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Author: Rob Corwin

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Up, Please! Podcast is a podcast where two young dads who work with families have conversations about family life and how parents can navigate the many challenges families face. Our goal is to encourage and equip parents through fun and uplifting conversations as we seek to highlight the most important insights from a number of resources on parenting.
18 Episodes
Do you feel as though you are dropping the ball in regards to the many responsibilities on your plate? How do your failures impact your sense of worth? Listen in to this conversation about how we are of infinite worth despite of our failures as Rob and Andrew expound on Matthew 11. 
Do you feel like your home is a safe place to vent about your political thoughts and feelings? What you may not realize is how the little ears and little hearts in your homes are impacted by your conversations and feelings about politics. Listen in to this conversation that reminds us of how our children may be influenced by our political discussions in the home. 
The three moves suggested by Henri Nouwen are critical when understanding the right approach to parenting. Join Dr. Andrew Cuthbert and Rob Corwin as they discuss these three moves.
What is Up, Please! Podcast all about? What was the reason why Rob and Andrew started this podcast? Listen in to this introductory episode that explains why Up, Please! Podcast exists and why Rob and Andrew seek to make it available for parents. 
The summer is just beginning and we are all sitting on the edge of our seats. What are these major upcoming transitions going to look like? What does it feel like to keep waiting to hear about what's going to happen for children in the fall? As a parent, anxiety over the future is a reality for us all. Listen in to the conversation between Dr. Andrew Cuthbert and Rob Corwin as they talk about being on the edge of these major upcoming transitions. 
It's one thing to talk to your children about race, but it's a whole other thing to start modeling these behaviors of engagement yourself. Benefit from Dr. Andrew Cuthbert's wisdom as he explains a gospel-centered approach to modeling this engagement for your children. 
As we wrestle with our grief over the deep injustices in our country, it's hard to know where to begin. Rob Corwin and Dr. Andrew Cuthbert suggest that we all start in our own households with our children. Listen in to this episode of Up, Please! Podcast to hear 9 helpful steps to take when talking with your children about race.You can also view the handout referred to here: "Talking to Your Children About Race" 
At times in our lives it seems like everything is on a downward spiral. Things keep getting worse and we continue losing control. When the fate of these things keeps going down and God's the only one left in control, we can rest in His benevolence. Listen in to this conversation between Dr. Andrew Cuthbert and Rob Corwin as they discuss the immense challenge of walking alongside those in hopeless situations.
The simple joys in life have become much more significant. In this episode we hear from you as you share your simple joys. For many of us there is a common thread: nature. Listen in as Dr. Andrew Cuthbert and Rob Corwin talk about what the Bible says about joy and why it's so important for us to experience these simple joys during a quarantine. 
How do we keep the need for our children to experience spiritual growth during Covid-19 from becoming another burden on our shoulders? Listen in to a very refreshing conversation with Pastor Kevin Koslowsky as he shares from his heart about gospel opportunities 
"Up, Please!" Podcast had its first guest: Pastor Doug Cuthbert! We were all created for embodied relationship, so what can we do to live out this purpose? Listen in as Rob Corwin, Dr. Andrew Cuthbert, and Pastor Doug Cuthbert discuss this question. 
Everyone has experienced one of "those" moments in our marriages; a moment when your blood is boiling and your frustration has gone beyond what you can control. How do you navigate those moments with grace and compassion? Listen in to the conversation between Rob Corwin and Dr. Andrew Cuthbert as they address this very challenging topic. 
When tough times hit, how can families survive? Gain wisdom and insight from the book of Proverbs as Rob Corwin and Andrew Cuthbert discuss this question. 
Let's be honest, we are all mentally and emotionally exhausted. Listen in to this very first podcast of "Up Please" as we address the reality of this exhaustion and our hope for the weeks to come. 
We often hear the importance of being humble, but what is humility? What does humility look like in our lives and in our parenting? Listen in to this conversation between Rob and Andrew as they discuss the impact humility has in not only parenting but many other areas of life. 
Having and understanding of what the Bible says about parenting keeps us focused on what is most important: Keeping the word of God on our hearts. Listen in to a discussion between Rob and Andrew as they talk about what it means for God's word to be on our hearts. 
Problems are inevitable in parenting. How we respond to these problems has a profound impact on our children and ourselves. In this episode of Up, Please! Podcast, Dr. Andrew Cuthbert talks about creative ways parents can problem-solve while growing in humility and tenderly caring for their children. 
Do you ever feel frustrated by your lack of power to change your child's behavior? How do you respond when you realize you have such little control? Join Dr. Andrew Cuthbert and Rob Corwin as they highlight key insights about our desire for control in parenting from Paul David Tripp's book Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family. 
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