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In this episode, we will be talking to Mazing Lee who is the CEO & Co-founder at Lify, the world's first wellness-tech & lifestyle platform. Mazing noticed that having a healthy lifestyle was very time consuming and challenging. Because of this issue, she decided to try to make a healthier lifestyle accessible by reinventing traditional wellness wisdom. With a state of the art wellness machine that brews natural wellness teas, Lify has made TCM modern and simple. Presently, Lify has developed many products such as their tea capsules, Superpowder Herbal Shots, Tea Tonics and more. Tune in to listen to how Mazing and Lify is making people’s lives healthier. Lify Website: Mazing:
In this episode, we will be talking to Kobus Louw who is the Founder and CEO at Digemy, a modern, gamified e-learning solution. Kobus noticed that many staff were simply not learning or understanding their training. Because of this, Kobus started Digemy in 2017 with a focus to become the smartest learning solution to train your teams remotely. By providing a “knowledge audit”, Digemy identifies how well your team knows the information, what they might be missing, and how they can bridge those gaps. So far, Digemy has grown into one of the most successful Edtech companies in the world, with top partners like Deloitte, Cipla and other organizations. Tune in to listen to Kobus’s journey to build Digemy into such a successful company!Digemy: Kobus: 
In this episode we will be talking to Warren Myers who is the Co-Founder and CEO at AURA. First started in 2016, Aura was founded with a mission to give customers immediate access to the closest private security response. With so much crime in our world today, Aura allows people to feel safe with a press of a button. In the last few years, Aura has grown quickly into the go to on demand response service app with millions of users all around the world. Tune in to listen to Warren’s journey to build Aura into such a successful company.Aura Services Website: Contact Aura Services: 
In this episode, we will be talking to Jason Ding who is the Co-Founder and CMO of Mhub. Established in 2015, MHub empowers digital transformation in the real estate industry through solutions that help teams work better together. Their end-to-end developer operating system is used from property marketing, sales, post-sales all the way to property management. This ecosystem brings together property developers, real estate agents, mortgage bankers and lawyers towards the same goal; helping deserving buyers get their homes. To date MHub has facilitated 296,000 bookings worth USD 30 billion working with 150 developers and close to 2,000 projects. Tune in to listen to MHub’s journey to the top!Contact MHub at
In this episode, we will be talking to Håvar Bauck, the founder of Hotel Online. Håvar first got interested in the hotel industry when he decided to launch a business project in Nairobi, called the Nairobi Airport Hotel. This Hotel was an instant success because  it gained a lot of traction online, which beat all their competition. This venture eventually inspired  Håvar to start his own company called Hotel Online which would help hotels in the region to improve their online marketing on platforms such as, and more. Eventually, HotelOnline has become the #1 revenue partner for the hospitality industry in Africa. They have digitized marketing, distribution and operations for more than 5000 hotels in 27 African countries. Tune in to listen to Håvar and HotelOnline’s journey To The Top!Contact Håvar: Contact To The Top Pod:
In this episode, we will be talking to Peng Chen who is the founder of HustleSasa. Peng realized that many influencers and creatives all throughout Africa had to rely on other middle men or companies to earn income and expand their platform. However, in the US there were platforms such as Patreon or even Only Fans to allow content creators to sell or promote their business. Because of this, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic HustleSasa was founded to enable creatives to start and grow their businesses online. While it was tough in the beginning, HustleSasa soon gained popularity with influencers in the region and has quickly become the number #1 mobile app designed to help creators sell directly to their audience. Tune in to Peng’s journey to bring HustleSasa to the top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Loïc Ballester who is the COO of Fieldpro. First started in 2016, FieldPro is a mobile and web-based platform that helps manufacturers and distributors easily manage their day-to-day field sales operations. Since the start of their activities in East Africa, they have been working with both local and large international brands such as Danone, Nestlé, Orange, Vodacom, among others. Currently Fieldpro has a presence in over 30 countries across Europe and Africa and are expanding to more countries. Tune in to listen to Fieldpro’s journey To The Top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Ngaruiya Kamau, who is the founder of Telo. First started in 2019, Telo was founded to simplify how people buy power tokens or pay the power bills. Although it was tough facing some of the giants in the power industry, Telo has become one of the most popular ways to pay power bills, and has tens of thousands users. Tune in to listen to Telo's journey To The Top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Bianca Ho, who is the Co-Founder & COO at First started amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Wati —standing for WhatsApp Team Inbox—was founded to revolutionize how businesses communicate with their customers. With the older system of customer service on Whatsapp being slow and inefficient, Wati enabled businesses to be able to increase personalized conversations and engage with their customers in real-time. Presently, Wati has partnered with over 3500+ businesses including prominent companies like Tik Tok, Grab, Gojek and more. Tune in to listen to Wati’s journey To The Top! 
In this episode, we will be talking to Pirry Leung, the founder of Carbon Lite Systems and a serial entrepreneur of environmental tech Startups.  CLS Environmental Technologies was founded in 2020 to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. Through the use of Biochar or woody waste , CLS helps develop renewable types of materials to produce construction materials like Cement and even a special type of Biocrete. This technology is remarkable as it is able to allow this woody waste to finally be put to use rather than being dumped in landfills. Presently CLS has gained recognition from HK Government and have successfully aligned to use Biocrete in Public Housing Complex. Tune in to listen to CLS’s journey to the top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Kathleen Yu, the Chief Data Scientist of Nudgyt. Nugyt helps build AI models that will analyze data and use the data to simplify how people make decisions. Simply put, Nudgyt builds AI partners that work with human decision-makers allowing easier processes. Presently, Nudgyt has been applied to all types of industries such as talent management, education and even customer care to further turn complex data into easy to understand nudges. Tune in to listen to Nudgyt’s journey To The Top!
In this special episode, we will be talking to David Hoffman who is an 8-‐time Emmy Award documentarian and also an avid Youtuber with over 800,000 subscribers. Producing and making famous documentaries about Sputnik to short clips about niche and unique historical topics, David has done it all and has a unique experience like no other. Tune in to listen to our conversations about unique life experiences as dreamers and entrepreneurs and also talk about what it really means to be successful.Contact David: allinaday@aol.comContact To The Top Podcast:
In this episode, we talk to Jason Eisen who is the Founder and CEO of UTU Technologies. Founded in 2017, UTU’s main goal is to make a more human-friendly internet by becoming the trust infrastructure of the entire internet. The UTU blockchain protocol rewards users for trustworthy actions and therefore makes this new “internet” more reliable and trustworthy. While UTU is still in its early stages, it has already become the backbone of many key companies in Africa and is looking to further spread all over the world. Tune in to listen to UTU's journey to the top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Tushar Bhargava who is the Co-Founder of Mike Legal. Mike Legal is Asia's first AI powered legal associate so that legal teams to reduce cost, increase productivity and have better access to data that can help them strategize better. Presently, Mike Legal has become one of the most popular AI powered legal associates and has been adopted by some of the top law firms and corporates in India. Tune in to learn more about Mike Legal’s journey To The Top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Kyle Lu who is the founder of  Started merely 4 years ago, has grown from a small platform that provides access to decentralized applications to one of the main platform to further understand Dapps. With over 5,000 decentralized applications on 22 blockchains, tune in to listen to’s journey To The Top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Daniel Callaghan who is the CEO of Veremark. Veremark is a company focused on changing how we do pre-employment screening by using blockchain technology to produce a passport for employment. Through this technology  Veremark is able to digitize and automate the traditional slow and manual processes, and allow hiring much more efficiently for companies. So far it is one of the more successful pre-employment screening companies in the world with a recent $2.8M Seed Round while helping high growth businesses like Zilingo, Canva and more. Tune in to learn more about Veremark’s journey to the top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Aivee Robinson, who is the founder and CEO of Catalyser. First started in 2015, Catalyser was started to empower employees to change the world by developing a platform that gives employees full control over their  corporate social responsibility program. Catalyser’s platform enables organizations of all sizes to engage their staff  that have impact for the community. Presently, Catalyser is one of the top Social Startups in Asia and Australia, with companies like Deloitte, Audi and KPMG utilizing Catalyser’s platform to better their community. Tune in to listen to Catalyser’s journey to the top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Jason Yuen who is the founder and CEO of Socif. First started in 2019, Socif was founded with a goal to use IoT to redefine transit experience for both the public and private transport sectors. With Socif’s revolutionary technology in its AI-powered passenger counting system (PCS), Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and more, it is further propelling Hong Kong and other cities  into becoming a smart city of the future. Tune in to listen to Socif’s journey to the top!
In this episode, we will be talking to Saurabh Singh who is the founder of Exa Protocol, which plans to lay out the foundation of a truly decentralized internet using mobile first blockchain technology. With the mobile first approach people who do not have the means to harness the power of decentralisation and blockchain will be able to do it for the first time. This in true sense will be the democratization of blockchain technology. Tune in to Saurabh’s journey To The Top!
In this episode we will be talking to Sophiya Chiang who is the Head of Product & Technology at Rice Robotics. Inspired by Star Wars like droids, Rice Robotics have an array of robots that deliver food, disinfect and also patrol malls. It has especially gained popularity in the last few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling people to use Rice Robots in their everyday life. Presently,  Rice is deployed at malls, offices, hotels and other commercial properties in Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand. Tune in to listen to Rice’s unique journey to the top!
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