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Author: Adam Drummond

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Welcome to The Missing Files Podcast. We explore missing person cases, cold cases and Australian mysteries. Produced and hosted by Adam Drummond, regular team members are investigative journalist Daniel Johns, former NSW Police Commander Detective Superintendent Michael Rowan and editor Matt Olsen.
8 Episodes
In this fifth and final episode of The Missing Files’ series on the disappearance of Jayden Penno-Tompsett, we explore the findings of a Coronial Inquest into Jayden’s disappearance, speak with a world-renowned Private Investigator who is taking on the case, host a round table discussion with all members of The Missing Files team and hear from Jayden’s loved ones including mum, Rachel, Aunty Relle Harwood and good mate Jayson “Hungy” Hungerford. Wrong location for the search? Mobil...
Out Wednesday 13th October 2021.
Penno: Part 4

Penno: Part 4


Penno: Part 4 In this fourth episode just days prior to the Coronial Inquest into Jayden’s disappearance, we hear from one of the boys in Cairns who breaks his silence and makes two new startling claims. That Lucas tried to sell his car in Cairns and that Jayden’s and Lucas’s argument could have been a violent one. And why have the police not offered a reward for information leading to Jayden’s whereabouts? We read letters obtained by The Missing Files Podcast with respo...
Penno: Part 3

Penno: Part 3


What did Lucas say in that message?Did he come back to us with more?What does the Private Investigator involved in the case think happened?Who receives threats and why?In this third instalment of The Missing Files, PENNO: PART 3, we move closer to finding out what happened to Jayden Penno-Tompsett as the Coronial Inquest is finally announced and more questions are asked about Lucas and the final moments before Jayden's disappearance.We speak to the PI who travelled to Charters Towers for answ...
Penno: Part 2

Penno: Part 2


Episode 2Penno: Part 2 Jayden Penno-Tompsett vanished from Charters Towers, Queensland after a 20 hour drive from Newcastle, NSW with travel companion Lucas Tattersall on New Year’s Eve 2017. In this second episode we speak with Jayden’s aunty, Sharelle Harwood, Townsville Bulletin senior journalist Trudy Brown, and Charters Towers locals Yvonne Schouten and Samantha Schouten.We rule out some theories and consider two remaining theories still to consider. We look at the timeli...
Penno: Part 1

Penno: Part 1


Episode 1 Penno: Part 1 Jayden Penno-Tompsett vanished from Charters Towers, Queensland after a 20 hour drive from Newcastle, NSW with travel companion Lucas Tattersall on New Year’s Eve 2017. What happened to him between the hours of 3am and 11am on the 31st December remains a mystery. In this first episode we speak with Jayden’s mum, Rachel, his best mate Jayson “Hungy” Hungerford and discuss the theories from logical to unfathomable. Was Jayden the victim of a seri...
Here is a small taste of what is to come on The Missing Files, as we explore the disappearance of Jayden Penno-Tompsett - "Penno".
We have just recorded our new intro for the podcast!
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Brian Batten

if you drive from Newcastle to Cairns it is actually quicker to go via charters towers, if you go inland then up is the shortest route but if they drove up the coast then out to the Towers it would be out of the way

Nov 26th


this is so sad. I hope for Penno's family's sake something comes of this. I am looking forward to episode 2. I am following this case on Facebook I think there is an inquest coming. Have you seen Jayden Penno-Tompset? Last seen in Charters Towers

Jan 17th