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They say a shaman walks between two worlds, but both Abby and Regina agree there may be many more. The veils between the worlds separate them from each other, and can be thick and difficult to break-through, but no longer. Join us for a fireside chat and a cuppa where we talk about our personal experiences of breaking through the veils and finding out what is on the other side. We also talk about when beings break through from the other side and step into our world. Life can be magical and exciting, if you let go of your fear. Yes, we talk about fear, too. We both hope you enjoy this conversation, and if you are inspired and want to take Abby’s Shamanic Journey Intensive Class, you can sign up for it here:
Meet Katie Brockhurst,  award-winning podcaster, author and experienced social media consultant, with over twenty years’ experience. Katie works with spiritual authors, healers and businesses to help them manage their online presence successfully, in a way that feels good. Feeling good is key! At the end of our chat together Katie read out a poem that she wrote from her new book. It summed up our conversation perfectly so I wanted to share it here, to give you a flavour of what we discussed. I hope you enjoy the chat we had, and that it inspires you to look at how you're using social media, and perhaps change a few things so that you feel good using it too. Sovereign Cyberspace FreewayOur social media ego,Is in a virtual-reality game-show,That we tap into and play every day.So every time you feel sad,A bit frustrated or mad,Remember it’s designed this way.Produced by AI,The ultimate spy,Who captures your thoughts night and day.Living somewhat like Truman,Is what it’s become to be human,But it doesn’t have to be this way.Connect to your soul,Beam light to the whole,Send love to each other and pray.When we do this en masse,We create a quantum bypass,The Sovereign Cyberspace Freeway.To find out more about Katie, her books and offerings or to get in touch directly go to and to buy her newest book, visit
I don't know what happened to my microphone but the sound in this episode for me is not ideal, so I apologise at the outset. I tried to fix it, hopefully it will just sound like I'm on the phone miles and miles away, instead of right here, with you, wherever you are. The good news is I have bought a new microphone for the next podcast episode! Join me and Regina for a cuppa and a chat as we check in as to how we are doing with the current energies. We share ideas including different ways to ground, centre and stay afloat in times of high frequency light. As always, we have different ideas to share, from different perspectives, and we disclose some of our personal stories for your amusement!! We both hope this episode validates how you're feeling, normalises what is going on, and inspires you to feel able to try some of these tips and tools we share, for yourselves. I reckon the info here must be important if there are technical issues! So bear with it if you can, grab yourself a cuppa and laugh along with us. Much love to you xox
Join Abby and Tim for a candid discussion on awakening and what it's been like to be a healer over the last 2 years.  Tim gives us an insight into the energetic changes of the last 2 years, where we have been, where we are going, and what we may have to face to get there! I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed the chat! xxAbbyTim Whild is an ascension worker, author, Atlantean, international speaker and crystal expert from Dorset, United Kingdom.  Tim's aim is to take as many people as possible through the ascension process in the simplest way possible whilst honouring the tests and initiations that inevitably arise from this. Tim runs two Facebook pages and updates everyone twice weekly with energy readings and powerful meditations to help navigate the tricky circumstances that we are experiencing. You can find Tim on or you can visit his social media outlets : and find him on YouTube:
38 - Past Life Healing

38 - Past Life Healing


In this episode we touch in on past lives and how they impact our present lives. We both work on a need-to-know basis, in that we only want to know what we need to know, in order to heal what is needing healing. However we have had occasions where we have needed to delve into our own past lives, or the past lives of our clients, to access the part that comes up for healing. We share some experiences around past life healing, and Abby shares a suggestion as to how to start working with past life healing, for yourself. As usual if you have something you'd like us to cover, please do get in touch
Join Abby and Chris as they talk about shadow work, power,  the victim triangle, and why knowing yourself is the most important thing you need to do.Chris Waters has been a healer and group facilitator for more than 30 years. It was in the Inca culture that she discovered what she knows to be the final piece of the healing puzzle. What she learned here was that the energy body, holds the key to the deepest healing,  She  travelled to America in 2000 to learn with Dr. Alberto Villoldo  and it was within these teachings that she found home for her healing work.  She was already  well established as a healer, a dynamic group facilitator,  and a yoga teacher so  it was a short step to becoming a teacher of the Medicine Wheel and Healing Tools of the Inca tradition, as a senior teacher for the Four Winds in Europe. Chris founded the Spirit of the Inca School of Energy Medicine in the UK and has been a guiding light in the growth and evolution of Medicina Samanica school of energy medicine in Romania. She currently  teaches the Inca medicine wheel in uk and Romania, she has developed some of her courses on-line during the last two years which has made her work more widely available across Europe.  She teaches with love, artistry,. humour and grace, a blend of mythology, psychology, spirituality, grounded in the world of nature, and combined with deep healing transformative tools for life. Her courses   open your heart, and transform all your relationships, including the one you have with yourself. You can find Chris on her website: or on
Join Abby and Regina for a candid chat about what psychic protection is, and how to do it! We share experiences and techniques, opinions and ideas to get you stimulated and thinking about your own life situation. We hope that you get inspired from our conversation and can take some of our gems to create a process/ritual for yourself and be more aware of the energies around you that may be affecting you. If you enjoyed this episode, please give us a rating on apple podcasts or on Spotify! If there’s anything you’d like us to talk about do email us 
Every month I run an online group healing session where we meet and discuss a topic, then I facilitate a deep healing and clearing around it. I record these sessions and make them available on Abby's Online Academy.  As Regina and I are currently juggling projects, I wanted to share something useful to you in the interim. Here is the replay of a healing session that I did last June called Healing for Empowerment. I think its timely and useful, and I hope you enjoy it. NOTE: this is a healing session, not a webinar. Please don't listen if you're driving or operating machinery. To get the most out of the session, give it your full attention. I hope you enjoy!
Soul Loss and Power Loss gets the "Abby and Regina Treatment"! Join us for a candid chat about what we feel soul loss is and how it might occur. We also talk about power loss and vitality, and why we need to be kind to ourselves when we are low on energy. Abby shares a technique for soul retrieval which you can try for yourself. Listen and see what you think, it might answer a few questions for you, and give you a new way to empower yourself in your life. This episode was recorded in December 2021 so there are references to New Year and Christmas, but you can apply the thinking to any time of year.  Email if you have a topic that you'd like us to talk about.
Join Regina and Rufus as they chat together about Shamansm, working on the land, being brave to be completely who you are and what it means to step up to fill your calling. Rufus Bear Douglass is a shamanic practitioner in the north west of England. She helps people to heal themselves by connecting them back to their inner primal self. She takes her clients on a journey to find their own self sufficiency, inner strength and skills they didnt know they had! Her passion for her Norse pagan spiritual path, runes and all things outdoors shines like a campfire in the woods at night, and she truly walks her talk, as a keen bushcrafter, archer, open water swimmer and crafter of a huge range of skills. Connect with Rufus at 'Rufus Bear Douglass' on Facebook, if you wish to discover your own feral, shamanic connection.
Join Regina and I for a chat about winter, what it’s like to be always learning, and how we are so much more than we appear to be. Acceptance is key , we must take time to appreciate and be at ease with our wisdom as we grow older. We both hope that listening to this episode helps inspire you to claim your own space in this world.
Katie Oman is an author, psychic, woman’s empowerment coach and mentor. She’s healer who is not afraid to face her own darkness, to sit with darkness and to embrace the divine. She’s a regular writer with Soul and Spirit Magazine and has written several books; her latest is called Shake, Woman, Shake. All of her books are available through Amazon. Katie’s focus is to inspire, empower, and spread love wherever, and however she can. I loved recording this episode, and I love Katie! It was recorded on Zoom so the sound quality may be a little echoey at times, sorry about that! Katie and I talk about being brave and stepping up and into your own power, and what that involves. We also discuss spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity, boundaries, looking after yourself and how to grow as a healer. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed chatting!You can find out more about Katie on her website and you can connect with me on You can email the show on
When a client comes to you with a story around what is going on for them, is it true, or is it what they think is true? How does this influence you as healer? In this episode, Abby and Regina bring their different perspectives into how to tell if something is true or not. We cover many different scenarios and have many suggestions that may help you in your own journey as a healer/caregiver, or simply as a human being trying to navigate the world today. We both hope that our ideas here inspire you, give you aha! moments, or trigger you into doing some more discovery for yourselves. We cover so much here you might need to listen twice! If there’s anything you’d like us to go deeper into, or anything that triggers you and you want to know more, then do get in touch via our email💫You can join Abby for an online healing session, or find a self-paced training programme on, follow her on Instagram @abbynrghealing or Facebook - Abby's Energy Healing Page, Abby Wynne's Book Page. Sign up for her weekly tips email every Thursday and get a free, healing meditaiton from her main website www.Abby-Wynne.comYou can find Regina on her website or follow her on Instagram @reginaoftheland, or on her Facebook page, Regina of the Land.
We’re back! We missed you! But we needed to take the time for ourselves to process what’s been going on both personally, and globally. Just in time for Samhain! We look at Divine timing vs our timing and why it’s important to feel into the energy and work with that, rather than go with what your brain is telling you, or what the calendar says! We also look at taking the higher frequency perspective to things that happen, and a little bit around shadow work.If you want more information about Samhain as a holiday and how to celebrate and create an altar, then check out episode 8 (Samhain) and 17 (Working with an altar). In this episode we are checking in with you, checking in with ourselves, and getting back into the podcast zone. 💫You can join Abby for an online healing session, or find a self-paced training programme on, follow her on Instagram @abbynrghealing or Facebook - Abby's Energy Healing Page, Abby Wynne's Book Page. Sign up for her weekly tips email every Thursday and get a free, healing meditation from her website www.Abby-Wynne.comYou can find Regina on her website or follow her on Instagram @reginaoftheland, or on her Facebook page, Regina of the Land.
“We believe that the circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we feel raw and vulnerable, and sing to us when we feel strong and joyful. We are made to encourage each other. So let yourself be held and come and rest in the arms of the divine feminine. Show yourself for who you are in your wisdom and resilience, be a kind mirror that inspires and activates, yourself and others.”.The Circle of Resiliance project was created by Marike van IJssel en Marcella Hartjes. They say "During the transition of 2020 to 2021 we felt the need to bring together stories of women on the art of life. Stories on their way of resilience, being braver and stronger than they would have thought themselves to be." This episode of Healing for Healers features Marike interviewing Abby. You can find other interivews both in Dutch and English, and more about Marike and Marcella on their website: say: In our journey with resilience and happiness we saw the same core elements coming up, time and time again. They are not exclusive off course and open to interpretation as the richness of life will never be caught in a model. The magic of love, light, gratitude, surrender and trust is woven in to our nine ways to WellBeing. We love to take you on an exploration into these ways, that are like the petals on a flower. Both research as well as personal and practical experience has led to our naming them. Find out more about  'Nine Ways to Wellbeing' here.  
Join us for our last episode of the year in podcast! We talk about taking a break, why it’s important as a person, and as a healer. We look at boundaries, friendships and self-care, in fact we look at many, many things! If you join us, we will go on a trip around the world and back again - hope you enjoy the ride. And we hope that you continue to enjoy our podcast. We will be back to do more later in the year. You can always email us on
Soul Contracts are the bonds and connections that we make between each other. There is a lot to them, more than we will understand. In this episode, we take a look at these contracts and how they play out in our day to day life. We also touch in on the connections that people make with their pets, these are soul contracts too. Join us and listen to stories, both personal and from our client work, laugh with us, and receive some healing and unconditional love. 
Attachment theory is a psychological, evolutionary and ethological theory concerning relationships between humans. The most important tenet is that young children need to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for normal social and emotional development. The theory was formulated by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby.As adults we attach to people, places, things and outcomes, to our expectations, and to the idea of who we think we are. Our attachments can cause us great pain, when life breaks them.In this episode of Healing for Healers, Abby and Regina talk about attachment and how it can hold us fast in a state of being which is not conducive to healing. Being attached to status, to ideas, to needing things to be exactly a certain way is a dangerous way to live, particularly in uncertain times. Letting go of what is not us and allowing space for truth, for our essence to shine, is so important now. It's not easy to do, perhaps listening to our converstaion could help you see where and what you might be attached to, to enable you to begin the process of releasing it, so you can free yourself up to shine more brightly in the world.
24 - Choosing Joy

24 - Choosing Joy


Are you consciously making space for joy in your life? Or are you sliding into sadness and expecting joy just to show up, by itself, to surprise you? Join Abby and Regina for another candid chat - this time about choices, about joy, and what makes you joyful. Abby shares an exercise in this episode which can help you consciously connect to the frequency and vibration of joy. Being a healer and walking your talk is important, deliberately choosing joy gives your clients a model for life to strive towards. Interestingly, the sound reverberates during the recording a few times, as the energies shift. Joy is a very high vibration, we decided to leave it in, and trust that it’s for the highest good of all. We hope you find inspiration in this episode, and as usual, if you want to get in touch, our email is 
23 - Love Never Dies

23 - Love Never Dies


Death is a difficult subject to broach, but we are not afraid to talk about it. We particularly wanted to acknowledge the people who have lost loved ones in the pandemic and have not had the opportunity to celebrate their lives, or to acknowledge their loss.  As well as talking about funerals during lockdown restrictions, most poignantly, Regina shares her experience of her mother’s death during the pandemic in Ireland. This episode is real and emotional, it might be difficult for some to listen to, but it’s important. If you work with clients they may be holding onto grief, we discuss how to hold space for that in your healing room too. We both hope that you find something here that's useful, and if you want to write to us about it, or to suggest anything else you'd like us to talk about, please do get in touch 
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