family Law, Probate, 
In this episode, Kris Findlay breaks down different options for investments: pensions, 401Ks, and IRAs (Traditional and Roth). He spends the majority of this podcast encouraging the listening audience to invest in the stock market to create wealth.  It is simple and well worth the time and effort. 
In this episode, Dr. Brown breaks down the steps needed to obtain financial freedom which includes a survey to understand where you are financially and what your desired financial goal is.  She explains the need for financial education as well as understanding your "Money Psychology.  Her website information below:
In this episode, Carla breaks down the details of what a FICO (credit score) is to include the ranges of scoring, the five components used in the scoring. She also gives tips to increase your credit score and help others do the same.
In the episode, Kris Findlay, a former Financial Consultant for UAB shares 10 steps plus 1 on how to achieve financial peace.  The 10 steps start with educating yourself. He encourages the audience to educate themselves on all things finance and ends with the must-have documents: will, trust, living will, and health proxy. 
In this episode, Abra Barnes, President, and Broker of Barnes & Associates REALTORS share the value in real estate to create wealth. She also shares tips to prepare for homeownership to include budgeting, savings, and credit worthiness.  She closed the show with details to become a REALTOR.She can be reached at or 205-328-3330.
In this episode, Sarry Ibrahim, MBA, LTCP  is a  financial planner and member of the Bank On Yourself Organization. He helps real estate investors, business owners, and full-time employees grow safe and predictable wealth regardless of market conditions using a financial strategy that has been around for over 160 years. He breaks down the details to Banking on Yourself through whole life insurance.Recommended books: Becoming Your Own Banker and Bank on Yourself Revolution.He can be contacted at
In this episode, Al discusses the success of his 22-year marriage and the role budgeting played in that success. He gives traits to look for in an accountability partner if you are single to include: trust, dependability,  similar mindsets/goals and not impacted by your decisions.  Also, he tells you how a budget can be your accountability partner.
In this episode, Vince Carter is a podcaster, husband, father, and 30+ year veteran of corporate America. He’s also a self-described money-nerd. He holds an MBA degree, a Certificate in Financial Planning from Florida State University, and has completed Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training. Vince has also served as the CFO in his own home throughout his 25+ marriage and has 2 sons, both currently in college. He started the CFO at Home podcast to provide help to others like him who are in charge of managing their family’s finances.  He shares tips on how to be a better CFO at Home to include teaching your children about finances.Listen to his podcast at
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