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Author: Doug Price

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We are talking with some of the best tequila brands around to hear their story, learn the process and sip on some excellent tequila. To see the video for each episode you can find them on the Agave Social Club IG page. 

81 Episodes
I speak with Experience Agave Founder and Author Clayton Szczech about all things tequila as we hear his story and dive into his new book. Be sure to purchase "A Field Guide To Tequila" here
Join us as we hear the story of Number Juan Tequila. You can learn more about the brand by going to Be sure to follow me on social media @agavesocialclub for more tequila and agave content daily. 
I speak with PM Spirits founder Nicolas Palazzi about his journey into bringing incredible spirits to the market. We discuss and taste their super small batch PM Spirits Tequila Blanco as well as talk about some of the other brands they are working with. To learn more about PM Spirits, you can go to
Don't miss Lagrimas Del Valle, the newest creation from Altamar Brands and the Cascahuin Distillery.  We're diving deep into terroir as we taste this incredible tequila. To learn more about the brand, you can go to
Join us as we recap the incredible week we had with some very special people and brands for the first ever TMM Additive Free Week. A big thanks to Grover and Scarlet for such an amazing week.  Be sure to download the TMM app. 
I had the honor to meet the owner of Uruapan Chiranda Miriam Pacheco when I was with Fortaleza. Her barrels play an intricate role with the upcoming Winter Blend so we needed to hear her story and taste some of her fantastic Agricola Charanda. 
Here is my latest recap trip where I had the honor of spending some time with the Fortaleza team as well as try the latest edition of Winter Blend. Amazing people and amazing tequila. 
Chris Chapanar , host of the Whisky Noobs Podcast joins me to share some knowledge on Whiskey and walks me through a tasting. Be sure to follow him on IG @whiskey_noobs.
Kokoro Spirits

Kokoro Spirits


I speak with founder Howard Cao and COO Marcus Jasper as we learn about the foundation of Kokoro Spirits. To try Kokoro visit type in AGAVESOCIAL for 15% off your first order. 
I speak with one of the driving forces of Tequila Curado, Jorge Balbontin. We hear his story of getting into the bar scene as well as his journey with Tomas Estes and eventually growing Tequila Curado, the worlds first infused Tequila. Be sure to check out to learn more about the brand. 
I speak with the creator of Quintaliza Tequila double barrel reposado. To purchase your own bottle, go to and use the promo code FORTHEBOLD to receive free shipping. 
I speak with one of the Co-Founders of Neta Spirits Niki Nakazawa. She shares her story of how she got into Mezcal as we sip through some of their incredible Mezcals.  To learn more about the brand, you can visit
On this episode, we speak with the legend himself Sammy Hagar. He shares his thoughts on celebrity tequila, why he got back into the industry, and why he wants his tequila to be additive free. We spend some time with Santo Fino as they are getting ready to launch their Anejo. To learn more about Santo, go to and if you want to keep up with Sammy, you can go to Be sure to follow me on IG @agavesocialclub. 
I welcome back my good friend Jake Lustig as he shares stories that span his almost 30 years in the Mezcal industry, as we taste through the entire current line up of Don Amado. Be sure to go to to learn more about the brand. Follow me on Social Media @agavesocialclub for more tequila/Mezcal content. Please drink responsibly. 
I speak with CEO and Co-Founder Chris Timmerman as we talk about the story of Dano's Tequila. With a pineapple and jalapeno infused blanco as well as their regular lineup of Tequila Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo, Danos is one to try out at a very affordable price. To learn more about the brand, you can go to Be sure to follow me on Instagram and TikTok @agavesocialclub. 
Jason Cox and 5 Sentidos

Jason Cox and 5 Sentidos


I speak with the creator of 5 Sentidos Mezcal Jason Cox as we discuss his journey to Oaxaca as well as showcasing some of the best Mezcaleros around. To learn more about this brand go to I am truly blown away by this brand and what Jason and his team are doing. Be sure to follow @agavesocialclub on social media to learn more about tequila and mezcal. 
Tequila Gran Dovejo

Tequila Gran Dovejo


I welcome back Salvador Picazo Chavez to share the story of Tequila Gran Dovejo.  To learn more about the brand, go to A big thanks to for sponsoring this episode. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @agavesocialclub 
Join me as I share my latest adventure as I had the chance to join Tequila Ocho at the grand opening of their new distillery. I also drop some exclusive news for an upcoming project that I am working on. A big thanks to Ocho and everyone else that was involved in this special trip. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @agavesocialclub for short form content daily. 
I just spent a full day with the Cazcanes team in MX and am excited to share with you their big news. You can check out to learn more about the brand.  
I speak with Alex Lacroix and Rick Harper from Siempre Tequila as they share their story. They have been busy working on various Siempre projects from their Rebel Cask to the phenomenal Exclusivo Vivo. To learn more about the brand, you can go to To Purchase Siempre, you can go to 
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